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Devin Fussa
Mr. King
English III
American Foreign Aid Policy
Across the world, innocent people are hurt by the corrupt, by the unjust. Men,
women, and children die everyday without cause. However, in todays society, freedom
and equal rights are not always given. Americans are lucky enough to have those rights,
and it should be our responsibility to assist the wronged, the helpless. The aid given by
America simply needs to be administered through intelligent methods, making sure our
aid goes to the right people, and achieves the right goals. Whether America provides food
and funds, or intervenes personally, a stand must be taken against the tyrants that inhabit
our Earth. By smartly providing aid to those who need it, the wrongdoings of humanity
can be corrected, and everyone may be given the rights they so very much deserve.
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights states the basic rights to which
humans are all entitled. Written by the UN, it documented basic rights and laws that
humanity should be given. One of its more profound laws states, Everyone has the right
to life, liberty, and security of person. How can we sit and watch while others are denied
those rights? This is the twenty first century, but many people are still denied basic
freedoms. Groups like ISIS run rampant, terrorizing the lives of with whom they come
into contact. In order to truly become a modern society, humanity must stop letting our
actions betray our words. By stepping up to assist those in need, Americans can ensure
everyone is given the basic rights they deserve. The Universal Declaration of Human
Rights was written for a reason, and it should not be ignored.

Devin Fussa
Mr. King
English III
While providing aid to other countries is necessary, America must be careful of
how it is provided. Financial aid often falls into the wrong hands, and further hinders our
ability to help others. Linda Polman, a journalist for a Dutch newspaper and radio, went
to Sierra Leone in 2001 to monitor the countrys developing peace treaty between the
government and the RUF (rebel group). While she was in Sierra Leone, an aid budget
was released to help the people. She claimed she noticed that, the political elites who
were responsible for the war they were the ones who had access to the aid. I thought,
this cant be right. Thats when I started to research what happens in other countries. It is
always what happens. It is always the elites and the strongmen who profit. While aid is
still beneficial to some countries, it should be administered in safer, more productive
ways. By making sure aid goes to the people really in need, America can make better use
of our time and money.
It is important to remember that the world does not change itself. Sometimes,
someone has to step up and improve living conditions, improve freedom, and improve
health. 1986 Nobel Prize winner Elie Weisafter accepting his award. He argued that, we
must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. His
commentary on basic human rights shed the light on the issue all countries face with
foreign intervention. When human lives are endangered, when human dignity is in
jeopardy, national borders and sensitivities become irrelevant. Wherever men or women
are persecuted because of their race, religion, or political views, that place must at that
moment become the center of the universe. His words support the idea that is it our

Devin Fussa
Mr. King
English III
responsibility to help those in need. It matters not what the oppressed look like, or where
they live. We are all united by the great idea of humanity, and that idea must be kept
alive. Debating whether or not to intervene simply slows progress. To ensure the world is
a safe home for all kinds of people, America must take action.
Foreign aid can be crucial to the survival of other countries. While Americans
should be the priority of our government, those in need of aid cannot be overlooked.
Whether we see it or not, the world is filled with oppression, with injustice. Cruel persons
inhabit every corner of our Earth, but they should not hinder us. They should not hinder
our goal to assist humanity. Americans have been given the gifts of freedom, rights, and
equality. America should not sit idly and watch as other are denied those gifts. We should
reach out and support our fellow humans. Whether aid is provided in the form of
finances, food, or persons, America has a responsibility. We must take it upon ourselves
to help the helpless. By providing aid to foreign countries, America can ensure humans
live with the rights to which they have always been entitled.