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JACOBS | VENDOR DOCUMENT CONTROL - INTERNALTRANSMITTAL TRANSMITTAL NO.: 3342-JE-MO4INT-T-0009 ' PROJECT: 18-9342: IOCL - HGU - VADODARA Issue Date: 04/11/2008 + From 7 Vendor To! YOGENDRA D. JADHAV | Mis. KSB PUMPS LTD. GIRISH DESHPANDE - MEG i DOCUMENT CONTROL GROUP t 1 Jacobs Engineering India Pvt. Li, ea Hl Tee eee coma ah, | SEE INTERNAL DISTRIBUTION ' ' CED. Belapur, : 1 Navi Mumia - 400 674 t "Te. : 81.22.6755 2000 Tol Fax :4+01.222757 3049 | Fax mall: Yegendra Jochaw@iaccbs com t e-mail “TLon 1 [PURCHASE ORDER: FOA No. 3342/24 dtd. 11.09.2008 for PUMPS (LLI) 1 [Romarks: KSB TRANSMITTAL NO. PNB/O006 recd. on 04.11.2008, ' Page 1 of 4 Issue Document No. Rey. Rev. Date Document Title ise 16-3342: 007E, 040001788 a DATA SHEET FOR H. V. INDUCTION MOTOR (2041-P-T02AVB) FA 48016A407-11 A MOTOR TECHNICAL DATA (2081-P-102/8) 7 FA 1) THERMAL WITHSTAND CURVES 2) TORQUE & CURRENT Vs SPEED CURVES 3) SPEED & CURRENT Vs TIME CURVES + 3 IIENCY. PF, CURRENT Vs LOAD CURVES ' 18-3342.00/6 O4/000t/A4 a DATA SHEET FOR H. V. INDUCTION MOTOR (2092-P-01A/8) FA a MOTOR TECHNICAL DATA (2092-P-014/B) FA 5) THERMAL WITHSTAND CURVES 6) TORQUE & CURRENT Vs SPEED CURVES 7) SPEED & CURRENT Vs TIME CURVES {8)_ EFFICIENGY, PF, CURRENT Vs LOAD CURVES Internal Distribution 1OCL-B Mr. U.K, Sanyal Client Rahul Bandakar WEG Giish Deshpande FEG Ravi Ghimata HGH rabeshore FF | details 'eafetfdtions, analysis, test methods of ‘materials developed 5 | or selgseintoyaten vendor / contractofizamdodaes rot raieve the Insta Ashish Biohu JA a Fw a Pip Vikas Coleco’ JH Projecis Prakash Agrawal HGH YOITAF ‘Reknontedgemant Please retun your approval orcomments by Require dates fo: «Mr. RAVI CHIMATA s Signed: A ‘Signed Date: ot [oF Date: Osada -ASornantastta Je non-H dx © Futmish CRE tect ¢ CCOE approval certificate fo a3skw HP BPU pump motos Compiming © lity of f moses as Exd, Be, T3 yhazasdous agea- @ kB fully resporsihle fos Stlech>n af HP BEW pump mopees Th piarer Kw) tating, toque, speed + ditection of To}atin ob rors to suit phe Pump Bequisenent- Biacens DATA SHEET FOR fae = Hav. NoUCTION NoTOR rSveertecmnoe =~ vancennn ounce = erpoee ne 7a 7 ReIuaeenEIa Bori= P= 1OZ FANT ral 7 aera scuronona HP BFW PUMPS EX CTT S5— [in eee ee al °F aera sonoma E 7M AMBIENT TEMP. (MIN, & MAX) 40a aa cone s ee pesia' Tgammaraee soe aes ae naa aio : cvs Tas ‘© _ SITE ENVIRONMENT INDUSTRIAL CORROSIVE, MOIST LADOEN, 7 eee Tar | eouneeee ae Tosa pageees z Pati E eee cerawienoee aaa are r aces aad 4 a . © GROUNDING |SOUD NGIV GROUNDING FAANSEGRMERS = i 3 7 ea 2 ‘ aaa a ilps i BE set = re ae i mi Ta i area ares aman Ye aaah i eI a a eee a 3 arena Sees 5 3 ls | ference pana A i 3 6 DATA SHEET FOR eo ne HY. INDUCTION MOTOR jee eer Soe a ee ee TORREY tocepnoron. 7s x 2CABOVE FULL 1aAD CAPACETY | ee eee ee 73 LOCKED ROTOR CURRENT LIMITATION ‘MA 00% OF IF INCLUSIVE GF 16 TOLERANCE) Saas = ——— i ee ee i ae es oo. 2 GO? VALVE OF DRIVEN MACHINE 4.776 Kon S = GATATORERLLED BY VENDOR out 26 rove =| Final Certifed, work may proceed “Permission to proceed does not constitute acceptance of design etails, calculations, analysis, test methods of materials developed bie ammee (ot selected sby the vendor /' contractor, and doas not relieve the vendor / contractor from full with contractual : JACOBS ENGINEERING INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED. (vacogs DATA SHEET FOR [REG no LV. INDUCTION MOTOR [erosecr kocaTion | vaboonsA GumaaT fer. 6 [ue ASSESSORS 77100 SIMPLEX ANOS. PARSE GRE} PROTECTEN WN REUTRAL TERMINAL BOK TEOMA SOHES ALGUIEN fore Gxd {C19 ewe seawre Exd ECTS ue Sear momonnasroreons Exd JIC, 19 ROTOR TERNAL 20x (FAPPLORSLE) So eax EXd TC Te TRILL GABLE TPE SEB WOLLONOTH ‘EDPSOc TaRMNATIN ae Dv zexao mm Abxry Tar Tour ToS pak) 3 SPACE HEATER REE RY gm TT Pee nr Te BSP ey 208 TTD T2 Wo SNELEK Pr TYPE, 1000HS B10. 2 NOS DUPE PTIVE 109 ne 420 (op -27|-¢ am ).2M 2 MOOS Beaaings ALL / ROLLER Rt GOREN DEE NRE ON NOE) {TPE OF NSULATION FOR PROTESTION GF SERVE {EAS (F APPLICABLE) AGAMGT SHAFT CURRENT Reqursed ar pb oppoere] GA JACOBS ENGINEERING INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED _ igacoce DATA SHEET FOR Tr Hv.inueTion moToR re a ae emcee a =] nes EST ARSED ein uN TST NESS REGED Vane arene as /ROR ry 1 ATA Te Bus a naoR | SUE WT TNOER ae pepe meron LEE Sea E = mae, ETS saa ce Bis = Shall BESUTRRIE Bey mien OF LS Pag 13 _fATED RAL LonD SEED es em 2 naa i 2AM ie2 or #63 mee oe ca eee fe Ee sean = 27 RSUATONSTETON Nod meme |W _ Zao EVE TT we OTNCE see zt rs Fagnish Weipe—up. G._| Review not "work may proceed Final Corte, work “Permission to proceed does not details, of ‘constitute acceptance of design ‘materials developed calcultions, analysis, test methods see nda | onc, and does tt rabve te vendor / contractor from full compliance with contractual o vot [* JACOBS ENGINEERING INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED to | t2/tiog monis a8 q cal 8 dio, io and roa eee ee oa | Final Certed, work “Permission to proceed does not consiuie acceptance of design | details, calculations, analysis, test mothod of materials developed OF selected by the vendor /'contracter, and does not relieve the Eluacoss sac a Hy. INDUCTION moTOR Frese LocaTion —| va0ooxt Guay ——— [pepe 6 asta To a RS WOR a] SUEPOER WI TH TENDER. COWD Go _surertoson eG soe) rams CUNEDIRECTIONAL) _ xd ET aaa qi rornecunee Sp Het — tac xiommi¥cyl SHAT ORIEN AE HOTOR Se WoTeR — CLI 3 Seopa [if Aae9 Pa on RAT cr) 32 wnt ov oD ee 33 WoTOR TGR AT FR ioe 34 SUCCESSIVE STARTS (apecty tits) m0 25 sranTn Tu CUNEATE ceanoraoiewar ae 27 Taha wre anO SIRE DETECE) Signo aareNT TT 39 STARING GimacTRTS Aine ALBA VERAGE arma 3a san TORE * m0 392) STARTAG CURRENT fre) y i y= 3189 STARTING TE BE) 3 2 2 335 HOT STA TES) = = = 398 cow sTA Te ECS) = = 7 257 ACS RAEN THE 2 z EE =P je) FkV ~ | Final Certed, work may proceed [| |__| “Permission to proceed does not consiiute acceptance of design etals, calculations, Gisacoss ‘or selected S4Y"Ane! ‘contractor, vendor lpaoveeT ocaTion | va0ooaai GOnAT pmo. By — [wn ‘310 PERFORMANCE ‘enOENEY EER EASTOR el Sit ReSouaNoRD NBER OFODL Sane ATEOUAL_| Ba ash a [REA ed True te me 7} 218_RALUPTORGUE (Wotan ol = 28 FALLOUT TonGU (etree) Ey Pa 2 FLLOHO SLPS) a 318 noone a= ERE), SE | nae FoF TAPEUTE as 5 1.18 NO LDAO PARAMETERS (nena warn = RESISTANCE GF ROTOR (0) Sip ory Sycernal 434 REACTINGE Nets onan ‘aaa RESSTANGS aso 3 SUSE Tao Neer 1) RDKATES OATA SHAG BE FURNSHEDLATER 72) MOTORS SHALL BE Ep TYPE RRESPECTNE OFTHE NEA LASSACATIN 1 UPTO. NGLUONG 18K MOTORS GALE £16 AC SC}, 2714 NRE (TH WE FOR MOTOR TERNAL BOK EATING) 5) SAPS STALUNG TE OF MOTER SLL BE2/5 ECS MORE TaN THE THRTIG THE OF MOTOR ATs VOLTAGE 2) NOTOR WRDING SHALL BE SUITABLE FOR CORROSWE ATMOSPHERE WTHEPOXY GEL TREATWENT CN WINDNG OVERHANG. Sn pee Rar mato 3) Arora Puschased averscas oe Shall wees vali anf ae me 8 gcatinw ; TOK Pus fier Bool Ves fi salen aie valid cmax cet pearen is Sequized ts. cinyelne pimeat Fasnish > Page lof BHARAT HEAVY ELECTRICALS LIMITED, BHOPAL MOTOR TECHNICAL DATA (Rey. 00) re CUSTOMER zi Mis KSB PUMPS LTD PROJECT HGU-IOCL VADODRA oe ee WORK ORDER 48016A407-11 ‘TD Date 2 08/08/2008 INOTE:Data_given_ below is subject{o tolerances as per Si 325 unless specified otherwise as ™ for Which the data is quaranteed. Please find the following attached curve as given below : 1.00 LISTOF CURVES: 1.01, Thermal withstand curves : 48016A407-11/01 1.02, Torque & Current Vs Speed Curves 48016A407-11/02 1.03. Speed & Current Vs Time Curves. : 48016A407-11/03 1.04, Efficiency, PF, Current Vs Load Curves: 48016A407-11/04 “Permission to proceed does not constitute acceplance of design details, calculations, analysis, test methods of materials developed fr selected by the vendor / contractor, and does not relieve the ‘vendor / contractor from full co ‘with contractual obligations." JACOBS ENGINEERING INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED ~ = ck may Permission to proceed does not consiiuts acceptance of dean ss016As07-11 BHARAT HEAV¥®E} EO Refine developed PREC HS ISE MAT BBD: Frame 1MU7S642 WONe, :490s6A407-41 =) Thermal Withstand Curves Be Rating /405KW, 864V, 2°, TETV, SCH Customer : W’S KSB PUMP LTD Rioja: WGU-Tocr, Vadodora 1000000 0000 tnd Tine) t € a 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Curve No. 480168407-11-01 [AME DIVISION saslocrcia) => Pot ‘Torque & Current Vs Speed Curves Ba fee me YE Ral toouecti2tkam ACs -Wone _soeasor11 wren Pa Customer: MIs HS PUMP LTO 4 Py f mee GDA races : me | | Tes Fracetet ett Re to a ° | Z 10 | 3 cree is, | f | § | rector z Ltd Fo oeeeel | Bae | al : 8 => coramexey 5 | ELLE [eee as pacha oe ae 20 cet t ge | 4 Q ‘Curve Ho 430 5640-1-02 ‘Speed(% Syn. Speed) Kse fk ork sud ability fF TAque Aequiremend E 4 | : as 7 7 : “° oe) eee ial Tine Sees) sate dion or ee Sane eT re, scm feel tuseees eee cueimes p = © hisnish cmRr 4est P COE apparel Césyipate Yos Bac Ki Naphiha Feed Pump matee (EXd) METEEB compeming —— Sulrability af motoes as Exd, 10,73 tousein hazozdous ® ksg is fully resporsible for selepe: Meyphtha. Feed Il id Purr, motes with peopes. Kul Safing., Hi de & ditectim on “Beran of r070tS +o Sup te Pwnp eequitermeny. us DATA sheer FoR a ‘H.V. INDUCTION MOTOR c= a rears cr oes Yo Eee peer iia = ies = = ott re [1 oven anc Rene 2052—PM—ol AVR ecco egme ET SIVA 1 eae Semrereerat) Aap ITO ump [TZ rps ? ate oe oe lesa Pred eee ane = oa 6 _ SITE EWaRONWENT INUSTRIAL CORROSVE, MOST LADDER | eS oo Q = es |) GAS GROUP OF ENGLOSURE: We a a ae aoe ee ae : 5 es out ee pe Tee ae aoa — fae E Te - = ¥ (Be = $ 0 MOTOR TYPE 6 RATING 2 Fa ite ae Hest 4 = = i ; a ee | aes a reste s|i Se oe ea 2 Sess a eet ea 7__TPE oF ouTy Ce a“ £ oe ren mS sale FORM NO, E0018 05.08 ‘APRUCAALE 37m oP s ai foulee => dled JAGOES ENGINEERING MOA VT Ga] £53392. Ms 9-1 fh Recon O4( ror [Boe no eee uacons DATA SHEET FOR fn wo HY. INDUCTION MOTOR. sa oa ie a ete ca} 9 MOTOR TPE RATNG COND] a TORGUE REQUREWENTS(% OF FULL ano ToRave) RL ex mucur nes DEST ‘VERLGAD REGURENENTE oa a 1s —CAROVe Full Laan APACTTY S$ or. O0/or i oem asraniia nev ec TO SUIT Tie REQUIREMENT OF OIVEN EGUIPWENT) ee 901 /ABALTOSRANEEORMER SOFT STARTER NA 600 OF FL INCLLSVE OF TOLERANCE NO. OF STARTS REGUARED SUCCESSIVE #8 2H EOUISPACEO) HOF 87H ROUSPAGED) COD [REQUIRED - ANICOROSWE EPOXY TREATMENT Earn FEATURE oF PROTECTION (ne 0675 es [Re TO AREA CLASSIRCATION) DEGREE OF PROTECTION {Paes WEATHERPROOF) TPE OF coaune TET a = : = F MEGiamal aeoueeweNr 2 60" VAive OF OREN MACHINE 2a z TORGUE SPEED GHARGTERSTIC CURVE FRED SHAFT EXTENSON Oe: nu paw 7c ——— era cca of design developed Selected by the vendor 7 contactor and does rot rcicee eg ontractor from full with contractual a not sere ONGINEERING INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED _| Tuncoss DATA SHEET FOR Ineo H.V. INDUCTION MOTOR se [poracae ie a Ipeceer no ae 0. 6Y sv jpnovectLocaTion | va0ooaRA GunmaT —— [rape in aN “Tes ia aes z 6 accasiones 1 P= CONDENSATION HEATERS FATED VOLTAGE Ou fone, PASE 2 Seestownena te ceESTOR, HPEROG/on | PrOOSMRLECaNGR ImRSE SHR a 2S sense ever ne By = cuaes Tasneronuene FOR BF rn =] £2 NOS. EARIT CONNECTIONS ON MOTOR Faw WZ NOS. TERR BOX STANLESS TEE, REGURED NE RSS {ALL ROWLER(W iow > et8c3 ONDE RNUTTON ONTOS BEARINGS TYPE Pie OVPLEK TYRE. BEARING LiameATION PEROUSSOLE END FLOATS {TYPE OF NSULATIOFOR PRGTEGTION GF SLEEVE EARNS UF APPUCADL/AGANST ST CURRENT mal soe aeeuncuats SEATON Wore FG COUPLE 5 a eam 206. TPE meres Fag WG) 19 = meee al 2 _SPACE HEATER TERMINAL BOX ome Ed MUCneomaclos sn «7 es] 2S ee mewn noone | eran | monoamine Cx ICTS | 4 ROTOR TERNAL 80K (FAPPUCADE] ry = NEUTRAL Tew Box oe BET 1 SBA cane “Tre ze ANOLLENGTH 1 SraToR Taree : eae 2 oro 3 sace rear Pp iconrneoealy- IRV Stade 1 SexoTIE Ly 7 Teper SETTERS isers_| wosnunsnnarineeinons 12 EXe1+0 Cobazetvaly 367 ee | esereaneirmewons fax GO Cab ctad) 345 « 4 MOTOR BEARINGS By Final Ceriied, work may proceed “Permission to proceed does not consiite assoyancs of design detais, calculations, analysis, test methods of materials developed ‘or selected by the vendor / contractor, and does not relieve ‘ces fevendor / contractor from full compliance with contractual o JACOBS ENGINEERING INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED the roceed does not constitute acceplance of design ‘ins, analysis, test methods of materials developed ° vendor F contractor, and does not relieve the om full compliance with cont Gsacoss DATA SHEET FOR fagan. no: Hiv. INDUCTION MoTOR fpneuter tocamiow | vaaconsa GUAT [pn 3 — wm lpnoueer nue neu fear tana kK wsecron 29 PER VEEOR GT RAN Ego zi] a som eee Ie 3 ores “Sul be Ga eK 312 ENCLOSURE TE 1.13 DEGREE OF PROTECTION 2 MeSanca pera ene 24_ TYPE OF ROTOR CONSTRUCTION tally, Th gga 25 _ OVERALL OMENSONS 7267 _COOUNG FANMATERIAC eT 10>) "025 oo) 7262 COOUNG TURE MATERIAL 2 NSUATEN STEN eee nine) [ve WETS | “Permission to proceed does not constitute acceptance of design loped eta, calculations, analysis, test methods of materials devel. ot selected by the vendor / contractor, and does. not rellove tho ns. Huacozs INEER| HACINDUCTION MOTOR a Poxcrisorer —| anton oma — aes er ice ie mediated a A Rata 10 aE NBD BY WaT a SUPER wun Tse EADEROT 2a AFT TENG z eee som q 281 ar vanaon eS mae are Toe sowraouse ( WWEDTRECTIONALY Tex EE EE TERANAL BOX LECTIN REGURENENTS DAE Co fs ace ag eis) ip Sermlaete—y RV Fftiade, 14F eam DIP y ze a YEY » 2123, MOTORISED. MOTORFATIGE ‘ee moucTion woroR — CNS 3 celeaniovaaarcuas a a a 3 wi oom c q 21ST SET c= a 33 sma Tuer — | GaaTe meNTT ae ce 37 ema nario dine poraceay | Sanne ana 39s ours alec abana — arvana —| Teen ee ag 5 a 384 Frnt CET Poe = Bi as see i : zi 388 hora ERE = fags a econ ET = Hl 339 THEA TWE Constant 33:10 COOUNG TM CONSTANT 312 SemLGAo 3:1 _ RECOMMENDED NOMBER OFOOL STARTS aTeuaL_ | HOT son INTERVALS R NOUR ifr = sae ie : pa ass = Speers 5a Tae ae : eee iis agar ES WAX HOTSPOT TewPERATURE Fe © Doren zi heck 1222? E oh 20 ean iaeropmar Wainer EP eee Se arene ee eat ee poet eo ae ee eee = S2 Pore Catt, evayenl Amps “1 RERSTANGE OF STATOR TamPeR Pa ATO ‘<7 RESISTANGE 0F ROTOR ony ip ny Savana) | A “31 REACTANGE ‘eA r ncton Moe 2 Simsen TASEORER oo) 52 PROTECTION GUS GF CTNUMBER OF CT PROMIDED co {TF NOGATES ATA SIMLLE FURWSFED ATER 2) MOTORS SAL BE Eup TYPE RACSPECTIVE OF THEAREA GASSINCATION 3) MOTOR RATED 2080} W AND ABOVE SHA. BE SUITABLE FOR ELEGTROWE:FCWA TYPE SOFT STARTER 4 UPTO A NELUGNG 132 MOTORS SHALL BE 418, ACS 23a WRE TH VRE FOR MOTOR TERIA BOK CARTER ‘ABOVE 182-4 WAG SDHESPH IHRE '5) SAFE STALLING TOF HOTOR SuAL B€259ECS WORE THAN THE STATTRG TNE OF WOTOR ATIOR VOLTAGE {| MOTOR WiNGMG SHALL BE BUTABLE FOR CORROSIVE ATMOSPHERE WITH EPGAY GEL TREATMENT ON WRONG OVERTING Toba en so eset ance a pr 5 Feoep, FF Sface 3 mal ital agave = need Fou moras Pelee from Indian by dd Volid omer cesnpication ic Sequizad ac insisred by ccoe. Page of BHARAT HEAVY ELECTRICALS LIMITED, BHOPAL MOTOR TECHNICAL DATA (Rey. 00) ‘CUSTOMER Mis M/s KSB PUMPS LTD. PROJECT : ICL VADODRA CONSULTANT : Jacobs WORK ORDER : — 48016A407-21 TD Date : 08/08/2008 NOTE: Data given below is subject to. tolerances as per IS: 325 unless specified Giherwise as ™ Tor which the data is guaranteed, Please find the following attached curve as given below : 1.00 LIST OF CURVES: 4.01. Thermal withstand curves : 48016A407-2101 1.02. Torque & Current Vs Speed Curves 48016a407-21/02 1.03. Speed & Current Vs Time Curves 48016A407-21/03, 1.04. Efficiency, PF, Current Vs Load Curves. : 48016a407-21/04 Fuinish >\es. Negosive Squence Gune ¢ Pervussion to proceed does nat consitule acceplance of design details, calculations, analysis, test methods of materiais developed or selected by the vendor / contractor, and does not relieve the vendor / contractor from full JACOBS ENGINEERING INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED. ‘Comments ss indicated, resubmit, ie B work may, Final Cetfied, were me R F BHARAT HEAVY" MOTOR. ape -48016a407-21 ice of design materials developed not the : Yendor/ contractor fom full compan BS ENGINEERING INDI }-=Winwand Tiree 1000 ce Winstand Tinea | Withstand Time(Sees,) 8 0 1 he, s + 8 s r ie Motor Currentp..) 0 Curve No. 480198407.21-01 req Rated Torque =67.0 kgm WV Hy Rated Current= 21.8 amp © W.ONo. :480188407-21 Customer : MS KSB PUMP LTD = ToamioonRn, 3 ee toameonien 42 ate ¥ | toemtrioxey E |e corentir 3 3 0 Ganertaonauy [Ee carentrtous Torque(%FLT) Te fe er G kKsB ECR Sul Fahy HF Taque Requirementy Wert. chriven eapt ‘ 480164407-21 co _ Prefect: nau-toc1, Vadodora. 2 a WO, Cusesrer i TRUSKW- BE WV, 2P, TETV, SCM, smursca2 30168407-21 MS KS PUMP LTD ey fitney & PFO) Svaeesesaseeresé Curve No 80 60721-24 a i] ; ] Lew rower Fac | z 70 075 . ar a