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Institut Teknologi Bandung Bandung - Indonesia Genera Chars M. Diam {Inst Teknolog| Bandung, INA) TER Mengio Alnsitut Tektolog Bandung, INA) Advisory Boars Surya (Rector of 8, NA INA) Program Commitee: Penean (cu Na) Fee Ruma 93) 1h mo RA) etn in 3 Sew. ma) Sino ci na) 8 Sip (ma) Sipe Wir rod) 2 ow na) Mian ea WA) ‘Wersshop, Tra. Sate ‘We Aarau (7B, INA) Secretariat: ‘General Secreta AW. Setiawan Francs AH. Salman Loca rangeent Commies: M.S. Hashure Publcatons: BR Hermano Sponsored by: Institut Teknologi Bandung Fay ol stron & Nt Snes Sood deol epreweg ots ‘Supported by: + Schoo! of Life Sclenoes and Technology, 8 * Centar for intumentaon Tecanalony {and Automation (CTA) + Center fr Heath Technology and Sport ‘Science (CHTSS) + Indonesian Data Mining Society (IndoOM) Research Canter on Information an Communiaton Technology, ITS BU et Se ce Mem CCC et eu OM MORE ear) Biomedical Engineering (ICICI-BME) 2015 Science and Technology for Health Aims ICHBME 2015 wi ighigh recent and slgneant advances in the fs of netrumentation, ‘measurements, communications, information technology and biomedical engineering ‘Te conference wil over the theoretical and practeal aspects of metogy measurement technologies, nsinmentaton, communicators, informatio fchnciogy and bomedial ‘nginoning. The conforenco cope wil nue, but ol iitad fo, te topes enistod blow, Venue ‘Bancung ithe capital cy of West Java and one of the most popular ouriam desthation dongs. The cy stunted on the platen othe beaut Pararyangan maunaine ans ‘own fori pleasantcimate soca and cultural program avalable uring the conference il provide the possi ovis tours ebocs around Bandung, suchas oleae, natural ot ping, oa plantation and historical bugs Seemed ‘Signal Processing & Communication a ant ita ocesng ‘Theor Design SStener8 Ong Submission Guidelines [Authors a7e requested to submit thei full papers through our website: ieic-bmeiitb-ac.id. The papers are expected tobe 5.6 pages iong and written in English. The detailed paper format ‘an be downloaded from the conference homepage. The abstract should incude a ist of 5 Keywords. Accepted papers wil be published in the ICICI-EME 2015 proceedings. Quaitied papers wil be included in IEEE Xplore andlor willbe published in one a the folowing journals: + Joutnal of eHealth Technology and Application, “Intetnational Journal of E-Health and Medical ‘Communications (WEHMC), + ITB journal on ICT, ITB Journal on Engineering, “ITB Journal on Science, + Indonesian Journal of Physics, Within your paper please incae the folowing deta: + Theil of your Paper on the top of Abstract, ‘The Auhors' names end aan (please Undertine the name of the prsertng author), organized by a. ISASS Actuator System Society ‘rirtscicwers ‘Systeme & Applications Important Date & Deadline Full paper submission: “July 31", 2015, ‘Acceptance notification: September 7", 2015 Final submission September 21", 2015, For more information, please contact: icicibme2015@gmail.com Cr visi our official webste: hitpicic-bme itb-2¢id ‘or came to our secretariat ‘Gedung Fiska FMIPA TB, and Biomedical Engineering ITB at Gedung Labiek Achmad Bakria 3" Noor J Ganesa 10 Bandung 40132, ‘West Java, Indonesia, Indonesian Siomesies!, ‘Engineering Sosy