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Repubiic of the Philippines Department of the Interior and Local Government NATIONAL POLICE COMMISSION DILG-NAPOLCOM Center NAPOLCOM Bidg., EDSA cor Quezon Ave. West Triangle, Quezon City 1104 woww.napolcom.gov.ph PNP EXAMINATION ANNOUNCEMENT The National Police Commission, pursuant to its constitutional mandate to administer and control the Philippine National Police (PNP), will conduct nationwide the PNP PROMOTIONAL EXAMINATIONS for the following categories: POLICE OFFICER SENIOR POLICE OFFICER POLICE INSPECTOR POLICE SUPERINTENDENT on OCTOBER 25, 2015 The PROMOTIONAL EXAMINATIONS are open exclusively to all qualified uniformed members of the PNP who meet the minimum qualification standards for examination in terms of rank and eligibility as provided herein. Those who pass the promotional examinations shall be conferred eligibiliies appropriate for promotion to the ranks corresponding to the examination’s Eligibility Rank Coverage (ERC). - — Jl The eligibilities acquired through the Promotional Examinations are those required for promotion of, PNP uniformed personnel, as prescribed under Sec. 30 of Republic Act No. 6975, as amended by Republic Act No. 8551. PLEASE READ INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY. DO NOT APPLY IF YOU ARE NOT QUALIFIED. |. Examination Date: October 25, 2015 ll. Period of On-line Application Scheduling: August 10 - 14, 2015 for PO Exam August 17 - 21, 2015 for SPO, INSP and SUPT Exams (Note: Website is available at 12 NN on August 10, 2015 onwards for PO exam and on August 17, 2015 onwards for SPO, INSP and SUPT Exams) Ill. Period of Filing of Application: August 31 - September 25, 2015 THE NAPOLCOM UTILIZES THE ON-LINE EXAMINATION APPLICATION SCHEDULING SYSTEM (OLEASS) FOR THE SCHEDULING OF THE FILING OF APPLICATIONS FOR THE PNP ENTRANCE AND PROMOTIONAL EXAMINATIONS, ONLY APPLICANTS WITH A CONFIRMED SCHEDULED APPOINTMENT WITH REFERENCE NUMBER SHALL BE ENTERTAINED. IN VIEW OF RESOURCE CONSTRAINTS, THE REGIONAL OFFICE RESERVES THE RIGHT TO LIMIT THE NUMBER OF EXAMINEES IT WILL ACCOMMODATE. ACCEPTANCE OF APPLICATIONS SHALL BE ON A “FIRST-COME, FIRST-SERVED" BASIS AND, UPON DUE NOTICE, MAY BE STOPPED EVEN AHEAD OF THE DEADLINE. IV. TEST CENTERS REGION EXAM CENTER REGION EXAMCENTER REGION _ EXAMCENTER Reg.1 San Femando City Reg.6 ilo City Reg. 12 Koronadal City Reg.2 Tuguegarao City Reg.7 Cebu City CAR Baguio City Reg.3 ee ‘oly: Reg.8 — Tacloban City CARAGA Butuan Reg.4A Calamba City Rog.9 Pagadian City ARMM Cotabato City Reg.48 Calapan City Reg. 10 Cagayan de Oro ity NCR Makati City Reg.5 Legazpi City Reg.11 Davao City V. HOW TO GET A SCHEDULED APPOINTMENT FOR FILING OF APPLICATION FOR THE PNP PROMOTIONAL EXAMINATION 1. NOTE: Applicant logs on the NAPOLCOM official website www.napolcom.gov.ph, clicks on the ON-LINE EXAMINATION APPLICATION SCHEDULING SYSTEM or directly logs on to www. napolcom-oleass.com and fill outs the mandatory fields, as follows: Examination Title Last Name First Name Extension Name Middle Name Home Address/Unit of assignment Cellphone No. E-mail Address Present Rank Applicant clicks SUBMIT after filing out the mandatory fields. A CONFIRMATION will appear if registration was successful. If not, the process should be repeated. Applicant clicks the PRINT CONFIRMATION LETTER button flashed on the screen to print his/her confirmation letter. The Examination Center where the applicant shall take the Promotional Examination is automatically assigned by the computer system based on the home address or unitlassignment address provided by the police appl IMPORTANT Applicant must be at the NAPOLCOM Regional Office on hishher scheduled appointment date with all the requirements. vil. WHERE TO GET APPLICATION FORMS AND INDEX CARDS Application Forms (NAPOLCOM Form 1-A) and Index Cards can be obtained for FREE at any NAPOLCOM Regional Office nationwide, ot may be downloaded from the NAPOLCOM website at wwrw.napolcom.gov.ph. These may also be REPRODUCED using the original size of the Application Form and Index Card. HOW TO FILE ‘An applicant should file hislher application, together with all the required supporting documents, on his/her scheduled appointment PERSONALLY only at the NAPOLCOM Regional Office where he/she intends to take the examination. APPLICATIONS RECEIVED THRU POSTAL MAIL SHALL NOT BE PROCESSED. A vil. WHAT TO BRING WHEN FILING 1. Printed letter-reply/corresponding reference number confirming the scheduled appointment 2. An Application Form (NAPOLCOM Form 1-A) and Index Card, duly accomplished by the applicant and two (2) recent and identical 1” x 1” ID pictures (in color) with white background and complete name tag (indicate rank before the first, middle and last name). 3, Police Examination Fees: Four Hundred Pesos (P400.00) for Police Officer Exam, Four Hundred Fifty Pesos (450.00) for Senior Police Officer Exam, Five Hundred Pesos (P500.00) for Police Inspector Exam and Six Hundred Pesos (P600.00) for Police Superintendent Exam. NO OTHER FEES SHALL BE COLLECTED. 4. One (1) legal-size window envelope with fifteen pesos (R-15.00) worth of mailing stamps 5. Certified True Copy of Attested Appointment, Plantilla Appointment or PNP Absorption Order 6. Report of Rating/Certification issued by the NAPOLCOM CENTRAL OFFICE, CSC Certificate of Eligibility and/or PRC Board Certificate. ‘An examinee who fails in an exam or after being admitted to take said exam, fails 1 take it for one reason or another, need not resubmit the requirements should he/she apply again for the same exam in the same exam conter. The applicant will oly have to: (a) submit the ADMISSION SLIP of the last exam applied for; {b) fil out a new application form and index card with ID pictures; end () pay the examination fee. NOTIFICATION OF EXAMINATION A qualified applicant shall be issued a Notice of Admission on the day he/she files his/her application for the examination. However, to confirm the status of said application, he/she may verify from the NAPOLCOM Regional Office where said application was filed. EXAMINATION COVERAGE The three-hour examination consists of objective-type/multiple choice items for Police Officer, Senior Police Officer Examination, Police Inspector and Police Superintendent examinations. The Police Inspector and Police Superintendent Examinations also have essay test items. The following constitute the subject coverage: EXAMINATION TITLE ‘SUBJECT AREA POLICE OFFICER AND (Multiple-Choice Items) SENIOR POLICE OFFICER EXAMS ||. — General Information ll, Police Administration ll. Police Operations IV. Police Customs and Traditions / Values and Ethical Standards | POLICE INSPECTOR EXAM Part 1,(Multiple-Choice items) |. General Information Il. Police Administration II Police Operations IV. Police Customs and Traditions / Values and Ethical Standards Part Il, (Essay) I General Information ll. Police Administration III. Police Operations IV. Police Customs and Traditions / Values and Ethical Standards > xi. POLICE SUPERINTENDENT EXAM _ | Part I(Multipie-Choice items) | General Information Il. Police Administration II Police Operations Standards Part ll, (Essay) |. General Information I. Police Administration Il. Police Operations Standards PNP PROMOTIONAL EXAMINATION COVERAGE: General Information ‘ + Current Events (national and international events and developments) Philippine Constitution Philippine History and History of the PNP (Significant Events, People and Places) Application of the Philippine Criminal Justice System 7877, 7438, 9244, 9372, EO Nos. 209, 227, etc. and Rules of Court) ‘+ Social Awareness (Environmental and Ecological laws - Clean Air Act, Animal Welfare Act and Ecological Waste Management Act and Issues) + Grammer Analysis Police Administration ‘Organizational Structure (Line of Authority) Personnel Policies and Procedures Disciplinary Machinery Complaints and Grievance Procedures (Basic Knowledge) Morale and Welfare Data Analysis Local Chief Executives Powers (vis-A-vis Police) NAPOLCOM vis-a-vis Police Civil Service Rules and Regulations Police Operations + Line Functions (Traffic, Patrol, Investigation, Intelligence, Special Operations, Police Operational Procedures, SOCO, CDM and Computer Crimes) + PNP Master Plans © PNPP.AT.R.OLL. Plan 2030 Values and Ethical Standards + PNP Code of Ethical Standards / Protocols © RAG713/RA3019 + Community Relations / Conflict Resolutions + Human Rights! Anti-Hazing Law WHAT TO WEAR ON EXAMINATION DAY GOA TYPE 5 (in field cap, no awards/medals, only accoutrements) or PATROL SHIRT EXAMINEES NOT IN THE PRESCRIBED ATTIRE WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO El THE EXAMINATION CENTER. an IV. Police Customs and Traditions / Values and Ethical IV. Police Customs and Traditions / Values and Ethical Laws and Jurisprudence (Basic Provisions of RA Nos. 6975, 8551, 9208, 9262, 9165, 9208, xi, WHAT TO BRING DURING THE EXAMINATION 1. Notice of Admission 2. Pencil No. 2 and black ballpen (for Essay test) 3. Any valid identification card with picture and signature * WARNING ¢ BRINGING IN OF ANY OF THE FOLLOWING INSIDE THE TESTING CENTER IS STRICTLY PRt HIBITED, Firearm (should be deposited outside the examination area) = Cellular phone, pager or any two-way radio set . Review material lculator or any electronic gadget plosive or any deadly weapon VIOLATION OF THIS RULE SHALL AUTOMATICALLY DISQUALIFY AN EXAMINEE FROM TAKING THE EXAMINATION AND SHALL RESULT IN THE NULLIFIGATION OF HIS/HER EXAMINATION Xill. NOTIFICATION OF RESULTS: xiv, The nationwide List of Successful Examines will be posted at the NAPOLCOM Central Office located at DILG-NAPOLCOM Center, NAPOLCOM Building, EDSA corner Quezon Avenue, West Triangle, Quezon City 1104 and at the NAPOLCOM website. Similarly, a Regional List will be posted in each of the NAPOLCOM Regional Offices. For inquiries, examinees may log on to the NAPOLCOM web address at www.ntapolcom. gov. EXAMINATION RESULTS — Report of Rating (RR) will be mailed to the examinee’s mailing address. Verification may be made with the Examination Division, Personnel and Administrative Service (PAS), NAPOLCOM Central Office. An examinee who passed the test but did not receive his/her RR may request for the issuance of a certification from the same office, upon payment of One Hundred Fifty Pesos (2150.00). For requests sent through postal mail, payment shall be in money order form payable to the National Police Commission, DILG-NAPOLCOM Center, NAPOLCOM Building, EDSA corner Quezon Avenue, West Triangle, Quezon City 1104. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: itis understood that all data written by the applicant on the Application Form and Index Card, including information contained in the required submitted documents are considered TRUE AND CORRECT and shall be treated as official data. AN APPLICANT'S QUALIFICATIONS ARE SUBJECT TO FINAL REVIEW AND VERIFICATION BY THE EXAMINATION DIVISION, PERSONNEL AND ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICE (PAS), NAPOLCOM CENTRAL OFFICE. AN APPLICANT MAY BE REQUIRED TO PRESENT ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTS, IF DEEMED NECESSARY. THE TEST RESULT OF AN EXAMINEE SHALL BE CANCELLED/INVALIDATED IF ITIS ESTABLISHED THAT HEISHE DOES NOT QUALIFY FOR THE EXAMINATION. THE NATIONAL POLICE COMMISSION HAS A COMPUTER SYSTEM THAT KEEPS TRACK OF THE ANSWER PATTERNS OF EXAMINEES. IF TWO OR MORE EXAMINEES HAVE A HIGH PERCENTAGE OF SIMILAR ANSWER PATTERNS, THIS SHALL RESULT IN THE INVALIDATION OF THEIR TEST RESULTS. ty A * WARNING * + The examination results of examninees involved in acts of cheating such as, but not limited to the following, shall be invalidated: a, Impersonation; b. Use of codigo or crib sheets; c. Tampering with exam records; d. Collusion of whatever nature between examinees and examination personnel; e. Examination number switching: 1. Such other acts of similar nature that facilitate the passing of examination; and Results deciared by the Commission, thru Examination Division, PAS, as. statistically improbable, The aforesaid examinees shall be permanently barred from taking the NAPOLCOM Examinations. * Inthe event that these anomalous acts were committed by a police officer, he/she shall be charged with dishonesty, and if found guilty, be meted the penalty of dismissal from the service * individuals who are found to have used fake NAPOLCOM eligibility for their entry into the police service shall likewise be permanently barred from taking the NAPOLCOM examinations. + Police service eligibility obtained through anomalous practices shall be nullified. (NAPOLCOM Memorandum Circular No. 2013-007, dated October 30, 2013) CONFIDENTIAL REPORT ON EXAMINATION-RELATED ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES MAY BE REPORTED TO: Examination Division, Personnel and Administrative Service NATIONAL POLICE COMMISSION DILG-NAPOLCOM Center, NAPOLCOM Building EDSA cor Quezon Avenue, West Triangle, Quezon City 1104 Telephone Nos.: (02) 899-00-85 and (02) 403-25-88 or ANY NAPOLCOM REGIONAL OFFICE MINIMUM QUALIFICATION STANDARDS PNP PROMOTIONAL EXAMINATIONS EXAMINATION TITLE (ERC) RANK REQUIREMENTS 4. Latest Attested Appointment, Plantila, Appointment or Absorption Order b. Report of Rating or Certficaton of any ofthe Pot following eligbilios: (Permanent) 1 Testimonial (Board Res. 04 / NAPOLCOM Res. 91-20/ 98-037) POLICE OFFICER P02 (For PO2 to POS Ranks) (Permanent/Temporary) 2 PNP Entice (Ieaeomians) 3 POUI(I891) 4. Career Senice Professional b5 CSC Police Ofcer (July 1998 onwards) b6 RA 1080/6506 b7 POSO7 POs (Temporary) ‘a. Latest Attested Appointment ,Plantilla Appointment or Absorption Order b. Report of Rating or Certification of any of the P01, poz following eligibles: (Permanent) b.1 Police Officer (1992 onwards) b.2 PO IINSPO1/SPO2ISPO3 (1991) SEHIOR POLICE b.3 Career Service Professional OFFICER (For SPO1 to SPO4 Ranks) 4 CSC Police Officer (July 1998 onwards) .5 RA 1080 (except Bar, appointed before March 2008) b6 RAGEOS b.7 PD907 MINIMUM QUALIFICATION STANDARDS _ PNP PROMOTIONAL EXAMINATIONS EXAMINATION TITLE (ERC) ‘SENIOR POLICE OFFICER (For SPO1 to SPOS Renks) RANK P03 (Permanent) SPO1, SPO?2, SPO3 (Permanent/Temporary*) P04 (Temporary*) REQUIREMENTS: ¢. Latest Attested Appointment, Plantila ‘Appointment or Absorption Ordor 4. Report of Rating or Certfication of any of the following eigbiities 1 Testimonial (Board Res. 04/ NAPOLCOM Res. 91-20/ 98-037) 2 Police Officer (1992 onwards) 43 PO IVSPO1/SPO2/SPOS (1991) 4 Career Service Professional d5 CSC Police Officer (July 1998 onwards) 6 RA 108016506 47 PO 907 POLICE INSPECTOR (For PINSP to PSINSP Ranks) SPO1, SPO2, SPOS, a. Senior Police Officer (1992 onwards) PINSP (Permanent/Temporary*) PSINSP (Temporary*) (Permanent ) b. PO 34 Class Sane . Latest Attested Appointment, Plantila (Pomanert) ‘Appointment or Absorption Order 4. Report of Raling or Certfication of any of the following eigbiities: 1 Testimonial (Board Res. 04/ MC 96-008) €.2 Senior Police Oficar (1982 onwards) €.3 SPOMIPoice Inspector (1991) cA Career Service Professional ©.5 CSC Police Oficer (July 1998 onwards) 6.6 RA 1080/8506 7 PD907 MINIMUM QUALIFICATION STANDARDS. PNP PROMOTIONAL EXAMINATIONS EXAMINATION TITLE (ERC) RANK REQUIREMENTS ise 2. PO2* Class (Permanent) b. Police Inspector (1992 onwards) ©. Latest Attested Appointment, Ptantila Appointment or Absorption Order PSINSP (Permanent ) €e, Report of Rating or Certification of any ofthe POLICE SUPERINTENDENT folowing elgbiltes Gorey " come ‘ 4.1. Testimonial (Board Res. 04/ MC-96-008) (Pemeneot eee 42. PO Z*Class PSUPT 4.3. Police inspector (1982 onwards) (Temporary) 4.4, Police Senior Inspector / Chief Inspector (1991) | 0.5. Career Service Professional 4.6. CSC Police Officer (July 1998 onwards) 4.7. RA 1080/6506, 6. PD 907 * Temporary for lack of mandatory training ‘SPECIAL PROVISIONS: For purposes of acquiring the appropriate eligibility forthe next rank, police officers who are degree holders with ‘permanent appointments by vitue of rank adjustment, absorption, and / or testimonial eigibilty, are allowed to take the ‘exarrination corresponding to the next higher rank provided that, upon appointment / promotion, they possess all the requirements for the rank. Poiice Officers | wo were appcinied in the PNP in permanent status after March 18, 2008 by virtue of RA 1080, ‘except Bar, and PD $07 are only qualified to take the PO exam. PNP members who entered the police service before March 18, 2008 by virtue of RA 1080, RA 6506, PD 907 and CSC Carver Service Professional eligibility are already considered eligible for promotion up to the rank of Police Superintendent. However, they may opt to take the examination corresponding the promational examination appropriate to their present rank A A