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Read this article about gambling and then read the statements that follow it. Your task is to decide if the statements are true (7), false (F) or there is no information about it in the text (NI) Write the appropriate letter(s) of your answer next to the statement. There is an example (0) for you. ‘Gambling - is it only the game of the devil? Human beings have spent large amounts of money trying ta win a fortune for centuries. Among the many forms of gambling, lotteries and casinos are far the most popular ones. The number of countries where private casinos land national lotteries are legl ha risen by thirty recent. With the help ofthe Intemet even those who have never dared to enter a casino before can join in this addiction which may not be the most innocent human hobby, but it Is undoubtedly the only one providing each country with a huge income, ‘The record forthe biggest lottery jackpot ever is $350 milion won by two people in the USA in 2000. The biggest single win on a national fttery was $314.9 milion in 2002 by a man who had aleady made a fortune in his sewing business. An American won $39.7 milion from a slot machine in a Las Vegas casino in 2003 after investing about 1s hundred dolla. He hadn't even gone to Las Vegas to gamble. He was thereto watch a basketball game, Lotteries basically exist to make money for the state, The Chinese created a lotery over 2000 yeas ago to rae money to build the Great Wal. King James of England set one upto finance the new colony of Virginia in America, Lottery maney was alo used to finance the building ofthe British Museum in London. The clty which eams the most from gambling is Las Vegas, of couse. Gambling was fist allowed in the state of Nevada inthe early 1930's. Before that, Las Vegas was a stall, unimportant desert town. It has now grown into 2 major city which has 35 milion visitors a year. These visitors spend a total of seven and a half thousand million dollars a year in the city’s casinos. The profits are mainly spent on building hotels. in fact, if somebody wanted to sleep in every hotel room in Vegas, it would probably take them 329 yeas! Tete are some people though, who have experienced the dark side of gambling, too. A politician called Horatio Bottomley went to Belgium in 1914 and bought all six horses in a race. He also paid the jockeys to cross the finishing line In a given order. Then he put lots of money on all the horses. Unfortunately the race was held by the sea and a sudden mist covered the entire course. The jockeys couldn't see each other and the judges couldnt see ‘who had won, Bottomley Tost a fortune. One of the funniest bet (of $100,000) was offered by an American businessman to a British Investor The businessman bet that it was impossible to walk all the way round the world and not be recognised by anyone. Hany Bensey, anather guest present agreed to take up the challenge. He had to wear an iron mask forthe whole ‘vip and finance his way by sling pictures of himself He also had to find a woman to many him, to push a pram and cany only one change of underwear! He started from London in January 1908 and after completing almost the whole journey fe was in Kaly an his way home in 1914 when the Fst World War broke aut and he had to