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Azizan Bin Ahamed

Application of CAD and CAE in plastics injection molding design for
automotive part.

Name of

EM220/ EMD8M12A
En. Wan Sulaiman Bin Wan Mohamad


Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) are the use of
computer technology to assist in design and simulation process of any parts or products in
engineering field. This combination technology of CAD-CAE was very helpful and beneficial
in engineering. Quality plastic injection mold can be produced by the advantage of CAD and
CAE software. This project is about designing the plastic injection mold for automotive parts
named timing belt cover. CATIA is used for developing the part modeling, detailing and mold
design while Moldflow software is used to analyses the gating position for the part. The
research is focused into two sections; finding the best gate position and designing the mold.
Filling analysis in Moldflow used to find the best gating position on the part. Then the
optimum result from the moldflow analysis will be use to design the mold by using CATIA
module named Core and Cavity Design and Mold Tooling Design. The application of CAD
and CAE reduce the time and cost of production of mold compared to the trial and error
conventional process.

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