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New House Rules

a. Orientation
b. Sanctions for non-compliance


New Time- keeping sytem

a. How to use the TimeClock Wizard
b. 3-day trial period (May 6,7,8)
c. Signing of the non-disclosure agreement
d. Sanctions for non-compliance


Attendance Incentive Quarterly payout

a. Orientaion
b. To be implented starting May


Philippine Holiday Pay

a. Double pay for Regular holidays if worked.
b. Additional 30% for special holidays if worked.
c. No work no pay still applies


a. Selection of designs and colors


Future Plans (overview)

a. Training programs in preparation for the in coming students.
b. QA system
c. Entry and Level up Test
d. New categorization of books
e. New curriculum
f. Professional Development programs
g. More incentives for the teachers

I would recommend that we pay the teachers seventy pesos (P75) per hour,
regardless of their actual rate. This only for meetings and trainings.