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Junior Field Student: Patrick Sewak
Subject: English

Date: 10/17/2005
Grade: 7th

Purpose of Observation: Content

Educator Observed: Mrs. Douglas
Total Number of Students Observed: 22

Subject: Literature
M: 12

F: 10

ID the central theme of the lesson. The students were going over a study guide for the
book: Light in the Forest. The book dealt with the return of a white boy adopted by
Indians to his biological father during the colonial period. Coming of age story, themed
around doing what is best for the greater good, rather than what you want.
List the primary objectives of the lesson. The lesson was a review of the story in
preparation for a multi-chapter test. It addressed standards 1.1& 1.3.
Identify some teaching methods used to meet individual needs. Study guides were
triple spaced and had large font.
Discuss the most successful feature of this teaching situation. Mrs. Douglas had
moved a chair to the front of the classroom and sat facing the class as she led the
discussion of the study guide.
Identify some methods of classroom management that were evident. Mrs. Douglas
was able to see the entire class from her seat. This allowed her to effectively manage the
class with both her presence and by watching the students. She also must have
established what she would tolerate from the students early on in the semester, as this
class was very well behaved.
Discuss an alternative approach for addressing the objectives and content of this
lesson. Another way to address reading independently and understanding literature would
be to have the students write a book report about the book. A writing guide with
questions that the students need to address in their report could be issued to help focus
the students writing.
How was the classroom physically conducive to learning? The classroom had a good
mix of inspirational and practical posters. Reference books and other materials were
located along one wall, easily accessible.