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Junior Field Student: Patrick Sewak
Subject: History

Date: 10/17/2005
Grade: 8th

Purpose of Observation: Motivation

Educator Observed: Mr. McElhinny

Subject: Presentations on Explorers.

Total Number of Students Observed: 20

M: 9

F: 11

ID the central theme of the lesson. Students had produced Power Point presentations
about early explorers: Magellan, Columbus, etc. Students were presenting their
presentations to the class.
List the primary objectives of the lesson. Students learn to use Power Point and to
speak in front of a group. Students learned to research information. Lesson addressed
standards 8.1 & 8.4.A.
Identify some teaching methods used to meet individual needs. History reports are
traditionally given on paper. The students worked in pairs. This format allows for
students with better oral skills to succeed as well as those students who are better at
written reporting.
Discuss the most successful feature of this teaching situation. The students were the
leading the class. Mr. McElhinny really just gently prodded things in the right direction.
He also engaged in a rather interesting activity at the beginning of the period. He asks
the class brain teaser questions. If a student responds correctly, that student receives 1
bonus point to his grade.
Identify some methods of classroom management that were evident. Mr. McElhinny
moved around the room. He used his physical location to aid in classroom management.
He also asked for the students cooperation, and warned that they would lose points off
their own presentations if they did give their attention to the student who was presenting.
Discuss an alternative approach for addressing the objectives and content of this
lesson. A non Power Point presentation could be given, or a more traditional text report
could be assigned. A speech could be given if focus on the public speaking area was
How was the classroom physically conducive to learning? Copies of important U.S.
documents hung on the walls. Displays of maps and posters of ships used by explorers.
Flags from various nations were painted onto the ceiling tiles of the room.