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Junior Field Student: Patrick Sewak
Subject: Geography

Date: 11 / 7 /2005
Grade: 7th

Purpose of Observation: management

Educator Observed: Mr. Gjovik
Total Number of Students Observed: 24

Subject: U.S. Geography

M: 11

F: 13

ID the central theme of the lesson. The central theme of the lesson was two fold; one
was to show the various features of the United States (physical, political, cultural, and
economic.) the other was to help build computer skills.
List the primary objectives of the lesson. The primary objectives of the lesson were to
build students computer skills by creating a PowerPoint presentation, and to access their
knowledge of the geography of the United States. Penncrest school students have to take
a computer competency test in 11th grade. This is a district assessment. PowerPoint
presentations are one of the things they are tested on.
Identify some teaching methods used to meet individual needs. The students were
taken to the computer lab. This allowed for each student to have their own computer.
Discuss the most successful feature of this teaching situation. The students got hands
on learning experience in how to research and make a power point presentation.
Identify some methods of classroom management that were evident. Mr. Gjovik had
the class copy down the format they were to use in class, before they left to go to the
computer lab. This gave them all the same template to work form, cutting down on
confusion once they arrived at the lab. He also warned them at the beginning of the
period that they were to be silent on their trip to the computer lab, or they would have
detention. He reminded them again before they left the classroom.
Discuss an alternative approach for addressing the objectives and content of this
lesson. If there was no computer lab to take the students to, a projector and a single
computer could be used to take the students through the process step by step.
How was the classroom physically conducive to learning? The majority of the class
was conducted in the computer lab. It was brightly lit, with computers along three of the
walls, and another central island of computers. The arrangement of computer provided
an adequate pathway for the teachers to easily move around to help the students.