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Anthropology 101: Human Biological

Table of Contents:
Philiosphy & Course
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Grades, Plan, & Useful Info.
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Fall 2014 Los Angeles Valley College

Birmingham High School from 6/8/15 to 6/26/15
Section M-F 11:00-2:00 AM

For the Love of Teaching

Class Text
Stein and Rowe,
Physical Anthropology,
10th edition (ISBN
The book is available
in the Los Angeles
Valley College
bookstore and library.
An e-textbook version
is also available
through Course Smart

I became a teacher to encourage people to learn. This

seems like such a simple reason for wanting to teach, however
it is true. I was very lucky to have been raised by teacher who
shaped my world view from a young age about the power of
knowledge. As I have grown as a person, I feel the need to
pass on this gift of knowledge to others while at the same time
learning from my students. This reciprocal exchange fills me
with feelings of reward and accomplishment.
I am able to pass on my knowledge of anthropology
through my own classroom. Ideas about anthropology in
theory and how I view culture has made me who I am.
Learning about the methods that anthropologist put into
practice has provided me with a fundamental philosophy for
how I approach the classroom.
I look at my experience with my students as an
opportunity to share our cultures and stories throughout the
semester. I feel that bringing in real world experiences make
what we learn more applicable. These real world examples
are used to make the material more accessible. I strive to
have my classroom be a relaxed environment. I want my
students to feel like they can discuss the material freely without

"The purpose of anthropology is to make the

world safe for human differences".
Ruth Benedict

Instructor: Kenneth
Contact: feldmekj@lavc.edu
Office: TBA
Office Hours: TBA
Link to students success
checklist: www.lavc.edu/

Course Description:
This course will cover the
major aspects of biological
anthropology. Our goal as a
class will be to examine the
story of our evolution by;
1) Clearly defining the
different subfields of
anthropology and how
physical anthropology uses
science to guide us to
understand how evolution
works through natural
selection and human genetics.
2) The function of evolution
in building the Primate Order,
by examining specifics ways
in which an anthropologist
can tell the story of human
3) Researching what
preceded modern humans and
led to our development into
Homo sapiens.
4) Modern humans and
contemporary variation.



There will be quizzes given to
ensure students are keeping up
with the assigned reading. The
quizzes will cover the weeks
reading and will serve as study
guides for the section exams. If
a quiz is missed, I will give one
week from the quiz date to make
it up. If the quiz has not been
made up, the students will
receive a zero for that quiz.

There will be one exam, the
final. Finals will not be allowed
to be made up. The final exam
will be cumulative and will cover
the major concepts covered
during the course. All exams
will have a combination of short
essay questions along with
multiple choice questions. Bring
a #2 pencil.

Whats the

If you are a student with a disability

requiring classroom accommodations, and
have not contacted SSD, do so in a timely
manner. SSD is located in the Student
Services Annex, Room 175 or call SSD at
(818) 947-2681 or TTD (818) 947-2680 to
meet with a SSD counselor. If SSD has
already sent the memo to instructor
confirming accommodations required by
student for this class, please meet with me
to discuss arrangements.


LA Valley College has specific rules and

regulations regarding cheating and
Eos ut eruditi
ut qui graece suavitate tincidunt.
plagiarizing. The act of plagiarizing is
tollit labores an. Has et posse atqui, vitae audire.
assignments are designed to keep class
using another persons words or ideas
fun and interesting. The assignments will
without giving the proper credit for their
highlight information that is essential to
work. For more information regarding this
understanding physical anthropology. These
policy refer to the LAVC website:
assignments will include in class group work and
a take home essay question. Turning in
and the college website: www.lavc.edu/
assignments on time and working on them
carefully will help you do well in this class. Late
Attendance Policy/
assignments will be docked 5 points per day it is
Important Dates
Attendance is a necessity. Due to the
fact that this is a condensed eight
week course each class will have an
abundance of information that will be
used for exams and course work. If
you do not drop the class on time you
will receive a grade for the course.

Attendance Policy prior to census

Students who do not appear on my roster by
the census date will not be allowed to attend
Grade Breakdown:
the class. Students are able to add classes via
Mid term paper
100 pts
Advanced Add Permit until prior to the start
Reading Quiz 20 points
20 pts
Once the semester begins, students need an
Class Projects
(3) 50 points each
150 pts
Add Permit with the instructors signature to
In Class Assignments/Homework
50 pts
add a course. Any enrolled student who does
Final Exam
80 pts
not attend the first day of class will be dropped
400 pts
unless they contact me before the second
Final Grades will be calculated using a standard grade distribution: 90% meeting. Any student who attends the first
above is an A, 80% and above is a B, 68% and above is a C, and 60% and class meeting but misses a subsequent meeting
during the first two weeks of the semester will
above is a D.
be dropped unless they contact me before the
next meeting.



Reading/Assignments/Exams &

Introducing Anthropology and the

Scientific Method
-Evolutionary Theory; Darwin and Beyond

Read Ch. 1, 2, & 3

Sceince exercise 25 pnts

Population Genetics & Microevolution

-Origin of Species & Macroevolution

Quiz 1 Friday 20 pnts

Read Ch. 4 & 5
South Park Assignment

Taxonomy: Peoples Place in Nature

-The Living Primates

Read Ch. 6 & 7

Taxonomy Assignment: Watch Video/
Lecture at home.
Class projectpost appcolyptic world

Comparative Anatomy & Behavior

-Non Human Primate Behavior
Human Behavior

Read Ch. 8, 9, 10 & 11

Locomotion exercise 50 pnts.watch
lecture and video at home

Evolution of Early Primates
-Evolution of the Genus Homo

Read Ch. 12, 13, & 14

Fossil Exercise 50 pnts

-Evolution of Homo sapiens

Human Variation

Fossil Exercise 50 pnts

PAPER DUE FRIDAY 5/19 100 pnts

Read Ch. 15, 16, & 17

Human Variation & Race

Final Week
Final Exam
80 pnts