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The Banshee Explanation of Symbols “The Banshee” is played on the open strings of the piano, the player standing at the crook. Another person must sit at the keyboard and hold down the damper pedal throughout the composition. The whole work should be played an octave lower than written. R.H, stands for “right hand.” L. H. stands for “left hand.” Different ways of playing the strings are indicated by a letter over each tone, as follows: @ indicates a sweep with the flesh of the finger from the lowest string up to the note given. @ sweep lengthwise along the string of the note given with flesh of finger. sweep up and back from lowest A to highest B-flat given in this ‘composition. © pluck string with flesh of finger, where written, instead of octave lower. sweep along three notes together, in the same manner a: sweep in the manner of) but with the back of finger-nail instead of flesh. when the finger is half way along the string in the manner of ®), start a sweep along the same string with the flesh of the other finger, thus partly damping the sound. @® sweep back and forth in the manner of ©), but start at the same time from both above and below, erossing the sweep in the middle. © sweep along five notes, in the manner of © same as(L) but with back of finger-nails instead of flesh of finger. sweep along in manner of J) with nails of both hands together, taking in all notes between the two outer limits © sweep in manuer of ©) with fat of hand instead of single finger. 3. The Banshee Henry Cowell (1925) @ @ i. <——= 2g OY ® ‘Tempo Ratato a 2©,© wee ©,© pO, Oe. a orese, 12.8 G4 Of ©© ©0 @©@ a) IG Gy a w ©0 ©09,a 0 OL_@ a 7m Faster Prest 4h ta Ch oS ® © ® © oF Slow ® ® ©n9 wth. Dy 2 @ © ah, 2 @ @@ = P Sf anr.9sont 4. Aeolian Harp Explanation of Symbols All of the notes ofthe “Acolian Harp” should be pressed down “inside” indicates thatthe notes are tobe played near the center ofthe on the keys, without sounding, st the same time being played on the string, inside the steel bat which rune paraliel tothe ke ‘pen strings ofthe piano with the other hand: board across the tings, ‘ov indicates thatthe strings should be swept from the lowest to the “outside” indicates that the notes are tobe played outside this bar, neat highest note of the chord given, oF ifthe arpeggio mark fs the tuning peRs aiven with a downward arrow, fcom the top to the bottom Except where indicated, the pedal must NeveR Be DOWN while the Rote of the chord Sstelngs are being wept; a so0n as the sweep is ma plzz indcstes the ting toe plucked. Both seeps and pluck ase Dela shoot be pot down and held wal te ime aly made with the Hesh ofthe finger unfes oiferwae odeed fo begin new sweep, when it must be released. : Henry Cowell Tempo Rubato rozay Ped. (with back of thumb matt) Se (with ‘fey of finger) tnaide ie me |g Pa tempo z a tempo vit. — Copyright 1990 by W. A Quiche & Company, Los Angele, Califone Copyright renewed 1938 by Henry Cowell