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Case Study on Copyright

A faculty member has begun work on multi-media

courseware materials she plans to use with her
students for Geology 301. Some of the component
materials came from other copyrighted works. She
has made arrangements with the media center for
technical support and obtained a P500,000 grant
from the University to help fund her project. She
plans to hire a graduate student to do programming
for her. Her brother-in-law (a commercial artist) has
agreed to do 11 graphic illustrations for her.
The courseware materials greatly enhanced the
faculty member's teaching. Many students were
enthusiastic and seemed to be learning more. It wasn't
long before other faculty members, even some
outside her institution, became interested. She
contacted the publisher of the textbook on which
she based the courseware materials to discuss
publishing her work.
a) Who will own the courseware materials and
b)What does she need to do to avoid
infringements if she pursues her plan of
publishing the courseware?