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CHAPTER 2 Theoretical Models of Chemical Processes

Assignment 2

A.2.1 Two tanks are connected together in the following way shown below.
(a) Develop a model for this system that can be used to find h1, h2, w2, and w3 as functions of time
for any given variations in inputs.
(b) Perform a degrees of freedom analysis. Identify all input and output variables.

A.2.2 Irreversible consecutive reactions


occur in a jacketed, stirred-tank

reactor as shown below. Derive a dynamic model based on the following assumptions:
(i) The contents of the tank and cooling jacket are well mixed. The volumes of material in
the jacket and in the tank do not vary time.
(ii) The reaction rates are given by:

r 1=k 1 e

E 1

r 2=k 2 e

E 2

C A [ ] molA /hL
C B [ ] molB/hL

The thermal capacities of the tank contents and the jacket contents are significant
relative to the thermal capacitances of the jacket and tank and tank walls, which can be

(iv)Constant physical properties and heat transfer coefficients can be assumed.
Moreover, all flowrates and concentrations have units of L/h and mol/L, respectively. The heat of
reactions are H 1 and H 2 .
CAi, CBi, qi, Ti

Coolant out
qc, Tc
Jacketed Reactor

Coolant in
qci, Tci

CA, CB,Cc, q, T