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Korean Classroom Instruction

1. Good Morning/ Afternoon/ Evening

2. Hi/Hello
3. What is your name?
4. How old are you?
5. Where are you from?
6. Tell me about your family.
7. Did you eat dinner/lunch?
8. Sit down
9. Stand up
10.Open your book to page _______
11.Please read.
12.Look at the picture/book
13.Can you see it?
14.What is that?
15.What are those?
16.Where is your book?
17.Are you ready?
18.Very good!
20.Cheer up!
21.Make a sentence /Make a story.
26.Check your answer?
27.It is correct.
28.Speak louder
29.Can you hear me?
30.Speak in Korean
31.Dont do that.
32.Where are you going?
33.What are you doing?
34.It is delicious
35.It is not delicious
36.I cant see you.
37.I can see you.
38.Are you tired?
39.Are you sick?
40.Are you okay?
41.Please read the questions.
42.Please read the directions.
43.Repeat after me.
44.One more time please.
45.Read the dialogue.
46.Next page please.

47.What animal is this?

48.What do you see in the picture?
49.How many __________ (pencil)?
50.What fruit is this?
51.Do you like _____________________?
52.Do you have ____________________?
53.Can you _________ (dance)?
54.Left, right, under, on, in, across
55.Please, write it down.
56.Please, type it.
57.Look at the chat box.
58.I type it on the chat box.
59.Please draw it.
60.Answer the questions/ exercise
61.Please ask a question.
62.Speak in English.
63.Match the items
64.What letter is this?
65.What is the sound of this letter?
66.Say it.
67.Wait a moment.
68.We will have a test.
69.Please be quiet.
70.Pick it up.
71.Dont do it/that.
72.Can I borrow_______________?
73.You are smart!
74.Sleep well.
75.Have a good night.
76.Good bye.
77.Try it.
78.Your Turn
79.Follow me.
80.I have a _______________________