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Instructional Software

Choose one Instructional Software title. Complete all fields in the following template to describe the software and how you would use this
product in your future classroom to help elementary students achieve required learning standards.
Note: This template uses the forms feature in MS Word. Select the highlighted text boxes and type over the sample text. Simply click on the
boxes to check them.
Name: Heather Wegenhart
Software Title: Quizlet
URL: http://www.quizlet.com
Function(s) of Instructional Software (check all that apply):
Drill and Practice
Instructional Game
Problem Solving
Features of the Software (check all that apply):
Assessment Monitoring/Reporting (Keeps track of student data and/or generates reports for the teacher)
teacher to create customized lessons for students
Multi-user or collaborative functions with others in class
Multiuser or collaborative functions with others beyond local class
Accessible to students beyond the school day
Accessible via mobile devices
Multiple languages
Safety, security, and/or privacy features
Strengths of the Software: Easy to use, accessible from any place that has an Internet connection, engaging,
supports content area
Suggestions for Improvement: Increasing assessment reporting, increase the number of free images within the
free membership, add a search component to increase number of available pre-made cards
Standards Addressed. See https://www.georgiastandards.org/Pages/Default.aspx
SB1. Students will analyze the nature of the relationships between structures and functions in living cells. a. Explain the role of cell organelles for both
prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells, including the cell membrane, in maintaining homeostasis and cell reproduction. b. Explain how enzymes function as
catalysts. c. Identify the function of the four major macromolecules (i.e., carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, nucleic acids). d. Explain the impact of water
on life processes (i.e., osmosis, diffusion)

Grade Level/Content Area(s): Biology grades 9-12

Blooms Level of Critical Thinking Required (check all that apply). See http://epltt.coe.uga.edu/index.php?

Description of how to implement in the class: I have created a Quizlet on the four major macromolecules. I will first introduce the subject
to the students and then allow them to use Quizlet to reiterate the material. There are many new terms in the macromolecule unit and I believe drill and practice
will aid the students in remembering these new terms. This will help us be able to build upon the concept of macromolecules and apply it later when we are
discussing concepts like translation or transcription with nucleic acids. I will allow them to work in small groups which will help the students come up with ways to
remember this new information and not rely completely on memory. If students finish an assignment early then I will allow them to run through Quizlet to keep
them from being bored or getting into trouble.

* Examples of common instructional models include whole group, teacher-led, student self-paced, small group, or
individual learning activities. Use as many of these descriptors or other descriptors as apply.

Instructional Software