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A Milano-Bicocca EXPO 2015 Summer School


15th - 21st June 2015

Program Directors:
Marina Calloni - Professor in Social and Political Philosophy, University of Milano-Bicocca
Elena dellAgnese - Professor in Political Geography, University of Milano-Bicocca
The Summer School Eating Walking Thinking (EWT) is hosted by the Department of
Sociology and Social Research of the University of Milano-Bicocca (Unimib) and is organised in
collaboration with 14 renowned external partners.
EWT is focused on the cultural construction of food as a dynamic construct. The way we eat is
the result of a complex and multifaceted cultural process, entangling different traditions, places and
cultures as well as new attitudes towards nutrition, heal and sustainability. The prismatic and
mobile dimension of food needs thus to be considered from different angles, disciplines and spaces,
in order to understand (starting from daily practices) those radical changes, which are nowadays
affecting lifestyles and collective identities at the both local and global levels.
Communities develop their preferences towards specific kinds of food and cooking. Cultural
inclinations are determined by a changing interaction between food supplies, customs,
consumerism, social environments and global transformations. Rules concerning feeding are also
due to taboos and practices related to convictions about the values for a good life. Indeed, food
behaviours are influenced by socio-economic and cultural factors as well as by religious and ethical
conceptions. Food is not only a physiological instrument but also a cultural need.
Lectures based on philosophical, historical, anthropological, economic, social, geographic and
cultural analyses in the morning will be followed in the afternoon by guided tours and visits to the
Expo site, museums, botanic gardens, farm productions, religious sites, exhibitions, art cities,
centres of excellence, which support a new culture towards feeding/ healing. A cultural,
gastronomic and artistic tour in the region Piedmont will be organised in the weekend.
Rethinking food means to consider the multifaceted components, which determine the final
product we eat, walking and meeting different social actors, who are interested in the
improvement of the quality of life and the development of human capabilities, feeding and
respecting the planet.



15 June 2015

Welcome Greetings

h. 9.30

Prof. Francesca Zajczyk

Pro-rector for Expo 2015

Prof. Carla Facchini

Director of the Department of Socilogy and Social


Prof. Marina Calloni and Elena dell'Agnese

Directors of EWT Summer School

Location/ Room

Universit di
Piazza dellAteneo
Nuovo 1
20126 Milano
Building: U6, 4th Floor,
Rectorate, Sala Rodolfi

Dr. Mariachiara Giorda

Expo Postdoctoral Fellow and EWT Scientific


Dott. Luca Bossi

Tutor of EWT Summer School

Dott. Alberto Valli

Coordinator of Expo 2015 Summer Schools

Roberto Tosatti

(Treasurer of the Erasmus Student Network MilanoBicocca - ESN)

I. Food: Philosophies and Geographies
h. 10:30-12.00 1. Students' introduction and general presentation of the Summer Building: U6, 4th Floor,
School: aims and duties
Rectorate, Sala Rodolfi
2. Marina Calloni
(Professor in Social and Political Philosophy,
University of Milano-Bicocca)
What does right to food mean?
h. 14:15-14.30 4. - Vittore Armanni (Responsible for Library and
Archives) and Francesco Grandi (Rersponsible for
research and development)
Welcome to the Feltrinelli Foundation
h. 14:30-15.30 Enrica Chiappero Martinetti

Fondazione Feltrinelli
Via Romagnosi 3
20121 Milano

(Professor in Economic Policy, University of Pavia)

The Expo Lab and the aims of the Charter of Milan
h. 16:00-19:00

5. Visit to Expo Pavilions related to the countries

of origin of the students (France, Italy, Lithuania,

Netherlands,Switzerland) in collaboration with

16 June 2015

II. Food: Histories and Archaeologies

h. 9:00-9.30

Students brief meeting with tutors

h. 9:30-11.00

6. Laura Pepe
(Lecturer in Roman and ancient Greek law,
University of Milano)
Food in antiquity

Expo Site, Milano

Unimib, Building U7,

Room: 3rd Floor,
Aula Pagani
Unimib, Building U7,
Room: 3rd Floor,
Aula Pagani

h. 11:00-12:30 7. Osvaldo Failla

(Professor in Agronomy, University of Milano)
Historical geography of grapes and wines cultures and practices

Unimib, Building U7,

Room: 3rd Floor,
Aula Pagani

Chair: Matilde Ferretto

(Professor in Agricultural Economics,
University of Milano-Bicocca)

Unimib, Building U7,

Room: 3rd Floor,
Aula Pagani

h. 14:00-15:00 10. Sara Roncaglia and Bianca Pastori

(Researchers, AVoce - Etnografia e Storia del lavoro,
dell'impresa e del territorio + Donne in Campo)
Women Farmers by choice. An ethnographic research on female
agricultural workers in the mountain of Como Province

Museo Nazionale della

Scienza e della
Leonardo da Vinci
Via S. Vittore 21

h. 15:00-16:00 9. An interactive exhibition on Food Science and

Technology: a guided tour.
Organised by Museo Nazionale Scienza e

Museo Nazionale della

Scienza e della
Leonardo da Vinci
Via S. Vittore 21
20123 Milano

h. 16:00-17:00 8. Simonetta Agnello Hornby

(Writer and Lawyer, London)
Public Lecture: Telling stories on cooking

Museo Nazionale della

Scienza e della
Leonardo da Vinci
Via S. Vittore 21

Tecnologia Leonardo da Vinci

Room: Thinking
h. 18:00-20:00 Meeting the students of the Expo Summer School The forms of Bar: Le Note di Viola
urban attractivity,
Viale Sarca 161
and cocktail offered by ESN Milano - Bicocca
20126 Milano
17 June 2015

III. Food: Sustainability and Prosperity

h. 9:00-9:30

Students brief meeting with tutors

h. 9:30-11:00

11. Luigino Bruni

(Professor in Economics,
University of Roma LUMSA)
Quality of life, sustainable development and happiness

h. 11:00-12:30 12. Paolo Galli

(Lecturer in Marine Biology,
University of Milano-Bicocca)
Food, resources, and biodiversity

Unimib, Building: U6,

4th Floor,
Rectorate, Sala Rodolfi
Unimib, Building: U6,
4th Floor,
Rectorate, Sala Rodolfi
Unimib, Building: U6,
4th Floor,
Rectorate, Sala Rodolfi

Chair: Tatjana Sekulic

(Lecturer in Political Sociology,
University of Milano-Bicocca)
h. 13:00-14:30 Lunch at the Hangar Bicocca.
A post-industrial space devoted to the exhibition and
promotion of contemporary art

Dopolavoro Bicocca
Hangar Bicocca
Via Chiese 2
20126 Milano

h. 15:30-19:00 13. Sustainable Development and the Fight

against Hunger: Installations and Pavilions in

Expo Site

collaboration with ESN

- Pavillions: Angola and Kuwait.

- United Nations: Installations and programs,
introduced by a UN officer.
- Cluster Islands, Sea and Food, led by the
University of Milano-Bicocca, with a s focus on
the Unimib outpost at the Maldives.
- Lecture: Elena dell'Agnese
(Professor in Political Geography, University of
Why do we eat what we eat? Historical and geographical
determinants of food choice
- Students' interventions on:

Cultures of food and national identities

18 June 2015

IV: Food: Traditions and Innovations

h. 9:30

Students brief meeting with tutors

Unimib, Building U7,

Room: 3rd Floor,
Aula Pagani

h. 9:30-11:00

14. Luisella Verotta

(Lecturer in Chemistry, University of Milano)
Medicinal properties of nutritional and healing plants

Unimib, Building U7,

Room: 3rd Floor,
Aula Pagani

h. 11:00-12:30 15. Maria Pia Macchi

(Researcher in Cultural Anthropology, Magia Verde,
Pistoia and Human Ecology Workshop, Courtallam,
Tamil Nadu, India)
Bridging the gap between traditional knowledge and modern
Chair: Giorgia Serughetti
(Postdoctoral Fellow in Political Theory,
University of Milano-Bicocca)

Unimib, Building U7,

Room: 3rd Floor,
Aula Pagani

Unimib, Building U7,

Room: 3rd Floor,
Aula Pagani

h. 14:30-16:00 16. Visit to the historical Botanic Garden (created Orto Botanico di Brera
in 1774) in Brera district
Via Fiori Oscuri 4
20121 Milano
h. 16:30-18:00

Biblioteca Nazionale
17. Visit and History of the national Brera Library.
Marina Zetti (Responsible for rare and ancient books):
Via Brera 28
Representations of flowers and plants in ancient books and
20121 Milano
Cecilia Angeletti (Responsible for exhibits):
The garden is open. An exhibition on the histiory of
gardens from the 15 century to nowadays

19 June 2015

V. Food: Religions and Intercultural Dialogue

h. 9:30

Students brief meeting with tutors

h. 9:30-11:0

18. Rossella Alessandra Bottoni

Unimib, Building U7,
Lecturer in History of the Relations between State and Room: 3rd Floor,
Church, University Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milano) Aula Pagani
Religion and dietary rules in the workplace

Unimib, Building U7,

Room: 3rd Floor,
Aula Pagani

h. 11:00-13:00 19. Maria Chiara Giorda

Unimib, Building U7,
(Expo Postdoctoral Fellow in educational and political
Room: 3rd Floor,
science, University of Milano-Bicocca)
Aula Pagani
Learning cultures through food in schools
Chair: Nina zu Frstenberg
(President of Reset Dialogues on Civilizations)

Unimib, Building U7,

Room: 3rd Floor,
Aula Pagani

h. 14:30-17:00 21. Paths of Faith.

Visit to religious places

Discovery across religious pluralism in Milano.
in town:
Organised by Luca Bossi
- the Jewish synagogue,
(Sociologist and Tutor, University of Milano-Bicocca) - an Orthodox church,
- an Islamic prayer hall.
Experts and religious
representatives will
introduce the history,
cultures, traditions and
rituals of religious
minority communities
in Milan.

h. 17:30-19:00 22. Eating and Knowing Interreligious Food.

Cooked by TuvTam

Via Soderini 27
20146 Milan

20 June 2015 VI. Food: Theories and Practices of Taste

h. 8:00

Departure from Unimib Campus by private bus

Unimib Teatro degli

Arcimboldi Square

h. 09:30-10:30 23. Visit to the rice factory Azienda Agricola

Azienda Agricola
Conte Besostri
Via Amendola 1
Localit Goido
27035 Mede
(Province of Pavia)

h. 11:00-12:00 24. Visit to Acqualunga wetland reserve

Riserva Naturale
Abbazia di Acqualunga
25022 Acqualunga
(Province of Pavia)

Conte Besostri, Goido.

Hosted by the owner Carlo Besostri

(reproduction of herons).
Organised by GAL Lomellina in collaboration with
Lega Ambiente foresters

h. 12:00-13:00 Travelling to Pollenzo, crossing the towns of Asti and Asti and Alba

h. 13:00-14:30 Lunch at the lAlfieri

Introduction by the owners Anna Bellotti and

Piazza XX Settembre
Gregoire d'Oultremont,
The art of eating and the challenge of being young entrepreneurs 12042 Bra
(Province of Cuneo)

h. 14:30-15:30 25. Visit to the Gastronomic Sciences University.

Organised by Marco Callegari
(Head of the Office for External Relations and

Universit di Scienze
Piazza Vittorio
Emanuele 9
Localit Pollenzo
12042 Bra
(Province of Cuneo)

h. 15:30-16:30 26. Visit to the Banca del Vino (Wine Bank):

La Banca del Vino

Piazza Vittorio
Emanuele 13
Localit Pollenzo
12042 Bra
(Province of Cuneo)

h. 16:30-17:30 27. Marco Callegari

Lecture: Philosophy and history of Slow Food

Universit di Scienze
Piazza Vittorio
Emanuele 9
Localit Pollenzo
12042 Bra
(Province of Cuneo)

h. 18:00-20:00 Departure and Arrival to the Citt dell'Arte in Biella


h. 20:30

Dinner at the Canteen of the Citt dell'Arte and


Citt dell'Arte
Fondazione Pistoletto
Via Serralunga 27
13900 Biella

21 June 2015

VII. Food: Art and Creativity

h. 9:00


Citt dellArte, Biella

h. 9:30-10:00

Students brief meeting with tutors

Citt dellArte, Biella


28. Visit to:

- Pistolettos Works and Installations

Citt dellArte, Biella

Tasting of two kinds of wines, representative of

different Italian terroirs

- Arte Povera collection

14:00 17:00 29. Art and Food. A workshop with:


Citt dellArte, Biella

- Michelangelo Pistoletto
(Painter, action/object artist, and art theorist)
Towards a Third Paradise
- Andrea Caretto and Raffaella Spagna
(Visual Artists, Esculenta)
Re-integrating Michelangelos apple
- Luigi Manenti
(Philosopher and Agriculture)
Rethinking Food: Theories and Practices.
Organised by Cecilia Guida
(Director of the Educational Program)

30. Final Comments and End of the Summer


Citt dellArte, Biella


Departure from Biella and arrival to Milano

Stazione Centrale

h. 19:50


Information on Admission and Organisation

Prerequisites: Master level

Application Deadline: 7th June 2015
Organisation of the course: The summer school foresees lectures in the morning and visits/
tours with interactive workshops in the afternoon. Students have to participate actively in all
activities, as scheduled in the general program, to collect audio-visual materials during the summer
school and to write a paper with a self-evaluation about ETW experience by 10th September. The
paper should be related to a topic discussed during the summer school and approved by the
Credits and a certificate of attendance will be provided to all participants as soon as they will have
completed the general requirements, as agreed.
Students papers and a collection of audio-visual materials will be published on line after the
approval of a scientific committee. Papers presented by the scholars will be collected in a e-book.
EWT activities are open only to enrolled students with the exception of two public lectures on 16th,
which can be attended by a general audience. Any other visitor can be admitted to lectures or tours
only with the permission of the directors and under specific conditions.
Directors: Prof. Marina Calloni and Elena dellAgnese
Scientific Secretary: Dr. Mariachiara Giorda
Tutor: Dott. Luca Bossi

Advisor for Visual Research: Dr. Cristiano Mutti

Credits: Regarding the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System, EWT Summer
School recognizes 6 credits (CFU) for Italian MA students of the University of Milano-Bicocca
and analogous credits to Erasmus students. For international students the recognition of credits
will be agreed with their home institutions.
Locations: Milano, Goido, Acqualunga, Bra, Pollenzo, Biella.
EWT Partners:
Biblioteca Nazionale Braidense, Milano; Citt dellArte Fondazione Pistoletto, Biella; Donne in
Campo and AVoce, Milano; Erasmus Student Network Milano-Bicocca, Milano; Fondazione
Giangiacomo Feltrinelli, Milano; Gal Lomellina, Mede Lomellina; Museo Nazionale della Scienza e
della Tecnologia Leonardo da Vinci, Milano; Orto Botanico di Brera Universit degli Studi di
Milano; PRAGSIA, Universit di Milano-Bicocca, Milano; Reset - Dialogues on Civilizations,
Roma; Societ Geografica Italiana; Societ Italiana di Teoria Critica; Universit degli Studi di
Scienze Gastronomiche, Pollenzo (Bra).
Under the Patronage of:
UN Expo 2015; Expo Milano 2015; Comune di Milano; Le Universit per Expo 2015.
The cost of attending the 7 day summer school is 450 Euros and is comprehensive of: lectures;
tutoring; 2 entrances to Expo site; entrances to 2 museums; private bus, board and accommodation
for the weekend tour (Goido, Acqualunga, Pollenzo, Biella); train from Biella to Milano; 1 week
ticket for Milano public transport; welcome kit; insurance; common meals as listed, with the
exception of the welcome lunch.
Participants will travel by public transport for all Milano locations and by private bus on Saturday.
Application Form:
Information on Housing in Milan with Special Rates for Participants:
General Information
The University of Milano-Bicocca:
Milano-Bicocca for Expo 2015:

EWT Partners

Museo Nazionale della Scienza

e della Tecnologia Leonardo da Vinci

Citt dellArte Fondazione Pistoletto


Universit degli Studi

di Scienze Gastronomiche

Fondazione Giangiacomo Feltrinelli


Orto Botanico di Brera

Universit degli Studi di Milano


Biblioteca Nazionale Braidense


Gal Lomellina

Societ Italiana di Teoria Critica


Societ Geografica Italiana


Reset - Dialogue on Civilizations


Public Reasoning
and Global Society in Action


Erasmus Student Network


Donne in Campo | Cia Lombardia


Under the Patronage of

UN-Expo 2015