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Sunshine Bureau of Tourism

Ansh Chaturvedi (Executive Director and Official Spokesperson)
Sunshine Bureau of Tourism
1534 Sunshine Pkwy, SC W4R 7V0
Mayor of Sunshine City, Paul Gogan
491 Bartley Bull Pkwy, Brampton, ON L6W 2M7

Dear Mayor P. Gogan

Hello, my name is Ansh Chaturvedi, and I am the Official spokesperson and Executive
Director of the Sunshine Bureau of Tourism and I am representing a group of city members
from the Sunshine Bureau of Tourism, and we strongly believe that the reservoir/lake that can
be created by the building of a Hydroelectric Dam, will attract a large amount of tourists in our
city that can assist us in the economy of Sunshine City, and support many other advantages.
This letter will state reasons as to why this city should be in favour of building a hydroelectric
dam, and describe its long-term effects towards the city, and its positive effects towards the
electricity generation crisis that has occurred, unfortunately.
Most definitely, tourism is one of the most important sectors in the global economy and
is considered by the world, a very efficient approach to gain economic growth. If we built a
Hydroelectric Dam, the reservoir/lake that will be created will attract tourists. Tourists would
then come and they would pay for the requirements that they will need during their time at the
reservoir/lake, such as food, transportation, rooms, etc. Additionally, they will also need to pay
for the main requirements of their trip (e.g. canoes, boats, fishing lines, etc). This will be good
for the economy since the taxes that the tourists pay for their stay, will go to the citys
municipality government, and that money will continue to rise, because of the no. of tourists
that will visit the place. This money can be used for the good of the people, the electricity
generation crisis, etc.
Another advantage to tourism is the large generation of jobs. When tourists will come to
the reservoir/lake, they will pay for basic humanity needs. As more tourists come, it means
more hotels, more restaurants, etc. This means more hotel staff, more receptionists, more chefs
more waiters, etc. More tourists also means more recreation and water-sport rentals, such as
boats, motor boats, fishing lines, tours on the lake, etc. All of this will generate employment,
and employment means less poverty in the city, and more tax revenues for the municipality.
Ansh Chaturvedi (Executive Director and Official Spokesperson) 1

Sunshine Bureau of Tourism

This money can be used in the infrastructure of the city, and towards the energy generation
Tourism, as you have read, have many advantages. Another advantage is infrastructure,
which means the additional revenue that comes into a community from tourism as taxes,
benefits the local council or governments. It means more tax dollars, which allows public
projects to be launched or developed. This means the infrastructure of the city improves, with
new roads being built, parks developed and public spaces improved. The better facilities brings
in more tourists, and is an incredible benefit to local residents, especially when there is enough
revenue to build new airports, schools and hospitals, which all support the economic
development even further. Without a good infrastructure, the flow of goods and services is
impossible, and tourism revenues allow this to be supported.
The improvements to infrastructure and new leisure amenities that result from tourism
also benefit the local community. Tourism encourages the preservation of traditional customs,
handicrafts and festivals that might otherwise have been allowed to wane, and it creates civic
pride. Interchanges between hosts and guests create a better cultural understanding and can
also help raise global awareness of issues such as poverty and human rights abuses.
So, Mr. P. Gogan, these are some very good advantages for Option 3 Building a
Hydroelectric Dam, which can help us earn money as tax revenues, that will attract tourists, and
it will generate more electricity that we can use. The taxes from tourism money can be also kept
for other needs, such as better infrastructure, or keep it as an insurance policy, so we can us it
when in financial pressure.
We look forward to hearing from you.

Executive Director and Official Spokesperson

Sunshine Bureau of Tourism

Ansh Chaturvedi (Executive Director and Official Spokesperson) 2