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Nattha Theevarajirasab

Mr.Abel Cadias
english 10 / 10:07

Job Opportunities in 2020 and beyond

It is important to find out the job opportunities in 2020 and beyond in order that
competitiveness of job vacancy in the future is respectively high. The purpose of the
research report are to know the job that is predicted to be high rate hire and payment, and
to know who to prepare yourself in the future while studying. This research report used four
reference. First, an article called Where will job be in 2020 revealed that the job that
expect to grow faster in 2020 are computer technology and engineering, Business
management and administration, and healthcare and medicine. Moreover, they tell what
skill you need in each job. Second, a website called Careercast reported the best job, the
employment rate and the income in 2011-2013. Third the website called Forbes
explained the best job, the skill end in 2010. Fourth, the website called Levo claimed the
4 steps to prepare for your job in the future while study.
Job opportunity is defined by an opportunity of employment. As explained by an
article title The Best Jobs of 2010, revealed that math and science-related professions
was the first-best job, followed by the Software Engineer as the second-best job for 2010.
However, the most paid job with the $85,229 income, was the job which related to actuary
such as interprets statistics to find out probabilities of accidents, sickness, and death, and
loss of property burglar and natural disasters. The second best paid job was the software

engineer, with the $85,139 income , such as researches, designs, develops and maintains
software systems along with hardware development for medical, scientific , and industrial
purposes. The third paid job was computer systems analyst, with $76,162 income, which
about plans and develops computer systems for businesses and scientific institutions. In
2011, the income was higher than 2010. The article title Job rated 2011 showed that
software engineer was the best job, with the $87,140 income, in 2011. The second best
job was Mathematician, with $94,178 income, which about applies mathematical theories
and formulas to teach or solve problems in a business, educational, or industrial climate.
The third-best job was actuary with $87,204 income. The most paid job in 2011 was
physicist which researches and develops theories concerning the physical forces of nature.
They earned $106,196 for their salary. The website Careercast reported that the best
jobs in 2012 require the skill in science, math, technology, and healthcare because they
arent dangerous , physically demanding and highly stressful. We are in a technological
revolution right now, and there is heated demand for software engineers said Lee, in
2012. Therefore, the number one job in 2012 was software engineer which required
computer knowledge skill with the numbers and ability to design and create software. The
second best job was actuary. Finally, the third job, which would make you surprised, was
Human Resources manager - plans, directs, and coordinates all human resource activities
and staff of an organisation which received $99,102 income a month. Careerist also said
that the best job in 2013 was actuary. The second-best job was Biomedical Engineer who
anlyze and design solutions to problems in biology and medicine, with the goal of

improving quality and effectiveness of patient care. The third-best job was the software
In 2020, there will be strong demand for highly expert skills college grads.
According to the article title Where will Jobs be in 2020, revealed that the job that is
predicted that will be the strong demand jobs in 2020 are computer technology and
engineering , Business management and Administration , and healthcare and medicine. In
2020, there will be strong demand for highly expert computer skilled person who
understand computer systems and networking such as computer technologists, engineers
and networking specialists who can tie company networks together and make a
competitive benefit in technology in order to become famous companies than others.
Effective management is the key to success in an global and competitive economy so the
job with related to the Business managers and Administrators will be highly demand in
2020 and beyond. Manager management is very important in order to expanding job
markets, rising salaries and growing industries. But the most important things is truly global
nature. Manager in the past used to have skill to understand the basic finance,
management, and economics within a limited geographic scope. In contrast, todays
technology goes fast so the managers must be dynamic, ability to adapt and change
companies direction on the situation. In addition, manager in the future must be
professional and stay up date on the latest technologies affecting their industry. Its surely
that the job that always be the major industry in the world is healthcare and medicine. The
job within healthcare are low paying. Career opportunities in healthcare are board and

after variety of specialities to choose from. Through 2020 , the demand which is predicted
to be strongest are dentists, nurses, physician specialists, physical therapists, optometrists,
and audiologist.
Now we know that what will the job be in 2020 , we would find the way to prepare ad
the world changing so fast and the high-speed progress in industries technology effects
ways of doing everything. So this is the easy 4 steps to prepare your job in the future while
youre study. First, visit variety of geographic areas. Finding the city that you want to live by
visiting them, you will find the different environment, the food , the neighbourhoods, the
culture and the life of people in each city. You will find out yourself if you love big city or
countryside. Second step, learn about a variety of industries After youve gone to find the
place that you get a feeling of where you need to live then research the industries and
companies that you want to work with them find out how much you will get paid for job. The
third step is to get an internship, temporary job. The best way that you will know whether
the job you choose is good for you or not, is to be in the real place practicing in real time!
Spending a few weeks in your summer time working in the industry or company that you
want to apply will make your decision easier. Students who have spent their summer time
working in the industry will make more opportunity to apply the job. Whether their GPA is
lower than other people, they would have more chance for a job. The last step, interview
people about their job to know that how was the job after theyve been working? Do they
like their job? The last step aim to preparing yourself before in the real field. Study from

experienced people that how was the job and the challenging during doing their job and
ask about things that you want to know.
This research report aimed to provide important in preparing for future jobs in
20200. I discovered that technology and engineering , Business management and
Administration, and healthcare and medicine will e strongly in demand in 2020. Moreover,
while studying, students, should spend their summer time, for internship in order to get
experience before working. I recommend future researchers to research further on the
worst job in 2020 and beyond.