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Air Copy Requirements:

Physical Tape:

• Length of commercial must be 29:15 (29 seconds and 15 frames)

(: 60-second spots must be 59:15)
• 30 seconds of Bars & Tone
• Slate
• AT LEAST 5 seconds of black between the end of the slate and the
beginning of the commercial
• Audio mixed on Channel 2 (channel 1 only cannot be accepted)
• AT LEAST 5 seconds of black after the end of the commercial
• Please make sure audio & video are on air quality (any video hits or audio
distortion will not pass QC)
• All commercials should be on beta-sp format. No other format will be

For Spots via DG/Fastchannel Systems:

DG Box # in Jericho is 3320

System Code varies by zone
Email needed for who should get notification that spot has arrived.