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Translation: If we select square plot for vaastu, it will provide food grain in
plenty to plot holder. Elephant shaped plot gives enormous wealth. Lion
Shaped plot gives good progeny. Bull shaped plot gives cattles.

Translation: A circular land or plot will give splendid seat (throne) to native
along with good wealth. Land possessor who is having land in a shape of
trishul will get brave progeny, wealth and happiness in his life.

Translation: A plot in a shape of Linga is good for an ascetic. A plot looks like
a Flag of a Fort (Big sized house) gives fame/glory to that person. Pitcher
shaped plot increase the wealth.
S ||62||
Translation: One hand Sized length, breadth and deep borrow pit will be
created on that land. Refill that hollow pit with its own excavated soil. If the
pit overflows with soil, the site will prove excellent. If the pit is completely full
and no more soil remains, the plot is of average quality. If the pit is not
packed full with the excavated soil, it is of inferior quality.
Chapter -2
|| 94||
Translation: From the centre of the House/Home, temple should be
placed/build at Ishaan(north-east) corner. Bathroom should be placed/made
at East Direction of that house. Kitchen should be made at Aagneya(SouthEast) corner. Store House should be made at South Direction.
|| 95||
Translation: Place for churning of milk between southeast and east. place for storing
ghee or the finished product (output of curd churning) in between south and southeast.
: ||96||

Translation: toilet should be made in between south and Nairitya(south-west) corner.

Study place/room in between west and Nairitya(south west) corner.
|| 97||
Translation: place for mourning in between west and north west. Bedroom for
newlywed(or Entertainment room) should be made in between north and north west.
|| 98 ||
Translation : place for preparing medicine in between north and north east. king
wishing more land(Prosperity) must have maternity place between west and south.
: |
For a house/building made up of bricks. Consider the width of the wall. The
thickness of the wall must be atleast 1/16th width of the wall. This rule is not
applicable for the buildings made up of wood. There thickness can be
considered as per the choice of building owner.
Chapter 4
Translation: A house/building made up of bricks will be called as Mandir
Translation: A house made up of strong bricks called as Bhavan whereas made up of raw
bricks called as Suman
Translation: A house made up of mud mortar is called as Sudhaar whereas a house made up
of wood is called as Maanasya. A house made in farm is called as Chandan(A house
made up of bamboo us called as Chandan) where as a house made up of kings clothes (as
per artisan imagination) is called as Vijay.

Translation: A house made up of hay is being called as Kaal. Before said four houses were
considered good for household.

Translation: Four types of house ie House made up of Gold, silver, copper and iron will be
declared. A house made up of gold will be called as Kar whereas the house made up of
silver is called as Shribhava

A house made up of Copper is called as Suryamantra and a house made up of Chanda.

Translation: A house made of lac or gum is called as Anal whereas waterproof house is
being called as Praayuv
Chapter 5

Translation: It is expected from a wise person that he
should not impure the Marma Place while placing dirty
and used utencils. Not even by placing pillars and using
nails in that Marma Place. If he afflict that place
Translation: then the House Lord of that Land has to suffer pain on a
particular part of his body which coincides with the part of Vaastu Purush.
Chapter 7

Translation: The bigger gate made at the outer boundary
of house is being called as Main Gate.Avoid
vedh(Obstruction) through a road or pit infront of Main
Gate. A person who is willing to have prosperity and
wealth, should avoid rathyaavedh infront of main gate.
Translation: When a person can enter directly from a road
without taking any left-right turn then it is called a
Marg Vedh or Rathya Vedh. This gives different type
of sorrows to the House Lord. It is evil for that house.
: 82
Translation:If there are five types of vedha in front of
Main Gate then it will be a cause of pain, agony for that
house Lord.
Translation: If there is a water flow in front of main
gate then it will be the root cause of many disasters. If

there is a Vishnu temple in front of main gate then the

children of that house will get disease and pain.
Translation: If there is a temple of any other god then
it will be disastrous for that house and same goes for
shiv temple. Presence of Brahma temple will destroy the
whole family.
Translation: There should not be a house adjacent to
any god (temple) or in front of cremation ground.
The houselord will lose his wife if there is a vedha by
the pillar of that temple or it is near by the temple. If
temple is very nearby that house then it gives disaster
to the House owner.
Translation: If the main gate of the house is in front of
that house then it will always be a fear of demons and
Translation: At the centre of house, there is Brahm
Place. And if there is some pillar on that Brahm place
then there will be a vedh.

There should be no wall at Brahm place rather it should
be protected. There should be no column, pillar.
Translation: There should be no junk, used utensils, surgical things, ash, coal,
bones, shoes-sleepers. This will give tensions, agony sadness everyday.