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St John Bosco School

Brooklyn Park

Term 2 Week 1 6/7 Unit Class Newsletter

Welcome Back To School!
We have made a great start to the academic year in Term 1 and we hope that the students can continue
building and developing their learning this term. We value all the parent feedback from last terms parent
teacher interviews. Students and parents should be clear on expectations, day to day learning routines and
structures and importantly keep addressing and consistently building upon each students strengths and
challenges to enable them successful learning. These points were discussed individually with students and
parents during the parent teacher meetings. Our goal this term and for the remainder of the year is to
consolidate and reinforce all the valuable work and efforts that each student has demonstrated thus far, so
students can move forward and progress in their learning.
The school are asking for parent help to support the following areas of school improvement
in 2015:

Ensure your child is at school on time and every day. Children should be at school every day unless
there is a serious reason for absence. Being at school every day supports learning progress, success
and continuity. If your child is to be absent we ask that you telephone the school by 9am. This is
your duty of care and our duty of care to know the whereabouts of all students. It should not be the
responsibility of the school to telephone parents.
Return notices on time to support our management of events.
Read the Newsletter each week to keep in touch with school life and events.
Support our Uniform code by checking that your child is wearing the right uniform and maintain
respect for the school policy of standard haircuts. This attention avoids competition and
unnecessary pressure on other students. As we are leaders of the school it is very important to set an
exemplary example of how to wear our School Uniform with pride. Our school uniform includes
white runners (not coloured), religious medallions, sleeper or stud earrings and a watch. Hair must
be of standard styles and hair longer than shirt collar must be tied back. Girls can not wear makeup
or coloured nail polish to school.

Please send a note in diaries if the school uniform cannot be worn correctly.
Support your childs learning at home, taking an interest in their learning, listening to reading,
helping with spelling and tables. This shows your value for learning.
Homework and Diaries We prioritise reading, revising and catching up on tasks not completed in class
time. Students within the senior years should be independently reading. Essentially homework tasks will
be student-directed and aim to be stress free! Please regularly check in with your childs homework to
ensure tasks and assignments are completed by the due dates. In doing this parents can keep track and in
tuned with their childs learning. This can also avoid stressful moments of not having enough time to
complete tasks, especially when they are due the next day.
Our diaries are an essential means of communication and organisation between home and school. Please
check diaries daily for messages and homework. Use the diary to record appointments or any messages if
you cannot see us personally in the morning or after school. Diaries need to be signed every
Thursday night as they will be checked on Friday. To communicate homework or class work issues we
will be using a stamp to notify parents of late, incomplete or inferior work.
Homework Club
The Senior Unit teachers offer a homework club for students on Monday afternoons until 4:00pm. We
recommend students attend as it is a great chance to get help and support with class and project work. It is
also a chance for students to organise and timetable in learning and homework tasks.

Organisation and Independence

A key goal in the Senior Unit is to develop students organisation skills. We encourage that all belongings
are labelled and students have all resources required each day for their learning. We are seeking that
students are ready to begin learning when the second bell rings after recess and lunch. Students will be
responsible for ensuring that drink bottles are refilled and toileting is completed between the 1 st and 2nd
We value physical activities and the various health benefits that follow an active lifestyle. We endeavour to
include physical activities within our programming that will develop fitness, co-operation, co-ordination
and leadership opportunities. In addition the school will participate in a 15-20 minute Whole School
Fitness session on Friday mornings. Year 7 students will be responsible for planning and implementing
these Fitness sessions.
Unit Curriculum:
Below is an overview of the learning planned for Term 2. The plan also details which teachers will be
teaching the different subjects.
Religious Education


Mrs Fordham


Mrs Fordham


Informative Report Writing Reading Skills Independent

Reading, Class novel, Journal/Reflective
BTN Writing Current affairs, Spelling Functional Grammar
Number, Fractions, Decimals
Percentages, Money profit/discount
Chance and Data
Ancient Egypt


Water in our world

Miss Colagiovanni


Forces and Motion

Mr Zandona


Healthy Food Choices and Food Labelling

Mr Zandona

Physical Education

Ball Skills
Soccer (Weeks 1-5)
Football (Weeks 6-10)

Mr Zandona


Mr Thomas
Miss Colagiovanni

Educational Support Officer (ESO)

Working collaboratively with the teachers we are very fortunate to have Mrs Franca Jeffrey in the classroom to further
support students learning. Francas role is to support teachers and work one to one or groups with students on tasks.
Invitation Mothers & VIP Open Morning.

Mothers and VIP are invited to the Open Morning on Friday 8th May. It is apportunity for students to
share their classroom learning with Mothers and VIPs. The Morning will commence with a liturgy.
Key dates in Term 2.
Wednesday 13th May
Friday 22nd May
Tuesday 2nd June
Friday 5th June
Monday 8th June
Thursday 11th June
Tuesday 30th June
Friday 3rd July

Feast of St Mary Mazzarello 6/7 Class Mass

School Disco
SACPSSA Athletics Carnival (selected students)
Pupil Free Day
Queen Birthday Public Holiday
School Concert
SACPSSA Netball Carnival (selected students)
Term 2 ends

School Contacts:
The School Website is a great way to keep in touch and receive the school newsletter.
School Website address:
School Email Address:
Gemma Colagiovanni:
Paul Thomas:
Dino Zandona:
Suzie Fordham:
We look forward to another successful and progressive term of learning. Keep in touch with any news and
Warm regards,
Gemma, Paul, Dino, Suzie and Franca