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Old TILS C-q

Curriculum Audit
Activity: Within the English department, I have been a member of the textbook committee;
however, our district decided to adopt a new curriculum program known as SpringBoard.
Therefore the adoption committee turned into an audit committee once the new curriculum was
adopted and implemented.
Description: There was a lot of excitement when what was explained to us was coming;
however, once we invested one semester into this curriculum, we had a meeting with our
supervisors from the Central Office and Instructional Coaches who worked with us through this
curriculum audit process for our feedback.
a. What went well?
In terms of the actual meeting, the only positive thing I could say is that everyone had a
chance to speak and was present. I am not trying to skimp on the part that went well with the
meeting because that was it.
As far as the curriculum audit process among the teachers, it went really well. We had
multiple meetings during our PLCs and just one-on-one conversations concerning our
thoughts. We really approached this as a team wanting to work out the best possible
curriculum for our students to be successful.

b. What did not?

The meeting was atrocious to say the least. The secondary educational director, two weeks
prior, walked through our classes with a SringBoard liaison, and apparently did not like what
the liaison had to say. The first thing he said in the meeting to the teachers was that we are

not doing our jobs. Immediately, the teachers went on the defensive feeling attacked, and
what we all thought was to be a curriculum audit meeting to discuss the pros and cons of the
curriculum turned into a reprimand. We had all come to the meeting to discuss the good, bad
and ugly of the new curriculum:

The pacing was too quick

Great layout and tie-in between unit
Incorrect information with the research unit. The standards changed in 2009, but that was

the information being used

Misspelled the word Tennessee- text said Tinnessee

We were under the impression from the beginning that was the purpose of the audit team;
however, the district wanted it to be fully implemented- period.
c. Given the chance to do it again, how would you do it better?
The most important thing I learned through this particular meeting was to show respect and
speak with respect to other people- period. I know how I felt once that initial conversation
happened; therefore, I must always remember to handle myself professionally when speaking
with others, even if the news is not what someone wants to hear. There is a way to deliver
messages that are necessary, and if he truly felt we were not doing our jobs, there was an
appropriate way to handle that. The tide changed once I spoke and went through the details;
however, the precedent of the meeting had already been set, and most teachers in attendance
could not move past the negativity in the tone set from the beginning.