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Herbs should be commercialized in a wider scale due to their perceived

value. Efforts toward this goal are to be realized by encouraging herbal usage
in daily life of local communities. This in turn will cause herbal sector in
Malaysia to develop and generate job opportunity and boost up the economy.
Many consumers believe that herbs are one of natures gifts and can be
safely utilized. This is the reason why herbs have become accepted by local
communities and current trending is inclined to better and healthier lifestyles
based on the use of natural products, including herbs and herbal derivatives.
Commercialization in herbs will also generate economic benefits which will
attract further investment and industries exploiting herb from local and
However, a number of actions are considered important for improving
and enhancing the development of herbal industry in Malaysia. First, a
sufficient mass of cultivable land need is needed in order to ensure the
consistent supply of herbs to herbal industry. This can be done by promoting
farmer cooperation at village or regional level to make sure an ample mass of
cultivable for herbs. Furthermore, country authorities should develop
effective strategies to support improved cultivation, quality control systems,
provision of high quality planting materials, and the encouragement of
investment in new innovative ways.
Lastly, government and herbal industrys developer should accept and
concern a more in-depth global overview of the demand and supply of
medical herbal products to clarify market issues, and consider more effective
solutions. Because many of the issues require global and market-specific
analysis because of the differing market condition, materials and products
being focused on, and approaches used. Moreover, case studies of successful
marketing approaches being used may assist other countries.