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Form: 4 Aurora


Level: Intermediate


Themes: Investigating the photosynthesis of living things.

Topic: 6.0 Photosynthesis
Subtopic: 6.11 Mechanism of Photosynthesis
Learning objective: Understanding the mechanism of photosynthesis
Learning outcomes:

Identify the parts of chloroplast related to photosynthesis


Explain the light reaction of photosynthesis


Explain the dark reaction of photosynthesis


Compare and contrast light and dark reaction in photosynthesis

Moral values:

Cultivate the values of respecting nature towards the students


Appreciation towards Gods creation

Educational emphasis: Active listening, gathering information, compare and contrast,

thinking skills.
Instructional aids: White board, various colour of marker pen, manilla card, flash card
handouts, cookies.
Previous knowledge: Students already learned about the understanding photosynthesis in
the previous subtopic (Subtopic 1.10)
Gan, W.Y. ,Subramanian M. & Azmah Rajian. (2011). Biologi Tingkatan 4. Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan: Bakaprep Sdn. Bhd.

Teaching Procedures:
Set induction
(5 minute)

(13 minute)

Instructional Activity
1) Teacher greets students.
2) Teacher begins the lesson by
showing a piece of cookies.
3) Teacher asks the students what
are the ingredients that are needed
in the cookies production.
4) Teacher shows the relation of
the analogy made by using cookies
to the photosynthesis topic
- oven = sunlight
- smell = CO2
- final product - cookies
1) Teacher begins to teach the
contents for todays lesson.
2) Teacher gives handouts for each
3) Teacher draws the structure of
chloroplast on the white board and
give some lectures.
4) Teacher explains the roles of
chloroplast in photosynthesis by
using flashcard.
5) Teacher asks the students if they
do understand what have already
being explained and teacher also
answers to the students questions
if any.
6) Teacher continue the lesson to
the next learning outcome and
explains thoroughly about the light
reaction in photosynthesis by
using a diagram.
7) Teacher asks the students if they
do understand what have been
explained and make a clear
explanation if the students do not
fully clarify.
8) Teacher proceed to the next
learning outcomes which is the
dark reaction of photosynthesis
that also by using diagram and
also gives some lecture.
9) Teacher highlights the important
aspects in light reaction and also

Learning Activity
1) Students greet teacher.
2) Students look at the picture.
3) Students response
teachers question.



4) Students listen to the teachers


1) Students preparing the studying

2) Students receive the handouts
and review the handouts.
3) Students observe carefully on
what have being explained.
4) Students write down some
important key words on the
5) Students response according to
the level of comprehension and
students ask questions to the
teacher if any.
6) Students listen to what the
teacher explain and filled the
handouts by following what have
been explained.
7) Students response to the
teachers question and asked
question to the teacher.
8) Students write the important
aspects in the handouts and ask
question if any.
9) Students write the important
aspects on a piece of paper and

Activity 1
(5 minute)

Activity 2
(5 minute)

(3 minute)

dark reaction:
i- the comparison between both
ii- products of the reaction
iii- energy that needed to trigger
the reaction
iv- sites of the reaction
v- substances required for both
10) Teacher finalize all things that
have been studied by going
through one by one
Guess The Word
1) Teacher gives a puzzles paper
to each student.
2) Teacher gives an instruction to
the students regarding what are the
things that going to be done.
3) Teacher gives sometimes for the
students to complete the task.
4) Teacher gives reinforcement to
the students.
Pop Quiz
1) Teacher conduct the pop quiz to
comprehension of the students
towards the todays lessons.
1) Teacher summarizes all the
things that have been teach.
2) Teacher asks the students if they
have a question.
3) Teacher relate the lessons with
moral value.
4) Teacher thanks the students and
dismiss the class.

place in their note book.

10) Students listen carefully to the

teachers explanation and nods as
they understand.
1) Students response according to
the teachers instruction.

1) Students answer the quiz based

on what have been taught earlier.
1) Students listen carefully and jot
down any notes that important.
2) Students response according to
the teachers instruction.
3) Students listen carefully and
nods as they are understand.
4) Students thanks teacher and
lesson ends.

Follow-up activity:
1. Teacher gives the students homework regarding todays lesson
2. Teacher tell the students to do the surface reading for the next topic.
Self- evaluation :
Supervisors comment :