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Bible Study


Source of Light Ministries INDEX AND COURSE LIST
International, Inc.
1011 Mission Road, Madison, Georgia 30650 English CoursES
Phone: (706) 342-0397 • Fax: (706) 342-9072 Flat lessons are 7 1/4” x 10 1/2”
E-mail: slm@sourcelight.org Booklets are 5 3/8” x 8”

Web Site: www.sourcelight.org See & Do 1 & 2 (7 flat, 8-page lessons in each series) Page 11
Storytime Mailbox Club 1 & 2 (7 flat, 8-page lessons in each series)
Page 12
Source of Light is engaged in a worldwide literature ministry. For
many years it has met the spiritual needs of thousands through Young Explorers 1 (10 flat, 8-page lessons) Page 13

Bible correspondence courses and other literature. Lessons are dis- Best Friends 1 & 2 (8 & 12 flat, 8-page lessons, respectively) Page 14
tributed by the International Headquarters in Madison, Georgia, and Explorers Mailbox Club 1 & 2 (12 flat, 8-page lessons in each
its Discipleship Training Branches (DTB) and Associate Discipleship series) Page 15
Schools (ADS) throughout the world.
Overcomers Mailbox Club (12 flat, 8-page lessons) Page 16

This literature is produced in the Source of Light printing department Winners 1 & 2 (12 & 20 flat lessons respectively, two per 16-page
by personnel dedicated to the task of making Christ known through booklet) Page 17
the printed page. This enables us at times to help with the expense Life Adventure Series – Character Studies (18 6-page
of these materials through a literature grant. lessons in full color) Page 18
Light from the Gospel of John (36-page booklet) Page 19
Believing that Christian fellowship and sound Bible teaching are
vital to growth in the Christian life, Source of Light encourages its Exploring God’s Word (12 flat lessons in six 16-page booklets) Page 20
Discipleship Training Branches and Associate Discipleship Schools A Country Called Heaven (18 lessons in nine 32-page booklets) Page 21
to channel their converts into local Bible-believing churches or to The Way to Heaven (Giant print, 14 flat lessons in seven 16-page
establish new churches, if necessary. booklets) Page 22
My New Life in Christ 1 (20 lessons in ten 32-page booklets) Page 23
A brochure, Discipleship Training using Bible study courses, is avail-
able which explains the various plans through which the courses Know & Grow (21 lessons in two 32-page booklets and two
may be used by other qualified ministries or individuals. test booklets) Page 24
The New Life in Christ 2 (12 lessons in six 24-page booklets) Page 25
Representatives, Missionaries, and Appointees of Source of Light are
The New Life in Christ 3 (25 flat lessons in thirteen 16-page booklets)
available to present the ministry and its needs to churches, mission-
Page 26
ary conferences, and other groups. Contact the SLM Public Relations
office for scheduling Representatives, or our Human Resources Practical Christian Living (24 lessons in eight 32-page booklets) Page 27
Department for scheduling Missionaries and Appointees. God’s Great Salvation (16 lessons in eight 32-page booklets) Page 28
Teen Talk (10 booklets) Page 29

Understanding True Love (16 lessons in eight 32-page
booklets) Page 30
Light from the Old Testament (5 booklets) Page 31
Foreign Language Courses
Basic Bible Truths (9 booklets) Page 32
These are listed by the code for the language and the series. The code for each
Winning the Race of Life (6 lessons in three 32-page booklets) Page 33 course has a prefix to identify the language: Chinese (simplified), CS; Chinese
Fishers of Men – Soulwinning Course (three booklets and (traditional), CT; Creole, CR; French, F; Hungarian, Hu; Korean, K; Portuguese,
P; Romanian, Ro; Russian, Ru; Spanish, SP; Tagalog, T. (Example, FTMC I is
memory cards) Page 34
French Mailbox Club I.)
The Spirit World – (8 lessons in two 32-page booklets and one
24-page booklet) Page 35 CHINESE (Simplified, CS; Traditional, CT)

New Testament Studies CSNL-1 (Simplified script, 12 lessons in one 102-page book)
Acts (17 lessons in one 48-page booklet & one test booklet) Page 36 CSNL-1 (Simplified script, 12 lessons in six 24-page booklets)
CTNL-1 (Traditional script, 12 lessons in one 102-page book)
Galatians (6 lessons in one 32-page booklet) Page 36
CSNL-2 (TMC 2) (Simplified script, 12 lessons in one 80-page book)
John (23 lessons in one 56-page booklet & one test booklet) Page 36
CSNL-2 (TMC 2) (Simplified script, 12 lessons in six 24-page booklets)
Mark (25 lessons in one 56-page booklet & one test booklet) Page 36
CSNL-3 (TMC 3) (Simplified script, 25 lessons in one 175-page book)
Crosswalk 1, 2, & 3 (100 or more page booklets; 8 1/2” x 11”) Page 37 CSNL-4 (PCL) (Simplified script, 24 lessons in one 216-page book)
Born in the Mud Page 38 CSNL-5 (GGS) (Simplified script, 16 lessons in one 241-page book)
Tracts Page 39

CREX 1 (10 single lessons)

Courses in Blue are prepared by SOURCE OF LIGHT MINISTRIES
Courses in Purple are prepared by THE MAILBOX CLUB FRENCH (F)
Courses in Green are prepared by LIFE IN THE WORD
FST 1 (7 flat lessons in three 16-page booklets and one 8-page booklet)
FEX 1 (10 flat lessons in five 16-page booklets)
FEX 2 (12 flat lessons in six 16-page booklets)
FOV 1 (12 flat lessons in six 16-page booklets)
FTMC A (WIN A) (7 lessons in four booklets)
FTMC I (CCH) (7 flat lessons)
FNL 1 (12 flat lessons in six 16-page booklets)
FNL 2 (12 flat lessons in six 16-page booklets)
FTMC 3 (NL 3) (25 lessons in twelve 32-page booklets and one 16-page booklet)
FTMC 4 (PCL) (24 flat lessons in twelve 16-page booklets)
FLDM (14 flat lessons in seven 16-page booklets)

3 4
(The Reina-Valera 1960 version is used for the Scripture text)
G G (28-page booklet)
SPS&D 1 (7 flat lessons)
SPST 1 (7 lessons in three 16-page booklets and one 8-page booklet)
SPEX 1 (10 lessons in five 16-page booklets)
KNL 1 (12 lessons in six 32-page booklets)
SPEX 2 (7 lessons in two 16-page booklets and one 24-page booklet)
KNL 2 (10 lessons in five 32-page booklets)
SPWIN 1 (7 lessons in two 48-page booklets and one 16-page booklet)
KNL 3 (25 lessons in thirteen 24-page booklets)
SPOV 1 (12 lessons in six 24-page booklets)
SP G (32-page booklet)
SPTMC 1 (15 lessons in six 24-page booklets and one 32-page booklet)
(The courses are in Brazilian Portuguese)
SPNL 2 (9 lessons in three 24-page booklets and one 32-page booklet)
P A (G) (32-page booklet) SPNL 3 (25 lessons in eleven 24-page booklets and one 32-page booklet)
PS & D 1 (7 flat lessons) SPPCL (24 lessons in eight 32-page booklets)
PST 1 (7 flat lessons) SPBBT (7 lesson booklets)
PEX 1 (10 flat lessons in five 16-page booklets) SPSW (two 32-page booklets and one 24-page booklet) (There are Memory
PEX 2 (7 lessons; one flat lesson and three 16-page booklets) Cards to go with each booklet – SPSWMC – 25 per pkg for each booklet)
PTMC I (7 lessons in four booklets) SPWRL (6 lessons in three 32-page booklets)
PNL 2 (TMC 2) (10 lessons in five 32-page booklets) SPLDM (12 lessons in six 24-page booklets)
PNL 3 (TMC 3) (24 lessons in twelve 32-page booklets) SPTSW (8 lessons in one 24-page booklet and two 32-page booklets)
PLDM (12 lessons in six 24-page booklets)
PBBT (7 lesson booklets)

TTMC I (CCH) (7 flat lessons in three 16-page booklets and one 8-page booket)
RoEX 1 (8 lessons in two 32-page booklets) TNL 2 (TMC 2) (10 flat lessons in five 16-page booklets)
Ro G (32-page booklet) TNL 3 (TMC 3) (25 lessons in twelve 16-page booklets and one 8-page booklet)
RoNL 1 (12 lessons in six 24-page booklets)
RoNL 2 (12 lessons in six 24-page booklets)
RoPCL (TMC 4) (24 lessons in eight 32-page booklets)
RoLDM (12 lessons in six 24-page booklets)


RuEX 1 (8 lessons in two 32-page booklets)

Ru G (32-page booklet)
RuNL 1 (12 lessons in six 24-page booklets)
RuLDM (12 lessons in six 24-page booklets)

5 6

T-1 You May Go to Heaven T-16 The Evidence Source of Light Ministries International is a faith work,
T-2 Not a Good Day to Die T-17 Now I’m Sure maintained by gifts from interested Christians. Bible courses and
T-3 The Damaged Blue Car T-18 Beginning With Christ other literature are printed and sent out as the Lord provides. No
T-5 Facts, Faith, Feelings T-19 Footsteps of Faith charge is made to the student. For those using the material in
T-6 He Took My Whipping T-22 Complete Confidence bulk under the plans 1, 3, and 5, we anticipate they will cover
T-8 How to Get More Out of Your T-23 Tragedy or Triumph the cost of material and shipping unless other arrangements
Bible T-24 Your Best Contact are made. Literature grants (when available) must be approved.
T-9 How to Know God T-26 90% Good – 100% Lost (You may request a literature grant form when necessary.) Our
T-11 Others May — You Cannot T-27 One Foot in Heaven ability to make literature grants depends on the Lord supplying
T-12 The Awful Reality of Hell TB-5 Decisions . . . the funds, so care must be used in making these grants. We
T-13 The Bank of Heaven TB-6 Gospel of John (KJV) – Pocket anticipate those able to do so will share in the cost of the mate-
T-15 Warning Edition rials they order. Those receiving bulk shipments of materials
will receive a shipping form, stating the cost of the material and
postage. The recipient should then send the balance indicated.

FRENCH TRACTS Materials are stocked for returning to the Madison offices for grad-
TF-1 La Grande Question TF-2 Ouvre La Porte ing, or with “no address” for use with the Discipleship Ministries.
They must stamp their address on them for mailing purposes.

TP-1 A Colheita e Certa TP-12 A Terrivel Realidade Do * * * * * * * * *
TP-3 Opiniao ou Verdade Inferno
Source of Light Ministries is engaged in a worldwide literature
ministry, offering Bible correspondence courses for use in other
ministries. The lessons are effective with individual students, or
TS-1 Usted Puede ir al Cielo TS-12 La Pavorosa Realidad Del in group studies. They are ideal for follow-up programs.
TS-5 Verdades, Fe, Sentimientos Infierno
TS-15 Cuidado Much of our ministry involves the use of The Mailbox Club cur-
riculum. These lessons are written by Mr. George Eager and
the staff of TMC, and copyrighted by The Mailbox Club, Inc.,
Valdosta, Georgia. SLM International has permission to use
these materials in its worldwide ministry.

7 8
If you need an application to use literature, an order form, or who will diligently study and apply these truths. CrossWalk –
brochures giving pertinent information about Source of Light Interpersonal Relationships shows Biblical principles for han-
Ministries International, please request these. Check our Web dling everyday problems relating to other people. (See page 37.)
Site (www.sourcelight.org) which will provide further informa-
tion concerning the ministry.

COURSES OFFERED Most of our Bible study courses (booklets are up to 32 pages in
length) are put together without staples to make them usable for
SOURCE OF LIGHT MINISTRIES has a number of courses ministry in prisons.
on the adult level. Most of these courses are on salvation and
basic materials for new Christians. There are some Bible studies
on a more advanced level that may require more study than The
Mailbox Club materials. Source of Light uses the King James
Version in all of our courses, unless indicated otherwise.

The Mailbox Club lessons are brief and well-illustrated.

Each lesson has a test section to be completed and mailed in for
grading. The various series are excellent for teaching in a group
setting. Their use may be varied from the suggested order of
study. There are no teachers’ manuals. The teacher needs
to spend extra time in preparing the lessons and doing back-
ground study. The King James Version is used in all Mailbox
Club courses. However, they reserve the right to translate from
the original texts where necessary, to make the meaning clear
to the reader.

LIfE IN THE WORD has made the Life Adventure series avail-
able through SLM. These studies are primarily for youth.

CROSSWALK Discipleship courses are for those hungering for

a deeper walk with God. The purpose of CrossWalk – 220 is to
ground the believer in the Christian life as a relationship of love
and grace, not a performance of religious duties. CrossWalk –
Christian Marriage & Family should be most helpful to those

9 10


2 are for children 4 through CLUB 1 and 2 are for ages
7 years of age. They present 6 through 8. The lessons are
Bible truths through well-illus- well-illustrated. Each lesson
trated Bible stories. Each les- has a short continued story
son includes a page to color which teaches a Biblical
and a Bible quiz, designed for truth that c h i l d re n e a s i l y
the parent or teacher to read r e l a t e t o . Each lesson also
to the child. After several has a puzzle page and a quiz
readings, the child may begin or test page.
to read for himself with the
help of the illustrations.

SEE & DO 1 (S & D 1) STORYTIME 1 (ST 1)

1 The Red Wagon 1 The Lost Kitten

2 God’s Beautiful Garden 2 Scrappy Shows the
3 The Real Meaning of Way
Christmas 3 The Special Tree
4 The Angry Bee 4 The New Boy
5 Am I Too Little? 5 The Best Gift
6 God’s Wonderful Gift 6 The Blue Truck
7 God’s Beautiful Home 7 Randy and Debbie Go Fishing
Certificate Certificate

SEE & DO 2 (S & D 2)
1 The Exciting Letter
1 Amy has Two Birthdays
2 The Grumble Day
2 Ken and the Big Puddle
3 The Biggest Apple
3 Jesus Answers Prayer
4 The Little Lie That Grew Big
4 The Dark Night
5 Mr. Meany
5 Frisky the Runaway Pony
6 Rain, Rain Go Away!
6 Sad and Glad
7 I’m First
7 The Broken Clock
11 12
YOUNG EXPLORERS 1 is The Mailbox Club presents… YOUNG EXPLORERS 1
adapted from the Explorers for ages 8 and 9, fits well

1 course, but has been between Storytime and

greatly stepped down, using Explorers. It is a great initial
many illustrations. This course and should be effec-
course should be ideal for tive in bringing children to
ages 7 through 9, where the God Created All Things Christ.
Storytime and Best Friends God made this earth on

courses are not used. De ar Fri end ,

Hav e you e ver
look ed up at
stars at
which we live. God made the
land and He made the beau-
the moo n and tiful mountains. He made the
dere d how rivers and the lakes and the
nigh t and won
they got ther
you how they
e? I will tell
got there—
seas. He made the grass and
the trees and the beautiful BEST FRIENDS 1 (BF 1)
! flowers. He made the clouds
God cre ated them that bring the rain. God was
making things beautiful for
the first man and the first
1 Heaven
The very first verse in the
2 God Created All Things
Bible tells us, “In the
beginning God created the
3 Where did Sin Come From?
heavens and the earth.”
The word “create” means
4 Jesus Died for My Sins
to make something out of
nothing. Only God can do
this. God made the sun, and
5 Jesus is Alive Today!
He made the moon. He
made all the stars.
6 You Can Become a Child of
7 Five Wonderful Things
8 Jesus is My Special Best Friend
1 God’s Beautiful Home
2 God Created All Things 1 Jesus is “the Christ” the Promised Savior
3 How Sin Came into the World 2 Jesus is “the God-man”
3 Jesus is “the Lamb of God”
4 Jesus Died for My Sins!
4 Jesus is “Lord of All”
5 Jesus is ALIVE today! 5 I am Accepted in Christ
6 I can become a Child of God! 6 How do I live the Christian life?
7 Five Wonderful Things 7 Jesus wants me to Know that I belong to Him
8 Jesus is my Special Best Friend 8 Jesus wants me to Obey Him
9 Jesus is Coming Again! 9 Jesus wants me to Pray to the Father
10 4 Things God Wants Me to Know 10 Jesus wants me to Become more like Him
Certificate 11 Jesus wants me to have Victory in Him
12 Jesus wants me to Win Others to Him

13 14
1 and 2 are ideal for those 9 those completing any two
through 14 years of age and those courses, especially for youth
completing the BEST FRIENDS completing Explorers
series. The lessons are excellent, 1 and 2. Teens and adults
basic Bible study material cover- who have completed two
ing a wide range of vital Christian
courses will also find this
teaching. Each lesson has a puzzle
page, emphasizing a truth from the helpful. It is primarily for
lesson. believers, teaching Christian
victory in a manner easily
Explorers 1 (EX 1)
1 What is God Like? Part 1
2 What is God Like? Part 2
3 Where Did We Come From?
4 Who is Our Enemy?
5 Who is the Promised Savior?
6 Jesus Rose From the Dead!
7 Four Questions
8 I Can Become a Child of God? OVERCOMERS 1 (OV 1)
9 Jesus is Coming Again!
10 4 Things God Wants Me to Know 1 I Have a Great Savior!
11 I am a New Person!
2 I Have a New Family!
12 Jesus is My King Forever!
Certificate 3 I am Forgiven and Loved!
4 A New Person in Christ!
EXPLORERS 2 (EX 2) 6 Christ is My Righteousness!
1 Jesus Christ is God 8 My Enemy — Self 7 God’s Greatest Gift
2 Jesus Christ is “Lord of All!” 9 Jesus Christ the Victor Over 8 My Gift to God
3 God is for Me! Satan 9 Christ or SELF?
4 I am in the Family of God 10 God Wants to Use Me 10 Christ is My Life!
5 I am in Christ 11 You Can Be a Soulwinner
11 God’s Great Plan
6 Christ Lives in Me! 12 Jesus Loves Me!
7 My Enemy — the World Certificate 12 Christ’s Treasure

15 16
WINNERS 1 and 2 are The Mailbox Club WINNERS 1
entirely new courses presents…
sons are in full color, 5 1/2” by 8 1/2”, after
designed for the “teenager.” being folded twice, making six pages. The
These new courses are not author, Bud Cox, wrote these with the
conviction that children would respond
compatible with the old
best to identity-based discipleship materi-
Winners A & B series. als. He feels that by laying a foundation for
LEFT BEHIND! children, when they are older they won’t
WINNERS 1 (WIN 1) Dear Friend, as amazing as it have to unlearn many life-style patterns
Book 1 1 Left Behind!
st thing sounds, something like this is going to
“Man, it was the weirde
you ever saw. We were
gym watching a basket
all in the
ball game.
happen some day. Millions of
Christians, all over the world, will sud- developed as a result of other methods.
2 The Antichrist
e, and denly disappear. It will be the greatest
It had gone into overtim
everybody was yelling
their heads
off. Just as the referee
started to
mystery of all time.
The news media will go ballistic.
The age group this is written for is generally
Book 2 3 The Attributes of God throw the ball up –ZAP–
disappeared! He was
our center
gone! Players
simply van-
News reporters will be hysterical.
Computer networks and phone lines
9–12 years, but can be used with teens and
from both teams had will be hopelessly jammed with mil-
Part 1 ished. Everybody in the
began screaming. People
lions of calls from frantic people.
adults. Along with the story and quiz, there
missing there too.”
4 The Attributes of God u u u u u

“I was driving home in

heavy traf-
is a puzzle page. These lessons are Bible
Part 2 fic when some cars began
into all directions. They
into poles, buildings, and
other character episodes written in the first person.
Book 3 5 The Universe —
this, but
cars. You won’t believe
they didn’t have any drivers
u u u u u

Creation or Chance?
I think?
“You want to know what
from outer
I think we’ve been invaded
of death ray.
space. It’s some kind

6 What Happened I’ve never been so scared

in my life!”

Book 4 7 Who is the Promised



8 Why did Jesus have to Die? Book 6 11 I Am “in Christ!”
Book 5 9 Jesus Christ is “Lord of All!” 12 God’s Greatest Gift
LA-1 Creation LA-5a (11) Ruth
10 God’s New Family Certificate
LA-2 Adam LA-6 (12) Jesus Christ
WINNERS 2 (WIN 2) LA-3 Noah LA-13 Paul Part 1
Book 1 1 Forgiven and Loved Book 6 11 My Enemy — “the World” LA-4.1 (4) Abraham Part 1 LA-14 Paul Part 2
2 Justified Freely 12 My Enemy — “the Flesh” LA-4.2 (5) Abraham Part 2 LA-15 Paul Part 3
Book 2 3 I am a New Person! Book 7 13 My Enemy — Satan LA-4a.1 (6) Joseph Part 1 LA-16 Paul Part 4
4 Christ is My 14 Consecration LA-4a.2 (7) Joseph Part 2 LA-17 Paul Part 5
Righteousness Book 8 15 I have A New Power!
LA-5.1 (8) Moses Part 1 LA-18 Paul Part 6
Book 3 5 I am a Son of God! 16 “Be Filled With the Spirit”
6 I have everything Book 9 17 “Get Your Tools Ready!” LA-5.2 (9) Moses Part 2 Certificate
IN CHRIST! 18 You Can Win Souls! LA-5.3 (10) Moses Part 3
Book 4 7 Who Am I? Book 10 19 The Life That Wins
8 Learning to Accept Myself 20 Don’t Waste Your Life!
Book 5 9 Gaining a Clear Certificate
Conscience Note: New lesson numbers in paranthesis
10 Learning to Respect Also Note: The Scriptures in Lessons 1-12 are from the NKJV; Lessons
Authority 13-18 are KJV.

17 18
EXPLORING GOD’S WORD The Mailbox Club presents…

is a series written in simple


-JHIU English. It covers basic Bible

study material and is ideal for
English as a Second Language
(ESL) students and those edu-
cationally challenged.

What happened? An enemy

brought sin into the world. Sin
Dear Friend,
ruined God’s beautiful world.
e the
When God mad Who is this enemy who
e every-
world, He mad
(PTQFMPG+PIO thing beautiful.
people wer e very
The first
brought sin into the world? His
name is Satan! He is also called
things are the devil. He hates God, and he
But now many hates us too.
not beautiful, and
n unhappy. From the Bible we learn that
people are ofte
re is lying , stealing, Satan was created as a beautiful
ing in the angel named “Lucifer.” He was
hatred, and fight
re is sick- the wisest, the most beautiful, and
world today. The
death. the most powerful angel that God
ness, sadness, and ever created.

NOTE: We are using pictures to illustrate this lesson but Satan and his demons

LIGHT FROM THE GOSPEL OF JOHN is an introductory sal- are spirit-beings and they do not have bodies.

vation course for teens and adults. This lesson is a brief study
of the Gospel of John with special emphasis on salvation. No
certificate is awarded upon completion. It is recommended for EXPLORING GOD’S WORD (EXGW)
new students before going into the other courses. Use this if
Exploring God’s Word, A Country Called Heaven, The Way Book 1 1 What is God Like? Part 1
to Heaven, or My New Life in Christ 1 series are omitted. We 2 What is God Like? Part 2
recommend it as an initial contact for: evangelism, door-to-door Book 2 3 Where did We Come From?
visitation, mailings, follow up for tracts, enrollment coupons,
4 Who is Our Enemy?
cards, and brochures. It is frequently used along with a Bible
Book 3 5 Who is the Promised Savior?
portion for mass distribution campaigns. The cover is printed
6 Jesus is Alive Today!
in four-color process and the inside of the booklet is printed
in two-color. It is attractively illustrated to use in your outreach Book 4 7 Four Questions
ministry or as an initial study for your new converts class. 8 I can become a Child of God!
Book 5 9 Jesus is Coming Again!
SALVATION COURSE (G) 10 4 Things God Wants Me to Know
Book 6 11 I am A NEW Person!
LIGHT FROM THE GOSPEL OF JOHN is also available with the 12 Jesus is my KING Forever!
complete Gospel of John printed in the back of the booklet. Certificate

SALVATION COURSE with Gospel of John (G/John)

19 20
is excellent Bible teaching on salvation in Giant Print, works well
and Christian growth, recommended as for new literates, for older
a first course for adults and older teens. people, or those with visual
This is in relatively simple English and impairment. Some prefer to
should work well for those with limited use this as a first series, rather
education. The initial lesson introduces than A Country Called
Jesus Christ.
Heaven. Deaf ministries
have found it helpful for use
with those who are hearing


Book 1 1 Who is Jesus Christ?

2 The 5 Steps
Book 2 3 What is God Like? THE WAY TO HEAVEN (TWH)
4 The Way of Victory
Book 3 5 The Word of God Book 1 1 What is God Like? Part 1
6 When Jesus Comes! 2 What is God Like? Part 2
Book 4 7 Salvation and Rewards Book 2 3 How Sin Came into the World
8 4 Things God Wants You to 4 The Savior Sent From God
Book 3 5 Why Did Jesus Die?
Book 5 9 My Great Savior
10 A New Family! 6 The Resurrection of Jesus Christ
Book 6 11 A New Person in Christ Book 4 7 What Must I Do to be Saved? Part 1
12 Christ is my Righteousness 8 What Must I Do to be Saved? Part 2
Book 7 13 Christ Lives in Me! Book 5 9 The Greatness of God’s Son
14 I am a Son of God! 10 God’s GREAT Salvation
Book 8 15 God’s Great Plan Book 6 11 How Can I KNOW That I Am Saved?
16 Christ’s Great Treasure 12 The Way of Victory
Book 9 17 Victory Over Circumstances Book 7 13 What Happens After Death?
18 How to Enjoy God 14 God Wants You to KNOW the Truth!

21 22
MY NEW LIFE IN CHRIST KNOW & GROW (K&G), formerly part
COURSE 1 is a new edition of New of the Supplemental Series with the code
Life in Christ 1. This is excellent as a SUP-3, is a basic course for new believ-
first course for older teens and adults. ers. It is ideal for new convert classes
It does not assume prior Bible knowl- and for all believers who have not had
edge and works well for new believers. extensive Bible study. The detailed exer-
It does cover salvation so is also a cises help the students as they learn to
good evangelism tool. It is a step up in pray and study God’s Word. There are
two booklets and separate test booklets
spiritual concepts, difficulty, or grade
for this course.
level, from A Country Called Heaven
(CCH). However, these courses are not
normally used with the same students.


Book 1 1 Who is Jesus Christ? BOOK 1 BOOK 2

2 Heaven: How to Get There Lesson 1 Freedom of Lesson 11 Believer’s
Book 2 3 What is God Like? Part One Choice Baptism
4 What is God Like? Part Two
Lesson 2 New Life Lesson 12 Forgiveness
Book 3 5 Creation or Chance?
6 What Happened? Lesson 3 Power for Living Lesson 13 God
Book 4 7 God’s First Man Lesson 4 Spiritual Food Lesson 14 Man
8 God’s Second Man Lesson 5 Prayer Lesson 15 Christ
Book 5 9 Why Did Christ Die? Lesson 6 Testings and Lesson 16 Holy Spirit
10 God’s Mighty Victory Temptations Lesson 17 The Trinity
Book 6 11 Christ is Glorified
Lesson 7 Victory Over Lesson 18 Christian
12 My New Life in Christ
Book 7 13 Christ is My Righteousness Temptation Lesson 19 Friendship
14 Christ Lives in Me! Lesson 8 Protection and Lesson 20 Judgments
Book 8 15 God’s Great Plan Victory Lesson 21 Prophecy —
16 Christ’s Great Treasure Lesson 9 Surrender Future Events
Book 9 17 Christ is My Victory Lesson 10 Grow and Tell Certificate
18 Abide in Christ
Book 10 19 Don’t Waste Your Life
20 You Can be a Soul-Winner

23 24
COURSE 2 is for CCH, MNL 1, and COURSE 3 is for NL 2 graduates,
TWH graduates, age 13 through age 13 through adults. The lessons
adults. These exciting lessons on cover a wide range of subjects
the Life of Christ are filled with vital relating to Christian growth.
truths for all believers. In the future,
NL 2 will be revised and become
MNL 2.

Book 1 1 Creation
Book 2 2 Creation of Man
3 Satan
Book 3 4 The Fall of Man
5 In Adam
Book 4 6 God’s 2nd Man
7 The New Birth
Book 5 8 In Christ
NEW LIFE IN CHRIST COURSE 2 (NL 2) 9 A New Relationship
Book 6 10 A New Kingdom
Book 1 1 Jesus Christ – The Promised Savior 11 A New Master
2 Jesus Christ – The Mighty God Book 7 12 A New Power
Book 2 3 Jesus Christ – The Great Teacher 13 Love Not the World
4 Jesus Christ – The Lamb of God Book 8 14 Victory Over Satan
Book 3 5 Jesus Christ – The Risen Lord 15 How to Live the Christian Life
6 Jesus Christ – Lord of All Book 9 16 Consecration
Book 4 7 Jesus Christ – Our Intercessor 17 One Body in Christ
Book 10 18 The Local Church
8 Jesus Christ – Our Righteousness
19 The Great Commission
Book 5 9 Jesus Christ – Our All in All Book 11 20 Approved Unto God
10 Jesus Christ – Our Life 21 Leading Souls to Christ
Book 6 11 Jesus Christ – Our Coming King Book 12 22 Prayer and Warfare
12 Jesus Christ – Our King Forever 23 How to Overcome Temptation
Certificate Book 13 24 Victory in Christ
25 Jesus is Coming Soon
25 26
adults and may be used for older teens for teenagers and adults. This is an
if they have studied the series leading up excellent course for review and rein-
to it. It is normally sent to adults com- forces the truths of many subjects
pleting NL 2 or NL 3. This study will help
taught in previous series.
Christians apply the Scriptures to practi-
cal areas in their lives.


Book 1 1 Facts, Faith, Feelings

2 How to be Sure You are
3 The Best Choice
Book 2 4 Overcoming Feelings of Inferiority
5 Learning to Accept Myself
6 Why Isn’t Christ Real to Me?
Book 3 7 Gaining A Clear Conscience Part 1
8 Gaining A Clear Conscience Part 2 Book 1 1 God’s First Man
9 God’s Discipline 2 God’s Second Man
Book 4 10 God’s Authority Book 2 3 The Death of the God-Man
11 God’s Delegated Authority 4 God’s Mighty Victory
12 God’s Chastening Book 3 5 God’s New Creation
Book 5 13 Understanding Our Deepest Needs Part 1 6 God’s Called-out Assembly
14 Understanding Our Deepest Needs Part 2
Book 4 7 Sanctified in Christ Jesus
15 Learning to be Content
8 Forgiven Forever!
Book 6 16 Dealing with Anger
17 Reaction and Resentment Book 5 9 Justified Freely by His Grace
18 Turning from Bitterness to Forgiveness 10 Made Righteous in Christ
Book 7 19 Building Right Relationships Part 1 Book 6 11 Sonship
20 Building Right Relationships Part 2 12 God’s New Covenant
21 Love One Another Book 7 13 God’s Great Plan
Book 8 22 Managing Our Finances 14 God’s Blessed Hope
23 God’s Guidelines for Giving Book 8 15 How to Enjoy God Part 1
24 The Christian’s Secret of a Happy Life
16 How to Enjoy God Part 2

27 28

and expanded into a proposed series of is the new edition of Love, Dating,
ten booklets. Teen Talk is an excellent and Marriage (LDM). It is much more
tool for younger teenagers and those explicit in dealing with the problems
from sheltered backgrounds, not ready specifically related to teens and
for the more advanced Understanding young adults on love, dating, and
True Love series. marriage, and should be used with
care for younger teens and those
Some of the proposed topics for this who have been sheltered. This series
revised series are: helps young people develop whole-
What is Real Love? some and Biblical relationships. It
The Law of Attraction may be used in any sequence and
Feeling Good about Yourself is often used as an initial series for
The Priceless Gift those 15 to 20 years of age. It is broadly used to minister to
Peer Pressure — Friend or Enemy? young people in countries where the HIV virus runs rampant.
How to be a Hero to Girls
Facts Faith Feelings

Book 1 1 What is Love?
2 3 Kinds of Love
Book 2 3 Wait Until Marriage!
4 Understanding the Sex Drive
Book 3 5 The 5 Laws of Guy-Girl Relationships Part 1
6 The 5 Laws of Guy-Girl Relationships Part 2
Book 4 7 Dating — The Benefits and Dangers
8 Satan’s #1 Target
Book 5 9 The Priceless Gift
10 AIDS — How to be Safe
Book 6 11 Love is More than a Beautiful Feeling
12 10 Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them
Book 7 13 How to Experience God’s Love Part 1
14 How to Experience God’s Love Part 2
Book 8 15 Identifying Real Love
16 Choosing Wisely

29 30
TESTAMENT is for teens and adults on great Bible themes. This more
and can be used in any sequence. advanced study may be used for
Teachings on the Old Testament older teens and adults completing NL
Tabernacle, covered in the God’s 2, and/or NL 3, and PCL courses, as
Great Salvation series, have well as for mature believers.
been expanded in these five book-
lets. It should be very effective in
reaching those who major on Old
Testament teaching.


Book 2 FAITH • The Evidence of Things Not Seen
Book 1 Adam to Isaac Book 3 REGENERATION • Created in His Image
Book 2 Jacob to the Bitter Waters of Marah Book 4 JUSTIFICATION • Accepted in the Beloved
Book 3 The Manna to the Ten Commandments Book 5 ADOPTION • Sons Not Servants
Book 4 The Tabernacle Part 1 Book 6 PRAYER • Master Secrets of Prayer
Book 5 The Tabernacle Part 2 Book 7 SANCTIFICATION • Called Unto Holiness
Certificate Book 8 GLORIFICATION • Called Unto His Eternal Glory
Book 9 Holy Spirit • The Work and Ministry of the Holy Spirit

31 32
an excellent discipleship course for course designed to help older teens
teenagers and adults and may be and adult students know how to
used as a first series, or fit in later. lead others to the Savior. A memory
It uses sports themes introduced verse sheet (printed on card stock) is
in Paul’s writings in Scripture along available to go with each of the three
with illustrations from popular sports soulwinning booklets. Each sheet is
heroes. This course, recently revised, perforated to cut into eight memory
will especially appeal to those who cards with verses on one side and
are sports-minded, and to those who the reference on the other. This will
are involved in athletic activities. help with memorizing the key soul-
Scripture quotations are from the winning verses used in this course.
New American Standard Bible.


Book 1 Fishers of Men

Book 2 Fishers of Men
Book 1 1 Who is God? Book 3 Fishers of Men
2 Who is Man? Certificate
Book 2 3 Who is Jesus Christ?
4 Now that I Am a Christian, What Should I Do? SOULWINNER’S MEMORY CARDS (SWMC)
Book 3 5 Now that I Am a Christian, What Problems Can I Book 1 SWMC 1
Book 2 SWMC 2
Where do I Get Help?
Book 3 SWMC 3
6 Are There Others Running This Same Race with

33 34
The Spirit World is especially NEW TESTAMENT STUDIES
helpful when dealing with those require detailed study and are excel-
exposed to the occult, as well as lent studies for the diligent stu-
New Testament
warning against its danger. dent since they are somewhat
advanced. A certificate is given for
the completion of each of the New Mark

Testament Studies.

Book 1

The study of the book of Acts has 17 lessons in one
48-page booklet. The test for these lessons is in a separate

Book 1 1 The Origin and Character of Angels GALATIANS (NTS-GALA)

2 The Ministry and Work of Angels The study of the Epistle to the Galatians has 6 lessons in
Book 2 3 Satan’s Origin and Names one 32-page booklet. The test is included in this booklet.
4 Satan’s Methods and Doom Certificate
5 Fallen Angels and Demons
Book 3 6 Witchcraft and Occultism Today JOHN (NTS-JOHN)
7 Satan and Present-Day Cults The study of the Gospel of John has 23 lessons in a
8 Defeating Satan 56-page booklet. The test for these lessons is in a separate
Certificate booklet.

The study of the Gospel of Mark has 25 lessons in one
56-page booklet. The test for these lessons is in a separate

35 36
dramatic and compelling story
to come out of India in this gen-
eration. In a striking parallel to
the vision of Ezekiel, the prophet
(Ezekiel 16:3-6), Born in the
Mud traces the story of an out-
cast Indian boy, born in circum-
stances that defy description, as
he becomes the object of God’s
overpowering love and redeeming
grace. Each episode of this five-

chapter story will leave you and

the children you teach in suspense
and sometimes in tears. Here is a
story that makes the way of salva-
tion crystal clear; the call to com-
The CrossWalk courses are spiral-bound (8 1/2” x 11”) mitment compellingly strong; and
and each book is 100-123 pages in length. These courses, the cause of missions compas-
costing $10 each, are fantastic for interactive small-group study. sionately personal. This is a story
that no one can forget. Its power
will last a lifetime. There are five
CrossWalk – 220 (CW-220) is a discipleship course of 13 days of cliff-hanging episodes with
lessons, to ground the believer in the Christian life. twenty full-color visuals (11” x 14”).
Get this spiritually-challenging story for your class today. Expe-
CrossWalk – Christian Marriage & Family (CW- rience a story that will definitely make a difference in the lives of
CMF) has 14 lessons and is designed to teach Biblical values those who hear it.
for the family. • 5 days of cliff-hanging episodes
• 20 full-color visuals
CrossWalk – Interpersonal Relationships (CW- • Evangelistically potent
IPR), a 15-lesson course, shows Biblical principles for handling • Spiritually challenging
everyday problems as we relate to others. • Teacher-friendly
• Companion coloring book

37 38

Most of the following tracts and tract booklets provide an

opportunity for the reader to accept the Lord Jesus Christ as T-9 How To Know God is written to answer the
personal Savior and to enroll in the Bible study courses. question of a boy asking, “How can I know God?”
This tract clearly presents the plan of salvation.
T-1 You May Go To Heaven – This little tract, with a poem and
Scripture, lists several ways you cannot get to Heaven and T-11 Others May You Cannot – This tract helps a
shows the only way you can. It is a powerful witnessing tool. person to better understand the stages of growth in
the Christian Life, showing why some believers with
T-2 Not a Good Day to Die – This gripping account of a farm silo a clear conscience may do some things while oth-
fire that killed two firemen brings the uncertainty of life into ers may not have that liberty.
sharp focus. It gives the way of salvation and a challenge to
accept Christ as Savior. T-12 The Awful Reality of Hell – This is a
gripping salvation testimony by Cameron
T-3 The Damaged Blue Car – Cousins defy Thompson and is in great demand for
their mothers’ directive and head for distribution. Many salvation decisions are
trouble. Forgiveness and a lesson in what recorded from this tract dealing with hell.
Jesus Christ does in a sinner’s heart,
teaches the value of obedience. T-13 The Bank of Heaven – Rarely discarded,
this intriguing little tract is prized by many
T-5 Facts, Faith, Feelings explains the sal- recipients and distributors and is a great
vation message giving Facts, Faith, and witnessing tool.
Feelings their proper order. It is particularly
helpful to those who rely too heavily on their emotions. This T-15 Warning is similar to the Romans Road.
will help place the Word of God in its proper perspective. This This four-page salvation tract primarily uses
powerful, well-written tract is used to turn many to Christ and Scripture with a brief “lead-in” statement.
help others maintain a proper balance in their Christian life.
T-16 The Evidence, by John Green, is checkup
T-6 He Took My Whipping – This salvation tract time on the reality of the Christian faith in
wonderfully brings out the truth that Christ is an individual’s life. Use it with professing
our Substitute. Christians who do not give evidence that
they really know Christ as their Savior.
T-8 How to Get More Out Of Your Bible –
Written by Warren Weirsbe, this tract is T-17 Now I’m Sure – This tract on assurance of salvation can be
helpful for those without a clear knowledge used with both children and adults.
of how to go about regular Bible study. It
gives guidelines for a systematic study of T-18 Beginning With Christ can be used with both children and
Scripture. adults. It gives instructions for new Christians.

39 40
T-19 Footsteps of Faith, by John Green, is ideal for discipleship, T-27 One Foot in Heaven, by Bill Shade, gives
taking a person, who has heard the Gospel and has come testimony to the peace the Lord can give
to know Christ, through various steps of Christian growth. It in very difficult situations (even the loss
shows how the individual can mature, avoiding big gaps in of a leg). This clear salvation message is
the Christian’s growth and development. Many ministers and ideal to use with cyclists and thrill seekers.
others find it helpful as devotional or sermon material.

T-22 Complete Confidence, by Ray Walker, is

a personal testimony that illustrates that
Christians do not have to be filled with
doubts and fears concerning their personal
salvation. They can have confidence in the
Savior who has given them the eternal life
that He promised.

T-23 Tragedy or Triumph –

This is the thrilling testi-
Tract Booklets are booklets other than our regular
mony of the spiritual
Bible courses that have much more text than the
blessings received due to a farm accident
with a corn picker. This should be a great regular tracts. These booklets are pocket-size.
witnessing tool in an agricultural commu-
TB-5 Decisions – Describing the type of
T-24 Your Best Contact – This uses the
decisions we all make, this comic-
“contact” of the Ham Radio Operator to
style booklet will grab the attention of
illustrate a far better one that has eternal
the reader. It drives home the necessi-
ty of making the most important deci-
sion in life — accepting Jesus Christ
T-26 90% Good – 100% Lost is a testimony tract written by
as personal Savior.
George Eager, author of most of The Mailbox Club Bible
study courses. It shows that although an active church mem-
TB-6 The Gospel of John – This attractive
ber for many years, he was lost. This salvation message is an
pocket-size Gospel of John with helps,
effective tool for use with nominal church members who may stressing the value and power of the
be lost, as well as those who are unchurched. Scriptures, gives a portrait of Christ
as found in the Gospel. It presents an
excellent salvation message and is
good for general distribution.

41 42
A division of Source of Light Ministries International, Inc. in Braille) — BBT deals in depth with Biblical teaching on the
doctrines of Repentance, Faith, Regeneration, Justification,
Adoption, Prayer, Sanctification and Glorification.
exists to produce SLM Bible courses and other literature in me- A Country Called Heaven (in Large Print), helps the student to
dia other than standard ink print so that the widest number of understand Salvation and to know for certain how he may go to
people can become disciples and make disciples. Heaven when he dies. This course can be used with older people
and with people who are just learning English.
Jesus said, Go ye therefore, and teach (make disciples) all nations
(Matthew 28:19). SLM International believes this mandate extends Through the Bible Prophetically (10 Audio CD’s) ­— This 20-les-
to those who are blind and visually impaired as well as to the son course, taught by SLM director Dr. Bill Shade deals with the
sighted. Much of the discipleship material written today is not prophetic Scriptures in a way that will help the student under-
available in formats blind people can access. Through our Al- stand end-time events clearly. The cost for this set is $49.
ternative Media Department, we are trying to remedy this prob-
lem by placing selected courses, already in print, into Braille and tracts
audio formats. Right now, only basic courses are available, but
these will be enough to get you started in the process of either Facts, Faith and Feelings (Braille only) — clearly shows the
becoming a disciple or “making disciples.” Below is a listing of reader how to become a Christian by setting forth the facts of
materials now available in Braille and audio formats. More cours- the Gospel, and showing how one is saved by Faith, not by feel-
es are being worked on and will be available soon. ings.

Bible Study Courses How to Get More Out of Your Bible Study (Braille only) — sets
for the “the A B C's of Bible study.” By applying three principles,
Winning The Race of Life (6 lessons in Braille and audio cas- one will get more from the study of the Bible.
sette) — WRL, originally written for the 1996 Summer Olympics,
takes the student through such basic questions as: “Who is devotional booklets
man?” “Who is God?” “Who Is Jesus Christ?” and more.
God Is, by David S. Lampel (Braille and audio cassette), includes
The New Life in Christ Course 1 (12 lessons in Braille and audio fifty-two meditations on the attributes of God. Through hymns,
cassette) is written for teens and young adults and deals with Scripture, and quotations from Christian leaders, the reader is
subjects such as: The nature of God, Sin, The person of Christ, helped to meditate more deeply on who God is and what He is
Faith, Repentance, and some of the basics of living the Christian like. It's a booklet you'll pick up often.
Knowing Jesus, by David S. Lampel (Braille and audio cassette),
Basic Bible Truths (8 lessons on audio cassette – coming soon is a series of thirteen meditations on the life and ministry of Jesus

43 44
World Wide LIT
A ministry of Source of Light Ministries International, Inc.
Christ. These meditations will cause the Savior to become more and The Ezra Institute
real, or introduce a person to Him for the first time. A World Wide LIT School of Biblical Studies
You may call SLM (706-342-0397), fax us (706-342-9072),
Knowing Rahab the Harlot (Braille) ­— One of the ways God send e-mail (wwlit@sourcelight.org), visit us on the web
teaches us about Himself is through His people. In this booklet (www.sourcelight.org/Toolsforministry/Advancedcourses),
you'll gain an even greater appreciation for God's grace as you or write us at this address:
read about the life of one of His trophies. World Wide LIT/ SLM International
1011 Mission Road
Knowing The Apostle Paul (Braille) ­— Paul referred to himself Madison, Georgia 30650
as “the least of all saints” and yet God used him mightily. In this
collection of devotionals you'll understand more truths about
God. For Ezra had prepared his heart to seek the law of the Lord,
and to do it, and to teach in Israel statutes and judgments (Ezra 7:10).
Knowing Peter (Braille) ­— It has been said that Peter had “foot Christianity needs men and women who, like Ezra, will commit themselves to study,
‘n mouth” disease, yet God used him. You'll find encouragement obey, and teach the Word of God. We, at World Wide LIT, want to promote the
as you rediscover how God can take a weak man and make him diligent study of God’s Word. Real study includes reading, searching, analyzing,
strong in the Lord. memorizing, and meditating on the Bible. These courses will guide you.

Seeds of Encouragement (Braille) ­— was originally written as Real study is accompanied with a yearning to obey God’s commands. He that hath
cards of encouragement but has now been compiled in a booklet my commandments, and keepeth them, he it is that loveth me (John 14:21).
of 52 meditations on the attributes of God. Some of the subjects
covered are: Fellowship, The Holy Spirit, The Lord Jesus, God's LIT stands for Leadership Instruction and Training. We, at World Wide LIT, want to
love, and God is. help train Christians throughout the world to know, obey, and teach God’s Word.
These leaders can then continue the cycle by winning souls and teaching them the
The Journey, a Scrapbook of Life in Christ by David S. Lampel Word of God.
(Braille) ­— is a compilation selected from Mr. Lampel's weekly e-
mails. This scrapbook is sent free of charge, every other month, Correspondence schools, distance education programs, Theological Education
to encourage you in your walk with Christ and to keep you in- by Extension programs, Bible colleges, and seminaries use the WW LIT courses.
formed of the developments in the Alternative Media Ministry of Already in use in Africa, Australia, Myanmar (Burma), Dominica, Grenada, India,
SLM International. the Philippines, Trinidad, and the United States, they are written for students who
speak English either as a primary or secondary language.

To order WW LIT courses as an organization, please contact us for a WW LIT

catalog and an Application to Purchase and Distribute WW LIT Courses. To enroll
in The Ezra Institute, our pilot school, contact us for a catalog and application to
The Ezra Institute.
45 46
World Wide Bible Institutes
A division of Source of Light Ministries International, Inc.
WWBI will provide you with the tools you need to organize and
operate a Bible Institute. We provide training for the institute staff,
everything from setting up an institute classroom to student assis-
What is WWBI? tance, record keeping, certificates of recognition, and diploma forms
for graduates. When you ask SLM International to help you set up
WWBI is a full three year, six semester training package at Bible a WWBI Institute, and are approved to do so, we stay with you until
Institute level. WWBI offers a 135-credit unit program to train stu- your institute is ready to operate.
dents in all the basic Biblical knowledge necessary to equip them for
leadership in the New Testament Church. WWBI is available to those who need it most and who meet SLM
International’s criteria. SLM International’s burden is to establish viable
WWBI is produced in the best tradition of the Programmed Bible Institutes around the world, and SLM International will work hard
Instructional Method, and is therefore self-instructing. WWBI does not to find a way to help you.
require a professional faculty to achieve its goals.

How YOU Can Have a Bible Institute

When you contact us at the address in the front of the catalog, we
will send you by return mail a WWBI Catalog. In it you will find:
1. An explanation of the WWBI concept of training.
2. A listing of the WWBI Curriculum and a description of what is
included in each course.
3. The WWBI requirements for graduation.
4. A step by step procedure for starting a new Bible Institute,
including costs, time factor, etc.
5. An Application Form to indicate your desire to begin a WWBI
Bible Institute.
E-mail: wwbi@sourcelight.org
Web site: www.sourcelight.org/toolsforministry/Advancedcourses

WWBI is designed to be used in an organized instiute setting within a

mission or a local church, but is adaptable to individual study as well.

WWBI, like all SLM International materials, is trustworthy, doctrinally

sound, and produced by writers who stand solidly in the tradition of
our Biblical, evangelical faith.

47 48
OF-14A 2009

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