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Three crew treated as “criminals” on an abandoned

cargoship in Denmark have left for home.

The Russian chief officer and two Ghanaians had been stuck on the
1,000-dwt Cormorant (built 1965) since September and ran out of
money, food and water. Local unions had helped them, while protesting
at the Danish government’s treatment of the men.

Now the Danish seafarers' welfare council, Handelsflaaedens Velfaerdsraad, has stepped in to
cover the cost of repatriation. They are also likely to receive the four months' wages owed to
them once the Cormorant is sold.

Maritime union 3F said an order had previously been issued to arrest the three seafarers on
immigration grounds.

The deportation would also involve a criminal record and a ban on the men re-entering Europe
for a period of one year, effectively ending their chances of working at sea.

3F has identified the shipowner, who was also captain of the ship, as Klaus Herman Juls.

He left the vessel in December and told 3F that he would to return with back wages and
provisions. But he has not been seen since.

By Gary Dixon in London