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satisfaction in
Retail branches.
November 23, 2014

Bank branches consist of

A bank branch employs bankers, tellers, managers, and advisors

Each helps with deposits, withdraws, payments, account openings,


The branch team not only assists customers, but also creates
memorable experiences to build relationships and loyalty.

Chase contacts random

customers who recently visited
a branch to participate in
satisfaction surveys. The
scores are shared with the
branch teams, but customer
and employee information is
always anonymous. Some

How can Chase improve

their customer service

Pictures provided by Rudy

Listen to the voice of the


We analyzed the feedback from the customer satisfaction surveys

Chase conducted to find common themes related to exceptional or
poor service.
We evaluated the way Chase management uses the survey
feedback to create actionable change.
Our team members also visited various banks to conduct our own
analysis. We filled out a survey for each bank to document
exceptional service and opportunities for improvement.

Research: Surveys performed by

our team

Survey Questionnaire for in-person branch


1. Were they kind, courteous and professional?

2. Did they call you by your name and use their own
3. Did they answer all your questions and get
transactions done in a timely manner?
4. Would my experience bring me back to this
5. Personal observations: Did anything about the
service stand out, good or bad?

We saw the following themes in


Transaction took too much time.

Employee was robotic, uninterested, or rude.
Employee did not meet the customers immediate need but directed them to
call a number for assistance.
Professional: Introduced themselves by name. Went above and beyond to
direct a customer if they seemed unsure of where to go. Resolved request
on location.
Personable: Use customers name, ask about their day, or try to learn
something about them.
Efficient: Greeted upon arrival. Transaction completed quickly.

Our recommendations

Employees should.
Greet customers upon entering the branch and direct them if
Smile when approaching customers and have a positive attitude.
Introduce yourself.
Treat customers as if they are family and always use their
Show them their time is important: work with a sense of urgency.
Meet their needs on location. Get a manager if needed.
Thank them for coming.

Our recommendations

Managers should.
Track survey responses to individual employees in order to
provide specific, meaningful and actionable feedback.
Set better examples of what they expect from their employees.
Jump in immediately if the branch is busy to assist.
In addition to team bonuses that are currently used, implement
individual bonuses for exceptional customer feedback.
Hire or have a more diverse working team in each branch in
order to avoid customer barriers and be able to communicate
with each customer.

Effects of Customer
Service Improvement


What exactly does excellent customer service provide? It

provides loyal customers that keep coming back. When you
have loyal customers it benefits both the customers themselves
and the branch. This can cause growth for the branch which
helps them meet their P&L requirements and even exceed
them. If they exceed requirements, the team is rewarded.

Results of Better Customer



When our recommendations implemented, most branches

received improved customer service reviews over various weeks.
The branches that had the best customer service reviews were
also in the top performing branches for those same weeks.
While they were not perfect, it was clear to see that the
improvements helped each location successfully bring their
performance up.

-Surveys performed by team, 11/2014