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Pammw Back-to-Basics Where should a Keyphasor® transducer be mounted? fevent) icp 0 the diver oto, fosngand diagnostics. Consistent (event) ince : phase information, before and faa not the coupling or 2 coupied after outages, 8 abo necessary to \-—— component evaluate the efficiency of the oe ‘+ Gearboxes and fluid davers should ‘machine overhaul. Please see the have a Keyphasor transducer on by Larry Covina: * Each machine train component picphrpe tin SS mas oe ces ee eee Breen mee As@teare FOE "Beaker 0 ct pes matt rnc eames ‘definition of phase lag ungle and ape each rocor element. These Key absolute phase in the sidebar on phasor transducers must also view page 27) Figure 1 an event integral to the gearbox or ‘When instrumenting machine trains uid drive rotor, noc the coupling or for proper machinery protection, two (A0tChes or projections) eliminates coupled component. ‘common errors are made. 1) too few ‘Many potential pifallsandhelps provide 10a or dren components must Keyphasortransducers,and 2) incorrect 800d diagnostic information. have a Keyphasor transducer, and it placement of the Keyphasor trans- The following isa list of general rules must view an event integral t the ‘ducets. Proper location of Keyphasor for proper Keyphasor transducer loca diven rotor, not the coupling or a transducers and reference markers tion, Refer to Figure 2 ‘coupled component Compressor 26 omit June 1994 ‘When reference markers are located (on monintegral rotor components, such as couplings, stub sha, ack shafts and shrink on-colas, phase information maybe jeopardized dire co rearrangement of the rotoc com ponents during reassembly after an outage. Locate these reference ‘markers on shafts oe their inegral components ‘+ 4 Keyphasor transducer shoukl be located as dose wo the thrust bearing area as possibleto minimize thermal Bprowth effects which could move the reference markers out of view oF the transducer, 1 Because notches are stress concen {ators they should notbelocated in high torque areas, such as at coup, Ling hubs o fangs ‘+ Notehes or projections should be ‘designed! into the machine. The lesign should include proper inter nal radtuses, woth the width, dps (or height and length hasod on trans: ‘Typical Notch ‘Typical Projection (see note below) June 1994 ducer type, rotative speed and rotor tion sericea to the proper use and Size. They should be lied up with configuration of diagnostic the 4 Dalance hole, 0° on the bal Instruments ‘ance ring, or some other obvious ently Nevada can assist you with your feanure of the shaft See Figure 3. rotating machinery and system installa Topinar enchors oki be Santen one costae anal eine poeme en acne feet ane abe port aoe Comins Pais semen noes Spe msudiophaercnnticy Nencacscoti gw sncenee ee eta ‘Absolute phase- the ming nove dae asa tm poanon (net fi nom pase cena cates Trane agl he ster Sedmonee sahroamneye ee eee Scfoman fheshesah cee fe ieeaiieeepie ae Installations shat ill use data acy siuon systems, such as Bendy Nev ‘ada’s Dynamic Data Manager® 2, ‘Transient Data Manager® 2, Tran: sient Data Interface External or ADRES for Windows, should have redundant Keyphasor transducers Ioeatedat the same angular | PBtS lg angle «teeming relationship, in degrees, between 2 Keyphasor pulse and the next pos: Keyphasor transducer locations and | tye peal ofa bration signal ofthe notch locations should be property — | me frequency. documented. Accurate documenta: oor lamar 152 men (6 none) Rotation: COW Loctlon: re eter utboard of hut bearngin ine wth ‘degrees on Selanoe rng, ce fngth Sm (28 no) Wah appro. 8 Ste 1 mm (0.751905 inch) Depth: 131025mm G.061804 moro) Rass: appre 98mm (0375 Inch) Enmaducer ern pone 7 ‘Setup: Gap at 3mm (05 noes oy rom th olor Src Machining Method: 19 mm (075 rch bal end, mi 10 suggestec doth wi rng Met (0750 iret) bal end, il to suggests dep Fotorciamotor = 152mm (6 Inches) tation: CCW | Location: Driver rotor cutboard of trust bearing nln with Odegrees on balance rng Length: 19 mm (0.75 inches) Wath: 64 men 0.25 inches) Helght:5 mm (0 2inches) above rote sutace Transducer: 8 mm proximity probe ‘Setup: Gap at 6.4m (0.25 inches) any rom the rotor =notviowing roection [Machining Method: Fabrcate projecton, Seoure tortor Ina postive fashion. Tiss tobe accomplished on an "os designed” basis and vit ‘ary by apateaton. Note: Etrame care must bo taken to elminate safety cancers tom potential ioose parts. Figure 3 KeyphasrotVProjecion i NT