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Saturday, 15th August 2015

Flag hoisting: 07.45 A.M. (All the delegates and faculty must attend the ceremony)

08.15 AM
08.30 AM
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05.30 PM

Back to Basics: Psychosocial Development
Adolescent Friendly Pediatric Practice
Getting into Adolescents HEEADSSS
Chairpersons Key Note Address
Legal Eagle: Consent & Confidentiality
Dealing with Parents in an Adolescent Clinic
Adolescent Counselling in Practice
Practice Pearls
Audience Interaction
Calcium & Vitamin D in Adolescence: Is Universal
Supplementation Mandatory?
Adolescent Anemia: New insights
Latest in Obesity Management
Update on Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (10 min each)
Endocrinologists Perspective
Gynecologists Perspective
Dermatologists Perspective
Adolescent Health Specialists Perspective
Anorexia Nervosa: Screening, Diagnosis, Management
Practice Pearls
Audience Interaction
Integrating Adole Sense with Office Practice
POCSO Act: Implications for Pediatricians
Prevention of Adolescent Sexual Abuse
Sexual Orientation: An enigma?
Handling an adolescent in an intimate relationship
Prescribing Contraceptives : Practical Tips
Practice Pearls
Audience Interaction
Beating the Blues: Managing Adolescent Depression
Office Management of Substance Use
Rapid Fire (8 min each): Management of
Practice Pearls

Dr Rajiv Mohta
Dr Harmesh Bains
Dr Poonam Bhatia
Dr JS Tuteja
Dr Alok Gupta
Dr Swati Bhave
Dr Atul Kanikar
Dr MKC Nair
Dr Vaman Khadilkar
Dr Piyali Bhattacharya
Dr Sangeeta Yadav
Moderator: Dr Sushma Desai
Dr Anurag Bajpai
Dr Yuthika Bajpai
Dr Sanath Aithal
Dr Sushma Desai
Dr Chitra Dinakar
Dr MKC Nair

Dr Pramod Jog
Dr Kiran Agarwal
Dr Nikhil Kharod
Dr Latha R
Dr Shailaja Mane
Dr Poornima Ramesh
Dr MKC Nair
Dr Chandrika Rao
Dr Harish Pemde
Dr Gurmeet Kaur
Dr Sushma Kirtani
Dr Paula Goel
Dr Geeta Bansal
Dr Vaishali Deshmukh
Dr MKC Nair

Sunday, 16th August 2015

08.00-9.30 AM Paper & Poster Presentation
08.00 AM
08.15 AM

Adolescents of Today: Whats up?

Burning Issue: Media & Adolescence(8 min each)
Effects of Media
Internet addiction
Media Literacy
Online Safety
Sponsored Session
Elixir of life: Exercise & Physical Activity
Teaching Spirituality to Adolescents
Sponsored Session
Audience Interaction
Panel Discussion: Anticipatory Guidance in Adolescent
Clinics for Health Promotion & Disease Prevention

Dr Sonia Kanitkar
Moderator: Dr Jeeson Unni

11.00 AM
11.15 AM

Adolescent immunization : Recent Recommendations

Panel Discussion: Common Clinical Cases in Practice

Dr Vipin Vasishtha
Moderator: Dr Himabindu Singh
Panelists:Dr Amit Shah,
Dr Gurdeep Dhooria, Dr Avinash
Bansal, Dr Roopa Bellad,
Dr Agarkhedkar

12.00 Noon
12.10 PM
12.25 PM
12.40 PM

Should Juveniles be treated at par with Adult Criminals?

Management of Adolescent ADHD
Teen Bullying: What can a Pediatrician do?
Dr Swati Bhave Dr MKC Nair Adolescent Health Academy
The New Panacea: Motivational Interviewing
Poor Academic Performance in Adolescence
HIV & Adolescence
Sponsored Session
Sports Pre Participation Evaluation: A forgotten essential
Role of Pediatricians in Schools
Audience Interaction
Sponsored Session
Stress Management: Adolescents can do it!
Differently abled adolescent: Special Needs
Sponsored Session
Teen Aggression

Dr TS Jain
Dr Samir Dalwai
Dr Anuradha HS
Dr CP Bansal

09.05 AM
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05.25 PM

Dr Jeeson Unni
Dr Rashmi Gupta
Dr Nishikant Kotwal
Dr Garima Saikia
Dr Nilima Rao
Dr Kiran Vaswani
Dr Pramod Sharma
Dr Pukhraj Bafna

Moderator: Dr Prema R
Panelists: Dr AS Chawla, Dr JC Garg,
Dr Naunihal Singh, Dr Manjulata
Sharma, Dr Satish Sharma

Dr Preeti Galagali
Dr Newton Luiz
Dr Shivananda S
Dr Amita Rao
Dr Sulekha Varadaraj

Dr Beena Johnson
Dr Indrashekar Rao
Dr Suchit Tamboli