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On the one hand, this world of spirit isthe creation of the apprehending subject; on the other hand, there is a progression of spirit directed at an objective knowledge ofthis world. Thus we F confront the problem of how the formation of the world of sprit in the subject makes possible the knowledge of spiritual reality. 1 have already called this the task of @ Critique of Historical Rea- son, This task can be achieved only ifthe particular functions that * cooperate in the creation of this whole can be sorted out and if it ‘an be shown what part each of them plays, both in the formation of the historical course in the world of spirit and in the discovery of its systematic nature. Jt remains to be seen how far the diff talties inherent in the mutual dependence of these truths can be Solved. The real principle of conceptualization in the human sci- ences will be derived from experience in a gradual manner. ‘Understanding is a rediscovery of the I in the Thou; spirit redis- covers itself at ever higher levels of connectedness; this selfsame- fess of spirit in the I and the Thou, in each subject of a comsmu- Paity, in each cultural system, and finally, in the totality of spirit rand universal history, makes possible the cooperation of the var- ious funetions of the human sciences, The knowing subject is, hhere, one with its object, and this holds for all stages of its objec tification. If, in this way, we can recognize the objectivity of the ‘world of human spirit as created in the subject, chen the question Jrises how much this can contribute to solving the problem of epistemology in general. 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Individuals are only the points of intersection for cultural systems and social organizations with which their existence is interwoven; how can the cultural and so- cial be understood on the basis of the individual?