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STOP AND STARE Words and Music by RYAN TEDDER, DREW BROWN, TIM MYERS, Moderately ZACK FILKINS and EDDIE FISHER NE. GémB E Thistown is cold-er now, Gime, — | think i's sick of us. It’s time 10 make our move. I'm shakin’ off the rust. Gime 7 Ha ve got_my heart set fon an = y-where but here Vm star- in? down my - self, They're try’n” to come back, all my sens - es push. Un-tie the weight bags, !__ ia oe Cnyrah © 2007 SonyiATV Muse Pulating LC, ante Mace Muse, Veet Harmer Mise, utero, lac Sart. Val Over Downs and LIF Pubshing Co ‘At Figs on pena SoryiATV Muse Patna LLG, Mn Mirae Mus and Vet Hae os “Aminstered by SonyiATV Mus Publshing LC. B Mu Square Wet, Nase TM 37203 ‘heratonalCopmight Seca" At aghts Reseed Cy nev er thought ‘Stead-y Stead-y Just don't take fail TS SS = SS Every glace. skill in’__ me Time 10 make — Vwi! nn il you cant walks — Some-thin’ pulls — | a Ba el = 7 ap ~ peal for the cus out and I'm stand - in? Baus no = where, Cim a Yeah, 1 know that ev'ry gets but I've be-come what 1 can't and Buus You start to wonder why you're here, ere. ‘And you'd give an - y thing to cin a get what's but fair aint what you real - cim E yt i en —— ee pops alae een tet == poe po a Se ——- é + . jl Eeereeaet _| ga SS Gime im Ae —— ie =e = —<— = = | SS by —— —_— a E —== t= Epa { == = ; aH pata 5 a —— === $ te on ———= et e -_ 4 SS ==