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Introducution to Seductive Storytelling


PART 1: Adding to the Vibe: Make Sure Your

Stories Work FOR You, Not AGAINST You



1A. Teaser Sentence: How to Introduce a

Story and Gauge Her Interest ........................................................ 12
1B. Accordion Theory: Keep Your Stories
Fluid so They Add to the Vibe ............................................................16
1C. Conversation navigation: Control the
Vibe by Steering Toward Loaded Topics..................... 20

PART 2: Building the Foundation: The Attitude,

Categories, and Inspiration of Seductive Stories 22

2A. Faking It Ruins Stories: Be Vulnerable,

Not Cool When Telling Your Stories .......................... 23
2B. The Main 4: Choosing the Right Seductive
Story for the Right Moment of a Seduction ......... 26
2C. Avoid Obvious and Passive: The Two
Killers of
a Seductive Story ................................ 38

PART 3: What Makes a Story Seductive: The

3-Element System for Flawless Storytellings..42
3A. Motivation: What a Character Wants
is the Seed of a Story..................................................................... 44
3B. Conflict and Consequence: When a Character Struggles the Storys Heart Beats ....................... 50
3C.Resolution: TheResultoftheCharactersQuest
Causes Change and Gives a Story Focus ....................... 60




to Moments that Need


APPENDIX: Pulling It All



hink back to your school days, back when you had that
dreadfully boring teacher for that horribly tortious class
(yeah, THAT one). Now remember the time that teacher
walked into class and annonced, Today well be watching
a movie that relates to our lesson. And

remember how it was as if the gods of entertainment were

smil-ing down on you from the hills of the Hollywood because
the movie was something you ACTUALLY wanted to see.
How awesome was that? Seriously. It probably felt like the educational equivalent of winning the lotto.
To have the luxury of relaxing at your desk and being ENTERTAINED for an hour-long class is a feeling that holds a special
place in every students heart. When given a choice between
be-ing TOLD facts or being ENTERTAINED by facts, we always
pre-fer the latter. As Kipling remarked, If history were taught
in the form of stories, it would never be forgotten.
This introduction, however, isnt about school or teaching
history or anything remotely academic. Instead, its to
introduce you to the bestand most SEDUCTIVEway to
convey your personal history so that its never forgotten.
While every guy reading probably relates to that sublime movie-in-class moment, most of us soon forget the sentiment when

interacting with women. Rather than give women the luxury
of relaxing and being entertained by who we are, we do what
every other guy does: report the facts of who we are to her.
I work for such-and-such company, went to blah-blah-blah
school, like this-and-that activity. Sound familiar? For most attractive women, its worse than familiarits dreadfully boring and not memorable. Just as you probably dont remember
much from that horribly tortious class, guys who convey their
identity by reporting facts are quickly forgotten, as well.

Thats why learning to tell a seductive story is an invaluable

as-set to your success with women. If you can captivate a
wom-ans attention, stir her emotions, and entertain her with
the facts about your life through stories, not only will she
savor your time together and really get an understanding of
who you are, youll also remain on her mind long after the
conver-sation or date is over.
Though, you probably already knew that. After all, youre
embarking on a course titled Seductive Storytelling, which
means you obviously acknowledge storytellings immense
importance in attracting women. What you probably DONT
yet know is that telling a great story is completely within
your reach. Most guys assume storytelling is some esoteric
talent, reserved for the few of us blessed with innate
creativity and charisma.

That is just so not true. The FIRST step to becoming a seductive storyteller is to forget whatever preconceived notions
you may have about storytelling as being some lofty
endeavor that requires divine inspiration. At its core, every
great story answers one of two simple questions:
1. What changed?
2. If nothing changed, why not?
If you think of books youve read, movies youve seen, or stories youve heard, heres what they ALL have in common: it
in-volved either HOW the main character CHANGED or WHY
the main character DID NOT CHANGE. If youve ever heard
some-one tell a story in which nothing changed nor was
there an explanation WHY nothing changed, then you didnt
really hear a story at allyou either listened to someones
reporting (at best) or rambling (at worst).
Change does not necessarily mean a Kafkaesque metamorphosis that alters a characters entire being. Seductive stories
often involve subtle changes, like learning a lesson or reversing an opinion. Of course, you may have stories that are more
significant such as why you changed career paths or what inspired you to get serious about your fitness. The beauty of becoming a seductive storytelling is that YOU have the freedom
to decide what stories you want to tell, stories that best convey YOUR identity to the woman youre getting to know!

Before delving into the course specifics, its important to iden-

tify two other immutable storytelling elements: 1.) a characters motivation and 2.) the conflict that ensues when that
motivation is pursued. These elements are covered in depth
in this book, particularly in Part 3, but for the purpose of this
introduction its important you understand the significance
of these two elements in almost EVERY story.
A characters motivation and the resulting conflict are often
what makes or breaks a story. Think of it in terms of this
basic formula:
Every day (character) did _______(1)_______ until the
day (character) wanted _________(2)________. Because of that, _______(3)________ happened, which
led to____(4)______. And thats when/why/how (character) ______(5)______.

What pre-changed character was like before story

Characters motivation
Consequence of conflict

A common symptom of a boring story is predictable character

motivation, which inevitably leads to an uninteresting conflict.
To ensure your stories ARE NOT boring or predictable, we
are going to challenge YOU to REALLY CONSIDER what
motivates the characters you describe in your stories.

Were not, however, advocating you lie or invent character
motivations. NEVER do we advise that you to lie to women
or tell fake stories. This is NOT a course on fiction. Moreover,
the purpose of telling a woman your stories is to express
your TRUE identity, which creates rapport. Nothing destroys
rap-port and violates a womans trust faster than a liar
That being said, getting in the habit of digging a layer deeper,
so you delve beyond the predictable and the obvious, is a skill
that will benefit you well beyond storytelling. When you REALLY examine peoples behavior with the intention of deciphering the NON-OBVIOUS MOTIVATION behind a decision or
action, you begin to understand people on a very deep level.

And since YOU are going to be the main character of SO

MANY of your seductive stories, giving careful thought to
the DEEP-ER reasons motivating YOUR OWN actions will
make you more self-aware, more insightful, and just a more
attractive guy to be around.
So before you officially begin this course, please realize that
much of your storytelling success or failure will rest on how
closely you adhere to the Greek aphorism. Know thyself. In
Part 3.1, youre going to learn a concept we call Cool Vulnerability. Stories people never forget are the stories that are
honest and truthful. (Sometimes painfully so.) The truth and
honesty of a storyteller comes less from facts and more from
feelings and insights. Emotional honesty and insightful truth

should guide your quest in becoming a seductive storyteller.
Lets get started.

An explanation on some of the word choices used in this book:

Whenever we describe the person whom a story is primarily about (a.k.a.,
the protago-nist), we chose to use the word character. In a personal
narrative, even though youre telling the story in the first person (i.e., the
I perspective), the character is still you.
We hope that by using a word like character you start to view yourself as
a story element, which might give you the emotional space needed to
discover a story possibility that may not have been apparent otherwise.
Furthermore, for simplicity, we consistently refer to the character using
masculine pronouns (e.g., he, his). Likewise, the listener is consistently referred to as she. We do NOT mean to assume that you will never tell a
story about a female character or that your only listeners will be women.
The ONLY reason we chose these pronouns was for clarity and simplicity
purposes. We anticipated that most readers will be men who want to
improve their sto-rytelling abilities so they can better relate to women, and
so we chose pro-nouns accordingly.

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