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Will you also get on Royal Road?

Lee Hyun agonizes while nodding.

Yes. Please get me a capsule.
It was like throwing money away, but since he was already present, it was better
than acting out a fool.
He decided if he was going to use money, he would raise even more on Royal Road
than what he had spent.
His capsule was right next to Lee Yu Jeong and Min Sura.
Then Oppa, cya later.
Have fun.
Spending money in the capsule room!
Lee Hyun gave a light nod then entered capsule.
When Weed connected, peace was absent in those in Morata.
There was multitude of beginners looking for hunting parties consisting of just them;
and going on quests together.
Level 1. All the classless come here.
At someone's beckoning, dozens of people gathered toward him.
Looking for people to catch Rabbit.
Currently, over 100 beginners gathered up.
There was no bothersome distinction to be made.
These people who didnt even dress up in combatants clothing accumulated and
proudly crossed the gate; hitherto, it seems to be the Merchants dream.
In order to make camp, we need to build a bonfiredoes anybody have a flint?
With our power, we'll be fine even with Wolves.
Even though they were beginners, the number was frightening.
A crew of more than 100 novices!
Without exception, more than 10 parties consisted of nothing but beginners went to
the field and hunted in front of the village.
More than a week in real life slipped pass since Weed was in the Domestic Affair
Mode of the Lord.
He had intended to make ways toward the Dwarves Kingdom immediately after
logging in, but the Soldiers seems to be starting their training a bit late at this time.

Ven, Stam, Yuple.

Yes, My Lord!
The Soldiers came to Weed and saluted ceremoniously.
You guys must lead the others well.
Understood, My Lord!
I will follow the Lords command.
The light in the Soldiers eyes were adamant, giving them enough validity.
Weed went hunting with these Soldiers four weeks earlier on the Versailles
Needless to say the hunt wasn't even decent for him. They were just catching Foxes,
Rabbits, or Wolves in front of the town, and then traveled together to some easy
Basic dungeon that has Kobolds, Rogues, Lions, Skeletons, and Ghouls.
In there, Weed displayed his absolute ability to conduct.
Do not hesitate to draw your swords for the sake of the innocent residents.