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Connected Communities:What ACTIONS do you need to take?

The workplace needs to have:

effective leadership
good governance, and
genuine community partnerships.

To facilitate a rigorous evaluation of the Connected Communities (CC)strategy, an

evaluation framework will be in place from the outset. This framework will include
milestones, targets, key data and measures, a collection and reporting schedule, as well
as a proposed methodology for the data analysis.

Key features
The Connected Communities strategy has a number of key features including:
cultural awareness (Connecting to Country) delivered locally for all staff
teaching Aboriginal language and culture
additional school executive position Leader: Community Partnerships
early years focus through to further learning and employment
personalised learning plans for all students
schools as a hub for service delivery
early intervention and prevention focus
partnership and co-leadership with the Aboriginal Community
partnership with a University and a TAFE Institute
School advisory council
100% of students access an
early childhood learning &
care service at least 2 yrs
before starting school.
Families actively involved &
participate in activities
Parent / carer

Local AECG president (or

regional if no local)
Local Aboriginal Elders or key
community members
Connected To Country
cultural awareness program
run by community, annually
for all school staff

Partner government agency

Partner non-government
organisations, such as
Aboriginal Medical Service

Chamber of Commerce or
local business representative



All students have an

Individual Pathways Plan

Executive Principals are
appointed for five years. They
appointed three months
before they take up their
positions in schools

Each school establishes a School Advisory Council to provide advice and support the
delivery of quality education and training to meet the needs and expectations of the students
and the school community
The Council includes: The Executive Principal, Leader Community partnerships, Teacher of
Aboriginal languages and culture
Teaches Aboriginal Languages Manages data related to the
Contributes local contextual
as part of the curriculum
15 key accountabilities
information to the
community profile through
discussions with the
ATSI students have PLPs
Evaluate & review attainment Works with the Executive
of targets & milestones
Director and the local
Aboriginal community to
articulate the aspirations and
visions for the future
including the core goals
Staff engage with TAFE & Universities on a regular basis

-All staff participate in the Connected To Country cultural

awareness program.
-Students supported from birth, through school to further
education & employment.
Encourages student
Participates as a staff

Participate in professional
learning opportunities
including Connecting to
Selects staff (For School
Advisory Council)

Develops & strengthens partnerships with the community

Provides innovative and inclusive leadership based on trust and respect
Work in partnership with the local Aboriginal community to improve outcomes
Improve teaching practices and learning outcomes
Coordinates services through
Take action to reduce the
the school and develops
barriers to learning and
partnerships with other
maintains effective
relationships with staff,
families, community groups,
business, special interest
groups and government and
non-government agencies
-Leads, sources & supports
Ensures the effective
targeted TPL
targeting and management of
-Leads, mentors and coaches
all resources
for teacher quality
Exercises sound judgement in
the management and
resolution of emergent and
contentious issues

System (Director)
Delivers the key
accountabilities of the
Connected Communities
strategy in all 15 schools

Ensuring the integrity of

cultural knowledge and
information is accurately
communicated and upheld
Works in partnership with the
AECG to run consultation
processes in each community
and develop in partnership
with the local community
Develops individual profiles
of each community

Builds community ownership

of and support for the
connected community
Brokers education services as
required on behalf of schools

Brokers government and

non-government services on
behalf of communities

Brokers and strengthens

employment opportunities
for students transitioning
from school

Monitors and reports to

government and
communities on progress