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EDUC 480 - Mini-Lesson: Lesson Plan

Date: June 30, 2015

Target Student Group: Grade 5 Core French
Title of Lesson: Le visage (Lesson 1 of Les Gens unit)
Teachers: Karla Josefson and Shilo Hansen
PLOs: (Connection to IRP)
Express acquired information in oral and visual form (communication)
Acquiring information (vocabulary relating to le visage)
Lesson Objectives/Student Understandings:
This lesson (le visage) serves as an
As formative assessment, the teacher will:
introduction to a new unit on les gens.
Observe pronunciation
Students will be able to:
Observe student participation and demonstrated effort
Use visual aids and lists
(willingness to speak in French during class repetition
Use drawings to help convey meaning
and during Pictionary)
Use repetition, alone or with others, to practise
Observe students actively listening to their peers
and reinforce new language
Use thumbs up, thumbs down after repetition of new
Record ideas or expressions with visual images
vocab words to check for students understanding
and symbols
before the Pictionary game
Derive meaning by listening attentively and
participating fully in activities
Greet class and explain that we are starting a new unit today
Computer and
Show video as an introduction/hook to get students interested.
Introductory Video
https://www.laits.utexas.edu/fi/node/28935 As students are watching, ask them
Paper slips with
to see if they are able to identify what the topic of todays lesson might be
vocab words for
Ask students: By raising your hand, can anyone make a guess on what the
topic is for today? *Students should be able to guess the face (le visage)
Vocabulary sheets
Oral practice of the 12 vocabulary words (le visage) as a class
Whiteboard and
*Students will repeat after teacher to practice pronunciation
Teacher will use thumbs up, thumbs down after repetition of new vocab words
to check for students understanding before the Pictionary game
Introduce Pictionary game to use the vocabulary that was practiced
o Split students up into two groups in front of R or L side of the
o Ensure that all students can see the board
o Explain the rules: 1) one student from each team will come up to the
front 2) both students drawing will draw the same word 3) once your peer
starts drawing, raise your hand to make a guess 4) teacher will point to the
student to guess 5) please say the word in French and reference your vocab
sheet if you need 6) one point will be awarded to the team who correctly
guesses the word first 7) we will play until each word has been drawn
Get into pairs, and practice questioning skills

One person asks: Where is your _____? (Ou est/sont ton/tes_____?) Partner responds by pointing to the

Give students French word to draw rather than both English/French translations

Take away le visage vocabulary sheet so students are guessing answers during Pictionary based on their
memory of the practiced vocabulary terms
Write out phonetic spelling for students to copy onto their vocabulary reference sheet if they are having