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Report on Statues of Lahore Museum

Pedagogy of History
Submitted to
Mam Shahida Parveen
Submitted by
Hafsa Tahir (2011-1436)
Hania Asif (2011-1401)
Sadia Anwar (2011-1440)
Zainab Fatima (2011-1423)
Maheen Tauqeer Qamar (2011-1402)
Sidra Javaid (2011-1437)
B.Ed. Hons. Elementary, 2011-15, Morning

Institute of Education and Research

University of the Punjab

Report on Statues of Lahore Museum


Lahore museum was founded on 3rd February, 1980 by

grandson of Queen Victoria named as Albert Victoria. This
museum actually consists of cultural and historical heritage of
Pakistan. Moreover, it is an international institution which consists
of Gandhara Gallery and several other galleries, but our topic is
Statues of Lahore Museum. The statues in Lahore Museum
are placed in Hindu Buddhist Jain Galleries.

Statues in Lahore Museum:

In Lahore museum the Hindu Buddhist Jain Gallery

consists of almost 38 statues. However, in Gandhara gallery
there are almost 49 statues. The detail of these statues is given

1) Gandhara Gallery:
In Gandhara Gallery there is a statue of Budh Sitwa and
Yenchak which was found in second century (A.C). It was
basically statue of wealth. Moreover, there is also statue of
Gautam Buddha which was symbol of religious reforms.

2) Jain Gallery:
In Jain Gallery there are statues of:
It is of almost 3212.3/4 inches and is of sheet
stone. It was found in Nogram Bonaire near KPK in
the year of almost second century (B.C).
Karishma Sirawatti:
It is of light brown color and is of Yakjan
Stone. Its height is 46 inches and width is
37.5/8 inches. It was found near Muhammad
Narhay Tehsil Chaar Sada District Peshawar
in year of second century (A.C).

Faka Kash sadharath:

It was found from Sakri near Hamaal Gharhi

4) Mardam
It is made up of NILAHUT TABQATTI PATHAR. Its size is
of 33 inches and of width of 21 inches. Then, there is another
statue of MAHA VEER which is made up of metal and found
from India in 10th (A.C).
There is VISHNU. It has been found in 19th century (A.C) from
south India and its named as Guardian of the world.

5) Ganaish
There is a statue Ganaish.It was basically son of Shiva. It was
famous as VANAYA KALEY. It was found in 20th century (A.C)
from eastern India.
DARGAH MAH was a statue and it was basically made up of
marble and found in 20th century (A.C) from chau jhamra in

6) Queen Victoria
There was a huge statue of queen
victoria .There were two statues of Laydord (VII)
and George (V).There sizes were 4 feet each.