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1. Present latest grade slip and registration card.

2. Fill out the Pre-registration Form.

For returnees, secure a re-admission clearance from the Office of

Student Affairs.

For under probation, proceed to the Guidance and Counseling


For scholars, accomplish a Scholarship Eligibility Form.

For MarE/Athlete, proceed to the Medical and Dental Services.

Get course schedules at the Schedule Board.

Proceed to the Program Window at the Registrar's Office for

evaluation and registration of courses, assessment of fees, issuance of
registration card and scholarship discounts.

Pay the assessed school fees at the Tellering Section.

Proceed to the Office of Student Affairs for ID validation.


Proper sequencing of courses, i.e., taking prerequisite courses before

the next higher courses, should be strictly observed; otherwise, the
registration maybe invalidated and no credit will be applied despite the
grades obtained.

A grade of 5.00 (Failed) in any prerequisite course disqualifies a student

from enroling in the next higher course.

If the grade obtained is 4.00 (No Credit), a student shall retake the
course within the prescribed one-year period or the mark automatically
becomes 5.00 (Failed).

A student who has not completed the required PE and NSTP units after
five (5) semesters will not be allowed to carry an 18-unit load including PE
and NSTP, unless justifiable reasons are presented.

A student who has been dropped from the roll or expelled due to
infractions of school rules and regulations shall not be readmitted.

The guidelines on academic probation shall apply to students who fail in

fifty percent (50%) or more of the total units enroled in during the semester.