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River Rental

Subject Property: 2935 Camino Del Rio Bullhead City, AZ 86442

04/02/2016 04/09/2016

Date: July 30, 2015

Dear Mari Anna Wahr,
Congratulations! The above subject property has been reserved for your requested dates.
To finalize your reservation, please complete the following instructions
Please complete and mail the rental agreement along with a cashiers check payable to Jeffry
Yelland in the amount of $1930 or $2028 (w/pool heating) by Saturday, August 1, 2015. The
remaining balance of $1930 or $2028 will be due 90 days before check-in or by January 2,
2016. Rate details are listed on page 6 of this agreement.
Your security deposit will be refunded back to you within 14 days of your stay assuming the
home is left in the proper condition.
Payment and rental agreement must be received by Monday, August 3, 2015 to finalize your
reservation. When payment is received, you will receive a confirmation via e-mail or fax that
your reservation is confirmed. If you should have any questions at all please feel free to
contact me.
Tel # (714) 679-2170
Fax # (714) 545-9161
Email Address: jyellandcpa@gmail.com
Very truly yours,
Jeffry R. Yelland, CPA
An Accountancy Firm
3 MacArthur Place, Suite 430
Santa Ana, CA 92707

Rental Agreement

Rental agreement between Mari Anna Wahr and Jeffry Yelland. (04/02/2016-04/09/2016)
Subject Property: 2935 Camino Del Rio, Bullhead City, AZ.

Use of the property

The said premises will be occupied by the following individuals Please list names and ages of
all occupants:
The purpose of this home is for vacation use only. No special events such as Weddings or
group events are permitted. Please remember that this is a residence and you must treat it
as if it was your own home in your own neighborhood. Please be respectful and courteous of
the home and the surroundings. No subletting is allowed. Maximum number of guests is
limited to 15.
I have read and understand the above _____ Initial

Ordinances and Statutes

Occupants shall not violate any state or city ordinances. This home is to be used for rental
purposes only. Occupants shall not violate Government law in the use of these premises,
commit waste or nuisance, annoy, disturb or interfere with another resident or neighboring
I have read and understand the above _____ Initial

No Smoking

Lessee acknowledges that smoking is prohibited inside the premises. Cleansing the unit of a
smoke smell is costly as it may require cleaning of blinds, furniture, carpets, etc. Smoke is
very obvious in these premises and if it is detected following a quests stay there will a fee of
$500 for de-smoking the unit.
I have read and understand the above _____ Initial

No Water Balloons and Fireworks

Lessee acknowleges that water balloons and fireworks are prohibited anywhere on the
property. Water balloons cause damage to the pool, filters, stain walls, clog garbage
disposals, etc. Fireworks are illegal in the area. If any water balloons or fireworks have been
detected following a guest stay, there will be a fee of $500.
I have read and understand the above _____ Initial


Pet Policy -

Lessee shall not keep or permit to be kept in said premises any pet, animal or bird, etc. of
any kind without the lessors permission. A pet cleaning fee of $500 is required for carpet
cleaning and de-flea of the unit upon check-out. If pets accompany quests without written
permission, there will be a fee of $950 and the unit will be sprayed for fleas and the carpets
cleaned at the quests expense.
I have read and understand the above _____ Initial

Interior, Furniture and Carpet

Inside furniture is for inside use only. Please do not rearrange the furniture. We expect
normal wear and tear on the carpet and furniture, however excessive stains and or tears may
result in us holding back a portion of your deposit money.
I have read and understand the above _____ Initial


Lessee agrees to hold Lessor harmless from any damage and or theft to personal property
sustained on the property. Lessor is not liable for any damages or injury to Lessee or any
other person or property on the premises or in the common areas thereof, unless such
damage is the proximate result of the negligence or unlawful act of Lessor, his agents or his
I have read and understand the above _____ Initial


Any failure by Lessee to pay rent or charges promptly when due or to comply with any other
term or condition hereof, shall at the option of the Lessor and after lawful notice given,
forthwith terminate this tenancy.
I have read and understand the above _____ Initial

Pool Maintenance

Lessee shall keep all debris, trash, water bottles, etc. out of pool as they plug up the filters,
etc. Please also be sure that the infinity catch basin has water in it at all times. If tenant has
any questions regarding the pool operation, etc., please contact the management.
I have read and understand the above _____ Initial


It is the tenants responsibility to take the trash out to the curb on Wednesday and
Sunday nights for pick-up and put the trash cans back in the garage the following

Lessee shall keep and maintain the premises in a clean and sanitary condition at all times
and upon termination of the tenancy shall surrender the premise to the Lessor in good
condition and when received, ordinary wear and damage by the elements is expected.
Lessor will pay for all normal and usual maintenance as might occur. Damages resulting
from intentional, unintentional or negligence by Lessee shall be at the expense of the Lessee.
I have read and understand the above _____ Initial


Owner agrees to pay the following expenses a) utilities b) satellite TV.

Non-Summer pool heating is an additional charge of $28 per day.
Please note: When temperatures go below 45 degrees, we may be unable to heat the pool.
I have read and understand the above _____ Initial


Nothing contained in this agreement shall be construed as waiving any Lessors rights under
the laws of the state of Arizona.
I have read and understand the above _____ Initial

Physical Possession

If Lessor is unable to deliver possession of the premises at the commencement hereof,

Lessor shall not be liable for any damage caused thereby and this agreement shall be void or
voidable and monies collected will be refunded to Lessee
I have read and understand the above _____ Initial

Turnover Fee

A one-time turnover fee of $385 is required for our maintenance team at the time of your
departure, however if additional services are required you will be billed for the extra services.
I have read and understand the above _____ Initial


Rent money is non-refundable! However we will make every effort to re-rent the unit for your
time period. If we are able to fill your time slot, you will receive a refund minus $500 (a rerental charge).
I have read and understand the above _____ Initial


Fully furnished-defined as the provisions of the use of the Lessee all usual home furnishings:
couches, tables, chairs, beds, TV, linens, towels, house wares, etc. A rental house is defined
as follows: A rental for a specific time period specified in the lease and is followed by another

paid renter for the next day of occupancy by a new Lessee following the departure of the
current guest.
I have read and understand the above _____ Initial
REMARKS: Check in time is 4:00 PM or later, check out is at 10:00 AM. If you need
additional time for check out or require an early check in, advance notice is
required. If you fail to meet these guidelines, you will be subject to a late
departure fee in the amount of $250 per hour.
I have read and understand the above _____ Initial
The keys must be placed back in the lock-box, the marina key and garage opener must be
left on the counter top. If items are missing, you will be responsible for the replacement cost.
House Key = $250 Garage Opener = $250 Marina Key = $500
I have read and understand the above _____ Initial

By signing below, you have read and acknowledged the lease contract.


Mari Anna Wahr


Cost Breakdown for 2935 Camino Del Rio Riverfront Rental

Arrival Date

Departure Date

Date Reserved

April 2, 2016

April 9, 2016

July 30, 2015

Check in 4:00 PM

Check out 10:00 AM

Rental Rate Detail/Description
Spring Rental
Spring Rate $595/night

Discounted Weekly Rate ($425/night x 7 nights)

Turnover/Cleaning Fee


Security Deposit (Refundable)


Total amount due

$ 3,860.00

Total amount due at lease signing

$ 1,930.00

Total amount due 90 days before check-in (01/02/16)

$ 1,930.00

Optional Pool Heating Fee ($28/day x 7 days)

$ 2,975.00


Total amount due

$ 4,056.00

Total amount due at lease signing

$ 2,028.00

Total amount due 90 days before check-in (01/02/16)

$ 2,028.00

Credit Card Authorization Form

Addendum to Lease Agreement

2935 Camino Del Rio (rental Home) must be left in proper condition. If the amount of
damages exceeds the security deposit amount, you will be charged the overage to
your credit card. Please complete the information below.

Name of Card Holder:

Type of Credit Card: Master Card/ Visa other:

(select one)

Account Number:
Expiration Date:

By Signing below, I authorize Jeffry Yelland to charge my credit card account for any
damages exceeding the security deposit amount. An itemized statement of charges
will be provided to you for your records and you will be notified prior to us charging
your credit card.

Cardholder Signature


River Rental Guest List/Information Sheet

Name of Responsible Party:

Daytime Phone Number (

Cell Phone Number (

Email Address:

Please list Names and ages of all guests that will be occupying the property below

Please list the vehicles that will be at the property

Plate Number















Please return this form and a copy of your Driver License or State ID card along with
your signed lease