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and mass society; yet he history, and aesthetics. essay explains that patterns of human interaction which unde} state, society. Using these patterns, Simmie| concern progress) PRENTICE-HALL, INC., Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey MAKERS OF MODERN SOCIAL SCIENCE GEORG SIMMEL EDITED ny LEWIS A. COSER Hatt, Inc, Englewood Clifs, New Jersey. AIL book may be reproduced CONTENTS to Sociology, ¢ lectical Method in Simmet's Sociology, 10 iifeance of Numbers for Social Life, 14 Simmet's Ambivatent, View of Modern Culture, 28 Simmets Influence, 23 SIMMEL'S STYLE OF WORK ‘The Stranger in the Academy, Lewis A. Goser SIMMEL'S WORK ‘AS SEEN THROUGH THE EYES OF His CONTEMPORARIES Sociology and Its Scientific Field, fmile Durhhei Simmel as Sociologist, Ferdinand Ténnies Simmel's Formal Method, Leopold von Wiese Sociological Relativism, Aifred Mamelet