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Pre-AP Chemistry Class Guidelines

Mrs. Gilbert
Room E-214
Phone (469)302-4451
E-mail rstilesgilbert@mckinneyisd.net

Acquire and apply chemical concepts and skills that are necessary for understanding AP
chemistry or college chemistry.
Acquire and apply scientific critical-thinking and problem-solving skills.
Develop an understanding of the role of chemistry in the natural world.
Produce products that represent the application of scientific thinking and problem solving and the
unique concepts and skills of chemistry.

Safety and Equipment
Data Analysis
Electrons (Quantum)
Periodic Table
Ionic/Covalent Bonding
Chemical Reactions

States of Matter
Gas Law
Energy & Kinetics
Solutions & Equilibrium
Reaction Rates
Acids & Bases
Redox Reactions

Modern Chemistry, Houghton, Mifflin, Harcourt, 2014.
(Internet access to textbook and other resources will be given at a later date)
Lecture and discussion
40% laboratory experiments and write-ups
Independent study
Group study
Pencils & erasers
Blue or black pen
Scientific calculator
Notebook paper
Ruler with both cm and in.

Composition notebook
Note cards
8 pack of Sharpie permanent markers
Highlighters (three different colors)
Spare pair of socks and shoes (optional)

Summative: Test Graded, Formal Lab reports and Projects.70%
Formative: Labs, Quizzes, Homework, Daily ..30%

Students must plan to spend at least 3 hours per week doing assigned work, studying for tests, and reading assignments.
Homework is assigned. Quizzes will be used to assess your understanding. Late work is subject to point deduction as per district
policy. Getting your work done on time prepares you for class and keeps you from falling behind.
We will perform several laboratory activities throughout the year. You must have a safety contract signed by both you and
your parents prior to performing any labs. On days when labs are performed students must wear closed toed shoes and other
appropriate attire as outlined in the safety rules. If you are not properly dressed for lab, you will not be allowed in the laboratory area.
Pre-lab write-ups are frequently required. If a student has not done the pre-lab write-up BEFORE class, they will not be
allowed to do the lab and must make it up at a later time. If a student is absent on a lab day, they may be able to view a video of the
lab or make up times will be available by appointment. It is the students responsibility to make up the lab on the assigned day. Each
student is expected to have their reports in order and ready to hand in BEFORE coming to class.
If you break any laboratory equipment due to carelessness or horseplay, you will be required to reimburse the school at the
current equipment cost.
Formal lab reports are assigned at least once every quarter and will count as a test grade.
There will be a test given at the end of each unit. The units will not necessarily follow the chapters of the book. Tests will
consist of matching, multiple choice, fill in the blank, word problems and short answer. Spelling WILL count!
Any Formative or summative grade may be reassessed up to a maximum grade of 80% (as per District Policy) after
the student attends a tutorial sessions. It is the students responsibility to be prepared for the test the first time. Every student must
be prepared to take the exam on the scheduled day regardless of whether they were absent the day before or not, UNLESS you missed
NEW material on that day. Tests dates are announced at the beginning of the unit, or at least 2 class periods prior to the day of the test.
All make-up work is the responsibility of the student. On the day you return to school, you must come to class to schedule
any make-up labs, TURN IN ALL WORK THAT WAS DUE THE DAY YOU WERE ABSENT, and pick up assignments from the
teacher. Be sure to read the student handbook rules and policies concerning this topic. All make-up labs, tests, & quizzes will be
completed during tutorials. MISD board policy gives 1 day for each day absent to finish and turn in make-up work. After that you
will receive a grade of zero (0) for every assignment that is not finished and turned in.
Tutoring will be available after school. Its a good idea to let me know you are coming, because required meetings will
sometimes be scheduled during tutorial times. A chemistry teacher will be available for tutorials Monday thru Thursday. If I am not
in class you are encouraged to meet with one of the other teachers.



Medrano D-221


Come in immediately for help if you find yourself unclear on a topic. Chemistry is a cumulative and comprehensive subject.
If you miss one little thing, it can snowball into a BIG problem.
I am looking forward to getting to know all of you this year and share my love of chemistry with you. Hopefully you will
learn to appreciate and grow to love this area of science. Lets have a great year!