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he teaci ng of the weave. A Campaign Adventure for Characters of Levels 4-7 Richard Baker Bruce R. Cordell David Noonan Matthew Sernett James Wyatt ‘the tearing of the weave” Richard Baker Bruce R. Cordell David Noonan Matthew Sernett James Wyatt _ Duscnons & Deacons’ Camraran Accrssony Destanrns: RicHarp Baker, Bruce R.Coxpett, — - Davin Noonan, Marruew Szxnerr, James WeATT “ “ Error: Joun THomson Epmxe Manacra: Kim Moan, “Destes Manacer: Gunistormer PeRKiNs Devenorment Manacen: Jesse. Deoxen Seton Awr Director D&D: Stacy Lonasraeer Dmecron ov RPG R&D: Brut Staviesex Propucrion Manacnrs: Jost Fisczer, RANDALL Cxews Foxcorfex Rrats Axr Dinector: Kare Inwin Cover Anvist: Wizttam O’Coxor TyreRIOR Agrists: WILLIAM O'Connor, Jim PavELzc, Cunis Dex Grarmc Desiannk: Rowert RAPER - Carroor apne: Ronexr Lazzarertt Tactical Mar Desicn: Niex Isaac Gkavnic Propuctioy Sractatist: ANGELIKa Loxorz, Inace-Tecuwictan: Sven Bouen or asl othe xigina Dungeons & Dragons ules eee by Gary Gygax and Dave Arscion andthe new Dangeams & Dragons ge ig y ‘Tonatan Tet, Monte Cook, Sp Willan, Richacd Bakes and Peter Akon. ‘This product wes uplated materi frm the «FF evn ex dsgn fc ue wth the Bourn Rea." Campa Sein y P2 Greenwood, si Stig, Sean Reynolly Skip Wilms and Rob Heiwoo. ‘his Wizard ofthe Cont game prot contains no Open Gane Content, No portion of this wrk may he repre in ay form ithe writen pasion | ‘To leun more abou the Open Gaining License andthe #20 scm Lana pase rt wwnivizardscon0 US, CANADA, ASIA, PACIFIC, & LATIN AMERICA Winans of the Goa, Ine 20. Box 707 Renan, WA 98057-0707 (Cxsstiont) 1-800-524-0496 620-95688720-001-EN 937654324 First Ponting: Mare 2007 ISHN: 7rRO7Ks9 119.3 EUROFEAN HMADQUARTERS * Hasro UX Lad Cael Way Newport, Gwent NDS OYE, GREAT ERUTALN Doxains & Deans, DD, Duna Maso, Foam Tt, 20, 20 Sr, Wit Ca hry The Tera ofthe Weare Pliers Hat ‘Dane Mt Gl, eter Marsa al eter Wrancfe Cote prods anes i pce ings a tears of Wed he Co Te Inthe US aadothe cane This mats rote unt he ope ta he Unite ate of Amr Ay nine asthe othe ose hei el ‘ith he rue won pina Wien he Coa Toe Ts aie wok itn yy oll epi py fet i ey cota Via ur mins iwrizrdcoaorgeio ne nn Wheloon, 2 city known for its vibrant green state / roof, nev temple to Mystra is in the of construction. But something rings false among the Iravenly splicres—or at least among, those who mouth the p= re ee temple doors. = ‘Ad that's just the beginning... Cormyr: The Tearing of the Weave isan adventare designed for four Aebvlevel Duncnows & Daacons® characters. Player cliracters will advance through Sth level and into 6th level during the course of the adventure, and pechaps rach 7th or fc evel by its conclusion. preparation As Dungeon Master, you need four books 19 run this adver {ure the Player's Handbook (PHT), the Dungeon Masters Gnide (DMG), the Monster Manual (MM), and the Foscorrex Rist Campaign Seating (FRCS), ‘Review the information presented on pages 111-116 of the Poncorrex Reats® Campaign Setting and the information aout southeastern Cormyr in the appendix of this produc. Otherwise, fel free to modify the adventure to Suita location other than Coxnys ‘Unless you decide otherwise, eis adventure rakes place dong the fll of 1374 DR. This adventure ses the tactical encounter format to describe areas where PCs are likely to enter melee How To use the Tactical encounter Format Encounters unlikely to end in combat use traditional keyed ad- venture text. Bue if a keyed area indicates combat is expected, the eatsy directs the DM to an asocisted tactical encounter The cradvonal keyed entries remain your flowehart of the dveuture—they tell you when to refer toa tactical encounter, fd o-mhac'page nainber you should turn, ol emu The most ena ‘ach tactieal encounter isthe snap for that area A.yarity of information accompanies exch ‘map—ereature deserptions inital position, creature tats, tects, rap if ang and other related information. ‘The encounter in this adventure are designed for use with * Dunckows & Dr-scoxs Miniatures. In most cases, D&D® ‘miniature can represent a charactor or ereature perfectly; other ‘times you'll have to improvise How to User Excousrrr Mars As described on DIMG 59, if » map feature covers more then hhalf of a given square, the featnre is considered to extend into ‘that square. If it covers less than half of a square, it docsn’t extend! into that square. For example, if an area of light undergrowth skirts aroun the edyes.of a square, but the rest of the square is clear, then, there’ no extra movement cost to enter that square, If che undergrowth reaches past the middle of the square, the square costs ? squares to move into. The same rule applies to diagonal walls. We've drawn diago- nnal walls on the maps so they cut through the centers of square edges instead of running corner to corner. This way} is easy to tell whether a character can stand in a given square or uot, since every square that a diagonal wall passes throngh is either Jngely clear (you can stand there) or just a small corner (you cai’t stand there), : | —— ‘Tante oF CONTENTS set adventure Background ‘The goddess Mystra provides for and tends the Weave, the. conduit through which most creatures in Toril access magical energy. Despite this central role, the worship of Mystra has declined over the years. Even so, new temples are sometimes commissioned. ‘Until recently, Cormyr did not have a single temple to the Mother of All Magic. Thar changed six months ago when & Mystran priestess named Lady of Mystery Naedaenya Arthas, convinced Lord Sarp Redbeard, leader of Wheloon and lord of rnc of che surrounding lands, that hosting & temple of Mystra was exactly the thing to bolster the city’s economy and create a trade destination for magical items, components, and lore. A good deal of bribe money also exchanged hands, but in the end, construction was sited and started. ‘The temple was located on the site of a ruined citadel atthe edge of Wheloon. With a foundation—albeit crunibling—already in place, along with the magic-aided constraction techniques available to those pledged to Mystra, tae temple was finished in mere months. The open central courtyard hosted nightly ser- vices to the Lady of Mysteries beneath her symbol of the seven, ‘When Tanaster Draaik, an itinerant cleric of Mystra, hap- _petied through Wheloon, te as astonished to discover a fullsized temple where for years had been a ruined citadel, Had he missed the church communigué concerning news of the opening? But it was glorious news nonetheless that Cormyr finally hosted a temple to Mystra, Tunaster entered the temple, jubilant and eager to co his fellow clergy in their new chapel “He barely escaped with his life—and his sanity. , adventure synopsis Ginnie pio casa cae sipetiee deere alls ce ete ese eee eee re Te wn cas oe a ty, te Pan a eh Sdn arp i the Vest Sun jute fom tert he Pie Sr deans Oavy cept ge ee ae ec ce ec ee Chapter 1: Temple of Mystra: The PCs must force or trick ‘their way into the well guauded temple to discover what is amiss. ‘They find ove that the clerics offer “Mystra’s Sacred Trust” 10, travelers through town and other folk who aren't likely to be missed, These folk are deyniveted after along ritual; those with ‘no magical talent are tortured to death dr fed to monsters: The others are taken from the ety to. location in the Vast Swamp. for an unknown purpo:e—one the PCs will have to discover for themselves. The temple’ “clerics of Mystra” are indeed cer: ‘es—hut they worship a far more malevolent goddess. ‘Chapter 2: Into the Vast Swamp: The PCs follow the trail of| the dominated victims to the Vast Swamp, encountéring both friends and focs on the way. At the edge of the swamp, an en- ‘counter with some loal lizardfolk reveals the existence of hordes of undead—once the: brethren of these same lizardfolk—and a castle in the swamp where the déminared victims enver, but never leave Chapter 3: Cormyr's Lost Refuge: The PCs must fight their ‘vay inside the castle to reveal the fate of the dominated residents ‘of Wheloon. Once inside the koop they battle various foes, icin ing the chieftain of the undead lizardfolk. Farther investigation leads the BGs to a few of the dispossessed Wheloonians—and a strange-looking portal to the Plane of Shadow where the otiaers ‘must have gone: Chapter 4: The Path of Shadows: Emerging from the portal intoa dark mirror of the Material Plane, the PCs haye a choice: set off in a magic boat across the dark waterway, or trek overland across te wide shadow swamp. A water journey is unnerving but ultimately uneventful, while choosing to walk across the swamp borings the PCs to the lair of the undead lizardfolk. Fentually the BCs arrive ar an ancient monastery where they meet agents of Cyric and learn that the combined clergies of Shar and are attempting to fear a hole in the Weave, creating a vast area of dead magic. Chapter J: The Black Rift: From the monastery, the PCs ‘mast journey ¢o the Black Rift, a huge canyon inexplicably set in the middle of the swamp. Here the strange, warped nature of the Plane of Shadow becomes very apparent as the PCs fight ‘their way drough strange locations linked by long bridges across the rift. At the end of the chain of fortifications, the PCs meet ————— : gathering mformation about the remple TF the FCs wart to ask around tow regarding the temple ~ of Mgstra, use the folowing Gather Information DC> to determine che results of their questioning of the Jocals.¢ Beating a specific DC aio reveals the information provided — "by lower rests, = DC 10: “The few temple wene up real fast. They didn’t spare {ay magic when building i chars for sure But I suppose that’s ‘what te should expec from clerics of Mystra” DC 15; “Lord Redbeard said the temple will bring in moro people and more trade—pornson the map as it were: Te seems to be doing that At lea hs priests of Myst apend 2 fe amount of coin on supplies that otherwise woul have been spent” DC 20% “the Purple Dragons investigated the place after some folk complained of weird lights and of noises at night. Tagine tha! Odd ose and lights ata tenple devoted to the tse of magi! OF vourse the Dragoas dit find anychig” DC 25." hear thatthe eleres of Mystra haven't been too fiienly with our tovn’s rational church, the Harvest Hall und God's Grove. Tha’ protaby de to bigeity church rivalry, Once the Matane gt seed i, they ome to understand there al friends here” Tstratin 8s lla Pree Despayr, the dragon behind i all. IF they suceeed in defeating him, the rip in the Weave that Despayr has started ‘sll heal self. Ifthe PCs fail, great ‘woe will befall Cormyr. combat in the pack Page 164 of the Players Handbook covers the ‘opie of vison and fight, but the information is vorth resamining beeause many combats in this Adventure occur in eonitons of dasknes or stadowy illumination In an area of bright illumination, all characters can see clearly. A il cseatare can't vse Hide in an area of bright illumination unless i i Jnvistle, has cover or concealment, or has ‘he hie in plain sight ability In an arca of shadowy illumination, a luracter can see dimly. Greatores within this area have concealment relative fo thar character, if he or ste doesn’ aye darkvison, Concealment has ovo main effects The subject of a successfil attack has a 20% miss chance, and creatures can make 8 Hide check to conceal themselves. Tn areas of dashes, creatures that lack darkvision are fectively blinded. In addition to the obvious effects, a blinded creature has 2 50% miss chance in combat (all opponents have total concealment, loses any Dexterity bonus to AC, takes a penalty to AC, moves at half speed, and takes a —# penalty con Search checks and most Strength and Devterty-based skill ches Characters who have lovelight vision (ves, gnomes, and halls) can Sec objects twice as far away asthe given distance Double the effective radius of bright light and of shadowy i Jomination for such characters. For example, torch provides Brig illumination out ro 40 fect (father than 20 feet for Character with low light vision, and it provides shadowy illu tation aut to WO fet (rather than 40 Feet). Characters who have Superior low-light yision can ses objets four times as faraway ts the given distance. Quadruple the effective radius of bright humiation and of shadowy ilamination for such characters. Characters who have darkvision uch as dwarves and halForss) can sec lit sivas normally a8 well as dark areas within 60 fet. A create canfe nse Hide within 60 feet of a character wha Jas dashvision ualess i invisible bas coves, oF has the bide sn plain sight abi: combat in water Sora ekcounters in dhs adventure feature bois of water that 3PCor NPC might eater. The pertinent les fiom the Playé Hapdbiok and the Dungeon Maser Guide are gathered here Jar your convenience Wet new temple of yttra sine rightly under the munday. the water in chis adventure should be treated as calm. Creatures in the water must sueceed on a DC 10 Swim check to move one-quarter their normal land speed. A failure by 5 Or more results in a ereature going underwater and needing to hold its breath. Creatures without a swim speed cor freedam of movement that fail a swim check are considered off balance; they love cheir Dexterity bonus to AC and foes gain +2 bons to hit them. Holding Your Breath: A creature can hold its breath for 2 ‘number of rounds equal to twice ts Constitution score, but only if taking move actions or free actions. A creature holding is breath that tzkes a standard action has the number of rounds thats breath can be hel reduced by 1. After tha, the creature ‘must make a miecessful DC 10 Constitution checks each round, the DC ofthis check inereases by 1. A failed Constitution check ure to fall unconscious Inthe Following round, the ereature is reduced.to ~1 hit points. Tn the round after that, che creature dis, ‘Water and Cover: A creature immersed in water has total ‘caver from attacks on land. A erearue standing in water ae least, tual its eight in depth has cover (4 to AC, 3 on Reflex saves) from land attacks, and it cam crouch as a-move action to gain improved vover (8 to AG, +4 on Reflex saved). Creatures sw ‘ming, bue breaking the surface, have improved cover against attacks from land (8 to AG, +4 on Reflex save) ‘Water and Attacks: Ranged attacks take a2 penalty oi the attack roll fox each 5 feet of water they pass through; saehing ‘and bladgeoning melee attacks take a ~2 penalty on the attack roll when underwater as well. The surface of the water stops —— —— Tante oF GonTENTS oa! , line of effect for fre spells and spllcaters in the water must sce on a Spelleraft check (DC 20 + spel level), or the spell fails and'is wasted. Adventure Hooks (Characters cen become entangled in this adventure through a wide variety of methods, Read through the information sbout ‘Wheloon in the appendix to get an understanding of the setting for the first part of the adventure, and then consider using one of the following adventure hooks (6 get things going: Suggested hooks include the following: Tunaster Dranik: Au itinerant priest of Mystra coneacts the player characters, who by this time Cie level) have just started to make a name for themselves. Alternatively, the PCs sce a notice posted on a focal tavern wall or town job board. The letter or posted announcement simply reads: To Those of Strong Arm, Keen Mind, and Quriesity Selucations! See the man in blue at the Wyvern Watch Inn before the 23rd if you wish to ear a peculiar riddle, land are willing to undertake a commission to discover its answer ID. ‘The letter is delivered to the POs or is posted in Wheloon, for a rovin chosen by the DM appropriate to the characters? location. IF the PGs travel to the Wyvern Watch Inn (or one substituted by the DM) before the indicated date, they indeed find a white-hearded man wearing a simple bloe robe trimmed » with white, accented by 2 cloak of deep blue. He also wears a bi skulleap, Tf approached, the man i initially nervous, as if ready to bol However if the PCs put him at ease, he indicates he is indeed ‘TD? Tanaster Dranik, cleric of Mystra (LLG male Chondathin ‘human cleric 3). PCs interested in hearing his ride nd taking the commission offered can speak with Tunastcr at length and learn the details of his predicament and offer. The following bits of information are imparted to the Cs naturally, a8 part of conversation: “Lander, a5 many MYstean clergy doy seeking sources of old ‘magic. Pe been in tombs, dangerous rains—Pve even skirted the lair of « foul lich, But none of these holds a candle to the sight I saw a tenday past—a newly built temple of Mystra, here in Wheloon”™ “Seems normal enough, eh? But there are no other temples fof Mystra in Cormyr. This is big news! Pm a long-time cleric of the chuck, Tin in yearly contact with the organization. Hows is ie Tide know I finda temple of Mystra here? Why don't 1 eric in good standing, know more of this ‘Lady Archae who supposedly ordered the temple's construction, an sited it cn the ruins of the old citadel?” “Astonished, I immediately entered the temple, looking for answers. I made i tothe outer courtyard, bt was rebuffed from entering the inner areas; Iwas told to wait for Lady Arthas After an bhour’s wait, « man appeared, sosicone named Fembry, and asked me to accompany him back to the middle courtyard He wore the garb of a Mystran cleric, as Td, but something” about him wasn't right. I cat explain it to you, but something made me... run.” “And they chased me! Why would they do that?Someone on the temple walls fred arrows at me! But I escaped. What in the Nine Hells is going on in there? I need to fina oxt, of failing that, go to the nearest lgitimate temple of Mystra and ask for aid. hae now you'ee ere. Ca you help me? “Dive already spoken to the authorities about the subject. Constal Tholl assures me that the Purple Dragons have inves- ‘gated the temple and found nothing amiss. Lasked him what they discovered, and it seemed they made only a cursory check of the place after hearing about strange lights and noses. T sensed his reluctance to lagk deeper into it has mare to do with Lord Rediard’s pleasure at the business and taxes the temple brings ‘aa with a firm understanding of what is happening within.” Tunaster offers the Fs sum of 2,000 gp if they penetrate the temple; find out if a profanity to Mysera is being commie ted, and the purpose behind it and eliminate the blasphimers He'll pay the PCs $00 gp now, with the rest coming upon the completion of the quest. For his part, he's going t© travel to Snerloon to meet with his superiors at the Tower of Mystery, and he will not accompany the PCs. Tunaster hopes to find faith: ful there who can tell him what might be going on or wo will return with him. Tunaster is fairly certain that someowe there ox nearby will be able to teleport him back, hut if he cae it will take him nearly a tenday to return. If the PCs seem hestans, ‘Tunaster offers to write them a promissory note that has his ‘personal arcane mark, which the PCs can redeem at any temple ‘of Mystra (except the one in Wheloon, of course) for payment after they submit to diserw fies spells ‘Missing Bookacller: Amnie Basult, a Wheloon bookseller, has gone missing, His wife, Mela is hysterical, The Wheloon Watch doesn't look into such matters—but peels Mela can interest the PC? i ‘Amnic was last seen in his bookshop. A succesful DC 1+ Search check reveals the signs of a scuffs a successful DC 18 Search check reveals « pamphlet to the city’s now temple of ‘Mystra that has fallen into a crack between the floorboards On it is written (in Amnic’s handwriting), “Do they really hold ‘Mystra’s Sacred Trust?” Looking for « Temple: The characters axe looking for a nearby temple for healing, advice, or some other service and discover the newly built temple of Mystra to investigate anomalies brought to their attention, ‘or perhaps simply by chance £eatures of the remple ‘The structure consists of the temple proper, with an open outer courtyard, a colounaded midale temple, an inner temple with as sociated antechambers, an a dungcon level beneath. The temple is built into the side ofa hill at che edge of Wheloon and along ‘the Wyvernflow River. Ie was built on the fouridations of an older citadel coustrueted before Wheloon was founded. A stone path leads up the hill to the main temple entrance, which consists of a set of heavy oaken doors. ceilings é Ceilings ae of uniform height Geilings: Indoor ceilings are 15 feet high unless otherwise noted. walls ‘The outer walls are made of 5-footthick mortared stone. A. walkway rons along the tops of the walls that surround the outer ‘courtyard. The inner walls are L-fooe-thick mortared stone, ‘Masonry Walls (Rxterios) 5 ft. thick; hardness §; lp 450; break DG $5; Climb DC'20. ‘These walls are ubout 2F feet tall fon the outside edge, and it's a climb of 20 feet to reach the bartlement. ‘Masonry Walls (Interio} 1ft. thick; hardness 8; hp 90; beeak DC.35; Clim’ Dc 20, ‘Masonry walls inerease the DC of Listen checks to hear ‘through them by 15. The hit points and bresk DC shown are for & single 10-foot section. If x masonry wall is breached, the Squares breached and all adjacent nonall squares hecome heavy ‘acbris, Doors. ‘Wntranee to the remple is controlled by the outer goors and inner doors, which open into the open outer courtyard and enclosed dhe characters arsive at the newly built temple hoping middle temple, respective ‘made of iron-reinforeed oak. ‘The onter courtyard doors stand open end unlocked by day but are closed ae night: The middle temple doors are usually closed Hoth sets of courtyard doors ate And locked (barred from within) Internal doors are ll good wooden doors; hey ae lacked ot unlocked a5 ote ‘Barred and Iron Reinforced Wooden Door (Courtyard Doors): 1 fe thick; AC 2 handacs 55 hp 140; break DG 37 (bared), Each door measures 90 square feet; 2 knock spell estat th Joye can open one if barred The doors are barre 2 night lt open by day. Good Wooden Door (Internal Door) hates 5 hp 15; break DC 18 Gf locke 1/2 in. thick; AC 3, illumination i Hanging lanterns illuminate most of the rooms in the temple Dark areas are specifically noted in the text proactive defense During the course of the adventure, it is poss, even likely, that PCs will enter combat and remove the threats of one oF more chambers of the temple, then fall bck, Becante the fake temple of Mysera is actively managed, srviv- ing prigsts do noe simply allow their numbers to be whittled down and wait for the next attack; they Iaunch a proactive program to stem the problem, Backfill Loses: ‘The temple can't withstand the loss of too ‘many guards and priests in the upper level, but it does react by attempting to hire new guards and importing fresh priests from the east, and so on. TF the PCs incapacitate or kill guards and priests, leave, and core back, they find replacements, depending B32 jf f_ osenbs|>u@L2[e9s) [eae Perr Foret pies nw Oth eae Bie = en con when the PCs return. These replacements apply only to the upper level ofthe temple Less than @ Daye No replacements. One to Tiyee Days: Valt the number of slain/nenpactated guards and 50% chance of an equal level priest Eonr‘or More Dagi: AML guards and priests replaced. If the PCs make much fendway in the dungeon level they wil gather enough evidence to reveal the temple co be sham. ‘Ouee this happens, che temple will go dark and its residents will fee cast ‘Legal Isues: The temples residents don’t want to draw too sch attention to heir new enterprise, so they won't see Wheloon authorities against PCs; however, if the PCs show up on temple sgouus with authorities in tow, dhe surviving priests wll make 2 persuasive argument that i is ehe PCs who shouldbe clapped fn irons and led away. Unless the PCs can beat the temple's Bluff check rule Guade with « modifier of «15 including al circum- stunial modifies in the fake temple’ favor) with a Diplomacy check of thei own, the authorities wil turn on the PCs IF the 26s allow themselves to be taken captive and await the jnsice ‘geen outcome, che killers from che Assassin Ambush encounter on page 22 set fire wo the Wheloon Watls House to distract the suards a ee breakin and artemape to kill the PCs Take the Fight vo the PCs: Lady Arthas doesne wait idly by for che aeackers to break into the dungeon level of the temple Tnstal, after the fist attack the PCs aatke on the temple, she seas forth a team of Killers to take care of the problem. The killers, Londal Fen (NE. male Chondathan human fighter 6) nd Smile (NE female halfling rogne 4) strempe to draw the HGéto filing ground of heir own devising by arranging fora esse tobe delivered by courier (ay of night), with chistexe jnked in a shaky hand: “I can help you sneak into the temple, hue they are watching for me. Come mest me in an hour at 23 Tinpil Sct, ow the est side of the river” The res Ieade PCs to. deserted section of the waterfront. ‘Thote the characters are ambushed by the killers se tactical counter AL, page 22. : TE the PCs don’t take the bait, che killers are forced to keep fabson them and attack when the opportunity arises, They won't fight the RCs where there are witnestes or where the authorities sight soon appear, 30 the Ps are safe staing at uhe Wyvern Watch Inn. If any ofthe killers survive and escape, the PCs might meet them agin if they enter the dungeon level ofthe temple entering the remple Characters can enter the temple in several ways ‘Walk in by Day The outer conceyseddones sand open ding the day and visitors aro weloomed by priests who stand in the ‘outer courtyard for just such duty. BCs who feign casoal interest aieensouraged to commiane with Mystea in the onter courtyard as often a8 thy like until midnight. Those who feign intense Sweation recive it in turn and ae ask if they wane to earn ‘Mystra’s Sacred Trust Gee areas T? and 'T6). Sneak in by Night: Sncaking in is dangerous, but could uli tuately prove the best way to gate intligence about the temple Although breaking through the front outer doors is an option, characters willbe better served by attempring to clamber up an gs ‘Trarie or Mysrra ae cuter wall (Climb DC 20}, or come up from behind the temple ‘an the upper ridge of the bluff, and them down into the open outer courtyard (area T2) ‘Mystran services are conducted from dusk to just before ‘midnight, after which the temple closes. PCs will have the best Ick if they deal with the two temple guards on the outer walls first. ‘ward: Two temple gnards ace poste, day and night, on the wall walkway that surrounds the outer courtyard (ares T2) The guards grin Listen checks opposed by. the PCs? Move Silently checks, in case noise is mad. Creatures take a = penaley on Listen checks for every 10 fuer of distance between them and the source of the noise. If ether (or both) guards notice an attempt to break in, they will use their hoen to sound an alarm. This alerts the four temple guards stationed in aren TS, who arrive in 3 ronnds ‘remple Locations “The mage for the temple of Mysera appeat on pages 22 and 23, Avie tha the ground in the encounter lotions seer and rclatvely five of structions unless a tactical encounter inbeates otherwise D1. Pars to Gare ‘A cobbled path lads from the northern edge of Wheloon sme 200 yards up a ow hilo the a where the temple of Mystra has ben ble A cebBlestone path gradually ascends a low fill ward a seep ded uff bebind sebich runs the Wreernplre. The pat leads to the flat rampart ofthe whitewashed temple wall bile right into the Buff Te the left ofthe doors stands larg, stylistically simple statue of a woman. smaller, freestanding sone building “ands to the south ofthe temple, By day and up ontil an hoor before midnight, the anter doaes (Che double dors between arca TH and T2) stand open. Open oF losed, PCs who make a successful DC AF Spor cheek ean note ‘one of both of the temple guards who wall the top of the walls surrounding the outer courtyard. The temple guards onthe wall ‘can snake Spot checks (3) or Listen checks (3) to see PCs at- tempting ta sneak in. They won't engage in conversation, instead directing any inquiries to the priests insie. fa conflict occurs here, see the ascocitedtnercal eneonnter ‘atieal Encounter 2. Outer Courtyard on page 2. ‘Temple Guards up on Wall The temple Kuss up on the outer walle tats printed with ehe 2 eatical eacouatet) are part of the contingent based in area TS, and as such, are not aware that the temple is anything other chan a grand structure dedicated to Mystra s Statue: The statue of a large woman contains one speck of | color—che woman wears a headband bearing a wide fla dsc on which is painted a eirle of seven bueswhite tars with red mist flowing from the cencer. Those who have ranks in Knowledge (align) recognize the sytbolas that of Mystra. A snccesfal DG 15 Knonledge (cligion) check indicates that the woman might he Mystra, and though that religion doesn't usually rely on such “dls is not profane to do so. i 7 ‘Tenet or Mysrea se OU ’ T2. Ourrr CourtyaRD This walled enclosure isthe most public face of the new built temple of Myst, This wide, walled space is cpon to the sk. The flor is tiled ‘with obsidian slabs, in sebich star shaped white stone files are ch mimicking the night sky. Two large stone statues dominate the space, cach, apparently portraying the same woman. The stand apart fram but facing each other, each with bands raised ‘up toward the ofber, abmsst forming au arch over the center of she temple. Four small alters to Myitra sit i each corner of the courtyard temple. By day, the outer courtyard contains 1041 curious ¥ temple guard named Thendrie, anda temple prist named Shan Thar. From disk to aa hour before midnight, the outer courtyard contuns 2442 pious visitors, the eemple priest Shan ‘Thar, and the “devout sorcerer” Kev From midnight to daybreak, the outer courtyard is empty ‘though tio comple guards armed with hows are always on dary sop the walls Ifa conflict occurs here, refer to the tactical encounter. Ira confit occurs in area T6 and the PCs retreat here (having passed it without cooflict on the way in) Shan Thar and ehe archers sound the alarm to alert the temple guards in aca TS—refer 9 the tactical encounter. ‘Tactical Encounter: T2. Outer Courtyard on page 24 Shan ‘Thar: ‘This individval is a msling, charming man in his mid:305, Friendly and outgoing, Shan Thar isthe perfect face of the new temple of Mystra. When he firs meets the BCs hae inquires if they seck healing services or other clerical help (for standard rates a5 given on PHT 129), and is glad to provide it after ashore wait t locate sro) Shan Thar brews potions of undetectable alignmene regularly, ‘one of which herinks each day before going put to gtet people, Ihealso provides such a potion co Starneaver Fembrys. If neces sary, the two clerics can simply pray forthe spell an east it but they prefer tous the potions and ill eeir spel oes igh more sell spells Pretty much everything Shan says is a lie—if the POs at teinpe any Sense Motive checks, Shan gets a total of #1219 hi Bluif check (hich includes « «5 circumstance bons die to the Alaborate surroundings all designed to decive vistors about the temple’ true nature) ‘Shan allows PCs to look around the outer courtyard ask ques- tions of those present, and pray at one of the Mietran altars, hhonever, if the PCs seem more than casually interested in what’ going onhe approaches them and rcatesthe folowing pieces of information naturally uring the course of a conversion “Mystra bless you, friend!” “Ifyou seek the Mother of AA Magic, you've found one of the places she dvells hese n Faersn” “Haye you come to the temple for healing, oF perhaps you seek to alleviate some other ailment? We ask very competitive donations in turn for our blessings.” “Lady Arthas? You've heard of hy she whose courage and ability helped make this temple a reality? Tm afraid you can't se her Se’ quite sy with Soin to che administration of ue 10 nner temple, Perbaps you enn talk with someone cls? Tam here to answer all questions, and am happy t0 do sa” “The head priest ofthe temples Lady of Mystery Nacdaenya ‘Arthas. She is bosy with private temple business. She has tiie to talk pnly wich worshipers who have advanced far enongh down the path to earn Mystras Sacred Trust” (Note: Clerics of Mystra af any are part ofthe party; Have never heard of anything called Mystrats Sacred Trust. Such a thing could conceivaly be part of ‘ecclesiastical knowledge imparted at higher levels, but the words draw a blank for any ceri in the group.) “Come to the nighelyserviess, and rjice in Mysera. Bue if you sek to learn more than the avecage parishioner, might you be Itcrested in revealed knowledge, and Mytis’s Sacred Trust” “IF you are truly interested in becoming part of the temple, and perhaps earning Mystr’s Sacred Trust, we can arrange for you te attend special threesay serviges that occur in the male ‘eample: We require edenition of 25 gp for cach of you interested in trying the service. Yes, expensive, bt not too mel for those ‘uly interested in expanding their knowledge of the goddess of the Weave, 102" IF the BCS ask about Thensvie's claims (ce below), Shans Tha Jooks confused and has this response: “Prisoners from the Wheloon Jui? Sometimes we take in those souls who have committed crimes but want to repent by serving Mystradircetly. We have good works available for any such that ish to turn over a new leaf— goo forthe temple, and good for them, because ie commutes their sentence” If the PCs ask about Tunaster Drank, Shan ‘Thar i quick vith an answer “Tumaster ....No, the name doesn't ring any bells You sid hae was cleric of our goddess? Wel, I can't say that I recall any fof our order visitng recently, but there was a gentleman like the one you describe who came here some days ago though. He insisted that he be allowed in our inner sanctum iamesiately, We didn’t know what to think of this, but my colleague, Starweaver Fembr, explained to ths fellow that only those socking to earn “Mytra’s Sacred Trust ean eater the teanple’s ine satu. The rman grew incensed and hegan ranting, When we tried to calm Dim, he gota will lookin his eyes and san? “Yes, We di chase him. He seemed quite upset and we wanted to be certain he did not do himself or others harm. But he was very spry for such an old fellow, very pry” “Have you spoken to him? I do hope he i well. I doutt know ‘why hell Want to pug the honor af this temple. Shoo you see him again, please convey our apologies for any misunderstanding twe might have eaused, and let him know that our inner sanetuzn {s opon to him if he wishes to carn Mystra’s Sacred Teast” If the PCs ave interested in working their way farcher into the temple through diplomatic methods, Shan asks them to show up that night just before twilight, with their donation. 1f they deo so, he will et thems into che mide temple. To do 5, fe uses s.cadai knock on the door to alert ane af the guard in azen 76 to.unbar the doors. Viktor: If the PCs question these random townspeople and travelers, they discover those present daring the day are either interested in learning more about the worship of Mystra of are already worshipers of Mystra and are present to give silent tribute at one of the altars If the PCs talk to anyone at che evening cefemony, they discover them to be either truly pious SS ‘Temeur or Mysrra Wheloonians io attend the evening services tobe closer to their goddess, or simply travelers passing through Whelonm interested innsome evening entertainment. None of the travelers have taken ‘the next step that Shan Thar offers them every so often —to hocome celebrants of Mystra’s Sacred Trust. Any PC clerics of ‘Mystraeven those who make obscenely high Knowledge (rl ‘gion checks —can’t recall ever hearing about “Mystra’: Sacred Trust” The vistors are Istlevel commonors and experts evrin: Kevrin isa dour sorcerer who has done il in his past. ‘ie has offered his services to what he believes to be the temple of | Mystra asa bam to his conscience. Only blatant, overwhelming ge would make him question whether the temple is really dedicated to Mystra or somebody else. Kevrin casts sdewt image uring the nightly ceremonies to provide the illusion of brighter srars above onlookers and constellations that come to life and fly about as they are named Statucs: The statucs look like the one standing outside (area 4) and presumably represent the sume woman, ‘Evening Ceremony: [very night exept wen it'ains or ow) the temple hosts « service to. Mystra, which involves looking sf, naming, and revering many of the stars and constellations, The ceremony is offciaec by Shan Thar and asisted by Kevrin Gee above). The ceremony is attended by 2442 pious visitors and travelers. Guests and observers are always weleome. Clerics, ‘of Mystra know this ceremony and anyone who succeeds on a. DG 18 Knowledge (religion) check recognizes it as well. Noth ing seems amis, except that the silear émage display is rather ostentatious. Development: Because only Shan ‘Thar khowe Mystra is not really being worshiped in the central room, questioning other NPCs in this area won't reveal that Shars clergy is behind the conspitacy, no mmtier whut means are used for questioning, Shan Thar is different nut he secretly worships Cyrie, bar ‘would rather die than reveal that Face, More to the point, he has reeived special conditioning so even if his mind is probed, he can use a Hluff check (opposed by the mind-zcader's Sense Motive theck) toayoid revealing the truth, though the mind zeader would be able to determine that Shan was hiding something, jost not what, ‘Treasure: Each of the four small altars'contains a deuation bowl holding 1420 ep, 1410 sp, and 1441 gp, all given by those faithful to Myscra T3. BATTLEMENT Accrss The door to this room is normally closed and locked. This chamber is mot vpen tthe sky. Several Boxes and a few bar els are stacked in the uortbivest corner. Spiral stairs ascend 20 fees tow cased ate n the ceiling ‘The boxes and barrels contain mundane supplies like rope, lamp oil, hard tack, nals, and the like. ‘The stairs lad up to the narrow, foot wide battlement that ‘rounds the outer courtyard. The hatch hetween the top of the stairs and the hattlement is always locked; one of the archers on duty has the key, s Battlement: A 5-foot wide walkivay completely encircles the outer courtyard. It rises 20 feet above the ground, Ftom if, an archer gains cover (+ to AC) ayainst ranged attacks from some- ‘one on the ground either inside or outside-the outer courtyard, ‘Wooden Hatch: 11/2 in. thick; AC 4 hardness 5; hp 15; break DG 18 (locked); Open Lock DG 20. T4. KevaiN AND Stay’s Quanrexs Th door to this room i normally unlockel- This bedcbamber contains te cots, a desk, a chest beneath the desk, a few chairs, a closet, « faulsmelling chamber pot, and a boakease on aubich « few lonely tomes collect dust om a bert, shelf while the top shelf cverflows with bottles filled wish vari ‘ous colored fluids. 3 ‘Shan Thar and the sorcerer Kevrin sare these quarters, Shan ‘Thar is fou in the hammer only afte might, while Kevrin «a be found here most ofthe time except forthe period of time between dusk and midnight whe he attends the nightly ceremo- nies Otherwise he sleps at night, and during the day ily fips through one of the books from the self while slowly nursing a lass of strong drink. IF the POs start fight hers, refer to the ‘aétical encounter, unless they can dispatch the sorcerer quickly and secretly enongh to avoid detection by the wal archers (Spot aund Listen +3) or anyone else in the outer courtyard, Tactical Racoutiter:T2. Outer Courtyard on page 24 Bookcase The fey tomes onthe bookcase are oi and outdated ‘ssayson the nature of magi, writen by scholars mostly dsc ited in this day and age (a sucwessful DC 10 Knowledge [arcana] ‘ioc reveals hi The bots contain a variety of distilled spirits and mising compounds forthe erestion of potions Desk: Nothing found in the desk seems t0 implicate the temple's clergy in anything othcr than the days ty plan tostey open tothe publi te rates which chy ace prepare to ak for healing services, ad So on. A locked secret drawer in the desk (Search DC 20, Open Leck DC 20; Shan has ta key) contains a parchmeit with a scrawled ‘message in red ink (This letter i epreviuced aa player handout con page 138) Father Shan Thar, We need more recruits in the inner temple. Start pushing the Sacted Trust alittle harder, wauld you? Esvels sends ware Aorough Despayr that we need to step sbings up out bere. Tics don have jour deubrs, but do as you're instructed, lest the goddest Gad yon in shadow, Lady Arthas ‘Small Wooden Chest: The unlocked chest under the desk contains several scrolls and potions: 6 potions of undetectable alignment, potions of eure light wousds, 1 scroll with 3 eure moderate rounds, and 1 seroll with 3 cwre tricus 0eunds. There isalso1 seroll with 3 fester restorations and 1 remoye disease. All scrolls are at scribed at caster level Sth ‘TS. Temrie, Guarp Post ‘This building's stone walls house a group of hired fighters who guard the ourer temple. The guard post's door is usually unlocked. = Tempie or Mystra ——— Six crude cots are arranged neatly over the northern portion of tis roam, eeith a small wooden chest Beneath each. An oth table and several chairs sit in the northeast corner of the chamber. Gard, dice, and tankards are spread across the table's surface, cand sual keg sits next toa chair Unless the guards are on rotating archer duty on the battlements surrounding the outer courtyard, they are here sleeping, talking, ‘gambling avey their pay, and drinking, Thendric also banks here. Ifthe POs starta fight here, refer to the tactical encovinter, unless ‘they ean dispatch the guards quickly and secretly enough to avoid detection by the wall archers (Spor +3, Listen +3) or anyone else in the nearby outer courtyard, ‘Tactical Encounter: T2. Outer Courtyard on page 24. ‘Small Wooden Chests: 1/2 in. thick, AC 4; hardness hp 5; break DC 17 (locked); Open Lock DC 20, ‘Each wooden chest contains the personal belongings of a particular guard: a couple of changes of clothes, toiletries a few ‘mementos, and approximately 20 gp in various coins ‘A. Indoor Privy: A 3-footdiameter shaft dewends 5 fect At the bottom, a Lfoothigh and 3-feetawide chute slopes to the northeast allowing waste to gradually slide into the privy chutes from area T13. From there the shaft angles to the south and descends to empty through the ciling of area T23. The shaft stinks terribly and is coated with fecal matter-Those who seek to descend or othérwise navigate the tubes must suc ceed on 2 DC 2 Climb check (DC 20 in the sloping chute) or lose their grip and slide dovsn the chuts, taking 406 points of damage when they reach the wastestained stone flooring in area T23. B, Storage: This area contains afew boxes and erates of food, all on the verge of spoiling, 'T6. MippLe. TEMPLE ‘This isa private temple, and normally only those who petition to carn Mystra’ Sacred Trust are allowed to enter. This large room is closed off from the sky, bus tiny points of light iter on the stherarse oi tack eng, The flor is ted wish hiidian slabs, ad thee veut of square pilark march aero the chamber from nerth ost, Torches are enstonced on the cast acid test surface of each colon A plain stone alla sands ‘lone near the chamber’ cate. Day or night, the chamber always contains at least two temple ‘guards. From dusk to dawn, the chamber also contains a terple priest named Starweaver Deinyn Fembrys, giving his solema, \ifficulto-follow sermon, and 143 petitioners, Fembrys islet in and oot through the northern barred double doors by the shadow ‘guards who are stationed in area T+ If a conflict occurs here, refer to the tactical encounter, IP ‘ conflct occurted in,area T2 or TH4 and the POs come here next, the guards and Fembeys (if present) are also ready for a fight—refer to the tactical encounter, ‘Tactical Encounter: T6, Middle Temple on page 26. Retition to Earn “Mystra's Sacred Trust™ IP the POs take Shan ‘Thar’ advice to show up one evening with a donation to become petitioners, chey are bronght into this chamber as darkness falls outside. Here, Fembrys waits forthe new class of petitioners, and as soon asl the PCs have assembled and have paid their 25 gp donation to Shan, the launches into his spel, Fenibrsss Opening Remar: “Do you deserve Mystra’s Sacred ‘Trust? Some of yon de nor, and you'll be asked to leave during the three days you'll spend in the petitioner's quarters, I yon’ lie—the next three days will be hard. You may get hored, you ray get hungry, but if you persevere, you might just earn the ‘Starry Gnotis, the seret knowledge. Ifyou can't commit to three days, leave now. Father Shan Thar will return your dasation’” “If youire staying, put your belongings in the petitioners quar ‘ers, and change into the vestments youl find there, Stay thers ‘until you're called, contemplating obedience to the giddess” Three-Day Ritual: Assuming any of the characters go along with this experieuce, they end up staying for three days in the ‘quarters (area T7). During this time they are fed hardly anything, ‘must bathe daily in area T12, and wear the vestments provided ‘in area 10, They attend nightly ceremonies and must participate in daily chants ‘The gist of the nightly ceremonies and daily chants is difficult to disentangle from the religious iconography and symbology; ‘however, those who suoceed on a DC 15 Intelligence or Knowledge (feligion) check garner the folowing: Magic is horn between star as Mystra’s symbol shows—the stars are knowa points of magi, ‘ut the space between the,stars holds far more, knowlege that “Mystra reveals only to those who show special promise, If the PCs willingly go along with what is essentially three day-long rite, they take af penalty when affected by the Stary Gnosis 2s described in area T+ and the appendix Starweaver Fembrys requires that the POs don the vestments ‘and remove all their own belongings, including jewelry, placing ‘them in the chests beneath the cots in area T7, The Shareans do ‘this to render petitioners less dangerous and ore psychologcal'y apt to do what they say—but they don’t take any of the items, ‘hich could eventually lead to suspicion, If any’PC refuses to part with items or is caught carrying them during the three-day ritual, the PC is asked to leave, and Shan Thar is summoned to sscort the PC out. If a PC refuses to leave, the temple guards attempt to subdue and forcibly eject the PC. ‘Starweaver Fembrys: Taciturn and dour, this priest of Mystra avoids having to make Bluff checks by generally fusing to speak at all, except when he leads the nightly ceremonies and gets the daily chants started, ‘Temple Guards: The guards rotate duties, but in addition to simply guarding, they are responsible for feeding the petitioners, for making sure petitioners follow the rules of he rial, and general upkeep of the middle temple, These temple guards know Aothing of the temple's true nature, and they achieved their status as interior guards because they aren't curious and they show a willingness to follow orders without question, They have ‘een instructed not to react to noises farther inside the teinple unless Starweaver Fembrys calls for them. After a few months of service, they're aceustomed to hearing strange sounds from beyond the double doors, and will move into their uardrooms to play a dice game once the petitioners have passed through, Other Petitioners: Other petitioners are travelers, through ‘Wheloon drasn in by the nightly light show. Shan Thar avoise allowing townsfolk to participate in seeking to carn Mystra’s Sacred Trust so that locals who would be expected in town don't go missing, — ‘Tere or Mysraa, 7. Perimioner’s QuaRTERS Exch of this room's four cell-like aleoves contaiis a tmall cot, a heathy folded Black robe and stack of Wlankets, and @ waoden shest, Here’ where POsand other petitioners stay if they want a chance tocarn “Mystra’s Sacred Trust” Clean linens, fowl, and water are Inougit from area T9 once a day by a guard. However, petitioners remain in this chamber only for 8 honrs of rest the remainder ofthe time they are expected to partake in the ceremonies and chants in the middle temple, T8, MippLe Tempe Guarproom This chamber houses a group of hired, but pious, fighters who suard the middle temple, The door to the chamber is usually unlocked, For well made cots Hie the western ayall, a small roaden chest beneath each. Some dice are carefully arranged atop a chest pulled from under one ofthe bed. ‘vo guards ae osaly found in tis chamber while their friends ssmtinon dit in area T6. I che PCs start fight here, refer co “hetactial encounter, unless PCs can dispatch the guards quickly and sctetty enough t avoid detection by thowe in the mide temple (Spot 13, Listen +3) ‘Tactcel Encounter: T6, Mie Temple on page 26 Dice: ‘The carefilly arranged dice are from a dice game in which patcpant oll dice and arrange the paths on thr sles tpform s“iingeon" The marsike tangle of paths revealed by the ce as no significance in the adventure Small Wooden Chest 1/2 in. thks AC 4 handnes 5; bp 5, Iessk DC 17 Cocke), Open Lock DC 20. Fach woolen chest contains the personal belongings of a particular guard a couple of changes of clothes, toiletries afer smementes, and approximately 20 gp in various coins. a We aie lacs tt ike tay ce Ce ec because mse sense for the adventure, but also to make the PCS decision © to go slong with the ritual an easier one. Players genctally tate giving up items because they know how much worse of they are without them, so having the items close at hand and under their control lps move the adventuré in the right direction, Staryeaver Berbrys will alos the ECs to go inco Whsloon topurchas: their Own locking chests for use during their stay. ‘Also, alow the PCs ro mak: Sleight of Hand checks opposed by the guards’ and clerics Spot checks (PHT 81). You might allow Cs to make this kind of Slight of Hand check untrained Torsing PCs to advetuce without items is unfair an often pesigner Ax yal ne uc etre ctl ove tar ot T9. Mippte TemPLe SroracE: The door to this room has no lock: Boxes, crates, barrels, and sheboes lined with plates and crockery {it this chamber Supplies for both the middle temple guards and petitioners to carn “Mystra’s Sacred Trust” are kept here. Once 2 month, anew supply is brought in, and soiled linens, emipty barrels, and other trash are hauled away. ‘A basic search of this chamber for valuables reveals all che blankets and trail rations the PCs can carry, a8 well as about 20 pints of lamp oil. T10. Vestry ‘This door is elways unlocked On the east and west aalls of shis room are iron pigs-on aebieb care bung doscens of identical ceremonial black robes. ‘Each morning the PGs are instrocted to bathe in area T32 and ‘mit on the clean robes hanging in this chamber. TLL Sackisry ‘This door is always locked; Starwoaver Fembrys has the key. ‘This somber chamber contains ow large weston freestanding les ts, abmest cofjinlte in dimension, on the east and weit svalison ‘the back wall sts «polished, wooden cabinet Behind the cabine?t ‘avod framed glass doors old ‘vessels glitter Here the vessels, vestments, and other liturgical objects used by ‘Feunbrys are hept Tt also where Fembrys dons his ceremonial attire before each service, If the PCsare discovered here and a melee ensues, refer to the tactical encounter unless the PCs can dispatch the guards quickly and secretly enoogh to avoid detection by these in the middle ‘eample (Spoe +3, Listen +3) Note ig ee epee ei eine ese ghd a theca nave elatively easy acces to their gear, allowing them ton hack tothe room to grab a few things or to ready themsslves for adventuring with just a few mines of preparation. OF course the situation is bound to make players nervous, which ts oxactly what you wnat. Tt might be tempting to have someone steal fram a PCs chest or for some other untielcome event to occur, but you should est hat temptation, Players who setae meta ind agree to have their chaggetsrs go yithout their equipment should be revarded by the discovery’ of the nature of their exes, not punished for getting ito characeer and doing seme investigating. —Matthew = Re S 3 Tempe or Mysrea ’ ‘Tactical Encounter: T6. Middle ‘Tempe on page 26 ‘Locked Good Wooden Door: 11/2 in. thick; AC 3 hardness 5yhp 15; beak DC 18 (locked); Open Lock DC 25. ‘Treaure: Each coset contains five costly vestments equal in value to a nobles outfit (7F gp each). The exbinet contains five golden liturgial objects (a cup, 2 pitches, alate, a bell, and x aff) each worth a total of 100 gp and a large, back, leecher bound book with cover istration showing seven stars, Ths is the book ftom which Starweaver Fembrys makes bis neasly incomprehensible setmons. Its titled Preparing for the Sacred Traut. Te seems to have been waited « madman, and even if locly reads difficult to underseand however, thoze who succeed on DC 15 Intelligence or Knowle eligion) check understand the same underlying message as describe in arca TE: T12. Mystra’s Rarw A spray of water emerges from a metallic dite, pierced with many holes, embedded in the ceiling, The water it caught in a shatlowe basin in the floor and drains down a smalt bole in she asin’ vente, ‘Here the POs and other petitioners are expected to stand bencath the water —in their smallclothes for propriety’ sake—and wash the previous day's accumulations away, after which they are ex pected to.dom a clean robe in area 10. ‘The disc in che cling through which the water flows connects 04 pipe that leads ultimately to an intake channel dog from the bottora of the Wyvernfiow: The hole in the floor (only « half hhandspan wide) connects to the same drainage system described in area T13, 113. Privy Weaden planks each with a far wide hole in weir center, cover the rank-onelling shafts that pierce the floor of eack alcove. ach 3foot-iameter shaft serves as prinythe shafts combine with the same drainage pie fom area 'T72 and he chute fom area 11. The combined chutes descend another 30 feet to empty into area'T23 ofthe temple dngeon. The shaft resks and is costed vith kel mater. Those who liana the wooden plank and ech to descend the bes most sueeed on a DGS Clim check or lose thir grip and slde-down the shaft toking 46 points of damage when they seach the wastostined stone Rooring beneath T14. Inser TeMPLe The PGs finally encounter “Mystr’s Sacred! Trust” hereon ‘way or another Stabs of obsidian ln the fcr, malls and bigh ceiling of this room. Two thick, square calenus cach bnld a single blazing torch om their ‘west face. This arrangement provides umewen Tight to the front of the temple, but lesves the Semple’ further recesses in shaderey arenes expecially the true large sone fines sel in the rearmart cleaves. Also poorly lit i dark stone altar set forward from the statues bus bebind the direct light offered by the pillars Day or night, the inner temple always contains ewe shadow ‘guards—temple guards of particular piety and ability who have ‘hot only earned Mystra’s Sacred Trust, but who have taken on clements of the true divine patron of the temple: Shar. They passed through the failed Shadow Gate (ee the appendix), and after working with those dedicated to Shar for vo long, they have permanently gained the dark templace. The shadow guards Jurk inthe far eastern and western areas of the inner temple, using their hide in plain sight ability to remaisi unobserved, When the time comes to graduate a new class of Sacred ‘Trust petitioners, Starweaver Fembrys is also present (he leads! ‘the petitioners into the chamber, and presents the Starry Gnas ‘tw the petitioners), Under normal cireumsseances, Shan Thar gives Fembrys a potion of undetectable alignment to drink before he _groots any outsiders, If a conflict occurs here, refer to the tactical encounter. IP a ‘conflict occurred in area T+ and the PCs come here next, the shadow guards are also ready for a fight—refer to the encounter map. ‘Tactical Encounter: T14+ Inner Temple on page 28, Presentation of “Mystra's Sacred Trust" Ifthe P's have gone hrongh with their three-day-long petition and continue fallow ing instructions, they find themselves herded into this chamber (along with other petitioners, if any) at che end of the ritual by Fembrys. ‘Fetnbrys asks all petitioners ro assemble in the area between ‘the two pillars and in front of (tothe west of) the altar. (Once they are assembled, Fesnhrysintones, “Prepare yourselves to reccive the Sacred Trust: You are about to look upon the Starry Gnosis. All your questions are soon to be answered” Fembrys unlocks a secret compartment in the altar (Search DE 20, Open Lock DC 25) and pulls out the Sierry Cnosis—a black globe, like a erystal ball gone dark—and holds it for all present t0 view. Fembrys uses the Starry Guat on all present while repeat ing the most commion words of the daily chane, “Knowledge Lies between the stars” The item's full description is on page 156, and a summary appearsin tactical encounter TM. Development: All those who arc affected by the Starry Gnosis are ordered to gather their belongings and go down the staits behind the altar to the dungeon level for processing ‘Treasure: The Siarry Gnossis hidden in the altar (Search DC 22, Open Lock DC 22) . 115. Firsr Lanning A barred door blocks access between the frst landing and the inner temple. Fembrys unbars it when he arrives to oversee the Pefitioners in area T6 or che ceremony described in area T14, but 4 shadow guard from ‘T17 bare i again behind him. Barred Good Wooden Door: 2in. hick; AC 3; hardness Shp 15; break DG 28 (barred) ‘Development: If the PCs bash on the door or knock on it hut do not callout in Fembrys’ voice, the shadow guards Know something is wrong and they retreat to lie ia wait in area T17. If the BCs can somchow perfectly mimic Fembeys voice aud request entrance, the two shadow guards from area T17 open the door, attacking after the PCs get a surprise round. T16. Srconp Lanpinc This widle landing is flanked by rvs dark statues, both appareutly carved of coallike stone, roughly depicting « fomale human. Soft ‘white ight spills fram the north and couth stairwells, T1?. SronryarD A flickering, starry light clings tothe statue of a woman in the center of this chamber. The rubble of broken siatuary, burned Seripsures, and smashed holy vessels i piled about the central statue and elewbere throughout the chamber. Five doors allow egret into the area, in addition tothe stars This refusesladen chamber is home to two shadow guards and 4 dark earth elemental fan earth elemental, made up of broken statuary, that has the dark template). Fembrys has quarters ofF to the east, and could respond in the event of a conflict; if this ‘cent, refer to the encounter map. ‘The hallway tp area T23 smells of offal, a scent that grows stronger as one approaches the locked, rasty iron door at the end of the passage. ‘Tactical Encounter: 17, Stoneyard on page 30. Development: In order to pull off the sham that a temple to Mystra has been founded in Wheloon, the fake priests have secured quite a bit of religious paraphernalia through local mer- chants and religious suppliers. Having no use for most of the ‘material, they smashed it and left it here. Anyone who sucoceds ‘on a DC 10 Knowledge (religion) check determines that the de- stroyed statuary, burned books, and shattered vessels are dedicated to Mystra ‘The only item noe destroyed was a central statue whose inher: ent holy nature was a surprise to everyone: No matter what kind of damage it took, the next night the statue had! miraculously liecome whole again. Worse, it began to give off a glow that is ‘specially unsettling to creatures of shadows, So the Fake priest merely began to heap items about it. However, the statue sheds those items in the pattern shown on the map, and it gives off ‘an aura such that anyone who stands in squares indicated around the statue gains a +2 Iuck bonus to AC and Will saving throws against dark creatures and other beings native to the Pane of | Shadow. Mystra, in some small way, has taken note of this sc- sllege against her. 718. Liprary Tie shelves throughout this rom are stiffed with tomes and scrolls, ‘us they aro pt in wo particular order—thiy are piled in heaps, ‘and as many lie on the floor as remain on shelves. ‘The books and tomes here are all beginners’ tracts and esays concerning the godess Mystra, as might be given out to those Interested in luring mote about her. Development: The “priests of Mystea” must spend 2 litle time every so often brushing up on their fate pict. The lack oF ont and concern for the material in question is obvious by the condition of the libéarys materials Treasure: A concerted seazch through the chamber reveals ome useful items amid the mess and clutter. A few rounds of concentration with deter magic reveals the location of all the magic scrolls, bat in case the characters use more mundane Ineans to seach the room, cach divine srol sisted below with the Search DC required to retrieve it from the moras: scroll of delay prison (DC 22), scroll of enhrall DC 25), sero of deh ‘ward (DC25), scroll of dispel magic (DC-2), sere oF rector fin (DG 27), and a serll of Hallow (DC 30), A single Search leek locates just one scroll, but if the PCs aid one another or a Se ‘Teste ov Mysrra es PC takes 20, allow the resale ro find any scroll with a DC equal ‘to or less than the check result. T19. ANTECHAMBER Tour comfortable locking. chairs are deployed about the perinn eter of this chamber. A circular oak table sits in the center of the room. ‘The fake priests of Mystea’s temple sometimes guther in this chamber to relax or mevt with Lady Arthas to receive new orders 720. Emrry Quarrers ‘This door is locked; the key is lost: A thin layeh of dust covers @ bed with rumpled covers, an open ‘wardrobe filled with banging robes, and a desk This chamber was used for a short time by another “priest” of the tample, Father Sambar, the first to attempt to use the failed Shadow Gate Gce urea T32) His gruesome death would have led the clerics of Shar to destroy the gate, xcept that a guard who ‘went with him emerged alive—and with the dark template; The oom is just as Sambar left it Nothing of interest can be found im the desk and watdrobe: ‘Locked Good Wooden Door: 1-1/2 in. thick, AC 3; hardness 5; hp 15; break DC 18 (locked); Open Lock DC 25. ‘T21, Srarweaver Frimmers’s Quarters This door is locked Fenbys has the by. This bedrooms in addition ta neat bed, urea aud desk, conkains ight bunan beads mounted om the aails like trophies. Class eyes tare from their yellowed flech, and the acrid oder of preserva tive bangs in the air. long table stands against the south well, next t a large, upright wooden cabinets ‘This is Starweaver Femibrys’s personal chamber, When be i not ministering to the dupes in area.T6, he can usually be found hte. He sleeys quite a bit, pends little time at his desk and uses most of his fee time aticnding to his hobby—che resalts ‘of which adorn the walls. ‘Locked Good Wooden Door: 11/2 in. thick, AC 3; hardness % hp 15; break DG 18 (locked); Open Lock DC 25. Desk: PCs who search the desk find some journallike rants against the atrocity of pretending to worship Myst, she the “true one” mus remain hidden. One piee of paper indicates that “The latest sot of petitioners avait disposition down inthe river dungeon —Don't steal any of these for your sad hobby, Fembrys, or you'll find your own heal on a wall" This missive is signed “Arthas” ‘Trophies: The trophies are remnants of eight slain petition 18 whose exposnre to the Starry Gravis da’t put them under Fembrys's control or who did not nse the Weave. Three of the heads were formerly paired with the bodies sil m the torture devices in ara T29. All eight vieime ean be identified by their \weitten desriptions in the chest in area 72, Cabinet: The cabinets illed with suppliss a eaxdermsse might x stuffing, thread, glas eyes, preserving liquid sisson, knives, ee ‘Tear or Mystra, a + and a fey bone sams, all of which are worth a total of 100 gp if the FCs can find a buyer for the grisly items 122. Privy Two curtained alcoves conceal what must be the source of this ronm’s atuful stink. Ton can hear water racing as well. ‘Each aleove contains footw hole in the floor that drops ita the tributary ofthe Wyvernflow that runs through area T23, 724, and 133, The water swirls in the bottom of the holes as the river ater passes by. The stink comes froin individuels not bothering toclean the sides of the holes or the floor around them. 123. SEWER A drizcle of smelly sludge drips and slides from a hofe in the ceiling to fall TS foet onto a stone dais. Surrounding the erasted dais is a murky subterranean pool, apparently flowing from an entrance beneath the serface in the pols northeast cwner, around the platform, and out shrough a similar wxderavater passage in its southawestern corner. All the various privies around’the temple empty into this cham. ber A subterrancan channel dives beneath the bluff on which the temple is built, and carries a small eriborary of the Wyvernflow vay from and then back to the main channel. Water enters from Delow the surface in the northeastern corner aux! drains through area 24 to area T33, and then on to the Wyvernfiow, ‘The circular dais is raised about 1 foot above the level of the danke water: The water i 10 feet deep. The current is slow but strong, causing 2 swimming character to move 5 feet toward the spathwestem comer at the end of each round, Otherwise the water should be treated a5 calm. Any injured character immersed in te polluted water in this chamber risks contracting filth fever (Fort DC 12; 103 days; 143 Dex atid 143 Con), ‘The door visible above the level of the water on the north all is rusted iron. Iti locked, and the hey ip lost Rosted Iron Door: 2 in. thick; AC 3; hardness 8; hp 30; break DG 26; Open Lock DC 20, ‘124, SUBTERRANEAN RIVER CHANNEL ‘This dark channel churus through the bedrock of the bluff and provides no breathable air above its flow until it enters area 133. ‘As with the water in the sewer Grea ‘T23), the enrrent is slow, ‘causing a character to move 5 fect toward area ‘T33 at the end of each round. The dim lighting in area 133 isn't visible fem tunderwater until the channel enters that room, making swim: ‘ming this channel a harrowing option for eurious PCs (expecially considering what lurks in the water in that room), ‘The water in the channel is 17 feet deep. 25. Hatuway Famitiar-looking statues flank a central path down this wide ell ‘The statues are apparently: carved from a cnallike stone, and all are rough depictions of 2 female human, The door wt the west end of the hallway is locked and trapped, Locked Good Wooden Door: 11/2 in, thicks AC 3; hardness 5; hp 15; break DC 18 (locked); Open Lack DG 25, ‘Alarm Trap: CR 1/2; mechanical deviee; touch trigger; manual reset; loud gong ring: in area T26 (oeasby excetures make a isten check, modified by distance and intervening doors, to hear the balls); Search DC 19; Disable Device DC 24 (Tactical Encounter:'T26, Hallway of Night on page 32. ‘Development: If the PCs set off the alarm trap, {he NPCs in area 126 are ready for them, but if they manage to bypass iy the PCs should get a surprise round whea they enter T26, 126. HaLuway or Nicur ‘The door between T25 and this oom is locked and trapped (ee area T25); Lady Arthas has the key, “This wide, ntlitarian ball ixflanked by several doorseass, and the ‘eon the north eall are particularly large. Tun torches burm ix iron sconces, one on the north wall ana one on the south. The cuth end of she hall contains a great Black circular dise of dartness bordered by deep purple stom. If the PCs open this chamber after having set off the alarm ‘on the door, the tactical encounter is triggered. F they surprise an NPC in areas T26—T31, the same tactical encounter is also triggered ‘Tactical Encounter: T26, Hallway of Night on page 32. PurpleBordered Ring: The great dise bordered by purple sone is actually an open ring that leads into area T32, but a permanent image spell makes it appear as though the circle is filled with 2 void of darkness that emanates cold. Characters and objects can passthrough the illusion without harm, bat the void can be disconcerting, Any PC within 10 fect ofthe eicle feels the unnatural chill emanating from it. Interacting with the illusion allows a DC 19 Will saving throw, a8 normal for the spell (Characters need to make a successful DC 10 Knowledge (el sion) or Intelligence check to recognize the huge cicle 38a holy symbol of Shar. 27. Suapow GuARDROOM: Three spartan cots line the eastern wall, a small wooden chest Beneath each ‘This chamber,hous:s shadow guards though they rquie litte sle Binall Wooden Chest in hk AC 4 ard 5 20; ‘ea DC.17 (locked); Open Lack DC 20, Fach chest is locked and contain the personal belongings of 4 particular guard including a couple of changes of clothes, ti Ieee, afew trinkets, and approximately 20 gp in various types of coins One chest has the diary of one of the guards In the bigin- ning, its filed with the author's doubrs and disappointment shout her sevice to Mystra. She writs about passing through the “Mystic Gate” and being found wanting. As the diay goes on, however, the passages take a-darker turn. Her fears of the strange creatures the temple employs aud her digust ae their rast methods of dealing with “defilers” turns to pride in her fearless asociation with sch beings and satisfaction that others who seek to gam Mystrats Sacred Trust ae spurned as she was In the final passages, she deserbes her gle a failed petitioners ee es If i 5 | ES “ | i aula ‘Tempe of Mystea. — ” tortured pleas for inerey and hatred for the weakness she showed in her earliest entries. 128. StoracE. ‘Two rooms are eyed to this entry. The doors into the rooms lack locks. Boxes erates barrels and shoes lined with plates ana crockery fill this chaser ‘This room contains food supplies fo? those that live on this level and the petitioners kept in area T33. ‘The room kejed to this entry adjacent to arca T33 additionally contains a water barel filled with live (restocked weekly) shrimp, fobsters, and crabs as food for the amphibious otyugh that serves asthe aquatic guardian for that chamber. What food in spoiled is worth a total of 77 gp. 29. ToxruRE CHAMBER ‘The strong wooden door to this room is locked; Lady Arthas has the key. ‘The foul oder of rotting flesh assests you as you open the door A variety of well-uced torture equipment is inatalled in this old one chamber: racks, iron maidens, stocks, and other machines of pain. Three contain the beadless, rotting, aud ratgnawed corpses of thir last victims, digoince and broken boned. In one corner Ties a ple of easroff clothing. Jn this chamber Lady Arthas allows Starweuver Fembrys to torture individuals for informavion and gives him fice rein to ‘pursue his “hobby” using the petitioners who threw off their domination or were otherwise found wanting, The bodies in the room are those of the Jocal bookseller, Amnic Basu, and two hhuman merchants Duncan and Ketnivick. A wooden ches is under the pile of clothes the corner. ‘Locked Strong Wooden Door: in. thick; AC 35 hardiness Fy hp 20s break DC 25 (locked); Opet Lock DC 25. Samal Wooden Chest: A small unlocked chest in the southeast corner of the room beneath a pile f bloody’ rag contains os and ends, incloding several sts of ientfcation papers of the srt sséd in Cormyr, Included among those in the chest are papcrs for one Amuic Balt a bookseller from Wheloon. Ami, like all the rst of the named individuals, bas gone missing. Thete are also payers for Duncan and Kennivick, whom the prisoner in area 33 recalls All three did here on the rack under the rinitratons of Starweaver Femliys. 30. Lapy AxrHas’s Quaitras ‘The strong wooden door to this room is barred from the inside sales Lady Arthas opens A bed large enough far a giant rests against the east wall. Other pieces of furnitare are placed about the rons. A huge and thickly stuffed chair sits by an elegant table, a mghfsiand is near the plush bed, and a chest of dvanvers ress against one wall ‘Lady Arthas enjoys lnvury, and she has made the room a com: Fortable as possible Ifthe PCs manaye to sneak into the temple this far without raising an alarm, Lady Teehas is 30% ikely to be ere orn the adjoining study (rea T31} IF combat occurs here, sce ee aia] ‘Barred Strong Wooden Door: 2. thick; AC 3 hardness 5 np 20; break DC 35 (bared). Tactical Encounter: T26. Hallway of Night on page 32 ‘T3L Srupy ‘The strong wooden door to this room is barred from the inside unless Lady Arthas opens it. A ddvan sts by « lw, candielit and paper'strewn table against ‘Whe west wall. The north wall holds a wide, al! bookcase filled ‘with curios, seulptures, and some tomes and sells Sce the adjoining room (area 130) for general information Barred Strong Wooden Door: ? in. thick; AC 3; hardness J; hap 20; break DC 3 (barred) Desk: This desk is set up for correspondence. A large pile of ssquare-et pieces of blank parchment is setto one side. Nearby is x quill and several jars of red ink. On the desk lie three let ‘ers, te complete and one incomplete. One complet letter isa note to Lord Sarp Kedbeard requesting an extension ofthe tax breaks given to the temple daring construction, andthe second is a letter to Zendaos Rallogar of Rallogar Hardware seeking to negotiate better rates on monthly temple supplies. The third reals “Starweaver Besira, We've had some trouble out bere. Some suspicion. A cleric of Mystra named Tanaster Dranik came 10 the temple but escaped us. We can only hope oe find and till him before be cam summon help, Therefore, with the west shipment ‘east send?” The letter ends—it contains no address, and no signature. ‘Treamre: Amid the brica beacon the shelves are some items of valus, inclading a jade vase (50 gp) a silver plated gnome skull (20 p's a book of sketches from a famed Cormyrean artis named Klaire Gatewool (200 xp to the proper buyer) and a thin, leatherbound tome set with rubies, which contains a treatise on all the major evil gods of Fern incloding Shar and Cyric (300 gp). A secret compartment in the desk (Search DG 20) hols 2 pale of slippers of spider climbing 'T32. FaiLep Suapow GaTE Black pillars frame a curtain of loom darker even thaw the ret of this cavernous, echoing chamber. Despite the murkiness the beaped pile of burmanoid skeletons lying just beyond the pillars s svayely visible Morongh tke interface. The beap party cavers an obsidian alter along the far wall of the chamber. “Here stands the filed Shacow Gate. When the cleries of Sbar built the temple of Mystra, they attempted to open a gate directly to the Plane of Shadoy so that they could avoid the overland journey to the Lose Refige. Due to their inexperience or perhaps because cf some effort by Mystra, the attempt failed horribly, instead creating the magical location that now stands in the room. ‘The failed Shadow Gate (Gee full magical location descrip: tion on page 154) is still useful to che fake priests, but itis not ‘Tem saft—the bodics of those who did attempting to passthrough it and goin is benefits were left where they fell apon making fhe transition. ‘The priests ace these deaths a8 sscrificcs to Shar (although Shar’ name and symbol are not found anywhers in this remple-—except for the likenes of Shaws symbol ou the entrance to this oom from area 26). “Thrwe dsplacor serpents live in this chamber, but in dhe normal course of the adventure, they will have already encountered Cs inarea T26. The serpents lived inthe uinson whieh the temple vas bull, and when confronted bythe elvis of Shas, they bowed their heads anv offered service. The clris took chis as a siga from Shas, given the color ofthe snakes, and they have occupied this room ever sine. POs who search the perimeter of the oom find mess of hair and rubbish that serves as their nest and the vel gnaved hones of petitioners served up 28 snake food. amination: Ths voom has no souree of illumination. In facta magical property ofthe space eanses the radios of ll ight sures to be reluced by half Bodies The heaped skeletal formsare mostly Hum, though 2 fewelves, dwarves, and halings are mixed in with the rest. All told, some 50 bodies are heaped in the space behind che pillars, almost completely coverug the alta TPaamination ofthe haties reveals oe od commonality —no soft sae remains, but no sign of the removal ofthat tisue is visible on the bones; is a if the flesh merely miste sway Altae: If the ovties are cleared enoggh to reveal the alkar investigation will not reveal any relevant holy symbols. A suc cess DC-22 Search check, however does reveal locked (Open [Lock DC 22) secret compartment in the altar Treasure: The secret compartment in the alr contains a 2 revurning chakram (ERCS 97), 33, RIVER ACCESS This dim, cold chamber echoes with the sound of rushing water. A iublerrancan channel flows from ihe north wall, bordered by a stone walkway om the west and east. It flows south through wlowrceilinged cave. span of ston? bridges the dark, flowing water, The east and west walls are lined with rusty, iron barred eels. A human female lies sleeping on the flor of one of them, ‘and tra shadstw guards stand near ber cage’ Tou bear the sounds af semcone in the arca to sour right. A slight sewer sink and the went af old sweat lingers in the air I the PCs enter this chamber and attempt to eross the bridge to the eastside of the chamber, or if they raise Mhair’s suspicions (he spends 2 lot of his time in arca T34, bue responds to the id inTady Arthases study is merely tributes-=not the work of a scholar ‘interested in réseatch and deep knowledge and certainly not ‘the writing of an evil priest or flartering syeaphant. Hoviever, iff you want to make this book simple treasure, you an rule that if a PC takes the time to read the book from over to core an effort of hoor 4 ours), he or she learns oun ee . Designéc’s Note —— oF Mrstra sound of someone entering the chamber), the tactical encounter is triggered. Homever, PCs might be able to interact with Mhair Vefore combat ensues. ‘This chamber is where Shar’s clergy stores petitioners who huaye fallen under the influence of the Star? Gnosis, prior t0 thei transfer to the abandoned keep in the Vast Swamp. Once cach month, Mhair loads petitioners into a special catamaran during the night and leaves the chamber by way of the eave t0 the south. The cave exits onto the river from the southernmost tip of the bluff the temple is built int, its entrance biden by a tangle of logs and branches that Mbair can baul out of the way by pulling on a rope hikien under the water Guccessul DG 15 Search check to reveal). Mhair waits to be sure no river trafic is near and-then pilots the eraft across the Wy vernflow to deliver the dominated petitioners to the other riverbank. ‘The petitioners (who are treated to 2 fresh exposure to the ‘Starry Gross sight before they Keay) ae given a map by Misr and instructed to use it to travel as quickly as possible to the location marked:.Cormyr's Lost Refuge. Mh tells them 0 ck for someone named Bestra when they arrive. Other instric: tons include to act normally azonad those met along the way without revealing their status or situation in any way and 0 listen to Bestra’s odors as if they were the instructions of the dominator Rivermaster Mair: IF Mhair discovers the PCs in the cham= bes e is suspicious, and unless they ean seduce his unienliness to indifference with a Diplomacy check or a BinfF cheek, the ‘tactical encounter is triggered IF the PCs gain Mhair’s momentary trust, he relays the fl: «owing to them as part of 2 normal conversation: “What dre ya, stupid? Yeuh, this is where the petitioners stay. They gotta stay somewhere don’t they? Moron.” “They stay until T send them out to the Wyvernflon—didn't Fembrys teach you anything? They follow the map T make “Pall of questions ain't ya? Only thing T know is they go to Gormyr’s Lost Refuge andask for Bestra, They never come back hare, tha’ for sure” “Vim starting to think you're about as bright as a snuffed candle—you know they doxrt allow us to talk about who the priests actually worship. I don’t even know” the BCs can conclude their questioning with another succes ful Diplomacy or Bluff check (his time against DC 15), Mair lets them go without starting a fight. Homever, once the PCs ‘ross the bridge, the encounter with the areas watery guardians is triggpred, regardless of any success with Mhair. that feof the godin the Looks are eovere in sore depth than others, parvculary Shar and Cytie. From now on, while © the PC who read it hoops th book asaeferene, she can make Knowledge (religion) cheeks on questions related to Shar and (Gyrie with 2 circumstance bonus. oe Bruce. a9 oe ‘Terie oF Mrstra — ‘hase whe ried and failed remain to remind others of the perile of walbing through the failed Shadow Gate ells: The unlocked eels are used to hold petitioners wnder the sway of the Starry Gnosis, domination that is renewed every ight days by Star rst quiet listen to che commands of a priest asf the instructions come from the dopuinator, and not to make any attempt to escape from the cells. Once a month, Mbaie ir Way to the fe told to weaver Fembrys. The laminated shadow guard ot fake ives the petitioncrs « map and sends them on Lost Refuge Gee above). The petitioners are usually simple com- ‘moners, bur there's a 25% chance that one isa Tstlevel wizard ‘Woman in the Gell: The woman in the cell is Veera Wavecrest (CN female Chondathan homan rogue 2 fom the Villon Reach who came to Wheloon to repair het ship far from the waters in which she plies her well as & rogus, she venerates both Mystra and Umberlee, and mple when she visited t0 pay sorcerer 2) She is pirate vas polled into the plot at the homage to the Lady of Mysteries She does not help the PCs or make any effort to escape, She aso doesn't respond to them or their inguities unless a PC uses the Starry Gnsis to compel her to talk. A successful DC 15 Sense Motive check will reveal that she is daminated. The Starry Ga has a caster level of 9th, so the DC to dispel this effect is 20, IF compelled to talk or freed from domination, Veera t the story of along with her, cle unserwent the three-day ritval to earn Mystra's Sacred Trust. ‘She spoke to them 2 great deal during that period, an zelate a lot about thei: + All but one were travelers or new to town, ability: These same three were never broughe to the river chamber. One was a book Ye recalls the other ‘vo were merchants named Duncan aud Keaniviek + Three possessed no spelleasts seller from town, whose same she + The eight others who were with her in the eages were taken fn the boat and out of the chamber by: Mhuir. They left with all their equipment and normal clothing. Vera was left behind because she coulda’ fit on the boat. + The eight who were taken included: Durgen, a male dvarf cleric of Moradin; Kareem, a mal uuman paladin of Tyr; Smote, 2 pile halfling sorcerer wich clever hands, Tholwic, adept; Halish, a male human clevic of Mystra and Dava (female, Mendios (male) and Zephan (male) all three human ap sent them to the temple to make an offering iniees to an evoker from Marsember who She’ not certain how long ago they left but ifthe PCs tll hae the eucrent dat, she'll realize that it’s been eight day since their deparcuce Catamaran: This double-hulled ves can hold a tora of éight and Mbaig, who stands in the rear with = long pole, guiding movement. The craft is worth 5 Bridge across River Channel: The slick with moisture. A character: running or charg ‘must sueeced on a DC 12 Balance check. A failure by + cor less results in th bat otherwise being able to-act normally. A failure by For results in the character fa ‘Tactical Encounter: T y curved bridge is on the brig ‘character not being able to run or charge River Access : e ‘Tremere or Mysraa seat ts T34. Muar’s Room This chamber off the neain room it tiled in sandstone, nbc toms abso some of the meisture prevalent in the adjoining chamber A shiny word. kayak rests on the Poor along the north wall. A desk sts in the southwoest corner, beneath a map of southeastern Gormyr. A narrow beat les along the south wall ‘Mhair spends & lot of his time here, working on his kayak. Soc Mluir’s reactions in the previous entry (room 33). Kayak: This sleek, Lperson craft and accompanying paddle Goudie sided) is perfectly built for the Wyvernflow; itis worth gp. Desk: Untidy afd covered with the debris of many partly eaten tals, the desk also contains x stack of parchment, quils, and ink, The top piece of parchment is inked with a copy of a map shoving an casy overland route from the temple of Mystra to the ryjsterious Lost Refuge. The desk also contains several uinrelated ‘aps (personally charted by Minit) of local river systems, worth 50 gp for their accuracy. ‘Maps: The map on the wall isa colored map Mair uses a8 areferencs to draw his maps. The colorcd map presents the in- formation on the map of southeastern Cocmyr that appears on ‘page 152. The BCs can pick up a similar map in Whelooo (l- though it won't show the Lost Refuge or the Orvaakyte Keep). Mini's handwritten map shows the route the petitioners take and presents some locations not on the colored map. Mhait’s ‘aap appears on page 157. You should photocopy this map for the players, o draw a copy for them. Mhair’ understanding of the location ofthe monastery is Imperfect, since hes never been there. None of the Sharrans has bothered to correct his error. The PCs shouldn't yet understand thar the Plane of Shadow is their eventual destination. They ‘might consider avoiding the Lost Refuge and simply traveling fn fo get to the end point on the map. Allow thei to do so if ‘they want, and see Chapter 2: The Journey for some suggestions aout how to Hindle this eventuality. Treature: A hidden, locked compartment (Search DC 20, ‘Open Lock DC 20; Mhair has the key) in the desk holds several treasures Mair has, aguinst orders, appropriated from various __ dominated petitioners who have passed through his care, includ ing: bag holding 553 gp, a gold bracelet (105 gp), a nobles outfit (FF ap) a gold and silver wive ciclec (2,750 gp), a +l dagger, 3 oven of ore laying, and 2 lens of detection. chapter 1 conclusion: Leaving wheloon sehind After roting ot the evil inthe Shatsans ale temple of Myst, the PCs shoald have some idea thatthe priests were dominating Myst worshipers and Sending them off into the Vast Swainp never, the PCs shouldne ave any idea why this is happen: ‘ng, and until they find that out, they haven't earned the rest of Toasters coward, and any cleric of Myers tells the PC this “after using magic to contact “Tuitaster, Having the map to the Lox Refuge and points boyond should propel the PCs across ‘coustsy and on through the set of the adventure IF the PCs vetwen to Wheloon to res and stock up before thse journsy, they might consider alerting the local uthorities to mlit’s going on. If they do so, the authorities insist the PCs remain under guard while the Purple Dragons investigate their claims Te takes about a day, but then Constal Maximanus Tholl, brings thein before Lord Sarp Redbeard in Oldstone Hl. Lord Redbeard gruffy offers the PCs his thanks on bebalf of the town. He also offers the PCs 500 gp each on the spot to continue in- vestigating the matter without delay. He and the Purple Dragons ‘will remain in Wheloon to ensure the secarity ofthe temple and, the town. If the PCs don’t alert the authorities, takes 2 few days before anyone notes somerhing amiss a che temple, and anarher couple of days of careful examination by the Purple Dragons This might fr might not Iead the authorities to seck out the PCs, depending fon who knew the PCS were going to investigate rhe temple. IF they do seek out and find the PCs, the Purple Dragons question, them for a day, ending with an audience with Gonstal Tholl and an angry Lord Redbcard. Lord Redbsard will order them to follow the map and “burn the hive, aow that you've sticred up the bees” He offers no reward and instead threatens to imprison, dem if they disobey the order of «lord. Assuming the PC agree, Constal hell takes them avtay and offers them 300 gp of fis ‘own money to buy supplics for their venture. ‘After hearing of the POs devs and the evil in the temple that the PCs rooted ont, Katriana Donobar of the Harvest Hall and Orlenstar Thirthorn of God's Grove are willing to east their daily spells for fit on thie POs behalf. Both are likely to have remove disease, lester restoration, and various cure spells aval able, but if the PCs require remove curse or dispel magic, they'll, hhave to wait a day, Katriana and Oslenstar offer their daly spells for free, but not scrolls or other items and their generosity has limits. Ifthe PCs appear to be sandbagaing or if they take their Sifts for granted, the cleric and druid ask for payment 2¢ the usual Player's Handbook prices; chapter 1 story awards The POS ca carn extra experience for completing eran asks in the adveutare Tete PCs converte Kevin tei eau, aa the party 400 x8 IF de Ps ws onetime aginst che hora human guards of the empl of Mytra, ava the party 200 XP 4 the PCa parted inthe flere ritual and feight Fenty alter he presented the Starry Gross, ava the ary 300 XP Tf de PC reunited he ea in Fone oom wi the heads bods in che tortie chambe,avand the pty 1008, If ee FCs seturne the eas from Fembye soo ad the headless bots inthe torte chamber o tw foe proper burial or exhgrise ought 19 ay tie pits to estar te party 200 XE Ti the PGs unl the ein papers in the torture chante to inform Mela Baul of er husband’ fats, aan the party 200 XT, of if one PC ook onthe tsk tard that PC an cxtra 100 XP I the PGs dicoverl both Satan yi were at workin the el, aad the party an extra 200 XP, Encounter Level 7 seTup ; this encounters triggered if the PCs act on the message delivered by courier asking thers to quickly tavel ro 23, Impil Street for information about the eemple. Normally abandoned, during the period when the ambush isserup, the dead-end streerholds Londal Fen (2) hidden around a corner and the rogue Smile(S) hidden 20° eet upon awarehouise oof A trapped area ofthe cobbled street is prepared as shown on the map (1), ~=- Aswatm ofats (not shown) lies within one ofthe ware- hhouses. On the thitd round of combet, the commotion causes the bats to explode from the holes inthe eaves of thewarehouse and attack those in the alley. Ifthe tap is sprung, rea ‘Theres an explosion of noise, and somethi Taunches into the air from a warehouse ro weighted nei! ‘When the PCs sce Londal Fen, read: This Hageard hiunian male wears dark: pray robes and Tooks at youewith resignation. A lagge man rises up from hiding. THis armor and skin ure painted gray, causing the whites of his eyes to stand out starkly in the dim light ofthe moon. When the PCs see Suni A shape in the shadows shifts, revealing the outline ofa small figure. A female hailing wearing a black hiood draws back the string of her shortbow with an arrow pointed in your direction read: ‘When the PCs Gee the bat swarm, read: Suddenly, hundreds of bts explode from the eaves of a nearby warehouse. Swifily gathering into a cloud, the bats swoop down into the alley. TACTICS The NPCs try'to remain hidden for as long as possible Londal Fen benefits from total concealment until « PC roves near the area ofthe trap. Smile hides near the edge of the rooftop (remember the distance penalty on Spot checks). Allow the PCs Spor checks; ifthe ambushersaie Lonpat FEN ro Pl mri = - + hp 49 (6 HD) Male Chondathan human fighter 6 NE Medium humanoid Init+, Senses Listen +3, Spot +4 Languages Chondathan, Common [AC 19, touch 1) latfooted 18 Fort 17, Ref «3, Will 3, Speed 20/1. (4 aquares) in full plate Melee +) greatsword «12/+6 (2d6+7/18-20) Base Atk +6, Grp +9 Aik Options Cleave, Combat Reflexes, Great Cleave Improved Sunder, Power Attack, Quick Draw Combat Gear 3 potions of bul strength ‘Abilities Str 16, Dex 13, Con 14, it 10, Wis 12, Cha 8 Feats Cleave, Combat Reflexes, Great Cleave, improved Sunder, Power Attack, Quick Drew, Weapon Focus (greatsword), Weapon Specialization (greatsword) Sls Iimidete 48, Lsten +3, Spot+d = Possessions combat gear plus + greatsword fll plat, satchel wth 830 gp and note reading "Your payment forsilencing the troublemakers.” Hook fourtime is over.” sported, toll nitanve. Orhezwise, eambar begins ssh ‘one oF more PCs set off the-trap or try to open the door! 25 Lmpil Sree at which pointall the NPCs get agucp round ofsction: lace de NPCaas thei in upifthey havent previously been spotted Smile stays on the roof and fires atthe PCS, prefeti to fite atspelleaster a they are in the act of casting Si uses hitand-run tactics, attacking and moving out vie coly to sneak up and atack again from adie that she can use sneak attacks. I'Suale drops below 5 poingehe ticks down her potron of ws es sneak away, leavinfetown for good. - “Tonal Een prepares fox combat by dutéking one ol three pions of lls strength while the PCs are entering alley, Whien ci battle beyinsyhe charges roatrackethed est PG rgt caught i the net. Londal is dedicated fe Sha ‘cause end fights to the death. Thai una es weet OO the PGsand NPCs, Iestarts with those in th from one and then eo another uneil ir has ara alone. tt then flies to the roof and attacks anyone the Assuming it survives ro artack everyone once, it then li offinto the night. ‘Once the combat is ende tinue the adventure efar back to page & 1 SMILE cR4 p20 4110) Famale halfling rogue 4 imal humanoid Int; Senses Listen +9, Spot +7 Languages Chondsthan, Common, Halfl Gnome ACIS, touch 15, flat-footed 19; evasion, uncanny dodge Fort 3, Refs, Will «2 Speed 70. 4 squares) Hee mk rapier 43 (144) Ranged +1 composite shorthow +9 (1441) or Ranged =1 composite shorthow +10 (1d4st) iftarget within 308, Base Atk -3; Grp 1 [Ak Options Point Blark Shot, Precise Shot; sneak attack +246 Abies Str 12, Dex 18, Con 13, Int 14, Wis 10, C SQirapfinding, trap sense +1 Feats Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot Sulls Salance +8, Buff +3, Climb +5, Disable Device +1, Hide 14, Jump +4, Listen +3, Open Lock +13, Move Silently 112, Search <9, Spot +7, Tumble +10, Use Magic Device +2 Possessions combat gear plus masterwork rapier, +7 tbow (41 Stx bonus), studded leather Hook "Arrows striking home makes me smile Bar Swarm CRI fa) (HD) IN Diminutive animal (ewer) Int=2; Senses blindsence 20 fr, low: Spot vision; Listen 11 1m (1d6"pls wounding) Space ft; Reach — Bise tk «2; Grp— TMkOptions distraction DAilies Str 3, Dex 15; Con 10, nt 2, Wis 14) Chad D Fea Hleriness, Lightning Reflexes Sills Usten +11, Spot +11 ok The swarm swerves around any open flame. ‘sian its space must succeed on a DC 11 Fortitude S2/¢ or be nauseated for | round. ounding (Ex) Any living creature wounded by a bat swarm fainues to bleed, losing 1 hit point each round ihereafter, Multiple wounds do not result in cumulative Bleeding loss. The bleeding can be stopped with a successful DC 10 Heal check or the application of healing magic a ¥ Combat Gear potion ofcure light wounds, potion of invisibility Distraction (Ex) A ving creature that begins ts turn with @ stieel. The rools of the sarehonses generally above streat lev wooden doars Roxiglly halfthe warehouses are Lirgely empty. The other ing vestable half hold sows of onen-topped erates fillod with Sloe “Woonlan Walle 60 thik; hardnes 5lip60; bral C20} Climb De 21 ‘Woudon walls inerooaethe BC of Listen checks t points and break DC section. Ifa wooden wall isbzeached, th them by 6-1 a all nacert onall syaares become light debe Strong Wooden Doors 2 jncthich; AC 3; 20; break DC 26 (h 23 Impl Str Impl Street” However, hovend the locked dv archiouce no diffi Not Trap: set the drop on their vietime, Lange Net raps CR 2: ms rout; Al45 wel (charters the net 10 «ntancled; see PH 119); Setsch DC 20; Disable Small Wooden Crates: 1/2 in. thick; AC Ip 8; break DC 17 Ie costs 2 squares of movement to ener th nt from all those that sr Ths sssastanhiava pap Medlivim charactercan hop upan tap afaerats wit DC 10 Jump check (uo runsing ot ee (DE 20 withow aruaning stort), orchimb wp « stond 20 feet Each warehouse haewooden walls and sthong tohearthroush refors 10-foot sjuare’ breached and tage ckel); Open Lock DC 26, WN hrtploque over this doar geads 23. by dejan elpty round it this net erepto help banical; location tviseer: manuel Fol square are Device DC 25, hardness 8; thas DC 15 Climb check, A character standing om » orate a+ bonuson meldeattacks against opponents A ciate provide dy: bt or oerrtaey onthe ground. es squares. ha successful ral). \ Small “character can jump up with « successful DC 10 Jamo check ‘Encounter Level 6 stTup 2 This encounter usually begins with two temple guard archers (A) upon the wall tops the phony Mystran priest Shan Thar (S) located as shown, and up to 24642 1st. level commoners (not shown) scattered throughout the courtyard. Roll iniativeand give the PGs the read-alpud text: no that even in his fury, Shan Thar won't give away the true nature ofthe templein frontofthe courtyard sbystenders Place all the NPCs o1 the map (randomly place the com- moners, which ate Not shown), buedon' place the temple uards (G) from area"T5 until they arrive, or Kevrin (K) until he arxives from area'Ts, ‘When the combat begins, read: Shan Thar's smiling face vanishes like a mask being torn away avid is replaced with a visage of dark fry. He screarns, “Mishra knows your sins! Guards, to the attack!" When the PCs see Kevrin, read: i "Th gga fiarenlestars dark eroy robes and looks aByau with resignation. ‘When the PCs see the guards, read: Dressed in seale mail and bearing bows and longswords, these humans seem ready lo lay their lives down in defense of the temple, ‘TACTICS Shan Thar spends the first round exhorting the guards. hhe-attempis to use his wand of bene on the PCs and calls for Keviin’ aid. In later rounds, Shan attacks with ‘ound burst and his other spells, Lf things go poorly and hhe has the chance to doso, he casts nuisibiiyon himself and tries ro slip away. Kevrin normally stays in area 4 bu responds to any alarm or the sounds of combat. He then stands just inside the door 10 hig chamber ancl casts magic missile. U chings ‘go badly, he ries to close the door and lock it. SHAN THAR hhp 23 (3 HO) Male Tethyrian human cleric 3 NE Medium humanoid Init—1; Senses Listen +2, Spot +2 Languages Chondathan, Common AC 19, touch 9, Mat footed 19 Fort 15, Ref +0, Will 5 Speed 20 fi. (4 squares) Melee longsword +4 (148-1) Base Atk 12; Grp +3, Combat Gear wand of bane (20 charges), 2 potions of cure light wounds Cleric Spells Prepared (Cl 3-4) ‘2nd invisibility’, sound burst (DC 16) Yet — disguise self, doom (DC 14), magicweapon, shield offith 0 —detect magic: guidance, resistance D: Domain spell. Deity Cyrie. Domaine: Trickery, Hlusion ‘Abilities Str 12, Dex8, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 15, Cha 13, Feats Brew, Potion, Weapon Focus (mace), Spell Focus (evocation) ‘Stills Concentration +8, Bluff-+7, Knowledge (religion) <6, Listen +2, Spot +2 Possessions combat gear, fll plate, heavy steel shield, ds ofsecrets* (sce page 154), potion of undetectable alignment, key to secret desk drawer in area T4 % Shan Thar’s dsc of secrets has a second command ward, “les,” which, iFspoken after the normal command word, causes a jawless white skull (Cyrie's holy symba!) to appear within the field of black Hook “Mystra’s Weave touches us all, whether we know i or not" 2 Archers and temple guards share the same Sibu differently, depeading on where they are located The tv aithess shoot ar whatever foes Shan Thazindicates, eve if it means shooting inro melee. The other three temp guards aftive fiom their hut outside (area Ts) iit 1d¢4 rounds. ll the guard ight feacessly beeaierbey that the temple will prevail and) a heal thes ae Oinee' the combat has been completed, refet| ‘ie 1 to continie theadventure é SARcHERS/TemPLe GUARDS CR1 Kevin THE Devout Sorcerer CRI Ip each (1 HO) bp 1h (1 HD) Huan fiver 1 Male Chondathan human sorcerer 1 NMedium humanoid N Medium humane Ii, Senses Listen +3, Spot +3 init +2; Senses Listen +1, Spot +1 Languages Chondathan, Commor ‘Languages Chondathan, Common BONS, touch N, flat-footed 14; Dod 12), touch 12, flat-footed 10 fash fh Wal its Spd. squares) Speed SOE (Squares Mee ongsword ef (14802/19-20, Melee shotspee?-1 (146-1) Tone orguow 8 (8) Base ated) Bora cy 3 eed Meter alee Abilities Str 15, Dex 14, Con 13, Int 10, Wis 12, Cha Combat Gear potion of cure light wounds Se cig, Weapon soci (onghonn Weapon Focus Serco Spele Known (CLs pape Tat Clyh-mage st ert mage Bile cli 2 Listen +3, Spot-3 Dalle dite rope tetsu ata ap Pasesionslongswor, longbow wih 20 arts, sale all Abites si 8, Dex V4, Con 13 nt 10, Wis 12, Cha 1s Jejto individual chest from area TS (1 guard has set of Feats Toughness (2) __ boys to battlement access hatch in area T3) _ Skills Concentration +4, Knowledge (arcana) +4 Hook “Defend the temple, you bastards! © Spellcraft 4 Hook "If Shan says it, I believe i riont. Steep st8ley inereave the DC of Tumble Yhacks by 3: Stans: AG.2; Nardnes8; bp 1,800; Liege charac 60; Climb DC 18 because they can easily duck around the staircases central Dotstve provides coverzitean be pushed over with aSteength support eer dling ONE a PY alae A ere ee fl the outercoustyoud Ibis 20 feet above the ground. From i, an = edver (th to AC) agsinst ranged attacks [rom ide the outer Enalifoes below them on sages stare arches oe omeone on the agound either inside jr ov BallStone Altace: 3 ft thick; hatdhees 8; hp S40;break | courtyard. Doe otecs hehe ater eetl stcea Barred endif caeettctoforeed Woden! Deed (Cexmtyerd iachattier can hop up on top ofan akiarwith asuc- Doors: 1 ft. thichs AC 2; hardness &: bp 150; break DC 37 (barred), Each door measures 90 aqunre'fet;aknock spel cast Bisster ts jitop vp wilh 2 sxcomful DC 10jiip ciecl®™ at 9th leval san opan one if barred. The doore ate barsed at AD withoitensiniastayt),crclimbup with auecersful night, hut open by day SEClishcheck. Nchamgeter standing onan Bs citince ll oitachnndtinct) enon th pounds Ay lls provid Msi cut deo hecho slydosked.lbis not open to the shy. It sspplicy stackedinaicornc (difficult fie piralstatew that sicond 20 fect sich ths ceilins to the battlements. spSpiral Stag Chaisctore moving wp apt apond 2euacee of movement caghagane¥ of tai Gharsctersrun~ harding down cleep Bsns nice DE {MPalence checke upon entering the BelevpSaixeaquace: mdboted characters FDP W)Ridecheclsinaided. Characters lsurale and pie ond heir ovement fie 8 ™ Een ee ~ ’ [Tipp ‘Encounter Level 6 (if Fembrys is not present) SETUD Tihs chamber normally holds two temple guards (G) on duty (two are off duty in area IB; they show up? rounds after combat begins), the phony priest Fembrys (F), and up to U4 tstlevel commoners (not shown), Roll initiative, lace all he NPCs on the map as shoven (randomly place the commoners. Dost place the offlury guards until they show up From area Ts ‘When the PCs see Fembrys, read ‘This scowlingand wizened human male has eyes that burn with fury. When the PCs see the guards, rea: “ike the guards on the walls outside, these men seem ready to give their lives for Myst. quotes ‘The guardsare well-meaning men who serve the temple for pay butalso due toa growing devotion to Mystre.T seen many people invited back to earn Mystras Sacred Trust, including some of the other guards. They've seen theit former compatrios from time fo sim (the shadow guards) and they'reaved ky he chihge thathascome over them, Father Shan Thar has told them that if they show loyalty and bravery in defense of the temple, they might soon be invited to carn Mystra’s Sacred Trust. ‘Youcan represent this othe players, and give the guards alitele more personality, by having the guatds talk to one another as they fight the PCs, Here are some quotes you rijght use: EIVIPLE “Watch me, Father! I'l show this lot Bow to dea! wit defilers!” How dare you start a fight here? his is hol For Mystra and magic!” . “Gethehind him! Get behind bisa!” ‘Idon't need magic to rake you of.” Mystra, guide my blade” LF we all, the levies will heal us, Weo'sgoing to pil upyour pieces? “ “Mystra, be with me now!” “Td beat you roa pulp for free” ‘TACTICS The temple guards swarm the PCs with theieswords, {ng to unconsciousness they think they Ibe healed by th Mystran eleiesinside, Fembrys begins hy casting bane; chen faecasls ase onthe hele hve he onary ene tery he cass sound burst fer afew coundy or perhaps inf seriou sound things po poor arao hence oso, hecastssaclusryon himselFand tries to slip aw DEVELOPMENT fthe Cs defeat Fembrys hele, the encounter for area Ti doesnt occuras written, Instead, have the shadow guutds {n that encounter attempt t0,hide and follow rhe! PGs a they descend the stairs, This will make the encounter i ‘ea T17 more challenging. Ifthe PGs ite having alot! trouble with that encounter, allow them to escape: shadow guards fight to the death, but they doit now they should pursue the PCs heyond the boundasiegOf te temple. Lacking Fembrys’s leadership, they-ehonsé t more cautious oprion of reporting to Lady thas he a is compleed fer bl ae 130 sue the advaprure, 2 , 3 Starweaver FEMBRYS ai dathan human cleric NEMedium humanoid Int=1, Senses Listen + Languages Chondatha RCW, touch 9, fark Fort 7. Ref <1, Wil +8 Speed 207. (6 squares) Melee heavy mace +6 (14842) Ranged chakrem +2 (1d4+1) Base Ak 3; Grp +4 Sheil Actions spelicasting, rebuke undead Gombat Gear scroll of restoration lie Spells Prepared (CL. Sth): 31d audience/clairveyance®, dispel magle, ded sc soups sound bust 3) (OC 1) command (OC 5), sanctuary Wiles St-12, Dex 8, Con 14, nt 10, Wi Feais lind-Figh Magi, To (tlgion) +8, Listen =3, Spot 3 ar plus heavy mac 10 chakr of secrets key to area 11, key to secret [compartment in acea Ps altar, key 10 area T21 Hook Fembiys isn't much for talking. He inet J kl those who question his faith TEMPLE Guarps Fpseach (1 HD) Hurar fighter NNMedium humana Init; Senses listen 13, Spot «3 Languages Chondathan, Common PCIS;t0u2h Tat footed 14; Dodgy ork 4, Ref +1, Will 1 sword +4 (148:2/19 20) Ranged longbow +4 (148) ase Atk 1, Grp +3, D Bites 5 Chas Feals Dodge, Weapon Focus (longbow) Weapon Focus (longsward) Sill lino +2, Listen $3, Sp Possessions longsword, longhow with 20, fiom area 78 5, Dex 14, Con 13, int 10, Wis 12, scale mail, key to Individual chest HHéok We prefer you not speak in the middle ternple CRS 1 (OC 15), cause fear y: Shar. Domains: Darkness, 6, Cha 13 ‘Weapon Focus (mace), Shadow Weave Slils Concentration +10, Bluff +6, Diplomacy +3, Knowledge orhe CRI EATURES OF THE AREA lars: ft thick; AC 3; DE 48; Climb DC 20, Three rows of large, square pillans support a woof 15,feck overhead. Everburning torches are ensconced an the east and wert edrfaces ofeach column; cach wide pillar prayides ness Shp 900; break Small Stone Altar: AC 4; hardnese 8; hp peso. eval 2 squares of movement to enter these igus ee ceseful DC 10 Jump shock fro nsing start requized). A mall character can joasp up with a eaovesshul DC 10 Jump ick (DE 20 withoul » rinning vtar), or d 40; brake iN nap with a DC 1 Climb, ch A chacacter stabding on an via +1 bonus on-melee atta the ground. An alten proviles cover. Barred and lon Reinforeed Wondon Doors (Courtyard Doors 1 shy AC 2rhardnes 8 bp 180) aah DC 37 (Garzed)- Each door nseasunes 90 squats feat akngckspell ast 31 Oth lesl cop open one it bans. The doors argharrod a night but opeu by day Petitonery! Quarters (T7}Thisestl it reside in these stathiealle for up toa week ard Quaetand(P8): Thi middle temple cuardee ¢ whea not on duty Temple Tare (9) Petitioners and gsr alte eed fom the stores of dried f here. Vestes (110): Petiionent vestments (blac xo here, tobe worn after daily washing Secristy (111) This locked room contains nalia ured ia middle temple services. Fembi Good Wooden Door: 1-1/2. thi Echp 15; break DE 18 docked); Open Lod atl Ukapthors, Other supplice for petition hone Tee Encounter Level 6 (4 if Fembrys is not present) SETUD this chamber normally holds two shadow guards (8) that hhide out of sight from the door. It's possible lembrys (1) is also here, ifthe PCs have come hiece w see the Starry Gnosisas part ofthe temple program. Roll initiative. Place Fembrys (if present), Bardon't place = theshadow guards ifthey havent yet been detected) until, theirinitiative count comes up. When the shadow guards are placed, give the PCs the read-aloud cox. Note thatifthe PC flee back to area Te, the guards there engage them after a round of gathering their weapons in the guardroom, When the shadow guards reveal themselves, read: The torches dim in unison. Two warriors it banded mail slide from the shadows, one froin each edge of the chamber. They appear soiviehow distorted —shadowed and colorless. “PACTICS “The shadow guards close’ on intruders, fighting to the death. Their piety was betrayed, and nowy they believe their cdndition forces them, to sesve'the dictates of the {alse priests and their unknown gods If Fembrys fights the PCs, he beyins by casting bung; then he casts cause fear on the PC he judges to have the lowest Will save, Thereafier, he casts sound burst for a few rounds, or pechaps inflict serious wounds. things go poorly and he has the chance, he casts sanctuary on himselfand tiesto slip away, Note thet Fembrys cannot hold both the Starry Gnosisand his weapon while casting spells, Ifthe PCs did nor defear the guards in ares Ts, they are in area TS playing a dice game, Accustomed to strange noises from area Ti4,they donot reactor 3 rounds, instead waiting for things to quiet down on their own. If they do rior see any shadow guards, they attack the PCs, burif they see the fate of some of their former companions, they do not attack, and have an unfriendly attieude toward borh the PCs and the.temple residents until something sways them to hecomé hostile or helpful roward either side ‘Once the combat is completed, refer hack to page (4 t0 continue the adventure ~ DesicNer’s Note “the PCs fought their way into the temple, this eneountel nti having th win then the commoners likely doesn't occurs weitten. Instead: POsburst non ietirusal bill ther TrahUliaGe ia domtentlnailia feeder Ist-lovel wisarde ini addition to Permbrs nthe otherhand, ifthe PC nent ih likely face a tough fight without their eg oat a some of them-intght also hecome domi the difficule ost na nombor of ways IE come donated but others are not allow tho tomakeDC 18 Senze Motive checksto usiderstand whal pened to theic posapathi : that the Starry Grosisie the item n PCemishtsnyto tae tn destroy Dest Gnocie wi lonanated-charasters, and srabbing Forhrys hould givethe PC holding th dominated APC withou ‘lao ep fn nfad het «donut Pree tata allies gets a new Will save with a42 the worst happens —eitherall the PCs are dominated, ol the ones not dominated aro ewiftly defeated —the advent doserithave to end. Dominated DCs are given thle eauipied the dungeon lel through the formal ‘moving victims of toward Eall of dominated, the PCill literally wal counters in this advent, lear psa the "ele ple about lly you should ee