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Course Syllabus for LTEL

Teacher: Ms. Arrington

E-mail: carrington@beaumontusd.k12.ca.us
Phone: (951) 769-4391 ext. 2327
Room: 27

Dear Parents/Guardians and Students,

I look forward to an exciting and rewarding school year together. This class will be
focused on building and strengthening the students English proficiency in the context of
reading, listening, speaking and writing about engaging and controversial issues. This
syllabus contains important information about the upcoming year, my expectations, and how
to be successful in this class. Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions or concerns
you may have.
Who Am I?
I was born and raised in Southern California. I received my Bachelors degree in Liberal Arts,
a Spanish minor and teaching credentials (Spanish and Multiple Subject with BCLAD) from
Pepperdine University and have been in the classroom for several years now. This is my
fourth year teaching at SGMS. During my second year at Pepperdine, I studied abroad in
Argentina and lived with a home stay family. I fell in love with the Spanish language and
Latino culture. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, being outdoors, and
traveling to new places.
In order for us to have a wonderful year, students are expected to come into class with a
positive attitude and ready to learn. They are expected to be respectful and responsible
because my classroom is a safe place for all students. My class is fun and fast-paced;
therefore students need to be ready to work when the bell rings. At the end of the period, I
excuse the students, not the bell.
Classroom Rules:
1. Show respect: to the teacher, others, room and yourself.
2. Follow all PBIS expectations (school-wide).
3. Only use cell phones and electronic devices for class-related activities.
4. Raise your hand to speak and move from your seat.
5. Stay on task.
6. No food, drinks, or gum (water is fine).
***Students will also be making a social contract in class which will
demonstrate appropriate behaviors for our classroom this year.
Consequences (if rules are not followed):

Verbal Warning
Storm Warnings 1 and 2
Personal conference at lunch or before/after school
Phone call home
Referral to the office

Grading Scale:
97-100 % = A+
93-96 % = A

77-79 % = C+
73-76 % = C

90-92 % = A68-72 % = C87-89 % = B+

0-67 %
83-86 % = B
80-82 % = B*** There are no Ds at San Gorgonio Middle School, so the student must receive a
C or better to pass the class.
Grading Criteria:
***There will be a few extra credit opportunities throughout the year, but these are not
meant to replace the normal assigned work.
Materials (students will need these everyday):
One pencil, two pens (black or blue ink)
English 3D Materials (Portfolio and Issues book--Course 1 or Course 2)
Binder with LTEL divider (same binder as other classes)
Loose college ruled paper
Composition or spiral notebook
Highly recommended materials: 2 highlighters, post-it notes, 1 red pen
Class will begin as soon as the bell rings. You will be marked tardy if you are not in
your seat at the time the bell rings. All absences need to be cleared through
attendance. If absences are not cleared, participation points will be deducted.
Students receive 1 point each day for being present, on-time, and participating in
class activities.
If you are tardy (not in your seat when the tardy bell rings) or absent, you
will lose participation points. Violations of classroom rules will result in a
deduction of points.
Make-up Work: It is your responsibility to make-up any missed work. You
must complete all missed assignments to receive the points. You will be given a
week to make up quizzes and tests.
Late assignments: 30% will be deducted, but it will be accepted until the end of the relevant
Late projects: 30% will be deducted, but it will accepted until the end of the current quarter.
Homework Policy: Homework will not be assigned for this class because the curriculum is
based on class work, but the student is expected to finish any unfinished class work at
Bathroom Policy:
Students will receive four bathroom passes each quarter that they will be able to use (they
must still ask for permission). The students will fill out a pass with their name and time on it
and will be expected to go directly to the restroom and return to class. If they choose to
not use the bathroom passes, each pass will count as 5 points extra credit.
Phones/Electronic Devices:

Phones and electronic devices are allowed at the teachers discretion and only for activities
pertaining to the classroom.

Course Syllabus for Ms. Arrington 2015-2016

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We have read and therefore understand and agree to the policies and requirements
of this class. (Hemos ledo todo; entonces entendemos y estamos de acuerdo con
las reglas y requisitos de la clase.)
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