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Language Arts – Grade 8 General Information Course : 8 Grade Language Arts Textbooks : Houghton

Language Arts – Grade 8

General Information


8 th Grade Language Arts


Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH)- Florida Collections for 8 th grade

Suggested Supplies: Composition Notebook Pocket Folder or 1” Binder Notebook Paper Highlighter 1 Jump Drive Pens (blue or black)

Welcome to 8 th Grade! This course will require you to work hard

on a daily basis. To be successful, you will have to make a commitment to consistently complete all assignments with honest effort. My personal teaching philosophy is that every student can


George Evans wrote, “Every student can learn, just not on the

same day, or in the same way.” It is my goal to give my students the

knowledge and skills needed to master the eighth grade Language Arts curriculum in a diverse learning environment. The district (and state) has adopted new curricular materials from HMH that have been aligned with the new Florida Standards. It is available digitally as well as in textbook form. We will be reading novels to reinforce the strategies and skills the students will be learning. There will be several projects assigned throughout the year and each student will have a writing portfolio by the end of the year containing argumentative and expository essays as well as several pieces of creative writing.

Class Rules:

  • 1. Arrive to class on time

  • 2. Keep hands, feet, and objects to

  • 3. Use appropriate


  • 4. Pay attention to speaker




  • 1. Verbal warning

  • 4. Detention

  • 2. Parent Contact (phone call,

  • 5. Referral

email, agenda booklet)


This class will use the Broward County School District standard

grading scale:










59 and below


  • 1 It is the student’s responsibility upon his/her return from an EXCUSED absence to acquire his/her work.

    • 1. Students are expected to arrive to class on time and prepared to work.

    • 2. Any student caught cheating will automatically receive a zero on the test/assignment.

    • 3. Students are responsible for tracking all of the due dates of the assignments. All work is posted on the board.

Tardy Policy

It is imperative students arrive to class on time. For students who are

tardy, the following consequences are in place:

First Tardy – Verbal warning

Second Tardy – Parent Contact

Third Tardy – Detention/Parent Contact

Fourth Tardy – Referral

*We look forward to an exciting and challenging school year.


Ms. Ambroise

Ms. Roberts

Ms. Frazier

Ms. Srivastava

Classroom Agreement

New River Middle School Language Arts Ms. Ambroise, Ms. Frazier, Ms. Roberts, and Ms. Srivastava

Please fill out, sign, and return this page to school with your child.


I have read and understand this agreement. I will follow this Classroom Agreement to the best of my ability. I understand that if I do not, I will suffer the consequences.

___________________________ Student’s Printed Name

Student Class Period _________

___________________________ Parent/Guardian’s Printed Name Signature

Dear Parent/Guardian,

__________________________ Student’s Signature



If you need to be contacted immediately, due to a problem in class, or to offer positive feedback, how can I contact you? Please fill out all that apply and include the area codes. Thank You.

Home Phone: __________________________________

Work Phone: ___________________________________

Cell Phone: ____________________________________

Email: ________________________________________