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Grey Grimoire of magic servitors

S Rob
Chapter 1 Ecne God, magical being
Ecne is an old Irish God of wisdom and knowledge. The applications are obvious, knowledge and wisdom are
after all very prized possessions and their value many times outweighs gold and silver. But it is the application of
knowledge that changes our life the most. This is what shapes the world, our home. This book is a practical book
and very much is about the application of knowledge: the magic within this book. This book is here to be read and
used; the magic is here for your use; to help you get what you want out of life. That is what the magic here is for.
But I understand that many people hold back from what they truly want, because they worry that if they get it
they will not then know what to do. But never let this self doubt get in your way, because there are always things
you will want and can achieve. But self doubt can make people sabotage their own best chances, so that they need
not move outside of their comfort zone. But magic just requires the will and intent to make it happen: the magic in
this book does. But dont hold back from your dreams, use magic to assist you in getting them, this is for your
greater good.
In many ways magic is like life, sometimes it is about getting something you want, and sometimes it is about
keeping what you already have. Just as in life there are many opinions so are they many types of magic. Just as in
life there are many individuals who pass through life passively without aims: so many people read magic books
but do not cast the spells. But this book is to change that, so that you can improve your life, and so cast the spells
work the magic and get what you want out of life.
Ecne has great power, being a god of wisdom and knowledge. It would also be equally correct to call Ecne a
magical being. Many of us have grown up in a monotheistic religion and so the idea of many gods is alien to us,
but also I feel that this means that what we think of when we think gods isnt what many ancient peoples meant and
many polytheistic people today. What they meant was magical being for what we think of as gods: any entity
embodies with magic was to them a god. But we live in a time when many of us would rather recognise them as
magical beings especially as humans also possess magic too: that is why we can work occult magic.
It would be just as correct to label Ecne as construct which exists to strengthen our magic and anyone whatever
they believe or not should feel able to work Ecne magic. Ecne magic and the wisdom and knowledge that comes

with it, is here to help you, whoever you are and whatever you want.
Ecne is a magical being who is linked to wisdom and knowledge, and so is linked with mental things and so
the mind. We as humans are very much born incomplete; we must put knowledge in our brains in order to complete
ourselves. Other animals are faster, or stronger and many have various advantages and our ability to think is what
gives us our advantage and has helped us build a new world. But magic isnt at odds with this, because without
thought there can be no magic. Our ability to work magic comes from out human thought processes. To work magic
is human: it is a natural human ability.
Magic is perhaps more a part of humanity than many other abilities. But there are also various other magical
beings which posses magic too and these have been labelled by us with various names linked to various beliefs
and religions. But remember magic isnt some mystical unexplained thing: much of it understood by those that
practice it. Also denial of it will not make it go away, it is a part of you whether you like it or not. So you choose
to ignore it, do not be surprised if it finds other ways to get out: by the many strange and odd chance happenings
which people experience and sometimes call bad luck. No it must be harnessed and used like a tool. With this in
mind here is a magic spell for magic energy from Ecne.
Magic spell for energy from Ecne
Ecne give me your power,
Let your energy flow throughout me,
Let your power be mine,
So it is and will be.
The magic spell for energy from Ecne is a spell which increases your magical power. It raises power, and
magical energy/force. By doing this it increases the strength of any magic spells which you cast afterwards. Also
by increasing your magic power it makes you more difficult to curse effectively because the more powerful you
are the more likely accurse it to bounce off. Do not underestimate the effect of the spell above, it may seem to you
as not really having a focus or effect but this is quite untrue, but the goal of the spell is quite subtle. It gains you
increased power and ability in the working of magic, although it usually has gains in other non-mystical areas too.
But getting more magic within you is not the only such subtle spell and one other is a magic spell for
protection. One good thing about learning a protection spell and a magic spell to get magical energy is that, it gives
you a practice on working magic. But it also is a good foundation, because you have more power and are protected

against magical curses. You would then be in a much better position even if you do not do anything else. But with
this goal in mind here is an Ecne protection spell.
Magic spell for protection from Ecne
Ecne give me your protection,
With your wisdom,
Threats dare not come near,
Your protection is mine,
Ecne you are my shield,
So it is and will be.
The protection spell in many ways is a great spell to accompany the spell for energy spell. But also it has
obvious protection uses, but also if you feel a lot of bad luck is happening to you, then what you need to do is to
cast a good luck spell and a protection spell: because your misfortune may have been a curse. Many people cast
protection spells from time to time anyway. Yes it is true you usually do not know of the curse that didnt affect
you, but prevention is better than cure. So dont be afraid to make the spell part of your routine: if you have one.
But also it is good to work some magic most days and so a protection spell is one of those spells you can work
daily, without it affecting parts of your life that you jay not want it too.
However good luck spell can be useful too. There are two main types of good luck spell, general ones and
specific ones. A general good luck spell is more like a blessing, in that it has many ways to work. A specific good
luck spell has a specific way of working and usually is more powerful: but remember some things are easier to get
through good luck than others. Lottery wins are difficult whereas chance events to help you gain wealth are not.
But dont underestimate the general good luck spell. They are more potent than people realise and also are a good
thing to do if you feel your life is in a bad place and has much bad luck, because it can change around the whole
direction of your life: although casting the magic spell daily helps with this. But with this in mind here is a general
good luck spell.
Magic spell for good luck from Ecne
Ecne give me good luck,

Let your wisdom bring good to me,

Bring good fortune to me,
So it is and will be.
The above magic spell is one for good luck. The good luck is generalised and of course there are more
specific spells for good luck. But Ecne is a magical being concerned with knowledge or wisdom and so I will
now concern myself with matters that Ecne is most powerful at. Many times in our lives an idea of what another
person is feeling and their perspective would be most useful. This is something which can be achieved with the
power of Ecne. So long as you utilise the correct technique. With this in mind here is how to get the understanding
of another persons position using Ecne magic.
Ecne magic to understand anothers point of view
Oh Ecne grant me wisdom,
Let me understand anothers point of view,
(Now imagine you are in a field in the sun. Opposite you in the person of whose position you with to
(Tell the person your name)
(They say their name)
Now discuss with the person what you want to know and their position.
When you have finished you go back to where you are: you are not in the imaginary field.
(End of magic spell)
Your wisdom is appreciated Ecne.
Bu Ecne was much to offer us. In life many times the difference between success and failure is knowing what
to do: sometimes it is the difference between survival and death. But knowledge isnt just one thing you can down
load, just as wisdom isnt. Instead the best way to think of Ecne is that he can give you insight into things. I say this
candidly because I do not want to give you a false idea: I will always tell you the truth about magic: it will not let
you able to know all there is to know about a subject like downloading a disc into your brain. But Ecne magic is
useful. With this in mind here is a magic spell to give you insight into reading peoples body language.
Ecne magic spell to let me understand body language
Oh Ecne let me see body language,

Let me see what peoples body say,

Your wisdom is appreciated Ecne.
The magic spell to help you understand people body language is best said just before you go out and be around
people: this is because the speed and duration of the effect differs from person to person. The skill of
understanding peoples body language is a useful one and a skill which is easy to undervalue. The magic spell to
let you understand body language can be cast once a day for three days to let you see a fuller effect. But seeing
body language is only one type of wisdom. There are others, for instance knowing when you are being deceived.
We get deceived many times in our lives: when we buy something that breaks, much of the time the person who
sold it to us knew it was bad: some times when large companies say that they never got a call, or letter, and you
know you contacted them, they have deceived you. Advertising deceives us in subtle ways, by leading us to
believe that, that cup of coffee will change our lives and give us a better lifestyle. Therefore a magic spell to help
us know when we are being deceived is useful: but should not be cast all the time. So with the aforementioned in
mind and trusting you to use the spell when needed, here is a spell to help you see when you are being deceived.
Ecne magic spell to help you know when you are being deceived
Oh Ecne let me know when being deceived,
When people lie to me let me know,
When they do not mention something I need to know,
Let me know,
When people shuffle and eyes dart,
If the lie,
Let me know,
Let me see their lie,
So that I will know the truth,
Your wisdom is appreciated Ecne.
The above
The above magic spell will help you get to the lies we are told, but you should not use it all the time because it
would make you paranoid. There is a line however between paranoid and being easy meat to be fooled. But
everyone can get deceived, some people lie so much that they themselves are not certain as to what it true or not:

which make it difficult for another person to know. But there is more to life than this, and also more to thinking.
Many people just need to consider the different elements of a problem. Some people rush into making decisions
and for those people, they may want to spend more time on making decisions, but then again others procrastinate.
Both of these things may be ok with the person concerned, but they may not. Therefore here is a magic spell to
help you consider the important elements of a decision. But also not to procrastinate, I will of course mention that
people have inbuilt abilities to make decisions and so whether you need to use the following magic spell is up to
you. You must feel it necessary, although I would advise testing it on less important decisions, like on shopping
Ecne magic spell to aid decision making
Oh Ecne grant me wisdom,
Help me consider important points,
Give me the power to weight options,
To make decisions,
With consideration,
And full attention,
But without delaying,
Your wisdom is appreciated Ecne.
The spell aforementioned to aid decisions making is useful many times people do not know what to do or what
decision to make. Decision making is what empowers us, and Ecne is just there as a helper as an assistant,
because at the end of the day you must live with your decision: and the result whether good or bad. But remember
spells require your will to make it happen. You must will the spell to work. Also casting the magic spell to get
increased power, will increase the power of the spellcasting: magic spells also must be cast to work, jus reading a
spell is not enough, and you must have the intent for it to work.
But of course the wisdom gained from making a decision is less important, than the result. Peoples lives are
changed through the decisions they make, and also those they do not. In life we much constantly decide what to do:
even if we dont always realise it: of course things also can happen that are chance events that were unexpected
which is why people practice divination and other types of spells such as good luck. But at the end of the day we
all can only do the best we can in making decisions. We are boats in the sea sailing to a harbour that we want to go

But there are many types of wisdom and many areas of knowledge. Wisdom and knowledge are very important
for our progress and that of the world, however without action they are nothing: even in magic you need to cast a
spell or do something much of the time. Wisdom and knowledge must be applied before it means much: although
putting this in context everything we learn becomes part of us and so gets utilised in some way or another. Strategy
is important to our lives too, planning is sometimes whet gets us what we want: obviously coupled with the
execution of those plans.
But when we need to plan we need to allow for the abilities of those that are part of it, and also that the world
sometimes has its own ideas on what we should do. We find resistance to our success when others want success
too: this however is normal. We may find that we need to execute a back-up plan. We need planning but flexibility
also. They say the devil is in the detail: the difficulty is in the detail. But also some problems you sometimes have
to solve as you go along. But there are no absolutes. This is where the difficulty lies and for that reason here is a
magic spell to give you the wisdom of planning.
Ecne magic spell to give the wisdom of planning
Oh Ecne grant me wisdom,
Let me see the long term,
And the short,
Let me see how to out manoeuvre my enemies,
And forge a plan that will succeed,
Your wisdom is appreciated Ecne.
The above magic spell is one which allows people to plan, even when up against adversaries is very useful.
We need to be able to plan in life and having access to greater ability to plan can transform out situation. But after
casting the spell you must immediately start working on a plan for the future: the spell also will wear off and so it
is best to get started right away. But planning is not the only kind of wisdom. There also is the ability see the
potential of other people. Whether these people are allies or enemies seeing their true potential is important and
by potential I mean the abilities they have and the likely limit to their abilities as they stand. With this in mind here
is a magic spell to see another persons potential.
Ecne magic spell to let you see a persons potential
Oh Ecne let me see,

The true potential of (State persons name),

Let me understand what they can now do,
(Imagine you are in a garden)
(The person you want to know about is opposite you.)
(You now both discuss what they can and cannot do)
Your wisdom appreciated Ecne.
That last magic is useful: but remember that nothing is set in stone and people are change. We adapt to our
circumstances. Knowing what a person can do, is a good thing because it is bad to ask more of a person than that
person can do; the limits of a competitor is useful to know because this will help you work against their
weaknesses. But people can surprise you if their backs are against the wall just as people whose life is threatened
can sometimes be much stronger than you would expect them to be: so can people if they feel threatened. But
creativity is also a useful skill: It could be called a way of seeing the world, but it is much more.
Creativity is way of seeing how the world could be, how to change and alter it by the creation of something.
Many people think that they are either creative or they arent. But one should not mix up the skills of an art form
like painting, with raw creativity. But with magic we can be made more creative. Just as other aspects of our self
can be improved upon, so can creativity using magic. But remember magic can make you more creative but what
each individual builds on is different. Creativity helps us solve problems, but also create what never existed
before. With this prized skill in mind here is a magic spell for creativity.
Ecne magic spell for creativity
Oh Ecne grant me creativity,
Let ideas flow to me,
Let me be a spring,
With endless waters of creativity,
Your wisdom is appreciated Ecne.
Cast the above spell when you need to be more creative and use those skills right away. You may find that the
effect takes different times to take hold fully and will last differing lengths of time for different people. But most of
all use the creativity it brings you. Dont just cast it to see what happens: use what the creativity you get from the

spell because this is the true way to see the effect of the spell. Also you muse cast it with will power and will the
spell to work, will the spell to give you greater creativity. Dont be fooled by internal magic like this, it is
powerful and has the power to change your life just as magic which is focused on outside things like wealth can.
Magic to increase your mental abilities is a way of getting the most out of your mind, and also of making it
more flexible. Because the brain makes neural connections when doing tasks and so a person not normally creative
will find that their brain will get more creative if they use the creativity spell and utilise that creativity. Your brain
is far more adaptable than you may think; it is capable of doing things you do not realise. But of course magic
spells to become more creative are a short cut: because that is what magic is for many people, a short cut to get
what they want. Magic is a powerful tool and a great servant.
Spells for creativity are very useful but sometimes what is required is actual skill in a creative context: such as
painting. But one such skill is quite easy to get and that is the skill to write a good poem. This is something which
Ecne magic can easily provide you with. Also it can help you get over writers block if you are a poet. People have
poetry within them. It is part of what makes people human: we all have this gift. But for others it is stronger and
many of us do not have the ability to provide poetry on demand. Poetry is a very individual thing: everyones
poetry is different because we are all different. Poetry is like a humans built in philosophy because with it we can
see the world through different eyes.
There are many people who will tell you that good poetry is something which must follow this rule or that, but
the only rule you must follow in within your soul. This good because it makes writing poetry as being something
which can easily be helped by magical assistance. It is also one way of getting direct help from Ecne in a more
fundamental way: because although poetry may not be as useful as other things, it is a way of seeing things and not
just a way of seeing one area of life. Poetry isnt supposed to be useful, but in way it is: it frees us from the
mundane world into a world partly of our own creation so that our minds are better prepared for the possibilities
ahead. Although Oscar Wilde said All art if completely useless and so would disagree. But with poetry in mind
here is a magic spell to help you write a good poem.
Ecne magic spell for you to be able to write a good poem
Oh Ecne grant me poetry,
A poem we shall write,
And may be many more,


I see the world in words about,

I am great poetry,
Your wisdom is appreciated Ecne.
The ability to write poetry will free your mind. Many people write poetry at one time of another. You will find
that your poems wrote with the help of Ecne are quite different than without, this is because magic can help you tap
into something bigger than ourselves, and also because we all have so much within us than we think: if only we
can learn to tap into it. That is not to say that all of us can do everything equally that would be like saying that we
are all alike and that would be the most terrible thing in the world. Differences are what our true strengths are and
this statement isnt just about you as an individual but also about the greatness of humanity. But all the same never
be quick to believe people who tell you that you cannot do something: because many times this is about their
perceived limitations and they do not know how far you are prepared to go and what efforts you are prepared to
But life isnt all about poetry and wisdom more earthly knowledge is sometimes required. Wisdom that helps
you in a concrete way get what you want. All of us have things we want, things we require, and want more than
anything else. These things drive us and are also a way of other people manipulating us, or us manipulating them.
We by our nature have the ability to get others help in obtaining our goals, and this is crucial to how society
organises itself. It is distributed, partly by manipulation and people serving others purposes: this seems inevitable
on some level. With this in mind here is a magic spell to help you see what another wants: so that you can use this
to your advantage.
Ecne magic to know what another wants
Oh Ecne let me see what (name of person who you want to know about) wants,
Let me know what (name of person who you want to know about) aims for,
(Now imagine you are in a field in the sun. Opposite you in the person of whose position you with to
(Tell the person your name)
(They say their name)
Now ask the person any questions you want to, to know what they want.
When you have finished you go back to where you are: you are not in the imaginary field.


(End of magic spell)

Your wisdom is appreciated Ecne.
The above magic spell will take you so far, as in it will help you know what another person wants. But how
you use this to your advantage is another matter. For this you require guile and the ability to manipulate another
person, and how to make your goal theirs. In other words you need to know how to get people to follow you and
how to be a great leader. Some say this is inborn, some say it is learnt, and certainly many believe this has been a
goal of many boarding schools in the UK for a very long time: not that I went to one. But the skills needed to get
people to follow you and use the knowledge of them for your own ends is all part of leadership both its good side
and its manipulative bad side: remember the evil too need to be able to lead. With this in mind here is a magic
spell so that you will know how to get people to follow you and manipulate them.
Ecne magic spell to get people to follow you and know how to manipulate them
Oh Ecne grant me the wisdom of leadership,
And how to get people to follow me,
To manipulate others when needed,
So that I get what I want.
Your wisdom is appreciated Ecne.
In many ways the above magic spell couples leadership with more manipulative deception. As such it lies
within the middle of leadership and social engineering: not that leaders dont social engineer people. It lies within
the range of what some will see as good and bad but really is neutral and it is all about what you do with the spell
that decided its true nature.
But the true nature of wisdom: is sometimes knowing when to back off, your limits and to appreciate what you
already have. But when people think about things what they want usually is happiness. But as Ecne is a magical
being concerned with wisdom and knowledge, then many other things lie within his reach, and so ours. After all is
happiness not a state of mind like intellect or wisdom. Is knowledge so different from being happy when they all
happen within our brain? After all we have on brain with which we must think of everything. So if happiness is
within our reach, then what else is? How we see the world is partly within our heads. Our experiences and nature
affect how we see the world, and our actions.
There is always free will, that we have, but what we choose to do with it can be helped along. Our goals can


be helped. But many just want to be happy, or at least happy as well as whatever else we may want from life. With
this in mind here is a magic spell for happiness that thing which men and women want and eludes some. It is so
easy and within reach that once you understand this becoming happier will be easy.
Ecne magic spell to be happier
Oh Ecne grant me happiness,
I am at ease,
The light of happiness glow within me (smile),
I see the good in life,
I am positivity,
Your wisdom is appreciated Ecne.
The above magic spell can also help be more positive, because it is easier to be happy if you are positive.
They are natural friends of each other, a part of the same mechanism. So let your life be enhanced with happiness,
and remember this spell is best cast daily if you have problems with depression at all. In this way treat it as a
medicine if you need to: but without withdrawal or side effects. Once cast a few times you will find yourself
happier: but the more you cast it the better you will feel. And some people require more casting of the spell than
others: but daily is the most that will be required by anyone regularly.
But by now I hope you understand that Ecne magic can change your life for the better, it can make you happy,
let you see and perceive the world differently. The positivity of this spell alone makes it worthwhile casting.
Positivity helps us bounce back from bad things and makes us more robust to lifes demands. Also positivity helps
us set goals easier and see the opportunities with which life provides us. In this way even when all seem to rain
you can see the light. But seeing the light is not the greatest thing as this is creation, but creation requires
determination and this is what keeps us going in life. Times get hard for everyone at some time and determination
is what keeps us going.
Determination neednt be something which you worry about running out, or running low. This is because Ecne
can magnify and perhaps even give you more of what you have: so that your determination wont run out. You may
wonder how this works when magic relies upon willpower: well the act of casting the spell is transformed into
more determination, one energy into another. The spell is one which you should remember to use when needed,
you need not give up: not that giving up is always bad, I am not that judgemental: but it can keep people going and


coupled with a happiness spell can help treat serious depression and suicidal thoughts. I do however hope that any
spell which is useful can be used with medicine: I dont want anyone to deny any help of any type that will help
them. Therefore here is a magic spell for determination.
Ecne magic spell for determination
Oh Ecne grant me the power,
To keep going,
To endure and go and on,
To never give up,
And be determined,
Your wisdom is appreciated Ecne.
The above magic spell will do just what it tells you, but remember sometimes it is best to cast a magic spell to
change your situation in some way. Not that there isnt times when determination isnt required: because that is
part of life: but also think about how to change your situation. I hope the aforementioned spell helps many people,
and if you ever feel really low, unhappy and perhaps suicidal then I hope you call medical people for help, and
that you remember that the magic spell can be of help too and prevent things from getting that far.
The world can be harsh but the spell you have already learnt will give you great power and strength. The
world can be a very pleasant place, but the abilities you already possess: if you tried out the spells: will help you
to deal with difficult situations and create better ones and in this way make a better life. The world of magic is full
of opportunities some of them could also be seen as challenges. I hope you rise to those you can, and you move
around those that are not to your advantage. I dont expect you to take everything head on because you possess
magic: moving around is sometimes easier and more productive. If this you do then the world will be transformed
and the reader will gain tools they can use to add to their abilities. With this in mind here is a magic spell for a
better memory.
Ecne magic spell for a better memory
Oh Ecne grant me memory,
I remember,
I do not forget,
My memory sharpens,


It does not dull

Your wisdom is appreciated Ecne.
Magic gives us power over many aspects of our lives. But our abilities are wide ranging and magic is one of
the abilities we possess and I would never advocate pushing other abilities to one side to embrace another. There
is true power in us. But to show this I will show you about time and how your perception of it can be affected. I
will show you first how to do things quicker: think and come up with ideas. Quick thinking is useful there are
times when it is life saving. We all need quick thought perhaps not all the time but we do need it.
Quicker thought is the first step on seeing how our mind perceives time. In quicker thinking through magic, we
first get used to the idea that our mind has extra capacity than that we normally use. The more you use the spell for
quicker thinking the greater becomes its power. Obviously the spell is short; it would itself be a loss of time if it
were anything but short. In fact calling it a spell may itself be suggesting greater length than it has. But remember
what it is for and to use it. Magic that isnt cast cannot work. With this in mind however here is a magic spell for
quick thinking.
Ecne magic spell for quick thinking
Note the magic is the start of the words: Ecne, quick, thought. In this way it creates a simple enchantment. But
remember to use it, it gains power with practice and also what it is for: this is crucial it only works if you know
what it s for. The magic spell is just the first of magic spells about time. Quicker thinking is one skill. But much
can be achieved by slowing down time for us: this allows us to react quicker. The ability to slow down our own
personal time is also a skill which increases with practice but the magic spell I will show you is very efficient.
Time is a fundamental thing; it is so much a part of our life we forget it. Just as a fish would not think of the
water they are in because they are in it all the time, we do not think of time. The ability to control time is an ability
which has much application: because time affects us at all times. So the ability to slow down time is a strong one.
The magic spell I will show you will slow down your time: how time passes to you. The spell is easy to test
because with it television shows will slow down, people talk seems slower, people move slower. With this in
mind here is the spell to slow down time.
Ecne magic spell to slow down time


The above magic spell is the first part of the words: Ecne, slow, time; the magic spell is very useful but do
remember to use it, because it can get even more powerful with practice. But just as time can be slowed down it
can be speeded up. However the magic spell to speed time up has less application, after all why have time rush by
when we only get so long within our bodies on Earth. If I were advising you to fast forward through the boring
stuff I would be being immoral: although most of us why know the following spell will do this at some time. But
life is for living not fast forwarding. But of course any spell to speed up time has to be used for you to know it
works. All I am saying is that the next spell is not one you need to remember it is here just for completeness. So
that you know how to speed up your personal time if ever you do need to. Therefore here is a magic spell to speed
up time.
Ecne magic spell to speed up time.
The above magic spell is made up of the start of the words: Ecne, fast, time. It is powerful enough to visibly
speed up time. With practice it can get stronger still. It is a spell which is there if ever you need it: but I admit
much less useful than the spell to slow time down. But it helps you gain a greater mastery of your own sense of
time. This basic mastery is one thing which should tell you of the power you already possess. But to use the word
you need to remember the word and also what it is for. You will now realise how far you have came in developing
your abilities.
But the power of magic can also be used to affect others sense of time. There are times when you may worry
about other lives going by in a blink of an eye: the older we get the faster time passes for us. So people we care
about to enjoy life to the full should have a better life if they had the personal time to appreciate things around
them. Therefore this most important thing time can be used to help others. With this in mind here is a magic spell to
slow down anothers sense of time: over a long period.
Ecne magic spell to slow down another persons personal time
Oh Ecne grant me control over time,
Let (state persons name) time slow down,
Let them have time to see all,
To appreciate what there is,
And will be,


Your wisdom is appreciated Ecne.

The above magic spell will affect another persons sense of time: it will slow it down. Slowing down their
sense of time will also make them more productive and give them the ability to appreciate what is around them. In
this way this spell can be one of the greatest presents anyone can get: especially for those that are old.
We may be separate but also part of a whole. All of humanity and the planet affects everything else. Like a
great whirlwind we are part of, change is inevitable and something which cannot be changed. After all the past
only looks stable sometimes because we dont always remember the incredible ups and downs that happen every
day. But what many of us want is to be able to change and become better people. Some of us would love to aspire
to a better ideal or even to be more open minded. It is an irony of society that wanting to change isnt always
enough: people sometimes have a world of experiences and indoctrination which holds them back.
However changing who you are should not be done without thought, but there are many people who may be
bigoted against a group of society and wishes they werent: how many people who are bigoted against people of
different races, the disable, the old wish to change but find they cannot. With each effort they find themselves going
back to their old ways. This is one thing which can be helped by magic because it can let you see things with an
open mind, and also from another persons perspective. But what a magic spell isnt that would help people
change is seeing things from the most popular perspective, or necessarily the one which is thought of as being
correct. It lets people toss aside the stuff which works against change and where we want to be.
So I now present for you a magic spell to take away bigotry: or rather to give you an increased chance to do
so. While many of the readers will not need the following spell it is the one spell which I personally would not
mind if it was spread far and wide: as long as I am credited and the book from which it comes. So here is the spell
in question.
Ecne magic spell to lift bigotry
Oh Ecne grant me an open mind,
To see people,
And what they have inside,
To not judge by surface things,
To let my goodness,
Fill me and be there for all to see,


Your wisdom is appreciated Ecne.

The magic spell above is powerful and also gives people a chance to get past the preconceived ideas from the
past. The magic spell can be recast if required as many times as you want and need. But the changes made by the
spell will affect you all the time because once you see things from another perspective that perspective becomes
just as much a part of you as any ideas from the past. But there you must want to change. Many people will not
think they need to, some may not, but casting the spell will also let you see how the world is flawed and dont be
surprised if you see the problems and bigotry that you didnt even notice before.
The spell can however have big affects on people lives, sometimes families that would have parted and were
torn apart wont. On a large scale neighbourhoods that were constantly at war would stop: because they could see
how they were bigoted against the other set of people. Even wars could be stopped if everyone were to cast the
spell even if just for one day. In many ways that makes it the most powerful spell in the book, but also the least
likely to get cast because people do not recognise our flaws and many people will think that it doesnt apply to
them. With a similar thing in mind here is a magic spell to united people: it can be cast individually or as a group.
Magic spell to unite people
Oh Ecne grant us togetherness,
Unite people,
Let us function as harmonious one,
In peace and harmony,
Your wisdom is appreciated Ecne.
The magic spell above is a good spell to cast alongside the spell to get rid of bigotry. However the magic spell
can change things the most if cast by many people: not necessarily all at once or in the same place. Its power to
transform however isnt limited to those that cast the magic spell: it has an effect upon those in the near area. It
therefore changes the world you are in, changes the nature of what is around you. Its power of transformation isnt
just for those that cast it, but others too. I am not saying this spell can end war but it can make the world slightly
different: in a good war.
Ecne magic can help you get the life you want, become the person you aspire to, and create the world you want
too. All this it can aid, but do not deny your other skills and abilities: you are a whole person and I would never
want you to deny all you can do. Also I do not promise that to get all of what you want does not require you to do


anything: most things in life require you to do something. Your effort always means something. The same as what
you want and aspire to means something too. But with the above in mind here is a magic spell to unite people
around a cause. This will help you in any endeavours you have to change the world to any degree. To change the
world is to need people.
Magic spell to unite people around a cause
Oh Ecne grant us togetherness,
Unite people for me,
Let us function under me,
Let me goal be theirs,
Your wisdom is appreciated Ecne.
The above magic spell will help you but first you need to choose what you want to unite people for, and to
what cause. The spell just to unite people will create peace while this spell will create what you want to create. It
is less powerful than the other, because of its nature: people may not want to unite under you, they are likely as not
people who want you to unite under them and they are have power too. But like any tool the aforementioned magic
spell can be helpful, to you and to others.
Chapter 2 Dian Cecht, healer
Dian Cecht is an Irish god of healing. So great is his power that it was said that he even saved Ireland. His
power is great and it is used in magic and this is what this book is about: magic using the power of Dian Cecht.
The power of healing is a great one and far wider ranging in scope than you may at first imagine: shown by the
story of how he saved Ireland. The magic in this book is much easier than you may at first imagine. Also all of the
magic is practical, and useable. All the magic in this book is there to enhance your life, there is nothing here that I
feel will not. That is the heart of Dian Cecht magic is helping you to have a better life, which very much is in line
with the healing nature of Dian Cecht. However Dian Cecht magic can have a dark side too if required: Dian
Cecht killed his own son a healer for being a better healer than he was and so unlike some healer deities he has a
dark side. This is actually more useful because it means that curses are not just possible but easier than with some
other healing deities.
Dian Cecht also blessed a well, meaning that a race of supernatural Irish beings could go into the well and be
healed of all wounds save decapitation. Some of you may feel strange to call Dain Cecht a God: and this brings me


to my second point. It is just as accurate to call Dina Cecht a magical being rather than a God. Many of us who
have been raised on a monotheistic religion, I feel have a different idea of what a God is than those with
polytheistic beliefs: the idea of many Gods. It is just as accurate to say that Dain Cecht a magical being, God or
even construct that exists just to help us work magic. Although a fuller understanding of the occult may be require
to understand this than many have: but is also my opinion. But this means that anyone with any belief, set of beliefs
or lack thereof can still use Dain Cecht magic: and should feel completely free to do so. I do not need you to
accept anything in the working of this magic. I only need you to want the magic to occur for it is your will that
makes magic as much as anything.
So in many ways the power of the magic lies within you, but Dain Cecht will empower your spells and magic.
He will increase your power, and the magic you work. He does have great power to help you in your life, after all
he is a God of healing. But of course you must decide to let him help you, you always have choice. I also do not
ask you to worship him, I only ask that you utilise the power of him to make your life better. This isnt a church,
you neednt go anywhere, all in this book is here for you to work as and when you want to.
Dain Cecht magic is really about you, and using the power of Dain Cecht, but you are more central than he is.
Remember you cast spells with him, not asking him. It may at times seem that you are really asking a God for
something: but really you are casting a spell with him. Prayer is not unlike a magic spell, but it also different in
one crucial way: in a magic spell you have power whereas in a prayer you dont. Also the reason many prayers do
not work is that people who pray do not always understand that the person who prays must be in the correct state
of mind. This state of mind is easier to get into in time. But one important thing to remember is that you must use
human will, or belief: in this book I favour human will, but you are free to use both.
The state of mind needed for a magic spell is one which will come easily in time. But dont worry the magic
spells in this book have all be written and composed to work for you and to be easy. Ease of use is a key to Dain
Cecht magic: there is no need to over complicate things. You also dont require things to bring with you, all you
need is you. Also you will easily remember Dain Cecht magics principles after using the spells in this book:
although it may be better said that you will absorb it. Everything we ever do is a part of us, and so will Dain Cecht
magic: although not the magical being himself. However with this in mind maybe I should now move into a Dain
Cecht magic spell which is for the power and energy of Dain Cecht.
Dian Cecht magic spell for power and energy of Dain Cecht


Dian Cecht, Grant me your power,

And give me your energy within,
Let it flow through me,
In me,
Let me feel lit like a torch,
Filled with the light,
So it will be.
You may have noticed that the last magic spell is one which increases your power, but what power? Well the
last magic spell increases your ability to work magic; it is a very good magic spell to be cast before working
magic. Also because it increases your magical power it means you will be more difficult to curse effectively and
the curse would be more likely to go back to the person who sent it. However this isnt the only purpose of the
magic spell, the other is that it allows you to practice Dian Cecht magic. But Dian Cecht also saves Ireland and so
the healing power cal also be utilised to help an organisation too.
There are many organisations which themselves can be healed. Organisations have problems too just as people
can. But to help an organisation in the best way needs a methodology. One good way is to split the organisation
into smaller parts or departments and if the organisation is smaller enough even individuals: but into departments
is fine. Then you need to work out what every department is for, what they do. Once you have done this then cast a
magic spell for every department and for it to fulfil its function. Think of this like business consultancy occult
style. Also it is a good idea to cast a spell to help you see any problems with the organisation too. With the above
in mind here is a magic spell to heal a department.
Dian Cecht magic spell to heal a department
Heal the (state name of department and organisation) O Dian Cecht,
Let it fulfil its true purpose,
It will smoothly (state what the department does),
It will be healed,
And curse of ills,
So it will be.
The above magic spell is for a department. But remember to heal an organisation you need to cast one spell for


every department. But this in itself will not stop the organisation from not working, because an organisation must
work harmoniously together. It is not just a collection of parts it also is a whole. So to complete the healing
another magic spell must be cast and this is to get the company to work well as a whole. But to do this you must
have a complete list of all the departments: those that you cast the past spell for. It is important however to
remember that organisations are also made up of people. It is easy to lose the people element to this, but
organisations need people like organs of a body: the departments being the limbs. With this in mind here is a magic
spell to help an organisation work well as a whole.
Dian Cecht magic spell for an organisation to work well as a whole
Heal (state name of organisations) O Dian Cecht,
(State name of organisations) is a whole,
And as (state name of department) does (state function)
And (state name of department) does (State function)
It breathes,
Moves with speed,
It has wisdom,
And (state name of organisation) exists as one,
In success and victory,
So it will be.
The last spell in many ways completes the healing of an organisation and can be cast on its own, but is best
cast with the other spells for departments. However there are other magical things which can be done to help an
organisation. Some organisations maybe complex in many ways, but there are patterns and things which can be
seen which can make it much easier for people to know what to do. Just as in many things in life, things are
normally helped by our knowing and doing what we can do. Therefore with this in mind here is a magic spell to be
able to see what is wrong with an organisation.
Dian Cecht magic spell to see what is wrong with an organisation
Grant O Dian Cecht,
The power to heal by seeing,


What is there that I can do,

What lies within what to treat,
With my patient (state name of organisation),
I will heal the organisation,
With you through me,
So it will be.
Just as organisations can be healed, so can people within an organisation too. But the strategy here is a little
different. People all have their differences and there is not a precise line between difference, ability and problem.
Therefore the individuality of people must always be respected. But Dian Cecht is a magical being whose purpose
is to heal, and so has remarkable ability to do so. But for an organisations people to be healed all the people must
take part; however everyone may not want to do so. A way round this is a feeling of choice. Therefore to embrace
peoples individuality I present more than one way of them healing themselves. These different ways can be
chosen by different people: thus embracing their individuality.
But what do I mean by healing. Well what I dont mean is a replacement for medicine, but instead a healing
which is directed: at helping them be better at the job they do although it will also enhance their private lives too.
But the different ways can be chosen at will by anyone in the organisation. With this in mind here is the first magic
spell any member of the organisation to be healed can choose.
Dian Cecht first magic spell to a person in an organisation
Heal the O Dian Cecht,
Let (the person states their name) fulfil my professional purpose,
Let me (state what they do) with ease,
Cure me of all ills,
Let my work be better and be healed
So it will be.
As I stated however there is choice and the spell you just read is just the first one which they can choose.
There are other spells that follow and these other spells are there for choice, but also people may feel pulled to
one over another. The element of choice is important, they are then in control of their work and destiny. They get to
choose which spell they want to use. The spell someone chooses can be changed, or they can stay with just that


spell. The magic spells can be cast daily of once a week, some people may only cast it once: but still it will have
done them good. A good thing is to get people to cast them together, so that they all feel a part of each other in their
endeavour to become better. Their improvement is also improving the organisation and will increase profitability,
and a better functioning organisation. With this in mind here is the second spell they could choose to cast.
Dian Cecht second magic spell to a person in an organisation
Dian Cecht,
Bring your light into me (put your arms up in the air)
Let (the person states their name) fulfil my professional purpose,
Let your healing light,
Improve my work,
My work and I will be better (put arms back down),
So it will be.
The second magic spell that a member of the organisation could choose is like the last one very effective. The
element of choice this gives people is very important and also they realise that they have differences. But they also
have to be a team and so they also need a way of being unified together again and to realise that their differences
are strengths. They all must realise that they rise or fall through each others efforts. They must work together.
Therefore this next magic spell is one which should be done together. It bonds them as a team and also brings a
magic when they are together. It means they literally can work as stronger and better together. In many ways it
makes the organisation into a modern coven: it gives them powers that are increased, they will have better
instincts; they will just know things and have better abilities at their work.
Dian Cecht magic spell to be cast as a team
Grant Dian Cecht,
Your power to us,
Make us strong,
We are all individuals,
But are all one,
We have power we coven organisation,
We empowered group,


With strength we think,

And much we know,
Our work quality it grows,
We are dynamism,
We are good change,
We are the victorious beast,
Other organisations we beat,
So it will be.
The above magic spell can do more to bring together an organisation than the reader can possibly imagine and
there is much magic can do to bring together and transform businesses and other organisations. I suppose it is still
taboo for many to utilise this advantage, but those that do will have an advantage. Many organisations already have
occult symbols as their logos, but still more can be done, and for those others they must embrace the effect of it all
or risk falling behind. The power of magic to transform people for the better is immense, but the power to
transform an organisation is no less. Things are changing and many people who use tarot cards and meditate do not
realise the organisational benefits of magic: real magic. There are many stage magicians who convince
organisations that they can help they sell better: which they probably cannot: but still many organisations hold back
from the power of real magic. Yes the power of real magic is real and the effect upon people is real too, and the
effect upon profitability and your earning power will be real also. Embrace magic and embrace a wider view of
the world. It is this wider view which is needed because this is the world your organisations functions in, and if
the gap between coven and professional organisation could be narrowed then the world would be transformed for
the better.
But Dian Cecht magic also has the power to protect us. In a way protection is simply a way of treating our
weaknesses, and our weakness to be attacked magically is protected by the magic. We could cast a similar spell to
help remove the weakness to be able to be attacked magically by curses. Protection magic is always
underestimated because we do not see the result, rather the reverse if we saw the result then we would have done
something wrong. I will also caution you on practicing curses on people, or getting people to practice curses on
you as a way of testing your protection, because the results of a curse can be long term. If you get in a traffic
accident as the result of a curse, even if you live any damage will be permanent; if a person loses and eye due to


infection caused by a curse or if you needs dentures because of a curse it wont go away afterwards. It is best not
to test protection spells, plus they will become more effective in time.
The above may seem like wimping out, but the results of testing your protection can kill you or damage the rest
of your life. The reason for this is that curses are actually dangerous, and this is the whole reason for protection
spells, but you should not be throwing curses around like confetti anyway. There are different forms of protection
spells. You can protect others as well as yourself. But a good protection spell should be above all practical: it is
something that you should be able to use anywhere at any time. I also feel that they benefit from being short
because they are best if easily remembered. However it is good to have choice and with this in mind here is the
first protection spell.
Dian Cecht protection spell
Grant O Dian Cecht,
Let only goodness touch me,
You are my shield.
The above protection spell is one which gives protection directly but because of the nature of Dian Cecht there
is another way of gaining protection. The above magic spell is powerful and would be even more so if you cast the
magic spell for gaining energy at the start of this book before casting it. It can be cast anywhere and it doesnt
require any preparation. The above spell is a protection spell for the person saying the magic spell. However in
the spirit of choice here is another protection spell with quite a different way of working.
Dian Cecht protection spell through healing weaknesses
Heal O Dian Cecht,
My weaknesses,
Let me be strong and mighty,
Only goodness, be able to touch my skin,
Only strength remains.
That last protection spell is quite different from the last because it tackles protection by removing the
weaknesses that make a curse work on you. This is a more risky type of protection spell than the last, but it is good
to alternate between the two of casting both. The best thing to do is to just cast one of the protection spells from


time to time: this should be all that many of you require because the effects can be quite long lasting. But there are
times when you may feel that a loved one is under attack: and you may want to protect them. In this situation you
need a different type of protection spell: you need one for another person. I would also like to point out that it is
difficult to protect a person of whom you do not know and protection spells for other people are best and easiest
cast for someone you know: a loved one. Distance between you and them is not important at all. Here is a
protection spell for another person.
Dian Cecht protection spell for another person
Grant O Dian Cecht,
Protection for (persons name to be protected),
Protect them,
Be their shield,
Keep them safe.
The last magic spell is protection for another person. This solves the rather difficult problem of how to get a
person who does not believe in curses or magic to protect themselves. But casting protection spells for another
person can be tiring. So there is a need to balance out the need to protect them with your own personal needs. But
a balance can be had and the protection of people from magic is just as necessary as protection by using s fire
alarm, or burglar alarm. We do not expect a fire or a burglar to steal from us, but people like this exist just as
people who curse others exist, most people who believe in the occult have curses someone at some time or
another. Therefore it is perfectly logical to expect you to be the target of one in the future just as you may have
been in the past.
But what I dont want is for you to get curse paranoid: a state where everything that goes wrong is assumed to
be a curse. I want to be perfectly clear about this, many bad things happen to people what are not curses, curses
exist, but most things that are bad just happen. Every time you get a run of bad luck, it is not necessarily a curse,
although in that situation casting a protection spell would be a good idea. Think of protection spells as a
preventative and also treatment for any curses. So anything happens which may be a curse cast a protection spell.
Also if you have had a run of bad luck a good luck spell would be of great use too. Good luck spells can be of
great help to help people turn around a run of bad luck. We have all been there where one bit of bad luck causes
another, and by the time a few have occurred there seems to be an endless stream of it, at times like that cast a


protection spell and a good luck spell.

In the last chapter I mentioned how good luck spells can be useful when cast with protection spells at times:
when you have had a run of bad luck. Good luck spells help to turn round a run of bad luck: even one which may
have lasted decades. People do get stuck with very bad luck and good luck can transform peoples lives. Many
very successful people would not have been so, were it not for one event caused by good luck. But there are
different types of good luck spells. There are general good luck and specific. The general good luck spells have
more ways of working, while the specific have less ways of working but are more powerful: both have their pros
and cons. But when thinking of the effect of good luck spells do not think of lottery win, think more of chance
meeting which changes your life is you take the opportunity.
That is not to say that people do not win with good luck spells, they do: but the effect is usually quite small due
to the fact that everyone else wants it too, where as a chance meeting is very specific and many people would not
be looking for this. It is simply a fact that some things are easier to achieve than others. But good luck spells do
have their part to play. It is always good to have good luck on your side: it has been said it is better to be born
lucky than rich and lucky can beat clever too. Good luck is a force in our lives, just as randomness is. Chance can
have a profound effect on a persons life; it can raise us up or take us down. Therefore here is a general good luck
Dian Cecht spell for general good luck
Grant O Dian Cecht,
Good luck,
Let fortune be my friend,
Let good luck wrap me us like a warm blanket,
And forever bring good things to me,
So it will be.
The last magic spell was for general good luck but as I have already mentioned there are also magic spells for
specific good luck. Just as the name suggests a specific good luck spell has a way of the good luck manifesting
itself. It has a determined route by which it is supposed to work. But the question what type of path is there for a
specific good luck spell? Well there is good luck at gambling, good luck at career, good luck to bring good chance
opportunities. The last in many ways is the best, because it has power and is specific enough to have a route


chosen for it to work, but also is not too narrow. Also a magic spell for career good luck would be best cast as a
success spell. Also the gambling good luck can also quite properly be covered by the general good luck spell.
However with the above in mind here is a specific good luck spell.
Dian Cecht good luck spell to bring good by chance opportunities
Bring O Dian Cecht,
Good luck to me,
Let opportunities luckily come to me,
Good things always around,
Routes to whatever I want luckily come near me,
So it will be.
The above magic spell is a good luck spell with a way of working. However when many people think of good
luck they actually also mean something else: such as wealth, health, success. A good luck spell can bring the above
things: less so health: but magic spells cast for these things specifically have a great effect. It is true that we have
the power to change things, and our lives are partly governed by this ability: both magically and due to human
effort. Good luck makes life easier, but it is not the only thing which does this: good health does too as does
wealth, and success. However if you have good luck these other spells are easier to get. The good luck spell
brings these things ever closer to you. The thing most people want good luck for is wealth, and with this in mind
here is a magic spell to attract wealth.
Dian Cecht spell to attract wealth
Grant O Dian Cecht,
Great wealth,
Bring it to me,
Draw it closer,
Let opportunities for abundance me even near me,
So it will be.
The above wealth spell does just as it is supposed to, it attracts wealth. For full effect look for the wealth,
look for it because it may come near but usually you still have to take it. Money may be lying on your lap but still
you need to take it. Whatever opportunities, bar inheritance, there is always something you must do; and to do it


you must see it. Wealth can transform peoples lives, both be having wealth and by not having it. Without wealth
people starve, people die because of no medical treatment: so obviously it is important. I suppose its obvious
importance makes it the first spell many people will have cast.
But just as wealth makes life easier so does health. Health gives us more than anything else but many times
there is little that can be done if you dont have it. However I feel the health magic spells are not there as a
replacement for medicine, but as a helping hand. Many people have been in situations where they would welcome
extra power to their medical treatment. Also what is to be done if people get ill without their treatment: a magic
spell can help here although an ambulance in some situations may be needed and should be called first. But a good
health magic spells should be short. Also note that as Dain Cecht is a healing deity then health is very much his
area of expertise. With these things in mind here is a health magic spell.
Dian Cecht health spell
Grant O Dian Cecht,
I have good health,
I am healed, Dian Cecht.
There are many things in life which we hold dear. Magic is only part of our lives, and we have many talents.
But many types of magic concern itself with the inside: to gain some type of enlightenment and become a better
person. The strange thing is that magic has many outside real world applications. But also that many times we gain
as a person through casting of this magic too. There is much to be gained by casting magic of the outside world. It
can make us more powerful, healthier; wealthier. It can enhance our lives in many ways. We have already explored
some of these. In many ways magic helps to take away some of the power given to randomness and gives us
greater power over our lives.
I feel we are meant to use magic: and to not use it is a strange direction which the world has taken for many
people. Without it people lives can be governed by fate, and fate is a cruel master. It destroys more than it raises
up. In many ways this is the same function as science and technology: to remove some of the power of fate so that
more can survive and thrive against its force. But fate can be a blunt tool; it seems so unthinking more like force of
nature than anything acting with intelligence.
To try to overcome fate is a human trait and this makes magic a most human trait. This is partly why we can


survive without being strong, not just because of our intellect, but of because of what it allows us to do. Magic is
one way we bend the world to our wishes, and improve things for us and created civilization. What we need most
in life is success because sometimes the ultimate form of success is survival. In our growth into humans survival
was the ultimate success, the one without none others are possible. Of course the successful do die and of that we
can be certain, but staying alive is the way we can do more. With this in mind here is a magic spell for success. It
is a general success spell and so it has many ways to work.
Dian Cecht success spell
Grant O Dian Cecht,
Let my endeavours be successful,
Let victory be mine,
And success be a cloak,
So it is.
The last spell was one for success generally. There are also success spells which are more specific. However
the advantages of a general success spell is that there are many way for it to work. Success is much better than
failure although many times we must keep going in life to get what we want. However the success spells brings
success without the large amounts of failure which can be necessary most of the time. The success gained through
this spell is very much pain free. But dont be afraid to combine the success spell above with any of the other
spells in this book: they are all compatible with each other. But also specific success spells have much benefit too
and have great power. Specific success spells have a greater focus and have a route for them to work, and can be
combined with the aforementioned general success spell. With this in mind here is a specific success spell.
Dian Cecht magic spell for career success
Grant O Dian Cecht,
Career Success,
Opportunities be all around,
Let promotion be my future,
With status as a cloak
So it is and will be.


The last magic spell was for a very specific type of success: career success. Careers are a very important part
of many peoples lives, and they are the way that most people get more money and wealth. So although career
success spells such as the one above actually seem quite mundane they are a very effective way of improving your
life. Like the other spell you can cast it more than one if you want. However career success spells are not
immediate in effect, they take time to work: but what they secure is easy to maintain and keep. In a way career
success spells just even things up: after all if you were then son or daughter of a billionaire then you probably
wouldnt bother to cast the spell. That is what bothers some people about magic, that it empowers those that have
less as well as those that have plenty: when in life those having much, getting more power seems to be more
acceptable; I suppose this is why they seem to make up so many politicians.
But magic fairer than that, and in a chaotic world it seems to be the only thing which even remotely fair and
this is a good a reason to embrace it as any, and it may be the reason why I believe that it could transform the
world for the better. But there is more in life than success, and relationships are also important. But having a
strong relationship is not all there is: you must keep that relationship. But what to do if that relationship gets hurt,
people say that time is a great healer, but a relationship can split before it heals. But Dian Cecht is a deity that is a
healer, and there are many types of healing. Therefore here is a magic spell to heal a relationship.
Dian Cecht magic spell to heal a relationship
Dian Cecht,
Heal the relationship,
Between (State names of one person in relationship) and (State name of other person in relationship)
Heal our problems,
Let happiness remain,
So it is and will be.
The last magic spell can be said alone or with the other member of the relationship: because this spell is to
heal a relationship that you are in. It can be a relationship between family, or a loving sexual relationship or any
kind of close relationship.
Dian Cecht magic will help you find the power within yourself. You will also find a source of power that is
available for you when you feel that you need it. This power will be there for you not matter how low you feel or
how hopeless the situation seems. But in life other people are important too and sometimes the easiest route to


what we want, is to understand people or to have people near us. To understand a person however can be as much
a curse as a gift if not used wisely. Just imagine that you could feel what another person feels, and that they felt
depressed or hand a terrible accident and you could experience their pain and suffering with them. It is easy to see
how this could be a bad thing. Therefore I think it is better to show you a magic spell to understand but not feel
what others feel: just to understand it and this spell is below.
Dian Cecht magic spell to understand anothers point of view
Grant O Dian Cecht,
The power of understanding
To know what others see,
Let me understand their perspective,
So it is and will be.
The above spell will help you to understand another persons point of view. But understanding isnt all there is
to people magic. What many people really want from magic is to attract someone to love. They want the love of
another person, or they think they do because just as many people actually want sex but say love. This is fine but a
love spell will attract love and usually sex as well, but a sex magic spell will simply attract sex: which in some
cases is all someone wants. But sex attraction spells need care in their casting: they need to be cast with various
safety precautions. Also people worry about free will: but there are many people who want to be loved or to have
sex with someone like you and so the magic just needs to help them get together: like an occult dating service.
Therefore here is a love attraction magic spell.
Dian Cecht magic spell for love attraction
Grant O Dian Cecht,
Let love come to me,
People (state sex of person) come with embrace,
With love in mind they come to me,
So it is and will be.
The above magic spell is to attract the love of a partner. Love is a great thing that is true but just to make things
better also for those that just want sex, I will also present a sex attraction magic spell. But I will state what a sex


attraction magic spell is not: it isnt a magic spell to bring people who want to strip naked to you: although this is
possible: it isnt a guarantee of a gang bang, what it is, is a magic spell to bring to you people who want sex to
you, you still will need to talk to get them to get sex chances are, just not a lot thats all. Also it has safety built in
so that any dangerous people will not be attracted by the magic spell. Anyway here is a magic spell to attract sex.
Dian Cecht magic spell to attract sex
Dian Cecht,
Attract sex to me,
Let people (State sex of people) come to me,
Those good of kind,
Will want sex and be drawn to me,
So it is and will be.
The spell above can be cast as many times as you want. However it is still best to give the magic spell a help
by going to places where people pick each other up: after all a person may want to have sex with you but may not
want to agree to sex near a school, or when shopping for clothes But the magic spell is powerful enough, also it
can be cast every time you go out to pick up women, or men, or both. In this way it can help you get the closeness
you want. The magic spell can be further empowered by casting the Dian Cecht magic spell for energy. This magic
spell is one which many people find very useful, however you may not want to tell the other person that a magic
spell was the reason you both had sex: they are likely to misunderstand.
However the spells for love attraction and sex attraction can be cast together. In this way the power of the
magic spells is increased. They will enhance each other, and the casting of different spells for slightly different
things can very much add to the effect gained and is greater than if casting either spell alone: unless repeatedly
cast. The magic spell to understand anothers point of view could also be cast if required before going out to meet
people. But most of all what you need to do is to use the spells, and cast them. A spell which isnt cast cannot help
you and when you do cast the magic spell you must will it to happen. Say the spells, will it to happen and change
your life. But remember you are always in the driving seat; you are the one in control. Magic is in fact about
empowerment of the individual, and one of its main benefits is that it helps people realise that they are more than
they have been led to believe.
Here is many ways is the climax of Dian Cecht magic. This is where you learn what you have been leading to.


Magic is about empowerment, this is true, but also it is about enhancing your life. Improving your life, or the life
of others is one of magic greatest powers. It can transform peoples lives for the better, but also the people
themselves. Transformation is a normal part of life, we all are in a state of change at all times, but magic
empowers people, lets them see who they truly are and what powers they truly have. But in many ways many of us
have to deal with pain at some time in our lives, and many times emotional pain is the worst. But healing isnt a
process which cannot be helped and made easier; there are many ways of making healing people emotionally
utilising psychology counselling but also magic can help.
Many times the ability to use magic to heal mental pain is overlooked in favour of the harder edge magic. But
what magic is most useful differs from person to person. Many people will find more use for magic that makes
them richer or more successful, but still there is use for emotional healing magic. But emotional healing magic can
be shared; it can be told to others and in this way can help the most people. I say this lest we forget that Dian
Cecht is a deity or magic being who is defined as being about healing: he can do war: but he heals people and he
healed Ireland and he can heal you. That isnt to say that healing magic is a replacement for medicine: I think
medicine is wonderful and the work medical people do is worthy of praise, and the wonderful progress which has
been made in medical matters. But still I think magic has something to offer. With this in mind here is a magic spell
to heal emotional pain.
Dian Cecht magic spell to heal emotional pain
Heal O Dian Cecht,
My inner pain,
Let the healing begin,
May the wounds of my history,
And life be healed,
O heal me and all my flaws,
Make me whole,
So it is and will be.
The above spell will help people who feel they have emotional pain that needs healed. But remember that I
would not cast the spell too often because it is important that you do not begin to feel too emotionally raw; also the
nature of it means it should be cast only when required. However I also realise that emotional pain isnt the only


type of mental healing which can be done and so with this in mind here is a magic spell for happiness.
Dian Cecht magic spell for happiness
Grant O Dian Cecht,
A light enters me (Smile),
Happiness flow to me,
Like a water in a river,
I am happiness,
So it is and will be.
The mind is very important to us. It is who we feel we are, and the heart is merely a pump to many people. We
are greater than our shell, we are more than this and we are connected to greatness. We are a part of everything
else, and so we are capable of more than we imagine. Some people have trouble believing this and so I offer
proof. By now you should be practiced enough to be able to cast a magic spell for creative inspiration. But to use
this spell first create a task where you need to come up with ideas, and you will need a pen and paper, or computer
on which to type. Then you cast the magic spell to give you this inspiration. But remember you must will it to
happen. But as soon as you have cast the spell, then is the time to produce ideas, but remember any idea not matter
how benign of outlandish is an idea, you can always use the good ones later: plus many of the greatest ideas sound
crazy at first. With this in mind here is the magic spell for creative inspiration.
Dian Cecht magic spell for creative inspiration
Bring inspiration Dian Cecht,
Ideas flow to me like water,
They rain from above,
My mind has power,
Inspiration in mind,
And they arrive,
So it is.
The above magic spell for creativity will increase your idea capacity, many people are no good at idea
creation, but this magic spell solves this. You will find that for this reason it is a very powerful spell, because


ideas make the world. They are the driving force of where we live, and our futures. So the power the magic spell
unleashes I the most potent of all. It will allow you to have ideas for not just many subjects but also new magic,
and new occultism and new powers that you can do or create.
Chapter 3 Alisonos, strengthener
Alisonos is believed to be a mountain God. This means he has very elemental power. But more than this,
Alisons will be utilised as a tool to empower your magic, but also because of the basic power of that the concept
of Alisanos will provide. But the magic here is very flexible, and can be readily utilised whenever needed. I have
stayed away from magic that is impractical. But this book isnt just to be read: I want to teach you Alisanos magic.
The most important thing to me is that I not so much tell you about it, in that in that I teach you how to perform the
magic within. Yes this is very much a doing book. This book has lots of magic within it, but more than this I want
to teach you a way of seeing things and utilising magic to enhance living.
My philosophy is that magic is there to help. There are many other people who believe magic is there to serve
as a sort of religious element, where as mine is that t is to serve you, to be your servant, a tool, and in that way
isnt unlike a kettle or a microwave oven. Sure there is a depth to it, and its own subtly and magic is more art than
magic: but a little of both. But I want to clear away some of the mystery and let you see magic for what it is. I want
you to see how it works and why it works, and understand it: in the same way an artist understands art or an
engineer understands engineering. To this end this book will teach you the fundamentals along with the more
complex so that you understand the routes and ways of magic.
I will introduce you to things that are partly mysterious and also partly not. I want you to understand the power
you and every human has and that you arent just a bag of bones and stuff: no you are far, far, more than that. I will
show you how to use different elements of magic together, and how to realise when to use what and also what
connects them for true understanding. But magic, true magic is at times a matter of personal judgement: which
comes with experience. I also want to show you how to add magic into your life. From a perspective there is a
world of magic around you: although what is magic is a matter of definition. I also hope to prepare you for the
future ahead: the inevitable future of the world becoming more magical with the ironic twist that as this happens
most people wont see that it is more magical they will just see it as an expansion of the mainstream. But this book
will help to prepare you for this future and realise the power that cannot be taken away.
Chapter 1


I mean to prepare you thoroughly in Alisanos magic. I want you also to be fully prepared for the future of
mankind. The future is the expansion of talents which are thought of as being magical. Cornell University showed
that if there are two curtains behind one is a picture and the other a blank wall that people will on average be able
to tell which curtain has the picture behind it. Also it has been shown that if people are prayed for, in any religion
or have a spellcast then they have an increased chance of getting better if ill: even if they do not know it. With the
technology of microchips which can be put into peoples brains there will be more data and information on the
power of magic and the occult. For instance the placebo effect is a real measurable effect, and is just the top of the
surface of what can be done with ceremony: in the case of medical studies usually a pill.
This brave new world will have many shocks and many surprises, and that are more able to tap into their
magic powers will have a greater chance of doing better: and in some case surviving: the challenges and surprises
ahead. Alisonos magic is one way of preparing for this. To get things started here is a magic spell to get in touch
and gain more magical energy from the magical being Alisonos.
Magic spell to gain magical energy from Alisonos
Alisonos help me,
Make your power mine,
Make your energy mine,
Let your magic help me,
And do my will,
Alisonos help me,
So it will be.
The above magic spell is very useful also to be cast before another magic spell, or at the start of a day. It will
empower you, and aid your working of magic. But remember ultimately you have power of your own, but Alisonos
can help you also and can increase your power. This can help you get through difficult situations better, make you
more difficult to curse or hex. This may be a good time to talk about defensive magic. Curses are real and many
people have been cursed and not known about it: just though it was bad luck or depression etc... Not that bad
things dont just happen, they do and can, but sometimes bad magic takes a hold. Therefore the next magic spell is
defensive: it is a protection spell. It will protect you from evil spirits, entities and curses.
Magic spell for protection


Alisonos great God,

Protect me,
Evil stays away,
My protection is strong,
As Alisonos is strong,
So it is and will be.
Protection spell are very useful but of course have the setback that you never know the evil entity or curse that
could not get to you. Just as you dont see the accident that did not happen. However I dont want you to get
paranoid about these things: I want you to live a good life and not live it is fear. Of course fear can sometimes be a
good thing: but being afraid of your own shadow isnt. Now that I have showed you a magic spell for protection I
will show you one for health and strength. I will make it clear that by presenting this spell I am not saying not to
use medicine: in fact modern medicine is wonderful and has saved many lives. But even modern medicine would
say the placebo effect exists; I am not however concerned with whether I will get attacked for using a type of
magic already proven, which is highly likely. The reason for my lack of concern is because:
1. Medicine doesnt know how it works and just names it so they can claim to own what they do not
2. Who cares what they say if it helps people, and any way that argument leaves occultism getting smaller and
smaller as it gets accepted by the mainstream.
So here is a magic spell to give you strength and good health: a very powerful one and also utilised the
narration technique which I invented: this is used to clarify and increase the power of some magic spells.
Magic spell for strength and health
Narration techniqueThis magic spell will give me strength and health.
Alisonos let me,
Run like a cat,
Grasp like a bear,
This power you give me,
So it is and will be.
Notice the narration technique: the part in the speech marks: can also be changed to add greater clarification


and focus, for instance to help with a bad knee. Now that you have a way to have more energy, protection and
strength and good health you have a good firm foundation on which to build. You are now ready to explore and
learn other Alisonos magic. The main reason because of this is that it means that your strength will not be easily
sapped: working magic can be quite tiring for some people at first, but the more of it you work the easier it
becomes. People often use the weight lifting scenario and get attacked for using this in terms of the occult and
wonder how can you get more powerful when you have all this power: which we all do. Well it is very much like
lifting a weight with a core body exercise: the stabiliser muscles must be powerful too, and in the occult there are
a lot of mental stabiliser muscles: mental processed that will get strengthened and also your technique for working
magic will improve too. Saying that dont underestimate your power, you can work great magic: but work it all the
time and at first you will get physically and mentally tired. But better technique and the focus you will get of being
able to move in and out of a magic state at will: the state where your magical powers are greatest.
Well you may have guessed that this chapter will have more exciting stuff: the fun stuff like changing the reality
around you and others, which basically is what all magic except divination is. Yes changing reality sounds like a
scary thing, but really it isnt. What those considered great men and women do normally, is to change those things
around them; piecemeal. They find ways to alter those things which need improving: although do not expect any
credit when you do this magically. Most great men and women do not change the whole world and all its aspects,
they alter their part of it: although any alternation can alter everything else just as a butterfly flapping its wings can
cause a typhoon elsewhere.
The above pretty much sums up what I about to teach you to do: to alter elements of the world which need
altering: from your perspective. So here is a magic spell to bring greater opportunities for you to make money. Yes
I know this magic spell is not as noble as those considered great men and women may have done, but it is easier to
achieve stuff with money to grease the wheels. Anyway why should you having the money be any worse than
another person? There will always be poor people and rich people and so better to have more money than less:
you cannot even hope to be thought of as great: not that I promise that you will: if you cannot afford to eat and
drink, and this all costs money.
Magic spell to bring opportunities to make money
Grant Alisonos,
Doorways to wealth,


Bring opportunities for wealth to me,

Let me just need to reach out my hand,
For the door to great wealth,
Keep it open and unlocked
So that I may walk through,
And great abundance,
Alisonos, so it is and will be.
Yes wealth helps many things, but sometimes just getting the opportunities isnt enough: what happens when
you get in? Well you will then need the ability to get the money, to earn the great wealth in some way. The fact is
that those that earn great wealth need to do something most of the time. Also magically it is easier for you to gain
wealth through magic and effort at this time: and also effort will increase the wealth you gain. Strength has already
been given to you: just look at the spells that I have already shown you. But I will now show you a magic spell to
increase your ability and innate talent. Effort counts for a lot, but talent helps a lot. So here is a magic spell to
increase your innate talent to make money.
Magic spell to increase your talent to make money
Grant Alisonos,
Talent to gain wealth,
Give me what I need so that I get what I desire,
Increase my gifts like filling a glass,
Make me all I can be,
So that I may have all I can,
So it is and will be.
The above magic spell will increase your talents to make money, but the effect is quite general and so for a
more specific affect here is another magic spell to increase your ability to solve problems and to think quicker.
Dont think of this magic spell as being a cheat, think of it as a non harmful smart drug. A boost to your thinking,
but like all magic spells it will need recasting if you want the effect to stay: magic spells wear off. But I think the
fact that it wears off is a positive thing, it means you can get a boost when required and the ability to surprise
people with your thinking ability can push you through to get what you want: also if you cats the spell always you


can get a type of fear of not casting it, and I dont want you to live in fear.
But sometimes the best skill is the skill to get others to help you. Getting other peoples abilities working for
your ends is a powerful thing and the basis for all companies and organisations. The greatest managers are those
that can unlock the talents of others and utilise them for their and possibly also others ends. Think how many times
you have been in a situation where you or other people have got less out of your ability or effort than another.
Probably many times, this is because they had the ability to get people to help them; they understood why people
would help and how to get it. They had the skill to gain from others brains and effort. They did this not because
they were more intelligent that the others, but because they had this gift. So next is a magic spell to help you gain
and understand how to get others to help you get what you want.
Magic spell to get assistance for what you want
Grant Alisonos,
The talent to get others assistance,
Get them to become study mule,
Carrying my desires and wants,
And want to take the journey of my goals,
So that I what I desire,
So it is and will be.
The spells already mentioned can get you what you want, and more. They can help you in difficult times and
bring you to better ones. They can bring you to a higher position, and power. But there is much more to come and
just as the above can help you, you will find the book can also free you from the chains of doubt, and the padlocks
of oppressions. For truly when you realise how people are controlled and their lives lived for your aims: which is
the basis of society: you can see how to be free from this, or balance it out with your own desires. You will come
to know, that what you want is important too and will see how to get it.
We are really making progress now and your plan for world domination is taking shape: maybe not world
domination exactly, but if you do become the emperor of Earth just remember who helped you along the way. Your
magic is progressing and we are getting more down to the more powerful magic as we progress. But dont just
think that magic is for the subtle things it can be for the more subtle too: such as a spell to bring people who want
to be naked to you: yes it does exist and dont you want to know what it is. Well I may get to that later. That


particular magic spell is very difficult to cast and takes a lot of training, but the effect on a night out to the pub
makes it well worth the effort. Some people say that money is power: although power is power too. People also
say that knowledge is power: so knowledge is money, or money is knowledge which means less sense. But money
is a great thing to have, but many times assets are even better: things which make money. Assets can give you not
just wealth, but respect and status. Many times when people state that they want money, what they actually want is
some asset or item which they can buy with it.
Many people want a large mansion, business or whatever you dream of. Getting items like these is well within
the scope of magic, but remember that large things such as houses can take some time before they come into your
life: and even then you normally will have to decide to do something. But they can be brought into your life
magically. In fact thinking of an item instead of wealth can be helpful as it is a tangible thing and so easier for the
mind to understand at its most primitive level. But remember that things like mansions need upkeep and have
expenses and so if you cast a spell for a mansion or other item, best cast another one for a way of making the
money to keep it: maybe a business.
Magic spell to bring an asset into your life
1. First decide what item you want. Is it a house, a business, a large mansion?
2. Now get a visual image of what it is: is as much detail as you can, and if you are an artist you may even
want to draw it: but get an image of it in your mind.
Now say the words. Grant Alisonos,
The thing I seek,
Bring (say items name and visualise it as you do) to me,
Make it mine,

Alisonos, so it will be.

The spell I have just described can be cast as many times as you want. It is even a good idea to write it down
with the item you cast it for on it and put it away somewhere. However to get something large can take a long time:
but casting the spell is well worth while doing and something which everyone should do. I know many of you are
now overwhelmed at the power of the spell just describe whilst many others are saying, what about the magic
spell for nude people. Well I thought about it and decided that what type of magic would Alisonos magic be, if I

didnt show you how to conjure nude people. Now the magic spell to bring people who want to be naked to you is
one you need to be careful with, obviously if a person says no then it means to and it is not an excuse to break the
However at any one time in any populated area you are surrounded by people who want to be naked around a
person: that person could be you. Oh lordy , you never knew magic could do that. An important point in casting
this spell is to realise that the magic spell is cast with protective elements: so that bad people will not be drawn to
you. Also the magic spell is best cast in a place where people already feel quite free, such as a night club, or a
private party. The spell can be made much more powerful by being cast in a group and there is a different version
for groups or you may be pulling each other to go naked. This is probably the most fun application of magic I
know: but remember the spell brings people who want to be naked around other people to you: many people like
to be naked even in public but these people can be difficult to find in real life. To do this next spell, first get a
description of the look and sex of person you want to be naked around you. If you do not state a sex you may draw
people males and females: which is ok if this is what you want. Also describe the look: but not so specific that
there wont be anybody that looks like that: maybe something about being slim, or curvy
Magic spell to draw naked people to one person
Bring Alisonos,
People who want to be naked to me,
Bring them closer,
Let them feel free,
To let their bodies be seen,
Let the people be (describe the type of person you want),
Alisonos let it be.
Well now that I have shown you the version to draw naked people to you, you will need the group version.
Actually there is also a more specific version where a group of people cast a naked spell onto one specific
person: sometimes a person who is present: I will not describe this as I find this spell to be one which is
dangerous in many peoples hands although I know that many people will want to make this magic spell up
themselves. But here is the group version of the magic spell to draw people who want to be naked to the group: but
not a member of the group.


Magic spell to draw naked people to a group of people

Bring Alisonos,
People who want to be naked to us,
Bring them closer, but not be us,
Let them feel free,
To let their bodies be seen,
Let the people be (describe the type of person you want),
Alisonos let it be.
I understand that many people may not want to use the above spells, that is okay and these people should not
use them as reference. In any case you are now ready to move onto the next chapter.
Now you have arrived at chapter four we can add some spice to your magic and some organisation. When I say
organisation I dont mean that you need a group of people who spend most of their time looking at porn on the
internet when they should be doing their jobs: not that that is all bad, unless you are the person paying them and not
the one idling away the work hours. When I say organisation I mean a way of deciding what you need to do when
you do Alisonos magic. Do you need one spell or many, which magic spell or spells do you need to use to get what
you want. You may want to ask is there anything I can do to help things along. You may even want to use a form of
divination to help you, but this is unnecessary with Alisonos magic. So what are the steps.
Step 1.Decide on what you want.
Before you know what magic you need to know you need to know what you want. You need to define this as
precisely as you can, and also as generally as you can. The reason for both is so that the precise definition will
give power to this precise goal, while the general definition will give your magic many ways of working. The
combination of this gives your magic the best chance of working.
Step 2.Decide on what things can facilitate your goal
This stage is where you need to work out what could make what you want to happen happen: by this I dont
mean cast a spell, I mean what could trigger this event. You need to define a type of plan where you can and list all
the things and events talents which could help your goal occur.
Step 3.Decide on what magic you will use
Decide on what magic to use to fulfil both your goals, and all the things which can help it happen. When you


have decided on this move onto the next step: do not use Alisonos or any magic right now and just move onto step
Step 4.What can you do that isnt magical to help it happen
This may seem a strange step to have in a book on any sort of magic, but if you want to succeed the most, then
at least consider fighting on all fronts and all ways: use all tools even those that arent the occult.
Step 5.Prepare
Prepare to do the magic, get anything you may need: in the cast of Alisonos magic just have the magic spells.
Also prepare to do any other things you have chosen to do which isnt magical which will help you fulfil your
Step 6.Do the magic and any non magic that can help
Do all the magic required: remember you need to will what you want to happen. Also do any of the non
magical things which you think will help you fulfil your goal.
The steps above are your battle plan. Yes I understand that at times you may feel the above unnecessary, but
sometimes planning is everything: or at least part of the way. You may have to make up spells to fulfil all of the
steps above: also not divination can be used to inform your actions on every step of you wanted to: but isnt
required for success. By the end you will understand Alisonos magic enough to write your own magic spells. The
steps above really can add to the power of your magic. However magic is also a creative activity and any energy
can normally be used to help your magic spell to bring increase your creativity.
Magic spell to increase creativity
Grant Alisonos,
Creativity to me,
Let my mind caress your ideas,
Set my mind free,
I think like water,
In my head all is set free,
Alisonos let it be.
Creativity can be utilised for magic and so there is another way to organise your magic. The other way is
simply to use creative means: any creative means to help you understand what you want. For instance you could


write a story, a poem or draw a picture which is there to be what you really want. After it has been completed use
it to understand what your subconscious really wants, and how to thinks it will work best. Then when you have
interpreted this cast the spell or magic spells necessary for this. The interpretation of your art will get better with
time, and you will begin to understand yourself better. This method is based upon the fact that our subconscious
minds are more powerful than our conscious minds. In time you will understand the power of these methods, but
more importantly they will help you to think about your magic a little. In many ways thinking what you want to
achieve is half way there to achieving it: certainly magically so. Over analysis can be harmful to many things: just
because you can take it apart doesnt mean you can put it back together. But the focus that is gained by really
knowing what you want and having a deep understanding of it, is very empowering. Whereas is everyday life it
can feel draining, because you come to situations where there seems to way through: this is because sometimes you
just need to push and grasp what opportunities help you: but magically it is empowering because you have more
powerful tools.
People usually see the material things in life as being what they seek: in actual fact sometimes it is not physical
but emotional states which they want. People are driven by emotion as well as basic requirements. Of course there
are things which people want more than others: like a hierarchy. Basic survival comes first, when survival is at
question, then this will take precedence over everything else. After this comfort is something they want, but
somewhere is there is emotional needs: the need to feel they belong somewhere, love and happiness. Happiness
itself is something which can be increased by magic. People need not live a depressed life: magic can help. Also
friends and wanting to belong to a group this also can be achieved by magic. Love that most sought after
commodity: can also be helped along and the right person pulled in so that they can be happy loving partners.
I will therefore start with increasing friends in your life and helping you feel you belong to a group. But this is
not so easy to achieve as you may assume: people have free will and even helping people become friends or
friends come to you isnt so easy. But these things can be achieved and I will show you how. Magic to make
friends is something which can be as much about you as the other person: but here I will mostly concentrate upon
bring people to you, who can be friends. If you always wondered how to magically make friends here is how.
Magic spell for more friendship
Grant Alisonos,


Bring friendship to me,

People who want me as a friend,
Loneliness is at an end,
I will have many friends,
So it will be.
The magic spell for friendship can take different amounts of time to work for different people. This is simply
because some people dont see the subtle opportunities for friendship it brings and only see the large obvious
ones: but work it will. But one word of caution, dont be too judgemental of others, the friends it brings are best
treat as individuals because it simply brings friends it does not clarify race, religion, gender, sexuality. But so
long as you can accept this the magic will help those that use it. But of course some people want more than
friendship they want love in their life. They may eventually want marriage, or a longer relationship, and this next
spell will help you get these. The magic spell simply helps bring the right people together.
Magic spell for love
Grant Alisonos,
Love for me,
A perfect partner exists for me,
Bring love from them to me,
A person whom I will be happy with,
And they happy to give me love,
So it will be.
The last spell will bring a person to you who you can love and who will love you. Do not worry about
attracting the person of the wrong sex because it only attracts people with whom you could be happy with and them
with you. It really is a win, win magic spell as both people win where love is concerned.
A sense of belonging is fine, having friends and love is great but what many people really seek is happiness.
Of course the ability to survive trumps everything. Peoples survival ability is something which can get tested in
our lives. But what threatens out survival isnt always what we expect it to be. In many places the biggest threat to
our lives isnt violence but overeating. Just as drinking too much can be a bigger threat than a dangerous animal. It
seems as though our pack of determination is what causes many of us to die early. However we have media and


advertising throwing at use many of the things we shouldnt do. I also understand that many of us get a lot out of
drink and food and take great pleasure in them. There are magic spells for protection but here is a spell with a
different type of protections: it is a magic spell to give us the determination, the willpower to fight against what
we must fight against.
Many of us have felt lost, and feel that our determination has drained: but really it isnt gone it is just more
difficult to find. At times like these many of us rest and recuperate so that we can find our determination and
energy again. But there are times when we cannot do this and we need to get back up and fighting as soon as we
can: or we dont want to lose the time. The next spell is for that situation where you need to get back from a
setback and re-find your energy and determination.
Magic spell for determination
Grant Alisonos,
Your energy so that I can find my own,
Let my determination be found,
Let it be abundant,
Let me feel it flow,
So it is and so it will be.
As I also mentioned many times in peoples life, what they really want, is happiness. However in many ways
this search for happiness or what we think can makes us happy drives progress. But also happiness on its own can
make many of us more productive and more successful: for many people it brings also what would make them
happy in the first place. Like a magnet with one side attracting the other. But also many peoples depression brings
them great creativity and success. Any way as happiness is precious here is a magic spell for happiness.
Magic spell for happiness
Grant Alisonos,
Bring a smile to me (smile),
Let the lightness enhance my life,
So it will be.
The happiness spell can be cast as often as is required. It can be utilised with any other treatment. It is good


for treating depression or whenever you may feel down. For the best affect it should be used daily.
Chapter 6
One thing that I would point out is that it isnt necessary to believe or not believe in anything to work Alisonos
magic. Alisonos himself can be thought of as God. By some Alisonos is simply a tool to be utilised. I think the best
way is to think of Alisonos as a magical being. It does occur to me that as I was brought up with a religion that
thought of the world as having one God this colours my thoughts. Many religions have and had more than one God,
but to me their perspective on what is a God is quite different. To me what multi deity religions call a deity or God
or Goddess are usually what I would think of as magical beings. A magical being is usually a being, not entirely
physical which is more powerful than we are: at least in some ways.
We also come to the idea of evil. Many people say we need evil so that we can have free will and that God
could not create free will without it. But A God by nature is omnipotent and an omnipotent being needs nothing and
can do anything at all: and so therefore could create free will without evil. However as some people would say
My God is a vengeful God. This leads other people to think, that God must be evil: normally thinking of one of
the perspective of one of the main world one deity religions. They therefore conclude that if God is evil then Satan
must not be: this logic obviously doesnt make sense as one being bad does not make the other good. I suppose the
best guide on how to act is your own conscience. But a magical being can be listened to or not as the time and
situation demands or is desired by you. However you can just as accurately think of Alisonos as a construct which
is created to empower our magic. You can believe or not believe in whatever you desire and Alisonos magic will
still be there for you.
But also how you do Alisonos magic can also be seen from a different perspective. For instance here you can
think of the magic spells as a type of prayer, or you can think of them as a command. For instance Alisonos can be
thought of as a type of magical servant, with no free will: Alisonos has free will if you think he does, if you think
Alisonos doesnt in time Alisonos wont. It is all a matter of perspective. To show you both sides of this, here is a
magic spell to command Alisonos which is followed by another which is quite different. But for the moment dont
cast either.
Magic spell to command Alisonos
I command you Alisonos,
To do as I command,


I command you though the use of your true name,

And remove your will,
You are my slave,
So it is and will be.
The next magic spell is quite different. This next spell utilised Alisonos as more of a magical being/deity. It is
more of a way of working with Alisonos as a more empowered being. It is a magic spell to perfect you, to get rid
or reduce your flaws. This cannot be done by a slave as you would need to trust the being to do this. However for
safety the spell mainly works by giving you the power to get rid of some of your flaws and perfect yourself.
However accepting our flaws is just as valid perhaps more so and there follows a magi spell for that too.
Magic spell to perfect yourself
Grand Alisonos,
The power to be perfected,
To make myself better,
To remove flaw,
To be what I am able to be,
And be more than I am,
So it will be.
Now here is the magic spell to accept your flaws. You must accept that some change in who you are is futile
and not doing so can hold back your ability to focus on what you do and can do. There is much that can be
achieved and we all are flawed, although self improvement can be a good thing, so can acceptance: it is a matter
of knowing when.
Magic spell to accept our flaws
Grant Alisonos,
The power to accept what cannot be change,
And what defines me,
Those flaws those imperfections will not hold me back,
I will achieve,
This is so and will be.


The two magic spells would seem to cancel each other out, but there is not many magic spells for every
situation, and it is a matter of personal judgement of when to use what spell: although you can utilise the
organisation and planning methods mentioned in chapter four. However one of the great things about magic spells
as opposed to some other types of magic is that they wear off. This gives you the opportunity to recast and perfect
and change things to the requirements of the time. Your own instincts and in time experience will be your guide.
But hold onto this advice, all the magic spells in this book except the last three can be cast without much thought,
but the last three should be cast when you think feels the right time.
You have now come to the last chapter. You have now worked your way through all other parts of the book.
You may have cast some of the spells or all of them, but most importantly you have gained a feel for Alisonos
magic, so much so that more advanced spells can be done here. The construction of a spell of Alisonos magic is
not beyond your reach: remember to utilise the starts, in the spells in this book. But most of all here are magic
spells to give you great power. There are times when sets of magic spells can be used instead of just one and so
here is an example of this multi magic approach. To do this just work your way through the directions in order to
get what you truly want, and just as important get used to using the multi magic approach.
Multi magic approach to get money
First in the multi magic approach is the general spell. The general spell is there to gain power and increase the
magical strength of the magic spells that follow. Here is the spell for magical energy.
Magic spell to gain magical energy from Alisonos
Alisonos help me,
Make your power mine,
Make your energy mine,
Let your magic help me,
And do my will,
Alisonos help me,
So it will be.
Now we are going to cast a spell for money
The magic spell for more money is a general one, and not about gaining money in any specific way.
Magic spell for money


Grant Alisonos,
Wealth to me,
Bring abundance make me rich,
So it will be.
Now is the first question:
Do you want the traits that will give you status status, or the traits and ability to make money?
If you want status then cast the spell below: Spell A.
If you want the ability to make money: Spell B.
Spell A: Status spell
Grant Alisonos,
Status to me,
Let others see me as their superior,
Let people think more of me than themselves,
So it will be.
Spell B: The ability to make more money
Grant Alisonos,
Talent and ability with wealth,
Let me understand it,
And know it and be able to make more than I want or need.
So it will be.
Do you want to be surrounded by people who will help you make and keep money?
If so cast spell C
Do you want to be surrounded by those you already know and for their lives to be improved?
If so cast spell D
Spell C: People to help you earn money
Grant Alisonos,
The people I need to be and stay rich,


Help me, bring them to me,

So it will be.
Spell D: To help my friends
Grant Alisonos,
Friendship from by friends,
Help those around me,
Let them be happy,
And those I trust succeed,
So that they can stay with me,
So it will be.
I hope the example of multi magic above has helped you understand how to stack spells for greater power and
the combination of generality and specificity is a powerful mix that gives the magic spells the strongest chance of
working. But what I hope more than anything else is that you make the magic within this book a part of your life
and that you know that it is there for you whenever you feel you need it. It is a sturdy thing which will always be
there for you. It is something which can make your life easier. That can transform your life for the better. It is one
of the best feelings to have made someones life better. Do not be afraid to do this yourself, you can always tell
others about this book and the title and author name so that others can buy this or another of my books. Remember
that many times in life to get what you want means that others most get what they want too: the win, win situation
isnt bad. However also recognise that at times someone must lose and it is your job to make sure it isnt you.
Above all I wish you all to thrive and gain in life what you are able and to be able to balance this with what you
already have.
Now it is up to you what you do. I hope that some of you proceed and take Alisonos magic further. Many
people are like mountaineers who climb because it is there, or even create what wasnt. But I am one that believes
in balance, and that magic isnt the only solution to things, there are many other talents that you have, and I for one
would not want you to deny them. Those talents and abilities are you, the most useful ones often being the most
overlooked. I feel that you have the whole world ahead of you but also that I have left you better prepared. The
future wont just see science doing more incredible things but also the bringing together of the magic and science.
Magic and the occult have been continually absorbed into the main stream and todays occultism is tomorrows


new age.
But as the powers and nature of things becomes clearer and the change that lies ahead for humanity, I leave you
now more prepared than you were, so that you can prosper. Your way can be the future and you forge a new future
everyday for yourself and humanity. So when magic and science become more similar, and as theories like strong
theory start to think about concepts which were thought of so very long ago: for instance in the past people thought
that fairies may have came from parallel existences as shown in the folktale the fairy banquet: you will be
prepared for the challenges ahead. Hopefully you will when you think is the correct time, make sure others under
your care are prepared too. In this way the future will be bright for us all. But I suppose the best thing anyone can
hope for any book is that the reader enjoyed it. With this hope I leave your future in your hands: where it belongs
and has always been: but hopefully more empowered than before and with the knowledge that no one is a lost
cause and there is always something that can be done. You have power and always did, but for some they needed
me to help them realise it and that there is magic in you.
Andraste, victor not victim
Andraste is a Celtic Goddess of victory. The magic in this book is therefore magic utilising her power.
However it is just as proper to class Andraste as a magical being or tool which you can use to gain power: what
perspective you take is all very much down to you. I will say however that I wouldnt decide right now, and it is
perfectly okay to not make any conscious decision at all. The magic in this book while powerful is also practical.
This book is very much about doing magic, and nothing is out in here that is not useful in some way. There is
nothing in here that I do not expect you to be able to do. I dont expect you to do anything that would be
impractical: for instance going up a mountain Everything can be done in your own home on your own: with no
one else needed.
Also I have not filled the book with morality, I class morality as a matter for the reader not me: although I will
warn you about anything I think may require it. As you progress throughout this book I hope you realise that
Andraste magic is compatible with every other type of magic, and belief or lack thereof. It can fit in with any
magic and does not exclude you from any other magical practices. This book is to help you, not to limit you at all
and like any good teacher and author, my aim is to get you to be all you can be, and to write an enjoyable and
informative book. The magic in this book is put in order of difficulty, but the book is also a reference book and you
will find that after reading it you can refer to it at any time. If at any time you need a visual image then use the


image of a hare because Andraste was thought of as being represented by the Celts by a hare. In fact so much so
that Queen Boudicca was said to have set off a hare and because it ran to the right, she decided her famous and
ultimately ill fate war against the Roman Empire: the left was seen as being a bad omen while the right was seen
as being good. This isnt a practice I would recommend and your decisions would be made using other means and
driven by more than if the hare was in a field with carrots to the left or right. Andraste magic is also easy to
master; it has nothing more difficult than it needs to have. It is magic that is designed to work and be practical and
not just look good: not that looking fabulous is a bad thing at any time. But the most important thing to do is to get
This is the start of Andraste magic for you, and so I think this is a perfect time to explain more about it.
Andraste magic is a magic empowered by what some would consider a Goddess. However I will simply refer
mostly to Andraste as a magical being, but I will use the term she, and the word Goddess as required. Andraste is
the Goddess of victory. This one thing should help you realise that she is a great magical being to have on your
side. After all victory means success and who wouldnt want success in their spells. But when utilising Andraste it
is important to realise that any spells cast are seen through her eyes: and coloured by the fact that she is the
goddess of victory. She sees everything in terms of victory or defeat. This will mean that to her a spell is a little
like a war and it not working is unthinkable, but this means that the magic could be extreme. A curse for instance
would have an extreme effect.
You will see however that I have allowed for this, and as you read and perform some of the spells you will
gain an understanding of this just as a chess grandmaster gained knowledge of the game by the playing and reading
of chess games. This is how the understanding of the subtlety is gained. The magic spells are here to also help you
see this and the foundation of how one goes about casting an Andraste magic spell. However more important is the
casting of spells, magic and the occult isnt a spectator sport: many people will disagree and tend to think that the
occasional working of magic will be all they need. So I will set out by position clearly, to learn to do magic takes,
the casting of spells and working of magic: not necessarily everyday but regularly. I understand however that many
may think this too extreme a position, and I hope you are able to make it part of your life however small: but
practice really does make perfect, or at least better. I did consider what magic spell to teach you first. I realised it
needed to be something which helps you and which you can cast regularly if you need want to. So here is:
Magic spell to gain power from Andraste


Grant Andraste,
You help,
And through this your power,
Let it also be mine,
Let my victories be yours,
Let my success by your success,
So it will be.
The spell just described is one which you can use every day and also one which empowers you. Also it can be
cast before doing any magic to raise or increase your power. Increasing your power also makes you more difficult
to curse: the more powerful you are the more likely a curse is of rebounding back again onto the person who
cursed you. But one purpose of this magic spell is practice; it is a secure safe easy way or starting to work
Andraste magic. It is practice and helps prepare you for the stuff later on. Remember however that Andraste is
concerned with victory and so if you look at the spell it has been wrote to play to this, as a way of getting the most
from her, as a way of getting the most power and help form her. However next we proceed to another spell. This
spell is a protection spell, the thing is about protection magic spells is that you never see the curse you didnt get,
and you never see the accident it may have caused. A good protection spell should therefore have nothing which
can be seen: they only get seen when they fail: in many way a protection spell is not unlike a good door lock and
so we only think of it if it fails. So here is an Andraste magic protection spell.
Andraste magic protection spell
Grant Andraste your protection,
Let my enemies, be yours,
Let their attacks rain back,
You are my shield,
And my victory over them is yours,
So it will be.
If you reread the magic spell above it will become clear that it has been written to have the gain the most from
Andraste. It has been written to be seen through her eyes, to appeal to what she cares about and how she sees
things. For a spell using any deity to work you need to appeal to what you care about: this does not necessarily


mean that the spell must be cast about only a small group of things, but that it must be seen as through their eyes.
Therefore casting a spell using a deity is very much as though wooing someone, much of the time: but not all of the
time. But remember that ultimately whether it works comes down to you, you must will it to work: human will is a
powerful force it has moved mountains, built cities and made great innovations and works of magic. Yes the power
of Andraste will add to your power, but you must have the will for it to work: it is for this reason that merely
reading a spell wont make it work: although I do believe that some people work magic by accident and so need to
be mages or sorcerers to use the excess power they naturally have: and also to learn to focus it. The working of
magic has many useful purposes but the most useful is its ability to make people complete: most people dont
realise that they were missing something until they have started to use magic and see that the image of themselves
they were taught is incorrect and that magic is a part of someone and of the world and without this the full picture
cannot be seen. With this in mind here is a magic spell for strength.
Andraste magic spell for strength
Grant Andraste,
Let my muscles pull like iron ropes,
My legs are swift,
My arms too,
Endurance I have too,
Inside I have your strength,
So it will be.
The magic we have worked so far: if you have cast the spells: is really more about you than the world at large.
Also much of it is quite general and isnt as focused as other magic spells. Casting magic spells for specific things
usually increases its power; however casting general spells gives it more ways to work. But Andraste magic isnt
just about you, it is also about the world. Whereas the ability for self change should not be underestimated and is
one of the most useful abilities in magic, the ability to change the world around you is also power too. Magic is a
type of power, but not the only kind. If it was the only kind of power people would not cast spells to be richer
because why would money be required. But magic itself can be very routed in the world we live in.
Whereas there are types of magic that is very much about ceremonies and is as much religion as magic: usually


more: the magic here is about the world and to help you. I find no contradiction in a magical being concerned with
victory of being used to help as many times in our lives for us to win someone must lose. The win situation is
great, but not one that Andraste has much use for; all she cares about is winning. However winning and victor are
other ways of saying success, and so with this in mind here is a magic spell for success. The next spell is quite
generalised and so isnt as powerful as others that follow, but these blessings have their place and still help to
keep your life on a positive footing.
Andraste magic spell for success
Grant Andrast success,
Let me be successful,
Let me be victorious over others,
My success is your victory,
I ride into challenges as hard as steel,
Yet as mobile as water,
And when challenged win through,
Your wisdom aids me when it is needed,
So it will be.
The last magic spell is quite a generalised success spell. It doesnt mention how it will work but will help you
be more successful. However these spells also have many ways to work. But there is no need to limit yourself to
just one success spell. There are variations and many are useful when cast simultaneously. As I mentioned it is
good to have a route for a spell to work: for a more specific spell. Also magic is very good as facilitating things,
at helping and this is the easiest form of magic to use. It also has the advantage that it never makes you think that
magic is the only way of doing things, or the only tool available for you. You have many other talents and I would
not want you to forgo the use of other abilities to utilise magic. But magic also makes us more flexible as people
and so can solve problems easier. With the above in mind next is another success magic spell. But the next one is
quite different to the first: this does not negate the use of the first which can be utilised separately or in conjunction
with the other. It is cast to create opportunities for success and also to help you see them: you still need to decide
to act upon them. So it very much couples the bringing of opportunities with an improvement in yourself, it helps
you see the opportunities. All these things working together make for a very powerful magic spell.


Andraste magic spell to create opportunities for success and to help you see opportunities for success
Grant Andraste,
Opportunities for success,
Let them be of benefit to me,
Help me see them as you will,
Help me succeed,
So it will be.
The last two magic spells if used together complement each other. I hope you can see how not just casting more
than one spell, but also the casting of slightly different spells can complement each other and increase the power of
the magic in question. However success can also be defined in terms of what you want. Whereas a magic spell for
a particular thing will focus on that thing, a success spell allows you more types of success. However many
people see success in terms of wealth, but even this can be defined. Money itself can be more difficult to conjure
than things themselves. I tend to use the term wealth instead of money, because wealth as a term incorporates more
things, and is more about how I think about wealth. Therefore here is a magic spell for wealth.
Andraste magic spell for wealth
Grant Andraste,
Bring wealth to me,
Let it flow to me,
Abundance come to me,
So it will be.
The last magic spell for wealth will help bring magic to you. Wealth is important to our lives, we need it
almost like air, but it is not necessarily who we are. Some think that too much can make a prison of a persons life,
just as too little can. The above wealth spell can only improve your life. It is also a magic spell that is useful all of
the time. You need not fear if the time is appropriate as wealth coming to you will nearly always help, and never
be a hindrance. I hope after trying some of the spells you realise how much benefit they can be. However magic
spells can take a while to take effect and for that reason it can be best to cast spells for success and wealth every:
or most days so that the effects can be seen faster. But of course you nearly always need to do something in order


to get good things into your life, and so when a great opportunity happens: and you are sure it is: then take it and
make the best of it for without this you deny the power you already have.
Andraste being concerned with victory has obvious applications. After all being victorious and winning
usually dont have downsides: or not ones anyone wants to talk about, although granted people learn a lot from
failure but mainly it is only useful if it helps us win. Plus I have to be realistic who would cast a magic spell for
them to fail at things: no a failure spell would not be a big hit. Sometimes peoples biggest successes are made
because of a situation caused by a failure which forces them to relook at things. But if you want that sort of thing
then leave success spells alone, as they are cast for success not to learn from failure. I am sure someone will write
a book of magic with the, be a failure spell inside it, right next to the be ugly, be unfit, and lose money spells. If
ever you find such a book run away as fast as you can as they cant be many copies in existence and the author
must be near and is obviously a dangerous lunatic. No I only cast magic for good things, unless they are curses in
which case all the above are good things. This is because victory usually means anothers defeat
Many times part of the thrill of victory is beating another person, or persons. But as there are many times in
life where we do not know who we beat, there are times when we do. When we have a competitor and are in a
win, lose situation: someone must wind and someone must lose. Obviously in this situation it is your job to make
sure that you win. In actual fact a magic spell with a winner and loser, or at you and an enemy, plays well with the
psyche of Andraste. It very much plays to how she sees the world. So the magical beings help will be increased
with this spell. However make sure that you know who the enemy is before casting the spell: who the enemy is can
be a matter of perspective. The magic spell that follows does however have place where you can mention a name
of your enemy or rival.
Andraste magic spell for victory for you and defeat of your rival
Grant Andraste,
Victory for me,
Let my victory be yours,
Let us be victorious over our rival (STATE RIVALS NAME),
Let his defeat be our success,
So it will be.
You may notice that I have used the word rival instead of enemy, I did this to make sure that the rival isnt


attacked, and that there is no violence caused by it. The magic spell is very much about you being successful not
killing your rival. But it is not just use for everyday situations it is also useful for sportsmen. But although the
magic spell can also be cast with the name of a rival organisation instead of individuals name: but as
organisations are so large then much of the effect of the magic spell will be lost, but will have some power. But
there are more precise ways to deal with a rival than simply using a spell for victory over them: you can cast a
spell to help you be victorious, but with a precise purpose in mind to help with this. For instance your enemy or
rival will need energy to be able to beat you. Energy in the form not utilise psychic vampirism can take energy
from your enemy and bring it to you: they become weaker and you become stronger. It can lead your enemy to
being bedridden for a prolonged period, however bear in mind that the ethics of this are down to you, and also that
most people have many rivals. It is true that I have learnt that the route to get what you want is almost never had by
cursing others: there are always more rivals, and the true enemy is one you almost never see, and so to gain what
you want you are usually best to focus on yourself and what you want to do and so I do not expect many people to
use this magic spell right away. But in this book I do not judge and so for completeness I put here a curse to take
energy from an enemy.
Curse to take energy from an enemy
Grant Andraste,
That power comes to me,
The energy is mine,
They get drained all the time,
So it will be.
I do not expect that many of you will have needed this magic spell at this time, although the situation may arise.
But curses themselves can be a trap but not of a magical variety. People get trapped into concentrating on the other
person and it actually destroys their life. People can lose their jobs, career, families, and even become homeless
because they have focused on an enemy and their destruction and magical torture and the person whos life was
meant to be destroyed was made difficult but they rebounded from it: because they focused on making things
better: whereas the person who did the cursing got so pulled into revenge that their lives get destroyed. This is not
the tri-fold law or karma which I dont believe in; in fact many people can do well from casting an occasional


curse, but some people do get so pulled in to it that their own lives get destroyed. It wouldnt be in your best
interests if I did not tell you the aforementioned fact. However I am not saying that doing good necessarily has its
own reward, it may not, but instead that a focus on yourself and what you can do and what you can achieve will
lead to a better position most of the time.
There are many routes to where you want to be, and also many great locations. Sometimes flexibility is the
most important thing, while at others the ability to stick to what we want, or even stubbornness. There isnt one
characteristic that doesnt have its time and place, or its uses. Even sloth a because a lazy person may naturally
excel at using less energy when food is limited. Everything has a time, just some things have more times than
others, and seem more useful to us right now. So what trait could we cast a magic spell for which would help us
the most and wouldnt hurt us. I already have shown you a magic spell for strength. But it seems to me a good idea
would be to cast a magic spell for greater intelligence. But Andraste magic needs a victory focus and so the magic
must be cast with this in mind. It must be cast so that it can be seen through her eyes. Also I do not want to set the
caster up as the enemy, by casting the spell against their mental faculty and to beat it by becoming more intelligent:
this would not be a good idea. So here is the magic spell for more intelligence.
Magic spell for more intelligence
Grant Andraste,
Increased cognitive ability,
More intelligence,
So that I may be victorious,
So that my mind will be my weapon,
And my battles be won,
So it will be.
You may have noticed that the above magic spell was still cast with a victory slant to it. This is because as
mentioned by me it must appeal to Andraste, as if being seen through Andraste eyes and way of seeing things. Also
in this way it isnt cast against the person casting it, it is cast: as a way to aid you win and succeed in life. As a
tool for success, intelligence isnt pointed against you in any way. Some of you may feel slighted by the magic
spell above but it is difficult to be too intelligent and also a boost of any amount is useful. But for some people
memory is more important.


Some people have difficulty remembering things: a magic spell cast for memory will aid memory but also
memory techniques are also useful. It is a useful magic spell to cast if for any reason your memory is needed more
than normal. Because it is a magic spell for memory I have made it short: obviously it would be less use if it
wasnt easy to recall. So next is a magic spell to increase memory which can also be used with any memory
technique: but if you have a memory problem you may need to see a medical doctor for treatment, remember denial
isnt a solution.
Magic spell for a better memory to remember better
Beme rebe
Yes that spell was especially short and actually is better if used regularly and will take more than one use of it
before you may see the effects of it. It has the advantage that it can be used wherever you are, if you cannot
remember it is can be put on a piece of paper and placed in a wallet or purse. Try to use the memory magic spell
quite a lot at first so that you remember to use it. Getting in the habit of using it is important for the memory spell.
Of course memory isnt the only mental faculty and there are many others. One which of particular application in
Andraste magic is strategy and tactics: battles are won and lost because of the ability to be strategic or tactical.
Planning is a key skill of battle and so important to victory.
Remember that Andraste is a magic being concerned with victory and so things as useful to victory as strategy
and tactics are important to her. But what can a magic spell for strategy and tactics not do? Well it wont give you
spontaneous knowledge of chess positions, or the knowledge and history of war. But it will increase your strategic
and tactical ability: it will also help you guess what is in your opponents, or strategists mind. Also the two skills
are complimentary; strategy is more long term whereas tactics are more short term. The magic spell can however
increase your ability before a game of chess, or before you need to think of any business strategy, or even
marketing strategy. It can be used before planning or playing war games. In many ways it is a natural strength of
Andraste. Therefore here is a magic spell for better strategic and tactical thinking.
Magic spell for better strategic and tactical thinking
Grant Andraste,
Your tactical skill,
The strategic ability,
To win and be victorious,


To out plan by enemies,

And to know what they have in their mind,
So it will be.
The above magic spell for better strategic and tactical ability isnt simply of use those that play games, life has
strategic and tactical parts to it: much like a how fat runs through a steak which is, as it is called marbled. The
planning element runs throughout life. Of course there are times when we may just have to see what happens, or to
better still to grasp the opportunities that arrive. Sometimes opportunism is a better way, so it is very much up to
you when you cast the aforementioned spell. Sometimes the ability to see the way ahead for you is the best way,
and beats planning ability. But there is no reason why you shouldnt have the ability to do both. But the next spell
to see the best way for you to go in life, which path is better for you is one which should first be cast separately as
should the magic spell for strategic and tactical thinking: at a later date you can then cast them one after another.
Magic spell for you to see the right life path for you
Grant Andraste,
The ability to see,
What route I must take,
What way my life can go,
What way is best for me,
This I will see,
So it will be.
The nature of what is a victory could be assessed differently by different people, but I cannot help thinking that
to Andraste it is quite simple. In times of war victory or defeat will be easy to assess although the many spin
doctors of the ancient world will make this less so. In many ways survival can be a victory and every life has its
up and downs. Every life has its problems it would be a lie not to admit this is so. But also every life needs
successes and in this magic can help. But the reality need to be assessed, for every win there is usually a loss, for
every victory there is a defeat. For every way there is living and dead. The chances of victory should be fifty:
fifty: both equal. But many times our ability to not notice failures is our strongest strength. One persons crashing
failure is to another just a part of life. It is difficult to deal with life if everything becomes terrible and every
problem not something to overcome. A positive attitude can help us, and a thick skin. So a spell to carry on no


matter what is very useful with the realities of life.

Magic changes things but you still live in the same world as others do. You still live surrounded by
organisations which in different ways set policy and guidelines for what you should do. The world is still full of
people with different perspectives and just as a knight had his armour so that the arrows shot at him did not harm
him, so we to must have our armour for the same reason. The strength of our armour helps us gain success, we are
les easy to stop and carry on when others cannot. We are more difficult to stop, and have the determination of the
tank. We have the spirit to overcome which is crucial to everyone at some time in their life. Therefore here is a
magic spell for determination and armour.
Magic spell for the spirit of determination and armour
Grant Andraste,
The spirit of determination,
Let your determination be mine,
Let my mind and spirit be armoured,
I know what is happening around me,
But I am the tank,
I cannot be stopped
So it will be
The last magic spell is important for those times in life when things get difficult, and one you may want to cast
from time to time anyway. But whenever things get difficult this magic spell will always be there for you. It will
always be there to help you deal with life turmoil. Life can be difficult but there are also great pleasures in life,
and these are what helps us get through the bad times and also appreciate what we already have. This isnt
necessarily hedonism; just an appreciation of what is around us the beauty and wonder that is around us all.
Simple things like how something tastes or appreciation of how something looks, or the greatness of music. These
better things in life which we take for granted and dont really appreciate.
So what stops us appreciating the things we have? Many times it is that we are so often exposed to them that
we take them for granted, but also some people truly do see the world through the metaphoric rose tinted
spectacles. These people see the good and not the bad; they see the beauty in everything. This of course has
negatives, such as they dont see the dangers or bad things around them. Also they would lack a truly discerning


eye and everything to them would appear beautiful. However there are advantages to this way of seeing the world
and so is a good thing for short periods of time. To see the beauty which is around you is the same as being
surrounded by obvious beauty and opulence all the time: but much easier to achieve. Therefore here is a magic
spell so that you can see the world like this and like the others has to be specially worded so that it can be seen
through Andrastes eyes
Magic spell so that you see the beauty around you
Grant Andraste,
The power to see my world has won,
The beauty of our victories,
The wonder of that is around me,
So it will be.
As I stated earlier the above spell will let you see beauty but may remove your truly discerning eye, and may
not be the best spell for you to discern what is beautiful and what isnt. It would not necessarily be a great spell to
cast before buying a painting, or work of art: the talent to see the beautiful and the ugly and to see the difference
and the flaws in things. The talent to analyse and see art is also a skill from which some people make money,
however they ordinarily have large amounts of experience and contacts for the selling of such works of art. Also
antiques can be seen better with a more discerning eye. This discerning eye is something which can be improved
by a magic spell. Like other Andraste magic spells it has to be shaped and formed in such a way that it appeals to
Andraste: remember the spells are seen through her eyes and must appeal to her and so as a Goddess of victory it
must have a victorious element to it, or could be interpreted as such, so that to her it makes sense.
Magic spell for a discerning eye
Grant Andraste,
The power to see what is great and what is ugly,
Let me win over my rivals,
To see the profit near me,
Let me be victorious and see the beauty and ugliness,
So that my knowledge helps me,
So it will be.


Sometimes being victorious is a matter of knowing where to be and at what time. This is a type of luck but also
a type of judgement too. Most people have the same luck most of the time: so it has been said. But one meeting, or
being at the right place to see, or overhear the right thing can change everything in your life. It can lead you to a
great opportunity; lead you to see what you must do. These events can be major changes in our lives. For certain
seeing the chances that are around is great, but major events in our life can change everything, for the better or the
worse. These events just happen, but what if we could help the good ones along to happen. I am not promising that
this is an easy thing to help happen: or that it will happen upon immediate casting of the spell as for some people
an event like this may be further off than others. Also I will focus for the moment upon attraction: upon those
events which are positive only. Therefore here is a magic spell to attract a good important event into your life.
Magic spell to attract a good important event
Grant Andraste,
Chances to me,
Bring those good changing situations to me,
Bring them near,
Set them free,
So that we may benefit,
With victory,
So it will be.
Just as good important life events may change our lives for the better; although there is usually something
which you may need to do to take advantage of it, of course you can always cast the spell again for another
important life event? But just as good life events can be change your life for the better bad ones can alter it so
much for the worse. These events happen to many people and we all have to just get on with things as best we can:
and overcome them if possible. But avoiding these events is possible with a magic spell to push away bad
important life events. Of course the irony is that we never see the bad event which did not happen and so testing is
more difficult than with the other magic spell. But a magic spell to protect us from these bad events is well worth
casting from time to time so that it can help us, and to help maintain in life what we already have.
Magic spell to push away bad important events
Grant Andraste,


Send away,
Those bad situations that would badly alter me,
Send them away,
Tie them up,
So that we may benefit,
With victory,
So it will be.
Now that we have explored these good and bad important events so far as we go, maybe we should think of
other people. Other people too can suffer from bad important events, and be helped by the good ones. Those
people who are around us also affect our lives and so we may want the good and the protection from the bad for
them also. Also maybe you want the good events to include you all in some way: all those people important to you
so that you won split up and will all feel a part of it. This particular type of good situations spell is one which I
include here.
Magic spell to attract a good important event to a group of people
Grant Andraste,
Bring those good changing situations to us,
Bring them near,
Set them free,
So that we may benefit,
With victory,
So it will be.
The above magic spell will work not just to bring an important event to a group of people, but to help the
people stay together , or at least not split up because of something which would be considered good. Lottery
winners sometimes get divorced and the magic spell just mentioned would stop this from happening because of the
situation: of course people who dont win also split up. Those we love however we like to protect, many people
have insurance of all kinds to protect people they love. Those people most important to us can also benefit from
magical protection too. Just as bad events so large that they can alter a persons life forever can happen to us they


can also happen to those we love and care for. So just as we may want to protect us we need also to protect these
people too. The next magic spell does just that, and can protect those peoples lives from upheaval: although it
would likely as not affect ours too.
Magic spell to push away bad important events from other people
Grant Andraste,
Send away,
Bring those bad situations that would badly alter (NAME OF PEOPLE IMPORTANT TO YOU),
Send them away,
Tie them up,
So that they may benefit,
With victory,
So it will be
The last spell is for those that wish to protect those that we care about from disaster. Ultimately for many
people victory isnt just about them, but about their team winning. For many people victory isnt just for them but
for others too. There are times when it is impossible to win without the team winning: this is not to say that you
being number one in the teams isnt important as obviously it is. Many peoples lives are about victory but fail to
recognise. It is difficult to get what you want without it. Many peoples self-improvement is not driven by wanting
to improve themselves but wanting to get a better life through success. However people are not identical, but this
seems to be an excuse for greater advantage for some than others. Many people are blind however to the
unfairness and instead expect others to look after their priorities for them: expecting people to hurt those like
themselves or themselves directly and why would they do this. But what is you could turn a persons advantages
against them, make them too into disadvantages.
Even advantages which seem to always work for people can be turned into problems. Is this justice and will it
increase social mobility? Well I suppose it may do, of course magic is a tool and can also be utilised for whatever
a person wants be it good or bad. When people decide what they really want they dont want people who stand in
their way, with less ability just because of connections of other advantages: although what is an advantage varies,
the ability to walk can be one if seen through the eyes of a person who cannot. The next magic spell is a type of
curse, but a one to take the advantages and turn them around, and so the more advantages they have the worse the


effect of the curse, the less they have the less the curse will affect them. The spell therefore facilitates promotion,
success when against another, and here it is.
Curse to turn advantages into disadvantages
Grant Andraste,
The power,
Send a mirror to (PERSONS NAME TO BE CURSED),
Their advantages become disadvantages,
Their life becomes all bad,
And whatever they do I will be victorious,
So it is.
The last spell was a curse that was targeted at a person of your choice: just whatever you do dont put in your
own name: of you do whatever does happen is your fault. But victory in the modern world is a strange thing
because we see it as being on a continuum, and so as with success there always seems to be a person who is more
successful, wealthier. The world has changed, perhaps it was not this way in the ancient world? But in the modern
world there is always a need to press forward for many people. We may win the battle but we always fight the war
and the war goes on and on: perhaps until we decide it need not, although the war may not decide what we can
escape from its clutches. So we need the spirit to press on and on. This world is a world governed by ever
changing goals and the only stable thing seems to be the need for wealth. It seems the war for money does not
decide that we are free from it. However with Andraste at your side your resolve need never fail, the sword arm
of capitalism need not become weak and frail. Therefore here is a magic spell to help you keep fighting the good
fight. It does this in quite a general way and gives you more of what you need to keep going on.
Magic spell to give the ability to keep fighting the war for success
Grant Andraste,
The power to succeed,
Again and again,
To keep fighting for victory,
And abundance and wealth,
For as long as I need to,


May I never give up,

With your help,
So it will be.
The spell I just mentioned will give you much of what is needed to keep going. I must want however that
Andraste magic will help you gain the ability to feel the magic that exists in the world but also in yourself.
Andraste is a magical being which can aid you in magic, but there is magic around you. This world is full of magic
but also magic is not the only tool you can use. It isnt my wish that you toss aside everything you know; I want you
to feel free to embrace all your talents and abilities. I want you to feel free to be a whole person. Andraste magic
will help you I am sure. Magic has the ability to transform not just your life but also you. It isnt just an
uncontrolled change it is a one which you largely govern: this is because it is your will which is the most
important thing in working magic. It only works with human intent. This is a book to be read through, worked over
and used as a reference book. But most of all, this book is there to be worked over. Work the magic in these pages,
do the spells let magic help you. Magic is servant like no other. It can do things that other things cannot, it can
make things happen and provide opportunities for things to happen that never happened before.
The magic here is practical and is used with a purpose. It is there to help you. Also Andraste magic can inspire
you; it can help you see the world through her eyes. Andraste sees things in terms of victory, but this does not mean
that you need to, not all the time. You are a being with great powers also, that is why you can work the magic
within this book. Andraste magic also helps us see how the world can be changed. We can rethink of victory and
defeat and not being an opponent of a country, but instead against a difficulty or to achieve a goal. But in this book
has also been things which can be used against another person, and it is very much up to you to decide when and if
to use this. The world is very much now at your disposal and your future a blank sheet which you may write or
draw on as you want. But dont be afraid to help others and to tell them the title of this book Andraste magic or
my nameS Rob. It can help others as it will help you. A revolution of magic can change the world if we let it.
We all have magic within us and need not accept the small view of who we really are: we can accept the true view
that we have more power than we have been told and if that dear reader is your discovery then I am eternally
Chapter 5 Catubodua, Battle crow
Catubodua magic is a book about the magic of a Celtic deity. In fact the goddess Catubodua has links with


many places with slight alterations to her name. The magic in here with use this deity for many uses but all will
have a bias due to the nature of the goddess in question. But dont worry too much because you dont need to know
anything in order to use the magic from this book: everything is explained here. Before I continue on I will first
explain a little about the Goddess Catubodua. Catubodua is the name of a Goddess whose name means battle crow.
She is a goddess of fighting and victory. Also she is sometimes linked with some other goddesses: the assumption
being that she is the same of similar. Some of you may feel uncomfortable calling Catubodua a Goddess. I
understand completely with this position and I would suggest that it would be better to think of Catubodua as a
magical being.
It is usually best to take this position than to assume a being is a deity. The fact is that thinking there are many
gods and goddesses is more similar to atheism than a one god premise. Also remember by using her name you can
utilise the power of the many people who believe in her still, and even those who did to some extent. It will
enable you to empower your spells. It is quite alright to consider her as a tool in your magic: because that is what
she really is so far as this book is concerned. Many people believe these magical entities exist because we believe
them to, as we may exist because others believe we do. Some see them as just a way to get greater power into your
magic spells.
What you believe is actually not that important here, as you will find that adding the influence of her into your
magic is useful, and as long as it is useful then why not use it? As I mentioned before she is a goddess of fighting
and victory. This will colour our spells: as I intend t use this to positively influence the results. But dont worry
about the violent connotations with such a goddess as we will concentrate upon the striving and not giving up
aspect of fighting, and the success part of victory. I have very much played to this side of Catubodua to add more
strength and colour to our magic spells. It should be noted however that you can cast a magic spell for anything at
all to catubodua, but I will play to her strengths.
Catuboduas name means battle crow and this is very much a part of the spells here. I first will start with
showing an obvious and easy example for you to utilise the added magic of Catubodua. As Catubodua was thought
of as being a deity, we will not command but ask for what we want or for her assistance. However remember she
is a tool to be used by you, she is at the most a magical entity and at the least a mental technique to unleash your
own formidable power: which we all have. This next spell doesnt use any equipment and so can be cast wherever
you are.


Magic spell for success

Grant oh Catubodua (put your arms outstretched sideways),
Success in my career,
Let me be victorious over my competitors,
Give me the strength to be successful,
So it will be, oh Battle Crow (place arms back by sides).
The last spell introduces the arms being out to the sides position this symbolism adds power to the spell:
remember her name means battle crow. The position of the arms is quite like early Christianity praying and it
exists so that the action adds energy: just as your extra effort does. The magic spell has been written so that it
deliberately played to the strengths of Catubodua. This is by far the best was to proceed here, to play to the
strengths of the deity in question. That last spell was also a very good application of Catubodua too. In practice
you may want to in time cast spells using Catubodua that are less generalises and more specific. The magic spell
also gives you the strength to succeed and so gives you multiple but complimentary things. This of course if not the
only application but it is a good one to start with. Here is another magic spell, but this one is one a quite different
nature. This next spell is a way to get her strength and a way of getting Catubodua on your side more before casting
other magic spells. This is because this next spells is also a way of paying homage to Catuobdua: as well as a way
of charging yourself up with magic energy, mainly the latter.
Paying homage and gaining magic energy from Catubodua
Oh Catubodua (put your arms outstretched sideways),
I pay homage to you,
Let your magic power be mine,
Let my successes be yours,
So may it be, oh Battle Crow (place arms back by sides).
The last magic spell was about gaining magic energy and this makes the last magic spell a very good one to
cast before a magical spell as it will increase your power and therefore increase the magical effect of the spell
after that. It is about powering yourself up and about preparing yourself to do more magic. It can also be cast
whenever you want as a way to keep your magical energy high. But it is not just magical energy which can be
gotten from Catubdoua, also you can get general strength too. For magic spells for general strength this one is a


very good one, and the effect will be seen and felt even more if cast daily or regularly. But when I say strength
here is doesnt just mean physical strength it also means emotional strength and the power to get through difficult
times. It is therefore a good way of showing the upside of including deities in the casting of spells. This spell
would have a very different feel is not cast with Catubodua. Without Catubodua the magic spell wouldnt mean the
same thing. Here is the magic spell for strength.
Magic spell to make yourself stronger
Oh Catubodua (put your arms outstretched sideways),
I pay homage to you,
And let your strength be my strength,
Let my victories be your victories,
So may it be, oh Battle Crow (place arms back by sides).
So far I have cast magic spells for success, energy and strength but there is so much more we can do. The next
magic spell is a magic spell which is about good luck. But here is has quite a different meaning from an ordinary
good luck spell. Because we are utilising Catubodua the spell for good luck has to be viewed in a victory context.
Because of the nature of Catubodua the good luck magic spell will be good luck to help with a victory. The spell
would mean less if cast with Catubodua in any other way. Basically when you cast a magic spell the qualities of
the deity and the objective of the magic spell will mix. This is something which much be remembered when
making up any spells with Catubodua. This alters the magic spell meaning you have to think of a route by which the
spell can work fulfilling both requirements and getting the result you need. This next spell shows this concept very
well and you will see the concept in action.
Magic spell for good luck
Oh Catubodua (put your arms outstretched sideways),
Give me good luck,
Good fortune and opportunities,
Help me be victorious,
So may it be, oh Battle Crow (place arms back by sides).
From this spell you can see how the magic spell is wrote to give you opportunities and chances to get what you
want and what you are working for. It is a magic spell to help you. It would be a good magic spell for anyone


involved in any competitive endeavour, be it business, finding a job, art, martial arts. It is a spell to help the doer
in you. You may view this as a limitation but remember that Catubodua also will be stronger at this than other
things. The spell cast this way plays to strengths and also enables the result you want fastest. I am sure by now that
you have gotten used to the idea of the Catubodua magic and how to perform it. But more than that the magic will
help you see the world differently and feel your internal power and the power around you. If you have worked
your way through this chapter then you are ready to start the next.
The nature of the magic that you have learnt here so far is only the beginnings of what we can do. There are
many applications of the magic in this book. Catubodua is a powerful entity and way of increasing the magic you
want to work. We will not proceed to magic that is more powerful and more direct. Catuboduas nature as a
magical entity is direct in nature: after all she is a deity of fighting and victory. So her directness is strength, but
also things which we struggle against are also something which she can help us: or we help ourselves depending
upon how you see it. So we want to be able to use the energy or a war deity and use this energy and vigour for the
things we fight in our lives. Many of us may struggle with ill health and this is somewhere in which catubodua can
help us: which may surprise you.
Dont get me wrong modern medicine is great and a powerful tool, but I see no contradiction is utilising also
the power of magic too to help us deal with ill health. They can and I feel should be complementary. Bear in mind
that magic spells however can be utilised on medical conditions where there isnt any other cure or treatment.
Also there are many times when we may have a short term health problem without immediate access to a medical
person: for instance you have a bad back, be tired, or have stubbed your toe. At times like these there isnt a
medical person near, but magic can always be with you. Health magic is very complimentary and I feel is the
future of medicine: utilising magic spells, and or prayer with medicine. With this in mind here is a magic spell for
good health.
Magic spell for good health
Oh Catubodua (put your arms outstretched sideways),
Give me the strength of beast,
Health abound,
My health is strong no pain around,
So may it be, oh Battle Crow (place arms back by sides).


The above magic spell is still quite a general spell for good health and there may be situations where
something more specific will be needed. This isnt a problem and here is a health magic spell for a common health
Magic spell for a good and pain free back
Oh Catubodua (put your arms outstretched sideways),
Give me a strong back,
Pain free and for me,
So may it be, oh Battle Crow (place arms back by sides).
The magic spell above is a good example of a magic spell for a specific problem: note that the magic spells
for health can also be cast without the actions: and even not said aloud although it will take repetition in order for
this to occur. These magic spells are best repeated and if you have a health problem can be used every day if you
want: or even more so. There are many times when people need to be free of pain generally and this spell is for
pain free or reduction in pain generally. This can be utilised to deal with conditions like arthritis and even to run
further as feeling tired is a pain. However before deciding to cast a spell to be pain free you should consider that
the pain may be warning sign and may be there to tell you something: perhaps to see a medical doctor. But there
are times when pain is not there to tell us anything and where we need to ignore it and for these situations: and they
are your choice when these situations are: that this next magic spell is here for.
Magic spell for no pain
Oh Catubodua (put your arms outstretched sideways),
Through you I feel no pain,
Because of you I have control,
Of what I do and how I feel,
You have freed me,
So may it be, oh Battle Crow (place arms back by sides).
That last magic spell was one which should be useful to many people. I feel that this is one of the more useful
applications of magic, after all pain affects the quality of our lives. It also is not an easy thing to get rid of if you
have a lot of it. But the magic spell is powerful and will have more effect the more you cast it. Dont think you
cannot cast it whenever you need to: you can with practice cast it without movements and by only thinking of it.


But if you have a problem with pain then casting it daily is a good practice. Also you will find that magic spells
have no side effects the way that medicines can. This magic can help you, but you need to cast the spells for them
to help you, and dont just cast them once, if you really need them cast them the next day and maybe every few days
or more if needed. Let them help you by becoming part of your life.
If you have read this chapter and hopefully found something of use: if not you may find them useful in the
future. Dont think that because these magic spells are for health that they are less important, in fact many spell can
be easier then health spells, and they are just as important as other types, probably even more. I hope that you have
tried some of the magic spells in this book, but if not the book will be here for you when you feel you need it. But
dont just think of this book as a book of magic, think of it as a way to learn a type of magic. In time you will be
able to make your own spell of this type and understand the routes and nuances of the occultism here. So as you
work your way through the book remember you are not just reading a book, or trying the spells, you are
progressing at a much deeper level and this you will come to understand more with time as your true power
becomes more apparent.
By now Catubodua magics pattern and general form are something which you will have discerned at some
level. This magic has its own feel and texture to it, as if a living thing: some would say that magic is a living
thing, it certainly feels like it at times. The magic spell so far has only been for certain things, and there is much
more magic that can be done this way. Therefore we now proceed to different magic, not just so that you can learn
and have more magic spells to use, but also so that you can gain a fuller understanding of catubodua magic. We
must at all times remember that Catubodua is a deity or magical entity of fighting and victory; therefore we must
always try to see our spells through Catuboduas eyes. How would this deity or magical entity see this if she were
standing next to you: how would she see the world? You need to think of things as if looking through a pair of
spectacles that alter how you perceive things in this way.
The next magic spell is one to push a person away; it is therefore a banishing spell. There are many times
when a person being near us causes problems for us or them and it can be useful for both your sakes to keep you
both separate. Like the other magic spell this next magic spell requires no tools and so can be performed easily,
although as there are actions involved it may be best to perform it alone or with other magical interested friends.
Magic spell to keep a person away from you
Oh Catubodua (put your arms outstretched sideways),



They will not come near, push them away,
They cannot near me stay,
Give this I pray,
So may it be, oh Battle Crow (place arms back by sides).
The last magic spell will keep a person from you, however note that Catubodua is a magical entity who sees
things in terms of fighting and victory, and this means that she will keep a person from you forcibly. But remember
you must will the magic to occur, it is your will that makes it happen as much as anything: there is no magic
without the intent and will to work magic. There are of course more forcible magic that can be used upon a person:
like I said Catubodua is a magic entity which sees things in terms of fighting or victory and we can easily place to
this for magic and curses used against a person. There are situations where it is required to cast a curse, otherwise
known as a hex onto a person. Some people are violent or aggressive and there is no other way that they can be
dealt with. There are magic spells for curses and here is just such a hex.
Magical curse
Oh Catubodua (put your arms outstretched sideways),
Destroy my enemy destroy (NAME OF ENEMY),
Help me win and be victorious,
Let my fight be your fight,
Let my victory by you victory by (NAME OF ENEMY)s destruction,
So may it be, oh Battle Crow (place arms back by sides).
You may have noticed the last magic spells aggressive nature, however note that hexes of this type are even
more effective if specific. This more general magic spell is powerful but less so than if it was for a particular
illness. However remember that the magic spells here are the most useful for the most people, in time you will be
able to make your own Catubodua magic spells for your specific purpose: but wait at least until you have finished
the book. The magic here is more direct than the magic in some chapters. But here is a magic spell for victory in a
particular fight, on a particular day, but not against a particular person. There are many times when we dont know
who we will be fighting, and may need strength and may need to win, but arent sure against who. It may be that
you wish to be prepared for any violence that day, or it could be a competition that you will take part in. For that


reason here is a magic spell for general use, to help you win in fights generally. It is however specific for fighting,
it isnt for running, or football: it is just for fighting. It could be utilised as part of yourself defence regime, or as a
way to prepare for a difficult or dangerous place which cannot be avoided: if you can avoid it then this may be the
best course of action. The magic spell uses no tools all you need is yourself.
Magical for survival and victory in fighting
Oh Catubodua (put your arms outstretched sideways),
When violence is near let me win,
Help me survive when I may fall,
Help me be victorious make me strong,
Let me be fast and swift when needed,
Let me always be able to do what is needed,
So that we may win,
So may it be, oh Battle Crow (place arms back by sides).
The above magic spell is very useful for general use to help us deal with violence, but near in mind it isnt a
magic vest, it is help, you can still lose with this spell: it is help that is all. Granted it is help the other side in all
likelihood wont have: unless they also bought this book. The magic spell will make you stronger and more above
to deal with things: but the magic spell doesnt promise you wont get hurt: in fighting many people get hurt: it is
there to help you win and survive. The fact is you can win and still look pretty bad at the finish: but it is still better
than losing. If you have read this chapter, and perhaps tried the magic spells you are now ready to move onto the
next chapter.
There are times when Catubodua magic spellcasting is about defining what you actually want. You need to
define what you really want in order to get it. Also if you dont really know what you want you will not see it
when it arrives or when an opportunity for it arrives. This may seem very obvious but is an important part of
spellcasting generally. In fact magic is one area that can greatly help us set goals, and just a usefully help you
realise how we want something to occur. The mechanism of occurrence is our battle plan and also our route to
success. What is success and victory really depends on the individual; one persons success is anothers failure. It
is perhaps better to realise that for many success is a direction and not an objective. But to Catubodua it is much
easier: victory is when you beat another person or persons. It is as clearly defined as checkmate in chess: in


killing the king.

So we must endeavour to put our objectives in this form. If we want money then that is a fine objective: but we
must understand that in Catuboduas perspective you are beating someone: you are richer and they are poorer. This
win and lose philosophy is one that must be embraced in Catuboduas magic spell casting. This actually is a very
positive thing as in magic there is the element of scale. This means that for instance it is more difficult to get
something when you are working against others. So it is easier to get opportunities to make money than to win it.
This is because many people want to win money and so there is greater scale. This also means that it is more
difficult to hex a rich man to become poor than for a rich man to hex a poor man to get poorer. But in Catuboduas
terms, you win and they lose and so the perspective of Catubodua helps you obtain things when working against
things and you are not the strongest in this area. The next magic spell very much is aided by Catuboduas view on
victory: it is a magic spell for wealth.
Magically increasing your wealth and reducing anothers
Oh Catubodua (put your arms outstretched sideways),
Coins of gold flow to me,
Great wealth I want oh help me,
I shall get more and (PERSONS NAME) shall have less,
Victory will be mine,
Let it be mine,
So may it be, oh Battle Crow (place arms back by sides).
You will have noticed that the above magic spell needs a person to become poorer for you to become
wealthier. If you are worried about this you can always choose a very rich and evil person such as a dictator: they
are always hugely wealthy: so much so that the rich lists usually understate their wealth so that we dont know that
they are the richest people around and not entrepreneurs. This may seem quite ruthless but it helps with the way
Catubodua will see things: and so helps the magic spell work and increase its strength. But there are other forms
of victories that can be aided by magic. Some of the victories that magic can help can be quite specific: remember
specificity can aid effect. For instance the magic spell above was for wealth in a very general way. A person may
want wealth in a very specific way for instance they may want to own a business of businesses and this is a goal
which is quite specific. This also plays to Catuboduas way of seeing things as many people consider business as


the new war: actually war is the new war, and the old one come to that. But here is a magic spell to bring
opportunities to own a business of businesses.
Magic spell to own a business
Oh Catubodua (put your arms outstretched sideways),
Help me own businesses,
Let me be strong and wise enough to own,
They shall be mine and not those who are my rivals,
Victory will be yours and mine,
Let this be mine,
So may it be, oh Battle Crow (place arms back by sides).
The last magic spell is quite specific and can have a powerful effect in your life. It can change your life greatly
and cannot just increase your wealth but also provide a flow of constant cash from the above mentioned
businesses. You will have notice that although the magic spell mentions business in the title the actual magic spell
is cast for businesses. The reason for this is to increase the chances of one coming to you quite quickly or a chance
to own one as you still need to decide to own it. But also I realise that you may require replacement businesses.
But there is never a free lunch and you will need to put in effort. There are many types of wealth magic spells and
many variations. For many people what they really is a spell to let them love the life they want, with the things they
want: but heed this warning when a spell is cast for you to live the life you dream of, in terms of wealth, you need
to realise when the party is over. Magic spells need to be recast and although it may take a while to get what you
want, when it is there you can easily come into problems by not realising when to recast it and wait for the said
magical affects to arrive.
Magic spell to own and live the life you dream of
Oh Catubodua (put your arms outstretched sideways),
Let me live as I want to,
Let me own what I dream,
I shall have the life I envy,
I will live the dream,
So may it be, oh Battle Crow (place arms back by sides).


One thing to note about this spell is that it is about those things you normally imagine: such as a larger house
and a bigger car, not the stuff like a good share portfolio and so when you get this stuff you will need to secure
your position. But it isnt multiple choice you can cast all of the wealth magic spells. If you have read this chapter
you are now ready to move on. But remember the magic spells in this chapter are here whenever you need them.
Catubodua can empower you and your spells but Catubodua can also offer protection. This is one of the more
useful things that she can do. She is after all thought of by many as a Goddess of fighting and victory and so who
better to have than Catubodua as a protector. She can protect you or also other people. She can also protect a
space or place, perhaps where you live. She can act an as great protector from curses or evil spirits. This chapter
will in many ways concentrate upon the protective aspect of catubodua magic. Magical protection is something
many do not consider: and the last thing many worry about. The thing is they think that being curses is not
something which will happen to them and I must be honest there is an element of bad luck in being curses. But
there are some people who have been seriously curses and who have proof. People whose lives have went badly
wrong, or whose energy was so depleted they find themselves bedridden for 18 months: like more than one case I
have been told about where this occurred: and then later on are told by another that a certain person said they
curses them and all of this without either party knowing the whole facts.
Yes curses are real and so the protection you need is real too. I understand if you dont want to use this all the
time, but there will be times when you may suspect that you or a person near you has been curses. When this
happens you should use one of the protective magic spells in this chapter. You may ask what are the signs, well I
would be cautious and realise that a protection spell will not do you any harm and so I would cast a protection
spell if you seem to be having a lot of bad luck, feel listless or in any way lack energy, see any magical entities
such as shadow beings., feel depressed, get injured, clumsiness. I know this list is long but caution is the best
approach here because it is easy to curse a person when they are already vulnerable: such as when ill. Next here is
a magic spell for general protection.
Magic spell protection
Oh Catubodua (put your arms outstretched sideways),
Protect me from my enemies,
Let no harm come to me,
Send attacks away,


And on back at my attackers back,

So may it be, oh Battle Crow (place arms back by sides).
The last magic spell was for protection. You may have noticed that the protection it gives is specifically for
you, not where you live or those that you care about: it was just for you. In an ideal world you could always rely
upon those you love to cast a protection spell of their own: but life doesnt work like that. There are times when
you may want to cast a protection spell for another person. Many of us have people whom we care about and wish
to protect. However I want you to realise that a protection spell is one type of self defence, there are others and
magic protection protects best against magic. Just as it would be fool hardy to walk into a dangerous area just
because you have learnt boxing, so it would be to do the same with a protection magic spell. Here is a magic spell
cast to protect another person.
Magic spell to own another person
Oh Catubodua (put your arms outstretched sideways),
Protect (PERSONS NAME) for me,
All attacks bounce back,
Keep them safe,
So may it be, oh Battle Crow (place arms back by sides).
The last magic spell is there to protect another person. This is a useful enough situation and one which is very
difficult to perform if you dont know how. But this spell above will perform this task very well, like I said before
Catubodua is a good magic entity to utilise for protection. In fact it could be said that it would be difficult to find
one more suited to the task. But it isnt just a person which needs protecting: either you or another: sometimes you
may want to protect a place. This is another way of adding another line of defence to you or anothers protection.
To protect a place generally than you dont necessarily need to be there, but it has to be a place which you are
familiar with: this makes the magic spell work as it would be far too difficult task for the reader to b expected to
perform otherwise. So here is a magic spell to protect the place you live in.
Magic spell to protect where you live
Oh Catubodua (put your arms outstretched sideways),
Protect my place,
If attacked it shall bounce back,


Rip the enemies bone out of their skin,

No attackers to come back,
So may it be, oh Battle Crow (place arms back by sides).
As the last magic spell was to protect the place where you live, here is a one for the protection of another
place: it wont be as powerful as the last one but it can be done without being there.
Magic spell to protect a place
Oh Catubodua (put your arms outstretched sideways),
If attacked it shall bounce back,
Rip the enemies bone out of their skin,
No attackers to come back,
So may it be, oh Battle Crow (place arms back by sides).
Choose a name for the above bracketed part, some name you normally call it, or could normally call it. This
chapter was mainly about the much neglected subject of protection. Magical protection is always the things people
are less bothered with: being more bothered about how to get money and power. But protection is like health, you
never realise how important it is until it disappears. But when you have finished this chapter you are then ready to
proceed to the next.

This chapter contains a quite long protective magic spell which could more accurately be called a one man
rite. This rite is practical and as stated is set out for one person or many. It has the power to protect an area and
there it is very powerful. Although the following rite can be utilised alone: as I expect many of you will do: it can
be utilised on mass with anyone else present also saying the words. I call it the protective rite of Catubodua. The
rite of protective rite of Catubodua does not need any tools and can be performed anywhere: although it is meant to
be performed in an area to be protected. But it is so more than a protection spell: even a powerful one. The
protective rite of Catubodua is also a type of exorcism. It is an exorcism which is for an area and not an
individual: it will get rid of any harmful entities already in that area and for this purpose its very useful. It is for
more than one type of situation. You may want to protect an area with a very protective rite. You may feel the area
is possessed: yes areas do get possessed and can also be called a haunting. The area may be possessed by a


ghost, evil entity, a powerful servitor or genie... then this rite can send it away. But the rite can also be used before
a spellcasting or meditation or ritual to make sure you or the area, arent under the influence of another entity. For
these uses I now present for you:

The protective rite of Catubodua

In the name of Catubodua we call, in the name of the battle crow. Catubodua illustrious leader of all you
purvey, defend us against our enemies and the kings of darkness and wickedness in high places. We try to be strong
and gain strength in your image, Come to our aid, we venerate you as our guardian. You are entrusted to lead us
and cast down those evil kings of darkness so that we may remain free. Cast the evil kings minions into the abyss,
so that we no longer can be seduced into weakness. Catubodua oh help us.

In the name of Catubodua the Goddess and by your strength we combat the onslaught of our wily enemy.
Catubodua arises: the enemies scatter and those that hate her flee before her. Catubodua oh help us. The enemies
are driven away just as the smoke blows in the wind and the wax melts before the fire and the wicked enemy
perish. See the Battle Crow, you enemy powers. The enemies have been many times conquered. Catubodua may
you have mercy and remain with us always. Catubodua oh help us.

We put our trust in you oh Battle crow. We cast out every evil spirit every enemy ghost, and the infernal
enemies, the legions of every enemy sect and group in Catuboduas name and by the power of Catubodua and the
power of magic we command you to go fly far from this place, from us the protected ones. May the cunning no
longer deceive our eye and the power of Catubodua picks out the enemies from our friends. Catubodua oh help us.

The most high and powerful Catubodua commands you for those that presume themselves equal to your friends
find the true knowledge and as you Catubodua commands them. Catubodua the eternal Battle Crow made flesh, and
obediently serving unto death and protecting the gateway to the true place. The might of evil shall never beat her
and the evil lie low in her honour. The devout wishes of your friends shall keep them safe and victory over their
enemies and yours.


Every dragon and monstrous legion shall fall before you. You so loved by your followers oh Battle Crow, that
your friends you protect in your everlasting life. You resist the harm and do not perish; the arrows of evil cannot
pierce you. The poisons of your enemies cannot kill you. So cease the delusion of our enemies and fill the evil
with the poisons of everlasting damnation. Begone master of lies and let him bow down before you. Those he
leads cower before you. Let your strength and powers and all, your dominions rise up for our protection.
Catubodua oh help us.

The good and strong sing of your praise and we are clear of enemies and all the songs can be heard. Let
Catubodua be with us always. May she protect us and govern all her dominions and those of her friends. She is the
protector. She is the victorious. She is the power. She has power over all invisible and visible without end. May
you deliver us from our enemies and the let us be victorious, and let those spirits of lies and deception be beaten
by you. Keep us from all harm. So may it be. From the evil lies, deliver us. So may it be. We beseech you that you,
humble the evil enemies and protect us from all harm. So may it be. We beg you to hear us. (Put arms stretched out
to the side and then back down again)

About the rite

The rite is a powerful if long one to protect an area. It will protect an area from curses and send other entities
that may mean you harm. Many people utilise magical servants in curses, such as ancestors or even ones
specifically created for the purpose. Servitor is a type of magical servant. It will also push away any entities
which happen to be near you, or who may attack you, be they ghosts, shadow beings, or entities form other realms.
Even if you wanted to protect an area from an entity such as a grey alien this would be the rite to utilise. Most
important however is that the rite must be performed all the way through. It can however be repeated again and
again for more power if needed. You may also have noticed that the rite is split into parts: not just paragraphs: this
is because each part has a specific purpose. I also did this in place of naming each part which seemed quite
unnecessary for our purpose.


If you have read this chapter you are now ready for the conclusion of this book. The power you have gained is
immense and you will realise this even more with time as you come to learn how far you truly have come, and how
much further you will go. The rite already explained may seem unwieldy next to the magic spells explained before
this but is necessary and is the logical conclusion to catubodua magic. But this magic isnt really a religion it is
more a set of tools: you can believe or not believe in whatever you want. I hope that it is more a way of
transformation for you and your life for the better.


I mentioned in the last chapter that in Catubodua magic isnt a religion. This I feel is a strength of much
occultist. Also I feel this is a great place to discus some of what was said throughout the book. In the book I have
referred to Catubodua as a Goddess, as female and as a magical entity. The reason for this is that this is how I
choose to describe the type of being Catubodua is. By this I mean she was and is worshipped as a celtic Goddess.
But I haave always thought that like many things she embodies an idea as much as anything. It is quite okay to think
of Catubodua as a construct which helps to clarify and empower our magic: this is similar to the way I see her.
Also when we start to work with multiple magical beings the line between: construct, being which simply can do
things we cant, and non physical magic beings: blurs. Sometimes it is simply best not to over think things. But this
wouldnt be much of a conclusion if this was all it said.
As you use the magic in these pages you will come to realise its practicality: a trait which is seems to be much
undervalued but is so very important. What I also hope is that the magic in these pages becomes a part of your life:
one thing I am certain is that everything we do becomes part of us. One thing I do know is that the magic in these
pages can transform your life for the better: as magic has done for many people. But one thing I hope is that at the
right times you will help spread the magic on to others and help them see its and their power. Real magic isnt like
a box of secrets to be guarded its true power is only seen when shared, and just as magical practices like yoga
and meditation have spread to the mainstream in countries where it wasnt, then so will magic in general and
hopefully this book will help with that noble endeavour and it will transform the world for the betterment of
society. Remember you can always tell others the book title, authors name. and where to find the book to help
thers in their search for knowledge.