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Welcome to Mr. Davis 8th grade social studies class.

Dear Students and Parents:

I would first like to say how excited I am to be returning to Sullivan, and I cant
wait to get to know everyone. This year we will be studying the various
aspects of the social studies with a heavy emphasis on American history. This
class will cover the Early Republic (Declaration of Independence,
Revolutionary War, Constitution, and The Bill of Rights), Manifest Destiny,
Civil War, Industrialism, and everything in between.
Grading: My grading system is very simple: 60% of the overall grade will be
determined by test scores, 30% will be determined by homework and projects,
and 10% will be determined by in-class assignments.
Grading Scale:
A = 93% - 100%
A- = 90% - 92.9%
B+ = 87% - 89.9%
B = 83% - 86.9%

B- = 80% - 82.9%
C+ = 77% - 79.9%
C = 73% - 76.9%
C- = 70% - 72.9%

D+ = 67% - 69.9%
D = 63% - 66.9%
D- = 60% - 62.9%
F = 59.9% and below

*Late work will be docked 20% per day that it is late, up to two days. After
two days, the assignment will receive a zero.
*Cheating of any kind (copying, plagiarizing, etc.) will result in a zero for the
particular assignment.
*It is the responsibility of the student to make up work when absent; if it is not
made up, it will result in a zero.
Content: Students will be required to read (primary and secondary sources),
take notes, complete study guides and various assignments pertaining to each
chapter, produce thoughtful written responses (I READ EVERYTHING THAT
IS TURNED IN), complete various projects, and take chapter tests.
Behavior and Class Rules: The most important behavior expectation in my
class is to respect me, other students, other teachers and administrators, and
school rules. I will go over specific classroom rules in person.
1. Verbal or visual warning
2. Student and teacher chat
3. Teacher assigned detention/class suspension
4. Office disciplinary action
5. Parent, student & teacher conference

Required student supplies

Spiral notebook used only for this class (extremely important)
Pens (blue or black only!)
High-liters are nice to have
**Beginning this year, students are allowed and encouraged to bring internet
devices (smart phones, ipads, laptops, nooks) to use in class under teacher
supervision, however, I will not be responsible for them.
Every homework assignment, project, primary source, secondary source,
update, announcement, warm up, article, in-class note, and study guide can be
found on the class blog. If you are absent, check the blog.
Thank you for taking the time to read this.
Joe Davis
(760) 631-5209 ext. 1310