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FISH PRODUCTION Parry Sounds Arrive

October 1st, 2009 the latest broodstock lot

of the Parry Sound strain arrived at Sullivan
Creek NFH.
On September 15, 2009, spawning got
under way at Sullivan Creek NFH. Over
the course of 8 weeks about 7 million eggs
Approval of Feed Study (USGS)
were harvested and laid down into egg
Over the course of the next 3 years the
USGS out of Bozeman, MT have been
approved to conduct a feed study on adult
female lake trout broodstock at Sullivan
Fall Fingerlings Go Out
Creek NFH and Saratoga NFH in Wyoming.
After being back up over a week due to bad
The study will investigate the effects of
weather on Lake Huron, the fall fingerlings
conjugated linoleic acid on lake trout
from Pendills Creek NFH were stocked out
reproduction, fatty acid deposition and
on October 20th , 2009. Two hundred
embryo survival and hatchability. Principal
thousand lake trout made there way to
investigator, Jackson Gross, started the
Yankee Reef with the help of Jordan River
study on October 14th , 2009 as he and his
NFH and the Spencer F. Baird.
assistant selected their study fish, pit
tagged them and took samples of fat, eggs
and liver.

Head Start Field Trip New Freezer

Kinross Head Start of Kinross, MI made its Sullivan Creek NFH received a new freezer as
annual visit to Pendills Creek NFH during a part of the American Reinvestment and
the week of October 12th, 2009. Three Recover Act. The new freezer is more energy
classes of enthusiastic youngsters came to efficient and is capable of holding larger
see fin clipping, learn a little about what quantities of feed.
we do here and get their chance to hold or
pet a live lake trout.
Pendills Creek NFH has been under
construction for the better part of two
years now, receiving new raceways, which
were finally finished in October. Along with
new raceways the grounds around them also
received some shiny new black top. Plans for
the building to cover the new raceways are set
to start next year.
LSSU Career Fair
Approximately 32 businesses arrived at the
Cisler Center of Lake Superior State
University campus, offering a multitude of
careers for the LSSU Career Fair on October
6, 2009. My objective was to introduce the
various career opportunities with the Fish
& Wildlife Service, concentrating primarily
on SCEP and our Biological Science
Technician position available.
-Julie Timmer