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Join each pair of sentences with a

pronoun where possible.
a) Last week I bought a book. Its a best
b) This is the book. I found the information in

4. Combine the two sentences into one.

a) The plane was twenty-five years old. It

The plane twenty-five years old.

b) One day Tessa was ill in bed. Martin rang.

The day . Ill in bed.


Our offices are in Queen Street. They are new.

d) I didnt recognize the girl. I talked to her.

Our . In Queen Street.

e) She hasnt given me back the money. She

borrowed it from me last month.

d) Some documents have been found. They were

stolen from a car.



We like people. Well, only if they are


Have you seen the glasses? They were on

the top shelf.

2. Join each pair of sentences using nondefining relative clauses.

a) Fur coats are very popular among wealthy
women. They produce indignation among
animal lovers.
b) My English friends live in Birmingham. They
are members of Greenpeace.

Henry is very fond of pets. Hes got two

dogs, a cat, a tortoise and three budgies.

d) My brother studied biology. He works in a

e) Westminster Abbey is closed to the Houses
of Parliament. It is one of the most famous
churches in Britain.

Fiesta was written by Ernest Hemingway. It

is also called The Sun Also Rise. 4

3. Complete these sentences with your own

a) James has a close friend who
b) This is the machine which..

Is this the man whose ..

d) Barcelona was the city where

e) Ill never forget the day when .

Anybody that .

The documents . Found.

5. Read the information and complete the

sentences. Use commas where necessary.
a) Theres a woman living next door. Shes a

The woman .

b) Ive got a brother called Jim. He lives in London.

Hes a doctor.

My brother Jim ..

c) There was a strike at the car factory. It lasted

ten days. It is now over.

The strike at the car factory ..

d) A job was advertised. A lot of people applied for

it. Few of them had the necessary qualifications.

Few of

6. Write sentences with all of / most of

(etc.) + whom / which.
a) Mary has three brothers. (All of her brothers are

b) We were given a lot of information. (Most of the

information was useless.)

We were given ..

c) There were a lot of people at the party. (I had

met only a few of these people before)