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Article I


Section 1

Article II


Section 1

Article III

The objective of the Music Boosters Association shall be given in the Certificate
of Incorporation.

The following shall be the official definitions for the following terms:
a. Music Production Includes all choral, instrumental, vocal, and color guard
b. Association/Booster William Penn Music Boosters Association.
c. Active Member Refers to a member who has been present for at least 50%
of the monthly Association meetings during the year.
d. Member Refers to any member of the Association.
e. Independent Person Refers to a person who is not a Board Member, Active
Member or Member of the Association.


Section 1

Any adult aged 21 or older, interested in the development of the entire Music
Program of the school shall be eligible for membership.

Section 2

In the event that this Association should disband, all equipment purchased by the
Association shall become the property of the William Penn High School and all
funds in the treasury shall be forwarded to same, to be used in the music program.

Article IV

Relationship to School Administration

Section 1

This Association shall be an independent organization operating within the

jurisdiction of the School Board of the Colonial School District and acting within
the spirit of the Codes of Conduct and Civility.

Section 2

The cooperation of the student members of the Music Program in fundraising

activities shall be permissible provided such activities are authorized by the
Association and are within the general acceptable methods of fundraising
permitted by the School Board.
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Article V

Board of Directors

Section 1

The Board of Directors shall be composed of a President, Vice President,

Treasurer and Secretary.

Section 2

The President, Vice President, Secretary, Assistant Secretary and Treasurer, shall
be elected from the Associations Active Members.

Section 3

The Board of Directors shall be responsible for the affairs of the Association.

Section 4

The term of office for each elected office shall be one (1) year.

Section 5

Members of the Board of Directors who do not fulfill the duties of their office or
committee can be removed from the Board of Directors by a majority vote of
those present at an Association meeting where at least a majority of Board
Members and at least 4 Active members are present.

Section 6

In the event of a vacancy on the Board of Directors, the President has the power
to appoint, with the approval of the Board, someone to complete the term of

Article VI

Duties of Officers

Section 1

The President shall preside at all the meetings of the Association, appoint all
committees, and shall be ex-officio member of all committees.

Section 2

The Vice President shall assume all the duties of the President in his/her absence.

Section 3

The Secretary keeps the records and minutes of all meetings and attend to all
correspondence resulting from said meetings. In the event the Secretary is not
able to attend a meeting, the President shall assign an Assistant Secretary in his/
her place.

Section 4

The Treasurer shall keep an accurate record of all receipts and disbursements. He/
she shall receive all funds due the Association and pay out same after
authorization by the Board of Directors. He/she will give a monthly financial
review at each Association meeting and assist the Chair of Fundraising. The
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Treasurer will also supply an accounting of each students account to be signed by

both student and parent at the beginning of the school year.

Article VII

Duties of the Board of Directors

Section 1

The Board of Directors shall be responsible for the operation of all committees.
Committee Chair positions can be held by any Member. The committees will
include, but are not limited, to the following:
a. Music Program: The chairperson shall arrange for the sale of ads and the
assemblage of the Music Programs to be given out at the winter and spring
concerts and home shows. The chairperson shall assemble a subcommittee
and the subcommittee will review all programs before final print.
b. Booster Table: The chairperson shall coordinate workers, arrange for setup at
home football games and various other functions, and purchase products for
sale at the table with approval from the Board of Directors.
c. By-law Review: This committee shall function at the discretion of the Board
of Directors.
d. Chaperone: The chairperson(s) shall arrange a schedule of chaperones for
every Music Production activity including athletic games, competitions and
performances. He/she will instruct all chaperones in their duties and
responsibilities as determined by the committee.
e. Color Guard Liaison: The chairperson shall coordinate color guard needs with
the Association.
f. Competition/Home Show: The chairperson shall work with the President to
coordinate and supervise all phases of a competition sponsored by the
g. Fundraising: The chairperson shall organize and recommend fundraising
projects to the Board for approval. After approval, the committee shall
organize and run the projects, keeping an account of all money collected and
of all expenses. The chairperson shall arrange to maintain an up-to-date
record of all credit earned by each student.
h. Hospitality: The chairperson shall arrange for any refreshments, if needed,
and make arrangements for the End of the Marching Season banquet and the
Annual Music Booster Banquet. Nominating/Membership: The chairperson
shall provide nominees for Board Members and Officers yearly, and issue a
current list of members for the association.

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i. Pit and Production: The chairperson shall arrange for the construction of any
props and stage scenery as well as arranging for repair and maintenance of all
equipment as necessary
j. Publicity: The chairperson shall arrange to have posters and signs made when
needed including the homeshows. . The chairperson shall arrange to produce
at least 3 electronic news updates (July, November and April) to send/post to
marching band, choral and drumline students and parents. News updates
should be periodically sent to WP for posting on their Facebook page.
k. Sunshine: The chairperson shall arrange for the sending of get-well cards,
sympathy cards, planters or flowers, whichever is appropriate, to the William
Penn music community.
l. Sewing: The chairperson shall arrange for any sewing projects needed within
the music department including, but not limited to, uniform repairs, flag
preparation and repairs.
m. Uniform/Clothing: The chairperson shall arrange for a committee to take
responsibility of issuing uniforms at the beginning of the music season and
them, the collection of uniforms at the end of the school year. This shall
include Marching Band, Color Guard, concert bands, choirs and any others as
needed. The committee shall arrange for repair, cleaning, and sorting of the
uniforms. Other responsibilities of this committee shall include the ordering
of patches, jackets, buttons, plumes, blouses or any other uniform related
Article VIII


Section 1

The regular meetings of the Association shall be held monthly. Special meetings
may be called at the discretion of the President or Directors, as needed. Dates and
times for each meeting should be announced at least one week (7days) prior to the

Section 2

The annual meeting shall be the regular meeting in March.

Article IX


Section 1

A majority of the members of the Board of Directors and at least 4 Members

present shall constitute a quorum for the purpose of general business of the
Association, excluding elections.

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Section 2

Article X

For the purposes of annual officer elections or elections to fill a vacancy within
the board, a quorum will be defined as at least 4 Active Members present at an
Association meeting, whether monthly or special, and the majority of the Board of
Directors. This will be known as an Election Quorum.


Section 1

A Nominating Committee shall be appointed by the President at the regular

meeting in February.

Section 2

No name is to be submitted in nomination without prior consent of the individual

so nominated.

Section 3

Nominations may be made from the floor after the report of the Nominating
Committee at the annual meeting in March.

Section 4

An Election Quorum must be present to constitute a valid election.

Section 5

The new officers will take office with the June meeting.

Article XI

Financial Review

Section 1
Article XII

The books of the Treasurer shall be reviewed annually by an Independent Person.


Section 1

The By-laws may be amended by a quorum at a regular monthly Association


Section 2

Proposed changes to the By-laws shall be sent electronically to the Association

Members 1 week prior to a scheduled monthly meeting for review. The proposed
changes will be voted on at that monthly meeting.

Rev. May 2015; April 2000

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