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Seven Language Arts

Ms. Khadduri

Course of Study: Content of Study: Language Arts Archdiocese of Baltimore Division of Catholic Schools

Students will meet the following objectives:

Listen, recall information, and perform analysis from oral presentation, panel discussions, and
persuasive speeches
Determine sequence from speeches
Participate in panel discussions
Employ persuasive technique with oral presentation
Interpret literature orally
Recognize literary devices: foreshadowing, imagery, bias, propaganda, prejudice, colloquialism,
allusion, cliffhanger and symbolism
Compare literature, distinguish genre, interpret/explain theme, identify and interpret analogies,
employ the skill of cross referencing
Interpret poetry (lyric, concrete, and narrative)
Compose oral presentations
Write with coherence and unity
Distinguish the types of paragraphs and implement each appropriately
Use of personification
Perform research
Complete Grammar Workbook as outlined in the required text: Exercises in English
Read and complete a variety of projects/assessments on assigned works of literature

Required Materials

1. Course Text
2. Supplemental Readings: Provided by the instructor
3. Notebook: for class notes and reading notes
4. Binder: to organize all supplemental materials
5. Agenda: to organize homework and important dates

Weebly and The Board

Miss Khadduri completes her weebly page each Monday for the upcoming week. There are two sections
on each course page: This Week and Homework. This Week includes the daily lessons and homework
includes both short-term and long-term assignments.

Miss Khadduri writes all weekly lessons and homework assignments on the blackboard. Should you have
any questions, do not hesitate to ask Miss Khadduri.


Dishonesty and cheating will not be tolerated and will be dealt with in accordance with
Immaculate Heart of Mary School policy.
Students must arrive to class on time.

Students must be prepared with all assignments and materials.

Students must actively participate and actively listen in class.
Students must be disciplined during class lectures, group activities, and independent projects.
Students must be respectful towards their peers, teachers, and Immaculate Heart Community.

We will use a card system to abide by the classroom rules. When students do not comply with the rules,
students shall receive a note card with the below prompted questions. This must be completed and
submitted to Miss Khadduri by the end of class. If the student receives two note cards, the student shall
receive an incident report.

Character Questions:

o Name:
o Date:
o Why do you think you received the note card?
o What could you have done differently so that your behavior would not have been thought
of as disruptive?
o What do you plan to do to ensure this will not happen again?


Students who are absent are required to email the instructor to determine the materials missed.
Students are also required to check weebly for missed materials. Additionally, any homework that was
due the date of their absence must be turned in upon their return. For students who are absent on days
of tests and/or major projects such a presentations or reports, student will be required to submit the
material the day they return or take the test on the day they return.


Homework will be given daily. Some homework will need to be completed by the following day and some
homework will have later due dates. All work should be written in a daily agenda.

Each homework assignment will be graded as follows:

Essays/writing materials will be graded on content, grammar, and writing
Exercises in English Workbook will be graded on completion, neatness, and timeliness

For homework assignments not listed above, the instructor will provide information on how it will be
graded at the time of the assignment.

Additional Help Outside of Class

The instructor is available for additional help or assistance with the course of study before and after